Premium Massage Ch. 02


Thanks to the many readers who sent feedback e-mails to me after reading “Premium Massage.” Because of your encouragement, I decided to send Jessica on another erotic adventure. Thank you also for your constructive suggestions and ideas (and wishes). I kept them in mind while writing this piece. Your feedback is valued and welcome.

The final acknowledgement goes again to my sounding board and muse (whose inspirational talents go beyond written description, even for Lit), LT.


Several weeks had passed since Hans surprised Jessica at the spa. Her pussy lips would begin to swell and she would feel her juices flow into her panties every time she thought about Hans’ cock deep in her ass while his long black rubber strap-on cock thrust into her pussy. Jessica had eagerly looked forward to another massage with benefits from him. Remembering how his tongue explored every inch of her flesh caused her nipples to protrude through her sweater as if she were wearing no bra. Jessica closed her eyes remembering his scent, and how delicious his cock tasted in her mouth. She recalled how his eyes seemed to pierce her sole while she began to shutter from what became an explosive orgasm.

“Are you ready to order, miss?”

Jessica started out of her daydream, looking up to whoever had spoken. Standing by her table was a tall, dark haired man in his mid twenties with a pad and pen. “Miss?” he repeated.

“Uh…sorry, I was just thinking about something.” Jessica stammered.

“Must have been something pretty good!” the waiter chucked.

Jessica noticed that his eyes were clearly fixated on her chest. Glancing down, she realized how obvious her nipples were projecting underneath her sweater. She began to blush and replied, “I will have some coffee and the crème brulee please.”

“Coming right up!” he cheerfully responded and began to turn toward the kitchen. When he was in profile, Jessica noticed a more than obvious bulge in the front of his pants. She squirmed a little in the booth.

The waiter brought her the coffee and scone, asked her if she needed anything else, and then turned his attention to his other tables. Jessica could not take her eyes off him. She watched him move about and slightly bend over when taking orders, noticing his well-defined, enticing ass.

Jessica groaned to herself. She was feeling so horny at this moment that she felt like she would crawl out of her skin. Hans picked a fine time for a business trip! Glancing back at the waiter, Jessica could not help but to undress him with her eyes. This, of course, did not help her with her heightened state of arousal. Jessica shifted again in the booth and slid all the way into the corner, hoping it would not be so obvious how flustered she was. She could feel the heat building on her chest and her breasts were beginning to ache.

Jessica squeezed her thighs together in an attempt to calm her hungry pussy. This only succeeded in demonstrating to Jessica just how wet she had become as she felt the slick folds of her labia squish together.

Her lap hidden by the table, Jessica slipped her right hand under her skirt and began to massage her engorged clit through her drenched panties. She did her best not to make any facial expression that would give her away.

Jessica began to feel her orgasm build, no longer caring where she was…she was past the point where she could stop. Her finger had slipped through the side of her panties and was now quickly racing around her throbbing clit, reveling in the sticky slickness all around it. Jessica then slipped her middle finger inside while her thumb continued to stroke her pulsing clit. The blood seemed to flow up her abdomen and over her chest to her neck and face — she was sure her face was flushed by now, but she did not care.

Closing her eyes for a moment to enjoy the final surges while fantasizing about the waiter’s fingers being where her fingers were, Jessica began to cum.

“Are you alright, miss?”

“YEAHHSSSSS!” Jessica gasped more audibly than she could control.

“Are you sure?” the man asked skeptically.

“Uh huh,” she replied in a hushed squeak. It was all she could do to keep from screaming in ecstasy while her orgasm peaked and began to plateau.

In an attempt at being inconspicuous, Jessica looked up at the waiter and smiled as if all was well. She then realized that while she was looking at this man, her pussy continued to contract around her finger while her thumb remained planted on her very sensitive clit.

“Will there be anything else that I can get for you this evening, miss?” the waiter asked with a smile. “My shift is about to end and I wanted to make sure that your service was adequate this evening.”

“N…no…no thank you, that should about do it,” Jessica stammered while she discretely slipped her finger from her now dripping lips.

The waiter produced her check and placed it on the table. He then leaned toward her and extended his right hand. “By the way, I am Richard and I hope to serve you again.”

“Jessica,” she escort eryaman responded and impulsively lifted her right hand from under the table to accept the handshake. No sooner than their palms touched when Jessica felt her face turn a bright crimson shade while Richard feigned a look of surprise when his touch sensed a familiar slick stickiness on her fingers. Jessica quickly pulled her hand back in embarrassment.

Richard smiled and sat down in the booth next to her. “Let me see your hand again,” he requested with a smile. She diverted her eyes while slowly extending her hand back toward him as if she were an impetuous child who had just got caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Richard took her hand in his and lifted it to his lips. Richard inhaled the intoxicating scent of her womanhood and then licked her thumb and fingers, tasting her. This began to get Jessica all worked up again as she shifted her eyes back toward his. She squirmed a bit on her seat. Eyes locked on hers, Richard then slowly sucked Jessica’s middle finger into his warm mouth, causing Jessica’s clit to twitch and her heart to race.

Richard slowly released Jessica’s finger and her hand quickly retreated. Jessica did not know whether to get up and run away from this man or jump him. “I know nothing about you,” Jessica started, “you could be a psycho ax-murderer, for all I know.”

“Ah,” Richard smiled, “Ok, I will tell you a bit about myself. My mother is a crisis counselor and my father is a homicide detective. Being a psycho ax-murderer would really be a good way to piss them both off, don’t you think?”

Jessica smiled and could not help but to let out a small laugh. “Go on, tell me a little about YOU, besides being a waiter who hits on his customers,” she prodded.

“Well, this ‘waiter’ gig is just to pay the bills and cover my tuition, as I decided to go back to school. I am starting a new career,” Richard offered.

“Really,” Jessica remarked hesitantly, “in what?”

“Serial Ax Murder,” he replied bluntly, and then smiled with a tinkle in his eye.

Jessica sighed and smiled. “Guess I walked into that on,” she laughed.

“Seriously, I am training to be a massage therapist,” Richard said, a little unsure of how she might respond to such a career choice.

‘M…massage??!’ Jessica thought, ‘did he say MASSAGE??”

“So…does that mean that you actually GIVE good massages?” Jessica said in almost a purr. She could feel the wetness returning between her legs and her nipples were growing and as hard as nails.

“Of course. I actually have a professional massage table set up in my living room so that I can practice what I learn at home,” Richard said quite seriously.

“Talk about fun homework assignments!” Jessica chirped.

“How’s that,” he queried — not quite sure where this conversation was leading, but the surge in his crotch seemed to be picking up the vibes.

Jessica stood up and adjusted her skirt a bit then looked at him with lust in her eye. “Richard,” Jessica stated with determination, “I have heard enough about you. Are you going to take me to your place and show me this massage table, or what?”

Richard felt his cock swell even more in eager anticipation. He rose slowly and grimaced a little as his partially erect penis strained inside his underwear. His bulge did not go unnoticed by Jessica, who simply said, “I will take that as a ‘yes.’ Let’s go!”

They hustled out of the restaurant and to Richard’s car. Jessica could not take her eyes off Richard’s lap as he drove toward his apartment building. Once inside, Jessica’s heart did flips inside her chest. There in the middle of his modest living room was a full-sized massage table. Along side of the table were some baskets filled with bottles of various oils and lotions.

“Come on in and make yourself at home,” he invited while taking her coat. “Can I get your anything to drink?”

“Thank you, I am fine right now,” Jessica quietly answered as she continued to stare in awe at the table as if it were some kind of sacred altar.

Richard noticed that Jessica seemed intrigued by the massage table. “Would you like to experience what I have been learning? I would be more than happy to give you a sampling of my technique.”

Jessica wanted more than a “sampling.” His offer had been what she was waiting for. Without uttering a word, she nodded and smiled.

“Wait here, I will be right back.” Richard strode up the hall and disappeared into one of the rooms only to return a few seconds later with a couple of light blue sheets and a white, soft terry-cloth bathrobe. He handed Jessica the robe and directed, “You may change into this in the bathroom. Down the hall, on the left.”

Jessica’s hand trembled in anticipation as she took the robe and proceeded toward the bathroom. For an apartment, Richard’s bathroom was quite large and was even equipped with a very large tub, which was surrounded by a ledge wide enough to sit comfortably on. Looking at herself in the wall-sized mirror above the double sinks and vanity, Jessica began ankara escort to undress. Once her shirt was off, Jessica could see how her nipples were poking through her bra. Her breasts ached to be freed from their confines and Jessica quickly obliged them, dropping her black lace bra on the counter.

Jessica closed her eyes and threw her head back as she lifted and massaged her 34 C’s. Deciding to empty her bladder before going back out to the living room, she pulled down her silky black panties and sat down on the toilet. She picked her panties off the floor and could feel how drenched they were still from her erotic fun at the restaurant. The slightly musky odor wafting from them was quite arousing. When she wiped herself, her clit jumped at the sudden stimulation.

Jessica stood up and looked at her now nude body. Her eyes fixed on her neatly trimmed bush, but noticed a fair amount of stubble in the bikini area. “Damn, should have shaved this morning!” She said aloud to herself. ‘Nothing I can do about it now,’ she thought as she pulled on the robe.

Jessica returned to the living room to see that Richard had covered the table with a sheet and had also changed into a dark blue tee-shirt and loose sweatpants. She could smell the aromas of some of the oils being warmed up. Her own body also began to warm up as her heart began to beat faster.

“Why don’t you remove the robe and lie face-down on the table,” Richard instructed then turned his back as if to give her some privacy. While Jessica let the robe fall, she caught him stealing a glance at her nude profile climbing onto the table. She “innocently” opened her legs while her knees dug into the table’s cushion, giving him a tantalizing view of her puffy labia as well as her firm buttocks. Jessica then lowered herself onto the table and brought her thighs together. Jessica found that she had to shift her chest into a more comfortable position as her breasts and nipples were aching in their aroused state.

Richard took another sheet and professionally fluffed it over her, covering her from the small of her back to below her ass. “Just exhale deeply leave yourself to my capable hands,” he instructed. Jessica released a deep breath, closed her eyes and succumbed to the beginnings of her massage.

Jessica let out a slight gasp as she felt a trickle of warm oil being dribbled onto her shoulder blades. Richard’s strong fingers began to rub the oil into her soft flesh, quickly coating her upper back and shoulders with its soothing texture. She slowly breathed the oil’s intoxicating aroma through her nostrils while she began to sink into total relaxation. Richard began to slowly and firmly kneed the tension out of her shoulders and his hands skillfully caressed and massaged their way around her slightly protruding shoulder blades, causing Jessica to let out a soft moan.

“Feel okay?” Richard asked while admiring this beautiful woman’s shapely figure. He could not help by to gaze at the sides of her breasts, which were mashed into the sheet covering the table — he could even see a hint of her right nipple peeking out as if struggling for freedom. The nipple was a beautiful shade of dark pink and seemed to be as erect as a large pencil eraser.

“Feels wooonderful Richard!” Jessica quietly moaned in reply. While she was thoroughly enjoying the attention to her now very relaxed shoulders and upper back, she could not help but hope that he would begin to move further “south” as her pussy was beginning to itch in anticipation.

As if he could hear her thoughts, Richard applied some oil to the middle and small of her back, pulling the sheet down a bit — just enough to expose the crease at the top of her buttocks. Richard began to use his full hands to massage up and down her back. Jessica enjoyed the feeling of his open palms caressing her. Some of the oil ran down along her sides. She felt a charge run up her spine when a drop of the warm oil slowly ran down the side of one of her breasts and onto her nipple, causing her areola to contract and push the nipple out even further. Jessica sucked in a quick, short breath as she felt goose bumps form around the base of the nipple.

Noticing the oil overflow, Richard slowly and smoothly ran his flattened hands up along her sides from her waist all the way to her breasts. Richard’s cock began to rise a bit in his loose sweats while his hands gently caressed the sides of her rounded full orbs, his pinky slightly brushing against the nipple that he had spied moments ago. Jessica opened her mouth to release a hushed moan that seemed to come from the back of her throat.

Richard re-adjusted the sheet — pulling it up slightly to recover the small of Jessica’s back. Jessica then felt a line of oil being poured on her left leg starting at her heel, then traveling over her calf and up the back of her thigh — stopping short of the crease at the base of her left cheek. She then felt a similar line of oil being applied to the back of her right leg. “Mmmmm!” She purred as she felt a drop trickle down elvakent escort over the slit of her closed pussy lips. She knew that trickle was not from the oil.

Richard began to massage the oil into her legs, starting at her ankles. His skillful hands spread the oil from the back of the ankle all the way around to the front. Jessica jumped slightly as he also caressed her feet — the bottoms being especially sensitive and ticklish. She then felt him kneading her calves and working the oil around to her shins, bending each leg at the knee to do so. When he finished her lower legs, Richard took two fingers from each hand and tenderly massaged the slippery oil into sensitive areas behind her knees. This, Jessica knew, was one of her erogenous zones. A loud moan escaped her lips and her hips gyrated a bit, causing her moistened pussy lips to rub together.

Richard continued then turned his attention to her thighs. In order to spread the oil fully around them, he gently separated her legs. Of course, Jessica was all too happy to comply. She felt the heat rise between her legs as Richard’s fingers moved all over her thighs, slowly moving further from her knees. She could feel her juices building and flowing as his fingers moved up her inner thighs toward her hungry vagina.

The sheet barely covered the bottom of her cheeks, and now that her thighs were parted, Richard could see a hint of her glistening folds. He resisted the urge to plunge his fingers deep into her obviously well lubed pussy. Instead, he slowly spread the oil all the way up to the tender area between the top of her inner thighs and the outside of her labia — his fingertips just barely brushing up and down the outer sides of Jessica’s engorged lips. Richard smiled as he felt a few soft pubic hairs tickle the backs of his knuckles. He also felt how slippery and slick she was becoming.

Jessica whimpered and spread her legs a little further apart, her lips separated as her pussy yawned open. Her hips gyrated almost involuntarily as she tried to push her now burning loins closer to his fingers in an attempt to have her hungry and engorged lips consume them. She almost succeeded too as the side of Richard’s right index finger slipped from the outside of her left lip to the inside before he abruptly withdrew his hands, much to Jessica’s frustration.

“Richaaard!” Jessica gasped in a husky desperately impatient voice. “If your intention is to slowly drive me insane to the point where I will fuck your brains out, you are succeeding. I will give you the ride of your life…but pleeease, pleeeease, don’t stop!”

“All in good time Jessica.” Richard whispered in her ear. “I have not finished with the massage I promised you.”

“The hell with the massage!” Jessica cried out. “My tits and pussy need attention before I have a seizure!”

“Trust me luv, I am just getting to the best part of the massage,” he reassured. With that, Richard swiftly slipped the sheet across her backside and let it fall to the floor, exposing her firm buttocks. Richard’s cock began to throb at the sight of Jessica’s obviously aroused pussy. He reached for the oils, this time grabbing up a different bottle than he had been using. Jessica smelled a new aroma as he lightly squirted the oil in a circle on each cheek.

“Smells lightly of vanilla,” Jessica remarked in a hushed whisper. The aroma only fueled her desires.

“This is one of a few oils not typically used in massage therapy. Not only are they scented, but they are also flavored.” Richard responded. “Have a taste.” Richard dipped his finger in the small pool on her right cheek and presented it to her lips. Jessica reacted by hungrily sucking his finger into her mouth, swirling her tongue all around it then she began to glide her lips up and down the finger as if her mouth were fucking it. Her heart began to pound again and her breathing became more rapid.

Richard pulled his hand away from her lovely face and returned to the oil that was now running down her buttocks, seeping into her crack and slowly trickling down and mixing with her own slickness. He kneaded the oil into the soft flesh of her ass, and then gripped each cheek using both hands to firmly massage and separate them — exposing her nearly contracting anus. Richard added to her sensations by tasting her vanilla-flavored cheeks with his tongue. Jessica gasped in delight when she felt the tip of his tongue dip in between her cheeks and teasingly probe her anus.

“Uhhhhh mmmmm,” Jessica moaned in a high voice when she began to feel his finger begin to slide between her cheeks and softly caress her sensitive spot. Richard heightened her sensations by blowing on her oil-covered anus. She began to whimper and writhe while and her fingers clenched the end of the massage table. Jessica moved her hips so as to meet his touch and ensure that his finger continued to stimulate her now pulsing anus.

Jessica’s moans began to grow as she felt a charged current running from her anus to her clit. Her hips continued to rhythmically rise and fall as her ass began to fuck his finger, which had slid inside of her now. Each time her groin pushed toward the table, her clit rubbed against the sheet — sending shockwaves through her entire body. Her left breast started to throb from the pounding of her heart.

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