Presurgery fun


Presurgery funSo. I had back surgery the 2nd of May, was supposed to be there that day but my dr called me and had me come in the night before.I forgot i was wearing my black baby doll under my clothes, what follows is my last sexual encounter in over a month now.i got to the hospital and they took me into the surgery prep area to start with, and it was then and there i remembered i had my black baby doll on, and nowhere to hide it so i just went with it. and by that i mean i stripped down to it right in front of the sexy little nurse who looked at me kinda funny then said that’s cute. She said here is a robe, since you are not shy about being a cross dresser if you want you can leave that on since it is your underwear right now. i had already planned on leaving it on. i was going to own up to dressing up as a woman again, and if anyone didnt like it they could fuck off.So I was laying there in my robe and waiting for them to take me up to the room i would spend the night in, and the little sexy nurse came back in and asked me if i was gay as well…i said no i am bi, i love both sexes, she smiled and walked back out. i thought that was kind of strange but hey who am i to judge anyone. so i laid there and waited about another hour before they came to take me upstairs. The sexy nurse, Jamie was her name. And a very sexy male nurse. Bobby i think was his name. He asked me if i was really wearing a woman’s outfit. i said yes i would show it to him if he wanted me too when we got up to the room. he just kinda shook his head yea and didnt really say anything,so we got up to the room and i had to use the bathroom so they unhooked my iv and i went into the bathroom. and i let the robe flash open so they could see my ass in the thong, i forgot the robe in the bathroom after i went and i sauntered out into the room like a tramp in heat. i was hoping one of the two were turned on by me dressing in that, and i was playing it up as much as i could. i let the baby doll straps slide down my shoulder, and then played with my nipple as i put it back up, they both were getting horny i could tell, the female nurse was turning all sorts of hot and flushed and bobby i could see his hard on thru his scrubs. Which in turn made me start to get hard? And my cock doesn’t really fit in the baby doll panties too well, so it was poking out the top.i said to them well do you like what you see? and they both just shook their heads, embarassed they did. which was ok in my mind. Bobby said he had never seen a guy dressed in women’s undergarments before. I asked him if it turned him on? And he looked down at his hard cock and said yea i guess it does. You are sexy in that he said, i said thank you very much. then tomarza escort i looked at jamie and she said she had a gay transgendered friend so she was used to it but had never gotten turned on by seeing him since he was gay, and i wasn’t.So i said well what should we do about this? And they said that their shifts were over i was the last item on their agenda. So what did i want to do about it they asked? I said well we have this nice private room with that big old couch over there why not lock the door and see what happens? Jamie was all for it, bobby kinda hesitated and said but I’m not gay….i said neither am i. i am bi. and hunny by the looks of how hard you got looking at me in woman’s clothing i would say you were a little bi too. He said he wasn’t sure how far he could go, i told him we would got till he felt uncomfortable and said stop, he said ok.I looked up and Jamie was already in her panties, and i noticed a little bulge there it looked like. She looked up at me and smiled. I didn’t say anything, bobby started to get undressed as i was running my hands on him, gently. I leaned in and gently kissed him on the lips. He pulled away a little but then came back for a bit more. Jamie had gotten up and was rubbing his back with her perky little titties. and i reached down to bobby’s waist and he was in his underwear, i told him he needed to take those things off, and let his cock free, and he dropped his jockeys. i was like damn he had a bigger dick then i had thought he had, i was expecting an average 4 to 5 inches and he was about my size about 8, and he was rock hard. He looked at me and said ok maybe he was bi, he was turned on by me kissing him and rubbing him. i said i knew you were, and its ok. And then i moved him to the side and started to kiss Jamie, and i was playing with bobby. He hesitated but then he reached out for my rock hard cock and started to play with it.He went slowly at first almost like he thought he would break it. and i told him it was just like jacking his own off. You can grab it hard if you want. He tightened his grip up on it and started to jack me off. I was playing with him and kissing Jamie, and she said she wanted to go first on getting fucked so i said ok, who did she want to fuck her first and she said me. She wanted my cross-dressed ass to fuck her good. so i moved her to the couch and she put her ass in the air and said she wanted it in the ass. I was suspecting something and i was right. Well bobby was starting to feel a little left out so i told him to get behind me. And he walked behind me. I told him to grab some lube first and he already had it, for Jamie he said. I just kinda smiled and said ok, and I took it and pulled down Jamie’s panties and I was right she was the transgendered person she had mentioned. I knew it when I saw her in just her panties, she had a little dick about 4 inches but it was thick as hell. And I told her that she was a bad little girl holding that out on me. And I put some lube on her and got behind her and told bobby to get behind me and put some lube on me and on his dick. And he kinda hesitated and says why? I said because he was going to fuck me while I fucked Jamie. And he kinda shuddered and said I don’t know if I can. I said ok is your cock still hard? He said yea, I said ok do you want to fuck someone? He said yea. I said to him it was either me or a transgendered girl and he said he would try it with me first, I smiled I wanted his big cock in me.I started to push into jamie and bobby started to push into me, I knew he wouldn’t last very long in his extremely excited state so I told him to go slow….and what does the boy do? He slams right into me as soon as he got his head in. I screamed in pleasure and said that is slow? Bobby just kinda laughed and said I knew you would love it hard and fast like that. And I did man did I like his cock in me, and jamie was in heaven as well she was getting it from me and the hard fast slam from bobby made me go even harder than I had been going. Jamie was moaning pretty loudly and she was playing with her little cock and she said she was going to cum so I pulled out of her and flipped her over and pulled her up to my mouth so I could swallow her cum, and bobby was getting close I could tell his dick was spamming in my ass. He said he was going to cum and did I want it in my ass or on my back, I told him where ever he wanted to cum, and Jamie had started to suck me off, so as bobby came in my ass I came in Jamie’s mouth.Bobby looked so frightened that he had fucked another guy, but he was still there so I knew he would be ok, he just had to come to grips with being bi or possibly even fully bore gay, and I know it is a hard thing to discover about yourself,Well, that was round 1. Everyone had come at least. And the nurses needed to check my vitals so they got dressed and I left the baby doll on and my robe was still in the bath room so I was there in it for everyone to see I was a cross dresser, or a transvestite whatever you want to call it. Most of the nurses said the baby doll was cute and I looked good in it. One of them was a strict catholic and told me I would burn in hell for choosing to mess with what god created I laughed. So Jamie and bobby were waiting on the couch for the nurses to get done with me. And one of the nurses asked me if I cared if people knew I was a cross dresser and I told her if I did I wouldn’t have worn it as proudly as I was and I didn’t care if people know I was bi anymore either. And she smiled and said I am proud of you,And round 2 started with bobby giving Jamie a blowjob.which kinda of took my by surprise I didn’t think he would go for giving a blowjob right away like that. What came next was even more of a shocker; he looked at me and told me to take his virginity from him. Now normally I won’t do that I like my lovers to be experienced but since I was his first guy he fucked I should repay him and be his first fucker as well.So I got behind him on the couch and told him it might hurt a bit at first but tell me and I would stop until he was comfortable again, and he said ok, and went back to sucking Jamie’s cock. And I lubed him up and started to slide my finger into him to loosen him up a bit and he said no just fuck me please,So I slide into him slowly. he was so tight, I almost came just after a few strokes, but I managed to hold it back, and then just as I get all the way in the door was unlocked and the nurse who said she was proud of me walked into the room, and smiled and said I was hoping to walk in on something going on but I didn’t expect 3 cocks. And she walked over and started to suck on bobby’s cock. And bobby looks at me and says ok you’re in now fuck me. Do me like you did Jamie earlier. I asked if he was sure he could take it and he said hell yea he wanted to take it hard.And I gave it to him hard. And then I heard Jamie moaning and saying she was Cumming so I thought he would stop and not take it in his mouth since it was his first time, and he swallowed it all which got me hotter and I started to ram him even harder. Pulling all the way out and then back in and it didn’t take much for me to cum after he said for me to cum in him, he begged me to. So I did, I filled his virgin ass with so much cum he had to pucker his asshole for a good 5 minutes so it didn’t leak out of him right away, and then he came in the new nurses mouth.And then Jamie and bobby had to leave. The new nurse Kayla wanted to stay but she had rounds and said she would be back. And she did come back in about an hour and we talked about my dressing up and being bi for a while. And I thought we weren’t going to fuck but she started to play with my cock as it got harder from talking about some of the things I had done, and then she told me that she wanted me to fuck her while I was wearing a dress but I didn’t have one, she said she could get one if I was willing to do it and of course I agreed. So she went and got this black little cocktail dress and we fucked like a pair of rabbits. And then when we got done she told me to keep the dress on til 6 right before I went into surgery if I dared to and I did. And that is the story of my encounter before I had my back surgery.

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