Pretending To Be Girl In A Dark Room


Pretending To Be Girl In A Dark RoomAs I posted before in “Seduced by my best friend”, I love a slow seduction. That look in someone’s eyes, even mine, when it goes from disbelief, to being turned on by something they shouldn’t be turned on by, to finally, full submission. That look of “this is going all the way and I’m giving in to it all”.This story however, has none of that. While true, it was a strange coincidence that had me sucking a cock once more.I went to spend the night at a friends house that I went to high school with. He had 2 sisters and had also invited a couple of his other friends.We all went over to play his new game console, the Intellivision., in his basement. I can’t state this enough that, his basement, when the lights were off, was completely dark. There were no windows at all for natural light to come through. They had made some bedrooms and a bathroom down there, but when we went over to play games or watch horror movies, we shut off all the lights. None of us were really in shape. We were all nerds. My friend played basketball in school but as for sports, that was about it. We were all in the stocky side. His older sister was well developed and gorgeous and his younger sister, well, she built a little like me. She had very small breasts, a short haircut and a “manly” bottom. I had no facial hair or even much body hair either. Just mainly a very wispy patch on the middle of my chest and some pubes. Even my armpit hair was so dainty you would hardly know it was there.The night that I was over, we had all just gone swimming and came in to play some games and get some food. Most of us immediately began taking turns on the console while his sister, I’ll call her Judy, went to take her swimsuit off and get changed.The lights were all out but I saw a glimpse of the bathroom light as she shut it off, meaning Judy was done and had left the room. She had a bedroom down there, so I assumed she went inside. I had to pee so tuzla escort I made my way down the small hall and into the bathroom. I waited until I shut the door to turn the light on so no one would be bothered. As I did my business, I turned to see that Judy had left her swimsuit hanging on the bathroom shower door.I stared at a for a long minute. While I don’t consider myself a crossdresser, I wondered what it would feel like to put it on. All that spandex (it was a one piece) hugging my body and my cradling my balls. I’ll also admit, not having been with a woman yet, the thought of my junk being where her pussy was, was a little exciting.I thought, “What the heck. No one is around.” and quickly slipped off my damp trunks and slipped her bathing suit on. It was a tight fit at first, but once I got it on, it felt really good. Knowing my dick was in the same place as her pussy used to be, made my palms sweat and my heart race.Suddenly the doorknob shook. I panicked. There was no way for me to change in time. I thought maybe, with the light off, I could grab my shorts and slip out while someone was coming in.So I turned off the light, grabbed my shorts from off the floor and opened the door, keeping behind it.Now the light switch was also behind me. I was on the wall I was now standing right in front of. A thought that hadn’t occurred to me until that very second.As the stranger reached for the light, I moved to stop them, hoping they wouldn’t know it was me and also hoping I could just keep quiet and move past them.Whoever it was, touched the bathing suit first. He then whispered, “Judy?”.I still couldn’t make out who it was. It wasn’t my friend, so it had to be one his two other friends, who I did not know very well.He grabbed the door from my hand and shut it. Then I felt his other hand on my hip.”Judy.”, he said. “Hey, this is pretty cool, right? No one can see us if, you know… wanna do something about it.”There was NO WAY I could tuzla escort bayan say anything at this point. Here I was, pretending to be my friends sister, wearing her bathing suit and letting someone feel around my body. I would’ve been the laughing stock of the group for years. And what if my parents found out? I was so scared.He reached around and squeezed my butt and then pulled in close. I could feel his breath on my neck and then he started to kiss it slowly. I mentioned I wasn’t really a cross dresser, but also, I’ll admit I was curious by putting the bathing suit on. I also don’t consider myself gay, but the thought that this might go some where excited me. Could I get another chance to suck someone’s cock?I was now someone else. In fact, I was someone’s bitch. It made me remember the nights with Steve, my best friend, and how I loved it when he forced me to suck his cock. How he would grab me and roll me over to try and fuck my ass.Whoever this was, held my shoulders and started to pull me over to where the toilet seat was. He kissed around my neck and whispered, “Why don’t you get on your knees for me. I won’t tell anyone. Promise”.I then felt him sit down and with his hands still on my shoulders, pulled me down with him, but, since a seat stopped him, I had no where to go but all the way down on my knees.I heard him start to slide off his shorts. My hard on hurt so much as it had no room to grow inside the tight bathing suit so I slipped a hand down and straightened it out. As I did, I felt a hand on the back of my head. I quickly reached up with the other hand and felt for his cock.It was huge. Bigger than Steve for sure. There was absolutely no going back now.I put my lips cautiously on the tip. Kissing around it. I heard him moan slightly and his hand grabbed my hair a bit harder.I started to lick it, up and down. I couldn’t believe the size! I was almost afraid to try and get it into my mouth.His other hand reached over escort tuzla and grabbed the other side of my head as he thrust forward.I had no choice but to open up my mouth and try. My mouth could only fit a little over half of it, but it tasted so good. As I used one hand to hold the bottom of the shaft, I used my other hand to stroke my hard cock. It didn’t take long for me to cum. I felt my dick pulsate and spit out a load of cum inside the bathing suit. I continued to suck off this stranger. I couldn’t get enough. I wanted to hug it, hold it, curl up with it. I wanted it to be all mine and I sucked it like it like I was protecting it from anyone else. I not only wanted his cum, I NEEDED it. I wanted this cock to be my master.I would do anything for it!Suddenly, he grabbed my hair very tightly and I could feel his cock throb on its own. Pulsing.Pulsing.Pulsing.Then finally, it let loose.It was starting to cum. It shot right down my throat and as strange as it sounds, I felt relieved. It let me have its warm cum. I had pleased it and it thanked me by allowing me to have some of it inside me. I swallowed all I could and then began to lick it clean, wanting every drop. I didn’t want any to go to waste.Afterward, I felt him reach for his shorts and I helped them up. He stood up and whispered, “Thank you. Promise I won’t tell. I’ll let you clean up.” and he left.As he did, I grabbed his cock one more time. It was still so large I didn’t want to let go.He shut the door behind him and I turned on the light. I had some cum on my cheek that I wiped off. I stared at myself in the mirror, wearing the girls bathing suit. I then looked myself in the eye and watched, as I took the cum and put it in my mouth.I felt used and tired and I’ll be damned if I didn’t enjoy every minute of it.I changed back into my shorts, but wadded up the swimsuit and stuffed t down near my crotch. There was no way to explain what had happened, so I basically stole the bathing suit. (I washed it at home and snuck it back into their house the next time I went over.)I never did find out who it was I sucked off that night, but it wasn’t for a lack of checking every time we went swimming

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