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Subject: Previously on DOCTOR WHO… The voice of Anthony Head: “Previously on Doctor Who”: Barbara ran for the TARDIS doors, the First Doctor tried to stop her and grabbed her arm but Ian grabbed him. All three tumbled ins the TARDIS doors. In the interior, Ian and Barbara are shocked at how big it is. The Doctor says, “Close the doors, Susan.” “Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be travelers in the 5th dimension, have you? To be wanderers? Susan and I are cut off from our own people.” “You mean a thing that looks like a Police Box standing in a junkyard can move anywhere in time and space?” “If you could touch the alien sand and hear the cries of strange birds and watch them wheel…wield in another sky, would that satisfy you?” “Time doesn’t go round and round, like in circles, you can’t get on and off whenever you like!” “Can’t you?” “Yes, it’s all started out as a mild curiousity in a junkyard and now it’s turned out to be…to be quite ahh, quite a great spirit of adventure, don’t you think?” A shadow across the Police Box in the prehistoric past…but of what planet? “Isn’t that right, Dr. Foreman?” “Eh, Doctor who?” Cavemen grab Susan and Barbara, grab Ian, and hurl them with the Doctor into a cave. A cave of skulls. The Doctor picks up a rock to smash a caveman’s skull in. Everyone runs for the TARDIS… In an elevator, Barbara backs up as a Dalek sucker moves right at her. She screams hysterically. Susan, Thals, and the Doctor h behind rocks. Daleks shoot Thals in the city. Ian runs. A Dalek screeches from radiation sickness, acting as if it is having an orgasm. Susan in the TARDIS sickbay swings a pair of scissors at Barbara and then Ian. The Doctor sits down in a room in the TARDIS with blacked out windows. The TARDIS doors open mid flight. Light comes in. Barbara screams as a clock has melted hands. Marco Polo holds Ian, Susan, Barbara, and the Doctor from the TARDIS using his men. The Doctor plays chess with Kublai Khan. A rubber suited Voord in a strange city on Marinus comes up behind Susan as it raises a knife high above her head. Barbara, dressed as an Aztec God, raises her hand. A teen is knifed. The Doctor has Ian, Susan, and Barbara pull on ropes and the pyramid stone opens… “You can’t change history, no one word… not one line…” A Sensorite alien face appears at the window of a spaceship… Susan stands with the Doctor, Ian, Barbara, and other astronauts in a spaceship. The Doctor holds his arm around her. She moves off to go with two Sensorite aliens. A young boy named Jean pulls the Doctor from a house on fire. The Doctor hits a Road Works Overseer over the head with a shovel. Barbara and Susan are on a cart in France with another prisoner. Ian watches. A guillotine slices downward. The TARDIS stands in a crack in the swalk on present day Earth… Ian, Susan, Barbara, and the Doctor confronted by a giant cat…The Doctor, in a sink, with Susan, puts his arm around his grand daughter. The sink is turned on. Several Daleks chant, “WE ARE THE MASTERS OF EARTH,” while slave Robo Men walk with them, pushing other Earth people along a mine. Daleks gl along many places in London including Trafalgar Square and Hammersmith Bridges. Ian hs in a bomb and has to bail out in a tube that it is ins. Ian and another man face a Slytheen monster which comes at them as they jump into a mine shaft cart… Susan and David make a fire. The Doctor arrives. “I thought I smelled something cooking…” The Doctor locks Susan out of the TARDIS… “One day I shall come, I shall come back…until then go forward in all your beliefs and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine, goodbye my dear, goodbye Susan…” The Doctor falls asleep as the TARDIS materializes… A man named Bennett disquised as Koquillion smacks Barbara off a cliff…she screams… A large creature moves at Vicki so Barbara shoots it… Bennett menaces the Doctor but they are backed into the real aliens of the planet…men in white…Didonians. The Doctor escorts Vicki into the TARDIS… Ian and another friend battle each other as gladiators but turn the swords on the guards while Nero holds Barbara who yells for Ian to get away without her. The Doctor burns a map…and plays a harp…but doesn’t… A winged butterfly creature, a Menopetera flies down at the Doctor and Vicki while venom grubs menace Barbara. Ant like creatures called the Zarbi push the Doctor and Vicki toward the Animus…which is all light and tentacles… An Arab with a sword menaces the Doctor but another man, one of Richard the Lion Hearted’s men, throws a sword at the Arab. Ian is staked down in the desert…while ants crawl toward him. Barbara runs from Arabs but another Arab grabs her and put his hand over her mouth to save her… Barbara, Vicki, the Doctor and Ian look down at their frozen in time bodies… Vicki runs at rebels blow something up… Ian points a ray gun at two Morok aliens who have the Doctor on a slab upright and unconscious… Daleks fly a time machine after the TARDIS…a Dalek rises from the desert sands…Barbara screams as a monster grabs an Aridian alien…underground on Aridius. By accnt, Vicki hits Ian over the head outs the TARDIS on the Marie Celeste…people, including a woman with a baby in her arms, throw themselves off the ship as Daleks attack it. A waxwork robot of Frankenstein and Dracula move at the Doctor…Daleks fire rays at Mechanoid creatures. A fake Doctor robot battles the real Doctor with canes. Steven climbs down a rope after Vicki, Ian, and Barbara along with the Doctor. They climb down a huge city balcony…Barbara and Ian run in present day London… pigeons are everywhere. The Doctor finds chanting is really a record player in an old monastery. Vikings attack the east coast of England…The Doctor faces the Monk. Chumblie robots, squat tank like things surround Vicki, Steven, and the Doctor. Vicki and the Doctor see the face of a Rill creature rise up by the window of the Dravhin spaceship. Chumblies shoot flames at the TARDIS, knocking down the Doctor and Steven, who are ins. Maaga locks Steven in an airlock and starts to drain the air out of it. The planet explodes. A tape recording plays, warning about the Daleks. Achilles and Hector sword fight as the TARDIS appears and the Doctor walks out. Achilles stabs Hector in the stomach and kills him. The Trojans accept a giant wooden horse from the Greeks. The Doctor hs ins. As sword fights reign all around her, Vicki escapes with a hunky Trolius. Steven is wounded and dragged into the TARDIS by the Doctor and a hand man named Katarina. Mavic Chen laughs maniacally. Katarina opens an airlock, sending her to her death along with a criminal named Kirksen from the prison planet Kembel. He held a knife at her throat. From a window on the spaceship, the Doctor and Steven watch her float in space. Sara Kingdom shoots a ray at her brother Brett Vyron, who was helping the Doctor and Steven. She points the gun at the Doctor and Steven. A mummy rises from a tomb at Steven and Sara…and it turns out to be the Meddling Monk. The Doctor holds the Taranium Core near a pyramid as Mavic Chen and Daleks approach. Egyptians attack Daleks and are slain by rays for their efforts. “And a very Merry Christmas to all of you at home as well…” Silent movie police chase Sara. Several strange aliens sit at a conference with Mavic Chen…a Dalek enters…Sara ages to death… The Doctor throws an assassin out a window. The Abbott of Amboise, who looks like the Doctor, lies dead in the streets. Catholics attack French Protestants and slay them. Anne is left behind by the Doctor and Steven. The Doctor thinks about how all the others cannot understand him. “Not even my dear grand daughter Susan. I should go home…but I can’t. I can’t.” Dodo runs into the TARDIS. “A boy’s been hit by a car…” “Doctor, there’s a policeman coming toward the TARDIS…” “He’s not badly hurt…is he?” “No.” A one eyed Monoid approaches the Doctor, Steven, and Dodo. A giant statue has been built of a Monoid. In a jungle, the travelers see an elephant. Then they find it is on a spaceship. The Earth’s sun is going nova… The Doctor plays a trillogic game with the Celestial Toymaker. The Doctor bites down a candy and hurts his tooth. Bat Masterson pulls a gun on the Doctor. Someone sings, the BALLAD OF THE LAST CHANCE SALOON (and later becomes Capt. Wrack, an Eternal). “All these people keep giving me guns and I wish they wouldn’t!” The Doctor hands a gun out of his jail cell to someone else. A girl is shot by a ray gun in the back. Dodo smashes up controls in a computerized room. Ancient looking people have the Doctor and are aging him some more draining his life force. Steven leads savages in a revolt. “Doctor Who is required.” Dodo and the Doctor walk toward the London Post Office Tower. In a pub, Dodo introduces the Doctor to Ben and Polly. Dodo is possessed by the computer WOTAN. The Doctor walks right up to a War Machine. “She sends her love.” “Sends her love. Show her the miracles of the the galaxy, the very universe and she sends her love.” Ben and Polly enter the TARDIS doors to return Dodo’s key and it takes off…with them ins. TARDIS is taken out to sea by the t. A pirate named Cherub puts a knife up to the Doctor’s face. “We are the Cybermen.” The Doctor looks through a scope and sees a spaceship. Cybermen are near the TARDIS when they kill two men in the snow near the snow base in the South Pole. The Doctor collapses and falls on the floor of the TARDIS. He starts to change into the Second Doctor. The Second Doctor, with a huge stove pipe hat, runs through the mercury swamps area on Vulcan, smoke rising. He plays his recorder. Ben says, “He’s not the Doctor, he can’t be.” “It’s part of me, part of the TARDIS, a rejuvenation.” A Dalek targets the Second Doctor, “I…am…your…servant…” “It recognizes me as its mortal enemy! One single Dalek is enough to destroy this entire colony!!!” A dead Dalek eye stalk moved and seemed to look at the TARDIS as it flies up into the sky. A British redcoat bayonets a Highlander. Jamie holds a knife at the Doctor’s neck while another Scotsman holds a knife on the other s of the Doctor’s neck. Polly falls feet first down a pit. Jamie leaves with the Doctor, Ben, and Polly, getting into the TARDIS just as British Redcoats arrive. “Nothing in ze world can stop me now!” Zaroff puts a spear into Ramo, who has fallen. Polly screams. The Doctor bows down before a giant idol. Jamie, Ben, Polly and an Atlantis blond hunk plot with the Doctor. The Doctor is dressed up as an old gypsy woman. He entertains Atlantis children. Flood waters rain down on the Doctor, Ben, Jamie, and Polly as they climb rocks. On the Moon, Ben, Polly, Jamie, and the Doctor are in spacesuits, flying toward a base. In the sickbay, a Cyberman appears to the feverish Jamie and points claw like fingers at him. The shadow of a Cyberman shrinks back as the Doctor walks in. “Are you a medical doctor, Doctor?” “You know, Polly, I think I was once. I must have finished that degree…” In sickbay: “Did they search in here?” “Oh no, no no,” Polly says in fear as the Doctor puts his hands out protectively and backs everyone away . The feet under a sheet move and the Cyberman beneath the sheet, removes it and stands up to face them all! A giant claw moves at a hypnotized Ben and a terrified Polly. Ben, Polly, Jamie, and the Doctor dance as part of the colony until the Doctor ushers them away. “I hate long goodbyes…” TARDIS appears on a runway. The Doctor, Ben, Polly and Jamie run out as a plane lands near them. A Chameleon shows its true face: a non face, looking like a melted face, all plastic and smooth. No features. bursa escort bayan Jamie bangs on a wall in a plane and is electrified. He falls. The Doctor runs with Samantha Briggs and Jean Rock. Ben and Polly say their goodbyes to Jamie and the Doctor and walk away, looking back. Jamie: I’ll take good care of em. The TARDIS is driven away on the back of a lorry. Victoria feeds a bird on a window sill until a Dalek comes into the Victorian room. Jamie fights a big Turk. “The Master had me bring this in to you.” “The Master?” “And their greatest pleasure will be in executing me…” The Doctor plays ring around the rosie with three Daleks: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. The Doctor is brought before the Dalek Emperor. Daleks fight Daleks. On a cliff on Skaro, the Doctor watches the war between humanized Daleks and Emperor controlled Daleks, “The final end…” The Doctor leads Victoria into the huge TARDIS console room, through the doors. The Doctor holds hands with Jamie as they walk toward the unknown. Jamie pulls his hand away. Victoria is behind them in the middle. Cybermen start emerging from their web-like cocoons in a huge, giant ice tomb. Victoria screams as a Cybermat jumps up at her neck. A giant sized Cyberman with a brain encased in a clear glass dome attacks the Doctor and Jamie. Jamie and Victoria watch as a huge Yeti robot tears itself out of an ice cave wreckage. They run. The snowmen chase them across the Himalayas. The Doctor is chained up outs a monastery. “Victoria,” the Doctor takes her hand, “I think this is one of those times where discretion is the better part of valor…Jamie has an a..e along…” He runs, terrified, that Jamie has an a. Jamie is dumbfounded as Victoria is pulled away by scampering fast moving Doctor… The small hexagon shaped device comes alive…and beeps. A Yeti comes to life and grabs it, puts it in its chest. “The Great Intelligence!” The High Lama’s eyes glow…the Doctor puts himself into a machine, a cap on his head… Victoria runs through an ice cave, chased by Varga, an Ice Warrior who fires a heat ray at her. Australian beach: a small one woman helicopter moves down at the Doctor, flown by Astrid. A volcano goes off! Salamander, who looks like the Doctor is in the TARDIS, holding a gun on Jamie, Victoria and the Doctor. The fool opens the TARDIS doors and is ejected outs the TARDIS, the suction starts to pull Victoria, Jamie, and the Doctor outs too! In a museum at night, a curator looks at a dark giant furry Yeti. Its eyes glow and it swipes a claw right at his face! He screams. The Doctor ducks down as the underground rails explode. Colonel Lethbridge Stewart shakes hands with the Doctor. In the underground railways, Yeti fire web guns at soldiers. A sign says, “LONDON EVACUATED.” The Doctor examines a large pipe on a beach using his sonic screwdriver. A giant weed comes out of a vent in a North Sea gas refinery. Two men, Mr Quill and Mr. Oak, possessed by the weed, open their mouths w. Gas comes out, unseen but for a wave of extra heat in the air. They make Maggie Harris choke, then walk into the water until she is in over her head. The Doctor and Jamie are in a helicopter, following a possessed man who has Victoria in another helicopter. Foam invades the refinery. “Scream, Victoria, scream as loud as you can!” She does. The weeds die. Victoria, on a beach, watches Jamie and the Doctor use a raft to get back to the TARDIS, which is floating on the water surface. Then she watches it launch into the sky. Jamie and the Doctor watch her from the TARDIS, on the scanner. The TARDIS pulls away into the sky and then vanishes. Jamie and the Doctor put their hands up as a Servo Robot points guns at them. Zoey and Jamie space walk as meteorites head toward the Wheel in Space. A Cyberman fires a ray from its head into the back of Gemma Corwyn, who was warning the Doctor via a scanner screen. The Doctor watches in horror. “I imagine you have orders to destroy me.” The Doctor says, confronted by two Cybermen. He throws a switch and the two Cybermen are fried. The Doctor opens a long storage unit in the TARDIS and Zoey stands up out of it. He points to a screen and shows her a Dalek killing a man named Kennedy. “Logic my dear, Zoey, merely allows one to be wrong with authority.” A Quark, followed by a Dominator, forces the Doctor and other aliens to move across an alien planet. A strange ray gun in a bombed out bunker activates and nearly kills the Doctor and Jamie. As an air car goes out of control, the Doctor dives headfirst under the air car control board and starts pulling wires out. Jamie falls onto the Doctor. A Quark is blown up. A Dominator examines an unconscious Jamie, who is laid out on a table, “He only has one heart.” “Yes, yes,” the Doctor fakes, “I’m not very bright.” Jamie and Zoey cling to the TARDIS console, which has been separated from the TARDIS and floats endlessly in darkness. “Jamie, look at the Doctor!” The Doctor sits in a chair and seems to be asleep. Zoey screams uncontrollably. The four walls of the TARDIS break apart from the base and the top. “Predictable as ever, Doctor…” Alone, the Doctor entertains children. Jamie, Zoey, and the Doctor huddle together as a white unicorn stamps its hooves and rushes, point down and first, at them. The Doctor covers Zoey’s eyes as a Medusa lady, all snakes in her hair, comes at them, snakes writhing. A Tin Wind Up Soldier chases Jamie up a rock face. Jamie’s face all put together wrongly by the Doctor, Jamie emerges as a new person. Strange robots move at Jamie and Zoey in a white void. Zoe flips the future super hero crime fighter comic book character the Karkus as he attacks the Doctor. A Minotaur rushes the trio. Zoe falls down a pit, screaming. The Doctor faces Cyrano. “Lemuel Gulliver.” “I am the Master of the Land of Fiction. Your two young friends will be squashed into fiction by that very large, very real book.” Tobias Vaughn converses with a Cyber Brain in an alcove. A car follows Jamie and the Doctor, who elects to sit down on a curb! The Doctor has Jamie row a small row boat while he enjoys the trip. In a sewer, Jamie, Zoey, and Isobel Watkins walk, unaware that in front of them a Cyberman is coming. Behind them, an out of control wounded Cyberman comes stumbling. Sergeant Benton opens the manhole cover and throws a bomb down at Cybermen. The Doctor runs down a long alley, Cybermen firing at him. Blasts come up right behind him, nicking his butt. He yells and jumps all the way down but UNIT soldiers fire at the Cybermen. The Brigidier shakes hands with the Doctor. Jamie says goodbye. Zoey: The Doctor’s almost as smart as I am. The Doctor uses his umbrella to block killer acid coming from a death trap at the Kroton machine. A Kroton moves at Zoey and The Doctor. Zoey watches as the Doctor plays the Kroton’s mind game, “Oh Doctor, you got it wrong!” A Kroton fires a ray at the TARDIS, which vanishes. Zoey: They’ve destroyed it! Doctor: No, no. That’s just the HADS. Hostile Alien Defense System. Down many corridors, The Doctor runs from many Ice Warriors. He is between two sets of them, they coming from the foreground, it seems he is between their legs. “Your leader will be angry if you kill me, I’m a genius!” The Doctor falls in foam. “I’m the nicest possible person.” The Doctor, Zoey and Jamie are separated from the TARDIS, which hangs in space. They are on a space ship. They fall, tired from lack of air. A door opens. Milo Clancy, a suspected space pirate comes in and, as Jamie runs at him, shoots Jamie down. Zoe yells at him, “Murderer!” The trio fall down a pit in a dark cavern. “There are some corners of the universe that have bred the most terrible things, things which act against everything that we believe in. They must be fought…” Jamie, the Doctor, and Zoey run from blasts during World War One. They dive into a fox hole. A firing squad points at the Doctor. “Ready, aim, fire!” Roman soldiers emerge from the mist and comes at the jeep holding the Doctor, Jamie, Zoey, and Colonel Carstairs and Lady Smythe. Redcoats, American Civil War soldiers, and aliens battle it out. Many die. A Mexican bandit menaces the Doctor. An alien scientist puts an alien hat on the Doctor and subjects him to brainwashing. He makes faces as if he’s in pain. The Doctor faces the War Chief, the War Lord, and the Security Chief. Three Time Lords, one played by Bernard Horsfall, make the War Lord vanish. “Not this time, Jamie, it’s goodbye.” The Doctor shakes Jamie’s hand and says goodbye to Zoe. “You can’t just change my face…” “You can’t just exile me to one place, one time…” “The time has come Doctor for you to change your appearance and begin your exile on the Earth in the later part of the 20th century…” The Doctor spins darkness and his features start to change. On Earth, living scarecrows grab the Second Doctor. They force him into the TARDIS. The TARDIS lands in the woods and the Third Doctor spill out of it, in the Second Doctor’s clothing. The Brigidier sees the Third Doctor in bed. The Third Doctor takes a shower, revealing his tattoo, a Gallifrean symbol for criminal. An Auton drops its hand from wrist and shoots at a car. A UNIT man driving the car crashes and his head is bloody against the windshield. The Doctor meets Liz Shaw. Shop window dummies come to life and start shooting civilians on the streets. The Nestene, an octopus like monster rises from a vat and starts to choke the Third Doctor while Liz tries to activate a device to stop it. Liz and the Doctor, in miner overalls, stop and look up in a cave. A giant dinosaur roars at them. A Silurian claw from the point of view of the monster, smacks Liz down as she screams. A Young Silurian uses its third eye to attack the Doctor. People fall in the street from a disease. The Doctor stops Bessie and looks at explosions. “The Brigidier, he blew them up, in their cave.” Liz: “He knew they would never agree to the terms of peace…” The Doctor makes something vanish up his sleeve as a man points a gun at he and Liz. Liz runs across a dam, pursed by two villainous henchmen. She falls off but grabs onto the edge. Below her is a waterfall. In sunshine, an Ambassador of Death, in a spacesuit, reaches its hands out. The Doctor bends over a dead man and the Ambassador comes into the room and reaches for his back. “It’s a gigantic spaceship!” The Doctor, in an astronaut’s spacesuit, sits in an Earth rocket. A giant spacecraft pulls up to it. UNIT attacks and shoots people. The Doctor holds onto the TARDIS console, which is outs the TARDIS and he, it, and Bessie moves sways in time. Sergeant Benton, now turned into an ape man Primord bares his teeth at the Doctor. The Doctor uses karate on two officers. He runs throughout an installation, outs and ins. Finally, he runs into a strange alternate world dark haired Liz…who points a gun at him. A Brigidier alternate with an eyepatch turns around in his chair and points a gun at the Doctor. “That’s the sound of your planet crying out in rage…” Lava moves at the alternate Liz, who shoots the Brigidier. It comes at the door and Petra and Greg. The Doctor hugs Liz close to him. “I reversed the polarity of the neutron flow…” A Time Lord floats over a radio tower, looking like John Steed, bowler hat, umbrella, “You are incorrigibly meddlesome.” “And you look ridiculous.” Jo Grant: I’m your new assistant. The Doctor: Oh NO! The Master: I’m known universally as the Master… Jo and the Doctor are in the back seat of a police car. The policeman in the front passenger seat turns around and his hand drops back to reveal an Auton gun. The Doctor opens the door and he and Jo jump out. A telephone wire attacks the Doctor. The Brig rushes in to help him. A plastic chair swallows a man. A toy fanged nilüfer escort doll jumps up and bites a man on the neck. A flower shoots a plastic covering over Jo’s mouth and nose! Large faced clown masks are worn by Autons who carry flowers from a bus. A face mask if removed from a dead man…a face mask of the Master. Flames surround the Doctor as his body shakes and the Keller Machine monster attacks his mind. UNIT attacks the prison, killing many men. The Brig shoots many men dead. One falls off a tower. A criminal holds Jo captive on steps but she feigns a fall and grabs his arm. The Doctor rushes in but the man pulls a gun at the Doc’s face. The Brig shoots the man. “For once, Brigidier, do you think you can arrive before the nick of time?” A dragon man walks toward a horrified scientist. The Master holds Mike Yates prisoner in a chair. The Master points to a missile he has. The Master, driving a truck, runs down a man. A full Axon monster shoots out tendrils at two UNIT men and electrocutes them down. The Guardian of the Doomsday Machine sits in his chair. Alien guards hold Jo captive. A fake monster, really a clawed robotic tank comes at the Doctor, who falls onto his back. The Master in red cape laughs as he raises his hands in the air, wearing a red satin cape, pointing his fingers so that the pinkie and the forefinger pointer finger stick out …like horns. Azal appears, all horns and hairy chest and hooves! The Master laughs. Bessie is driven by the Doctor, with Jo as a passenger. The sign post for Devil’s End turns. A helicopter flies at Bessie. The Doctor drives it into the forcefield but the blast knocks Jo out of the car and she flies out the s. “You see Jo five thousand million years ago…” before the Doctor can finish, a white gargoyle with wings and looking like a demon midget come to life, roars as it rushes into the cave at them! Jo backs up behind the Doctor. “Well, reverse the polarity man!” “The chap with the wings there, five rounds rapid.” Everyone runs out of the church and it blows up. The Doctor moves around a tunnel and goes under it. A Dalek appears from thin air, “Exterminate!” The Doctor rs a mini bike with Jo on the back as Ogrons rush at them. Human police try to catch them as well. Daleks and Ogrons come marching out of the castle. UNIT fires on them. “Exterminate!” Alpha Centauri babbling uselessly. Arcturus box points a gun at the Doctor and fires its ray, the ugly shrunken head on the top of the box laughins hously. A Sea Devil hand sticks through a door. A device the Doctor is proud of makes him smile, but then it blows up in front of him, making him pull a face. Many Sea Devils rise up out of the ocean and march up the beach. A Mutant creature comes at Jo and the Doctor. More surround them. The Doctor makes Jo smile as they sit in a cell. A Minotaur comes rushing at the Doctor, having just killed Hippias. A white flying creature, a Time Monster known as a Chronovore flaps its wings as Atlantis crumbles. The First Doctor looks down at the Second and the Third from a scanner screen, “Ahh, so you’re my replacements, a dandy and a clown.” The Third turns to look at the Second. A gell guard monster rushes at Jo and the Doctor… Brig: That’s Cromer… Omega rants at them all, yelling. In a pit of darkness, the Doctor fights a strange creature/man. Brigidier: “Wonderful chap, both of him.” A sea monster rises from the ocean near a cargo ship in the Indian Ocean. A giant dragon like monster rises from the ground…a Drashig. Jo is paralyzed and cannot move as three Drashigs rush at her in the open field. A giant hand reaches down and grabs the Doctor from the MiniScope… A Draconian turns its head both ways. The Doctor escapes a Draconian headquarters using Venusian Karate, flipping off his chair, kicking, hitting…and running out. “Meet my new friends,” the Master says as he holds a gun on the Doctor and Jo in front of the TARDIS. Daleks roll out behind him. “I am the Master.” A Dalek turns its head. The Doctor pushes a Dalek into an ice pit. The Doctor looks through a door and sees thousands of Daleks amassing in the ice volcano. A makeshift balloon carries the Doctor and several Thals up a shaft toward safety in the jungle. A Dalek begins to rise up after them and starts shooting rays at at them. Brigdier: “I never thought I’d fire in anger at a dreaded caterpillar…” A giant maggot opens its mouth to reveal fangs and razor sharp teeth. A giant dragonfly flies at the Doctor and Mike and Benton who are in Bessie. Mike is put in a brainwashing machine. “You ham fisted bungler!” Dressed as a milkman , the Doctor pulls up to Global Chemicals in a milk van. The Doctor’s dressed as a cleaning lady. He faces WOTON, a computer. Sarah Jane: You’re serious, aren’t you? Doctor: About what I do, yes, but not necessarily about the way I do it. A Sontaran turns its head as the Doctor watches from hiding. The Doctor fights it but has to run. A knight in armor fights the Doctor. Hal the archer fires an arrow into the back of the Sontaran’s head as it sits in it’s ship. A bomb goes off infront of a Brontosaurus. Sarah Jane is taking pictures of a Tyrannosaurus Rex as it wakes up. Mike comes running to save the Doctor as he falls, his device not working. A Tyrannosaurus Rex roars at the Doctor. Mike holds a gun on the Doctor, Benton, and the Brig. A UNIT man comes in with tea, allowing them time to overpower Mike. Sarah opens a door to a spaceship…and reveals it’s not left the ground. Doctor: Ins each of those shells is a living, bubbling lump of hate. Hooded figures chant over the destruction of a Dalek, which is in flames. Exillions come at Sarah Jane and the Doctor. The Doctor helps Bellial out of a trap ins the city. A giant hose comes at them. An Ice Lord Warrior moves at the Doctor. An Ice Warrior grabs Sarah’s arm and pulls her. Sarah cries over the Doctor, “I thought you were dead!” Alpha Centauri blocks a man from harming Sarah Jane and is pushes as. The Doctor flying the Whomobile. The Doctor driving a hydrocar. Running over a man who sits up and looks after it. Bessie chasing Lupton. Tommy blocking Mike. Tommy is shot by the cult. Mike is shot by the cult. A giant spr female: You’ll never destroy meeeee! “We’ll never see that TARDIS again…he knew if he went back to that cave, he’d never come back, mark my words, we’ll never see him or the TARDIS again…” Sound of the TARDIS appearing. It appears and the Doctor tumbles out. Doctor: I had to face my fear. Doctor: A tear, Sarah Jane? While there’s hope, there’s life… Sarah Jane: That’s K’Anpo …I mean it’s Cho Je, who used to be K’Anpo…I think… Brigidier: Thanks, Miss Smith, that clears it all up… “He shall change…become a new man.” “What literally?” “Well, there’s no time like the present.” “Here we go again.” The Third Doctor is lying down and his face and body change into the Fourth Doctor…the Fourth Doctor comes out of the Tardis dressed as a clown, then a Viking…The Doctor makes Harry jump rope. Sarah: Doctor, you can’t go! Doctor: Can’t? Can’t! Can’t I? A giant Robot moves at Sarah Jane. “There’s no point in being an adult if you can’t act childish sometimes.” The Doctor offers Sarah a jelly baby. Sarah, Harry, and the Doctor enter the TARDIS. Harry says, “My word…” In a space ark, Sarah is found in a cubicle, in suspended animation. “She’ll be that way for 3 thousands years at least…” Harry opens a closet and the body of a Wirn insect falls out. Noah, a human colonist in the ark, transforms from human to Wirn. Harry, Sarah, and the Doctor appear on the future and deserted Earth. A Sontaran takes off his helmet and marches down at the captive Sarah Jane and Rogin, another colonist…both of whom have been captured by a titanic robot device which has metallic ropes to hold them. The Sontaran shoots at the Doctor and he falls. Harry falls down a hole. The Doctor falls down a hole. “I challenge you Styre, single combat…” Sarah looks down at her feet and sees living mud starting to envelope them. She looks up and sees boulders coming down at her. She screams. Harry sneaks into the Sontaran ship while two humans keep a weighted torture device from falling on another. Dressed all in black and with a head bit, a Time Lord faces the Doctor, “Daleks.” “You interest me, go on.” “This is Skaro.” “What?” “Your mission: to prevent the development of the Daleks and that not being possible to delay their progress…” Sarah, Harry, and the Doctor run as bombs land all around them. Sarah screams. “Harry, I’m standing on a land mine. If I move my foot, it’ll go off.” “Don’t move your foot.” “I won’t.” The Doctor remains still as Harry looks down, bending down to examine the mine. “Harry, I want you and Sarah to get well clear…” Harry starts shoving rocks under the mine slowly, “Don’t YOU be difficult, Doctor…” Fog clears and what appears to a WW1 soldier with a horse, both in armour come out of it. At a fortified wall with sand bags, Harry and the Doctor fight soldiers who came out in gas masks and pulled guns on the pair and Sarah. Sarah is dragged off by Mutos mutant people while Harry and the Doctor are dragged into an underground complex. Mutos later surround the Doctor and attempt to bash his head in with rocks. Harry and Sarah arrive and stop them, pull the Doctor out. Harry steps into the mouth of a giant clam. A large reptilian thing passes a vent that Harry and the Doctor have just gone through. Being followed by a something…a Muto…Sarah sneaks up to an old broken down ruin of a building. She peeks ins and sees Davros. He gives orders for a Dalek machine to fire at a target in a test. “Good…now we can begin…” “Who is this Davros anyway…” “We’re human…” Harry states and then looks at the Doctor, “Well, I am anyway…” Harry and the Doctor run through halls, pursued by Kaled men with guns. They get into an elevator. Sarah, climbs rocket gantry with prisoners, some of them Kaleds, and some of them Mutos. Thals rush in and start firing up at them. A Kaled tries to protect Sarah, who can’t move at one point, but the Kaled is shot and falls off, dead, yelling. Sarah screams. At the top of the rocket, Sarah and the one surviving prisoner, Sevrin, helps Sarah. They are confronted by a guard with dark glasses who pushes Sarah over the edge but holds her arm, to have her dangle over the fall. The Doctor examines a grid on the wall of the rocket gantry room. He touches something but turns, his whole body being wracked by electric forces. He can’t even scream. “You were right about something nasty waiting for us at the end of the tunnel, Sarah…” Nyder and Davros are there. Nyder holds a gun on them. “If I were to hold in my hand a capsule with such power, would I use it? I would. I would. Now you will tell me the reason for every Dalek defeat in the future. With that knowledge my Daleks will realize their mistakes and adjust accordingly. With that knowledge, they shall rule the entire universe!” “I can’t do that, Davros. If I do that, I’d betray the lives of millions of people in the future.” “You WILL TELL ME! You will tell me! YOU WILL TELL ME!” “NO, I WON’T!” Harry and Sarah are strapped to torture tables and being electrified slowly. Sarah says, “Don’t tell him Doctor!” The Doctor jumps at a room full of Thals who are readying to fire a missile to destroy the Kaled dome, “NOOOO!” They beat him back to a seat. He watches as the missile launches. “I sent Sarah and Harry into that!” The Doctor and Bettan h under a hill and above them a Dalek passes. In the embryo incubation room, the Doctor looks at shelves that contain jars with Dalek baby mutants ins…bubbling. One reaches out… “Doctor, are you allright?” türbanlı escort Sarah leans in toward the incubation room opening. “Sarah! Harry!” The Doctor runs out of the Dalek embryo incubation room with a Dalek mutant baby around his neck, choking him. Sarah and Harry rush to him and pull it off. The Doctor holds two wires together. “Do I have that right?” “If do this, I become like the Daleks. If you saw a child and you knew that child would grow into a ruthless dicatator responsbiel for the death of millions, could you then kill that child?” “We’re talking about the Daleks, the most evil creatures ever created. You must complete your mission for the Time Lords. Think of the suffering they’ll cause.” “I’m going back to the incubation room and this time I’m going to blow it up.” And he does blow it up. Sarah, Harry and the Doctor use the time ring to fly through space and time. On the ark, a door opens and a body falls into the room, the face and hands of it covered in bulging thick blue veins and arteries. As Sarah sits and watches the scanner, viewing files on the ark as a man talks on the files, a Cybermat sneaks up behind her and when close enough, launches itself at her neck. It finds her neck and she turns, screams and tries to swat it off. Cybermen come through a hole they burned in the beacon’s airlock. They fire shots at Stevenson and Lester, the two allies of the Doctor, who both fall, and then the Cybermen turn their heads at the Doctor, who tried to sneak off. From the foreheads of the Cybermen come large yellow blasts, that hit and floor the Doctor. The Cyberleader says, “Excellent. The beacon is ours!!!” Close up on the Doctor’s crotch. Harry runs through cavern, Sarah following at a fast pace. Gun shots follow them down the cave tunnel, just missing them. Sarah ducks as Vogans fire alien rifles at them! Cybermen fire at Vogans. In another cavern, Sarah steals a water car and drifts off into the water into the darkness. “Harry, did you cause the cave in?” “Yes, I guess I must have.” “Harry, were you trying to remove this?” “Yes.” The Doctor laughs and cups his hands to his mouth and yells, very loudly into the caverns, “Harry Sullivan is an imbecile!!!!” The Doctor looks as a Cybermat he controlled has just killed a Cyberman. “Dusty death…” Sarah returns and pulls him, “Come on!!!” “We surrender!” The Doctor yells as a Cyberman shakes him by holding his shoulders from behind. Another one is doing the same to Sarah next to him. “We surrender!” Sarah looks out the space station beacon’s window and sees the planet Voga looming at her, “And we’re still headed for the biggest bang in history.” The Doctor is tied, back to back, with Sarah, “Oh, no, the Cybermen have locked the controls.” “What does that mean?” Sarah asked, still tied to the Doctor’s back. “It means we’re still headed for the biggest bang in history.” Sarah: Oh, it’s all go isn’t it? The Doctor is wearing a Scottish beret and pointing at the Brigidier who is wearing a kilt. “Brigidier, why have you called me back?” Two alien Zygons hold Harry in an underwater spaceship. They watch as their Skarasen Loch Ness Monster passes by their window screen. Sarah watches as an alien sucker device moves across the table, “It moved.” A giant Skarasen chases the Doctor across Loch Ness dunes. He jumps far over one but the creature grabs him up in its claw and tosses him. He puts his hand in his pocket and the alien sucker attaches to his hand. He yells and tries to get it off, “Foul, vile thing!” “Harry!” Sarah dodges Harry, which is really a Zygon as a Harry illusion. It rushes at her with a pitchfork. “EVERYBODY DOWN!” The Doctor yells as he and a nurse Sister Lamont, the real Duke of Forgill, and the Caber run from the Zygon spaceship. Alarms ring out. The ship explodes as the foursome jump over a hill and get down, waiting alongs Sarah, who is covering her ears. The Brigidier is there as well. He peeks up as the explosion, which destroys the Zygon spaceship, subss. The Doctor looks up, “Was that bang big enough for you, Brigidier?” Broton, a Zygon grabs the Doctor and starts to choke him down. Sarah runs from the room of the building, screaming for The Brig. The Brig comes in and shoots Broton down. The Loch Ness Monster comes out of the Thames and the Doctor throws the alien device into its mouth and lowers itself down again. “Care for a little hop back?” Sarah: How can I resist? In a very dark, very alien jungle, an Occuloid Tracker follows the Doctor and Sarah…who find an astronaut dead, turned into a skeleton. Sarah watches, stunned as an Anti Matter monster/alien comes looming out of the jungle on Zeta Minor, a half visible strangely shaped being. Morestran spacemen come with ray guns and start shooting at it. The Doctor grabs Sarah and runs. A Morestran guard shoves the Doctor and Sarah through a door. The Doctor falls on his face. Sarah asks, “Don’t you ever get tired of being shoved around?” “Frequently.” As Vishinsky fights to save the Doctor and Sarah, who are bound on gurneys that are about to be shot into space from a horontizontal position, Salamar forces his hand to send the lever forward…making the gurneys slowly start to launch out into space…Sarah can only watch, the Doctor is unconscious already. Professor Sorenson’s eyes burn red with anti matter. As a full anti matter man, werewolf like monster, Sorenson, his hands bound by a metal restraint, attacks the Doctor from behind in the TARDIS. The Doctor falls through an anti matter black void, spinning. The monster rises from the black pit and kills a black man who falls into the pit. Sarah tried to reach for him to pull him back. “This might stop them.” “Them?” “Yes, them. They’ve multiplied.” “Kneel before the might of Sutek!” A mummy robot chokes Sarah. “Doctor! Doctor!” “STOP!” “Use the ring!” “Return to control! Return to control!” “Oh sometimes I don’t even think you’re…” “Human?” “I am Sutek the Destroyer. Where I tread, I leave nothing but dust and adrkness. I find that good.” The Doctor jumps off a roof. Androids point fingers at him. “Is that finger loaded?” Sarah gasps as G forces push down on her in an alien shell in a rocket. The Doctor falls from the force. A Sarah android falls and the face falls off. A Kraal sneaks up behind the Doctor and grabs him and throws him toward the center of the town square. Sisterhood leader Maren: “Morbius is dead.” The Doctor: “Morbius is alive!” Sarah is shot by the ring of Maren as she helps the Doctor escape. “I think I’ve gone blind!” A headless body sits up and menaces Sarah. Sarah follows a voice to the brain of Morbius which is in a jar and yelling at her. Sarah opens her eyes, “I can see!” A claw of the monster Morbius’s brain is now in, thrusts a claw at her. She screams and falls down steps. Solon shoots Condo. The Doctor and Morbius brain wrestle. Chase has his men hold Sarah’s arm down in front of the Krynoid pod, “I must know what happens when the Krynoid touches human flesh.” The pod starts to open… A Krynoid monster rushes up like a carpet of leaves and grass at Sarah and the Doctor. Sarah screams. The Krynoid monster towers over the house as the Doctor, Sarah, a UNIT man, and Scorby are locked out. The Doctor escapes the mulch machine but as he tries to pull Harrison Chase out, he is being pulled back in by Chase himself. “Mandragora will swallow the Moon.” “The Moon is made of green cheese.” The Doctor sword fights with Guiliano fighting by his s against enemy soldiers. Sarah runs into one of the masked Brethren. She screams. Sarah is trapped under a rock fall. She moves her hand for a helping hand and grabs an alien limb…a cut off crystalline hand. “Say hello to the lady Sarah.” “HI.” “Ahhh but what?” “I worry about you, too.” “Eldred must live!” “It’s goodbye then?” “Yes. I’ve had the summons from Gallifrey and you’ve got to go. I can’t take you with me.” The decayed Master shoots a shock staser at Spandrell who falls, then Doctor rushes the Master and is shot also. The Master points a gun at Engin. “You’re finished, Doctor! Finished!” Goth yells as he submerges the Doctor’s head under water. A giant spr passes the Doctor’s back. A clown laughs at him from a mirror pond. A Samurai warrior raises a sword over the Doctor’s head as the Doctor is suspended over a cliff with only his scarf as a rope to a tree above. The Samurai yells. The Doctor runs and steps into the egg of a bird and yells. His foot is trapped in a train track and two very old trains come whizzing at him. A plane flies over the Doctor and shoots at him. As a Doctor administering a huge needle at the real Doctor’s arm, the Master menaces the Doctor. “You are in my domain now.” “Go away,” the Doctor whispers to Leela. “I’ll kill him with this jelly baby.” “The evil one.” Leela says to the Doctor. “What me?” “I must have made quite an impression.” The Doctor and Leela look up at his giant face, etched onto a mountains. “Please do not throw hands at me.” “I heard a sound.” “That was me.” “I heard a sound.” “That was me!!!” “I will kill the Doctor.” “I will kill Leela.” “I will kill Toos.” A giant rat rushes at Leela in a sewer and the Doctor uses a huge rifle to shoot at it. Leela is taken from behind and grabs at her assailant’s face, tearing off his mask and revealing the true horrid mutated, deformed face of Weng Chiang. A door opens and the midget monster Mr Sin moves in, knife drawn and pointed at Leela…who jumps out the window, just in time to create a distraction that diverts one of the Tong henchmen from killing the Doctor…outs. Li Hsen Chang points a gun from the stage at the Doctor who sits in the balcony holding a card. Leela looks, “Doctor!” “I was wrong, Leela. I thought I locked the enemy outs…but instead. I locked it in…with us…” “…and I don’t like your face either.” “Contact has been made.” “Can you take K9 with you?” The Doctor touches the Fendahl Skull and his hand cannot be removed from it. It glows and he starts to yell in pain. Leela runs in and knocks a chair out from under the Doctor. He falls on her. “You are very heavy.” “You nearly got us all killed down there. Now shut up or you’ll get yourself killed up here!” Leela yells at Colby, her knife out and threateningly pointed at him. The Doctor comes up, “You nearly got us all killed down there.” “Ahh, it has been mentioned.” “I can’t move my legs!” “Run! Run for your lives!” The Doctor points a gun loaded with salt at the Fendahleen giant worm thing! Leela is in a tube torture device and it starts to smoke. The Collector smiles, “It’s at moments like this that I get a real sense of job satisfaction.” “Run Doctor! It’s the taxman!!!” “Why did you run?” “I don’t know, he did first.” “That’s no answer.” “Why did you run?” “I don’t know.” “Perhaps here everyone runs from the taxman.” Cordo shakes his head yes. “Cordo, you are the bravest man here.” “The quest is the quest.” A spaceship is covered with rocks, becoming a center of a planet. The Doctor yells at the crew to give it more power. The ship bursts out of the rock pile. “He has saved many fathers.” “Not even the sonic screwdriver can me out of this one.” “The guards, the Time Lords, all the boring people…” “What? What are you all staring at?” The Fourth Doctor asks a group including Leela who see Sontarans behind him. One takes off its helmet and moves at the Doctor. “We’re being thrown into a black star!!!!” “I’m staying.” Leela says to the Doctor. “She’s very handy with a knife.” “Doctor, you’re not giving me a chance.” “Doctor do something!” Romana yells at a green reptile grabs at her from behind and a wall trap door is closing on her. The Doctor dives under the door to come face to face with the reptile creature! The Graff Vynda K uses a glove to slap the Fourth Doctor’s face. The Doctor stares, takes the glove and slaps the Graff. “You’re a Graske and a Graske is trouble…” “Everyone’s got a song ins them. Every single one of you.”

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