Priced to Sell


It was a three-quarter of a million dollars listing! As the listing agent my cut would be fifteen grand.

I had to be really nice to old Woodward to make sure he listed his property with me.

I was new in the real estate game and had been given the lead on Woodward’s intention to list his home from an old friend back in Colorado Springs who was also in the real estate business.

Chuck had told me Woodward was planning on selling his Santa Monica home and relocating to Colorado.

The early fifties entrepreneur had made his fortune in the Silicon Valley boom and wanted to enjoy his retirement in the clean mountain air of the Rockies.

Woodward was a bachelor, having divorced his wife many years previously. He was enjoying his freedom with a different babe on his arm every week. He had quite a reputation as a womanizer and it was said he treated his women as he did his prize-winning English jumper, riding them hard and putting them away wet!

If hoped to get Woodward’s listing I knew I was going to have to offer him more than just a speedy sale of his house.

I had just turned twenty-four and engaged to be married to the son of an affluent Burbank’s jeweler. I had passed Rob’s family’s approval and the wedding was set for the rapidly approaching June.

With the commission from the sale of Woodward’s property I would be able to enter the marriage with means of my own.

I am the typical California blonde, tall and statuesque with all-over tan cold, blue eyes. As I frequent a Malibu nude beach I keep my pussy Brazilian waxed and as smooth as a baby’s bum.

Woodward had invited me to come by that afternoon to look the place over and talk business. I spent most of the morning primping and getting ready for my performance.

I carefully selected my outfit. I wanted to be business-like yet available. I wanted Woodward to know he was getting class when I removed my clothes for him.

I choose my Navy gabardine suit with the fitted jacket and the above the knees skirt. With a frilly white blouse under the jacket it gave the aurora of sophistication and womanliness.

My matching snow-white bra and panties were right from Victoria’s Secret, both tantalizing and revealing enough to whet Woodward’s appetite.

A sprits of Jon Patou’s “Joy” between my breasts and I was ready to go.

I pulled into the circular drive in front of Woodward’s Spanish style hacienda. The seventeen-room mansion was built with large granite stones and a red clay tile roof.

Woodward emerged form the front door in a silk smoking jacket to greet me.

I got out of my Buick flashing Woodward a generous amount of bare leg.

“Did you have any difficulty finding the place?” Woodward asked as he closed the car door behind me.

“No, your directions were right on.” I replied.

I noticed Woodward’s eyes were scanning my body no doubt judging what kind of a lay I would be.

“Come around back and I will show you the pool first.” Woodward said.

The pool was a large kidney shape surrounded by a light blue tile deck. The house was built on an elevated lot so there was a panoramic view from the deck but not overlooked by adjoining properties offering a fair degree of privacy.

“Maybe after you’ve seen the house we will take a dip?” Woodward suggested.

” I didn’t bring a suit.” I answered.

“You don’t need one!” Woodward grinned.

The house was cool when we entered, the air-conditioning humming quietly in the background. Woodward led me first to the kitchen.

It looked eryamanda yeni escortlar like the kitchen of an upscale restaurant. Gleaming stainless steel appliances surrounded the granite countertops. A huge double door fridge-freezer, tandem ovens stacked on one wall opposite an island containing a large gas cook top. Glistening steel cook wear hung overhead.

“Beautiful.” I said looking at every cook’s dream kitchen.

“I think we should look at the master bedroom next.” Woodward said with a smile.

I knew the time was quickly approaching for me to present my own “open house”.

I followed Woodward up the spiral staircase to the second floor.

The bedroom was large and elegant. Long oak beams traverse mirrored ceiling reflecting an image of the room below. A huge four-poster bed dominated the room surrounded by lavish rough-hewn Mediterranean furnishings.

One wall was completely glass with doors opening onto a balcony overlooking the pool below. An ensuite washroom opened on another wall.

“That is a very comfortable bed.” Woodward said nodding towards the overstuffed centerpiece.

I wondered how many conquests Woodward had enjoyed prior to me on this magnificent altar?

It was my cue to sacrifice my chastity.

Seductively I slipped off my jacket.

Woodward watched intently as I begin to unfasten my blouse. One by one I undid the row of buttons down the front allowing the neckline to open revealing more and more of my décolleté brassiere.

Finally I slipped it off my shoulders and withdrew my arms from the filmy garment. Casually I tossed it onto the thick carpet and reached for the front-fastener on my bra. A simple squeeze of my finger and thumb and the bra popped open allowing my breasts heir freedom.

Woodward gazed at my bared breasts with fascination. The were perfection, 36B golden mounds crowned by tea rose pink nipples slightly aroused by the cool air of the air conditioned room.

“Very nice.” He whispered.

My hands dropped to the button at the side of my skirt.

The button unfastened and the zipper slide down. The skirt dropped with its own weight down into a puddle around my ankles. Calmly I stepped out of it wearing only my heels and silk panties. My thumbs hooked under the elastic waistband at each of my hips. Slowly I begin to peel the final bit of covering down my body.

The panties slid over my hips and down my legs exposing my tanned camel toe to Woodward’s eyes.

I released the panties allowing them to fall to the floor. One foot stepped out of the panties and I kicked them off across the room.

“You want to fuck me don’t you?” I smiled at Woodward as I walked to the waiting bed.

How bizarre I thought, had Woodward offered me five hundred dollars to fuck him I would have refused. Now I was about to fuck him for fifteen thousand and my fiancé would likely congratulate me for closing the deal unaware that I had opened my legs for Woodward to do so.

I sat on the edge of the bed and waited for Woodward to accept my offer.

Slowly he walked towards me fumbling to get his cock out on the way. He was inches from my face when he produced his hard cock for me to see.

His cock was thick and the smooth bulbous head had purplish sateen sheen to it. Large blue veins protruded up the length of his shaft giving it a grotesque Frankensteinish appearance.

“Want to suck it?’ Woodward asked.

I did not like sucking cocks. Every time my fiancé had begged me to put his cock in my mouth I had rebuked him in sincan escort bayan disgust.

I knew I had to suck Woodward’s vile prick and suck it better than he had ever had it sucked before. I reached out and took his meat into my hands.

I could feel it pulsing between my fingers as the blood surged to the sensitive head. I opened my mouth wide and guided the hideous shaft between my lips.

Closing my eyes I closed my mouth sealing my lips around his cock capturing about half its length inside my warm, wet mouth. His cock lay heavily on my tongue as it began to caress the throbbing shaft.

My right hand still encircled the base of his cock above his balls and I could feel his pubic hairs brushing the back of my hand as I began milking his cock.

As I yanked his cock his hips thrust forward driving his cockhead deeper into my mouth until he started entering my throat.

I momentarily gagged until I adjusted the angle of my head to allow Woodward’s cock to enter my throat without interfering with my breathing. I was now “deepthroating” Woodward’s cock and my lips touched my fingers, I had his entire cock in my head!

As my tongue stimulated the cock filling my mouth I knew he was going to ejaculate in my mouth. I had not tasted cum since my teen years but remember how vile it tasted. I was going to have to swallow Woodward’s snot.

I could tell by the way Woodward was grunting he was on the verge of filling my mouth with his salty brine but I felt no passion for him, I may as well be sucking my father’s dick.

All I could see was that check for fifteen grand, at least ten after taxes. I had spent the money a hundred times in my mind, a newer car, the surprise honeymoon in the Bahamas for my new husband and me, there was no shortage of places I could use it.

My jaw was beginning to ache from sucking Woodward’s cock, it was time to make him cum.

My left hand circled around under his shorts and found his asshole. Bringing him to a crescendo I thrust my finger into his rectum.

His cum flooded my mouth like a tsunami of thick creamy sperm. My teeth were awash in a sea of his jism and huge gobs of it rolled down my throat.

I experienced what it would be like to drown in a man’s cum.

Woodward handed me a towel to wipe my mouth after I had ingested his sperm. I knew I had drank more of his cum than he had ever offered and other woman.

“Mmmmm, that was good!” I lied as I opened my mouth to show him I had swallowed it all.

Woodward required time to regain his erection. What better way than to bury his face between my legs?

I lie back of the bed and spread my legs wide apart offering his my open pussy to feast upon. The old guy wasted no time diving right in.

Woodward’s tongue searched my open slit for that sensitive little nub that controlled my being. Quickly he found it and grasped it between his lips.

As his lips held my clitoris the tip of his tongue tantalized it like a miniature punching bag. My pussy quivered as he pulled my trigger

Almost instantaneously that familiar glow begin as my juices started to flow. The old bastard was going to make me cum!

I moaned softly as his tongue continued to maul my now erect clit. I could feel my honey running into his sucking lips as he greedily partook of my essence.

As my orgasm whelmed up within me my thighs clamped on Woodward’s head holding his face deep in my wet trench.

“Oh yes! Yes!” I whimpered as the rapture of my climax slammed my cunt into Woodward’s ankara escort hungry mouth.

Something strange happened, something that had never happened before, I squirted! A steady stream of my juices spurted between Woodward’s sucking lips and into his mouth.

I think Woodward was as surprised as I was receiving the flood of my pussy juice.

Eventually I was able to release Woodward’s head from between my legs and his cum-smeared face rose up smiling.

I returned his smile as his tongue licked my juice from his lips.

“You liked that didn’t you?” I chuckled.

I knew Woodward was looking forward to getting his cock into where his mouth had just been. I had whetted his appetite to fuck me.

“Do I get the listing?” I asked with my open cunt still inches from his face tempting him.

“Damn right!” he grinned.

I lie back on the bed with my legs widespread to consummate the deal.

Woodward crawled on top of me with his revived cock hanging down searching for my pussy. I reached down and guided him to my opening.

He slid into my well-lubricated cunt like a hot knife entering butter. Inch after inch of his thick cock slid into me until his hairy balls kissed my pussy lips. I wrapped my legs around is hips and drew him in that extra bit.

“Fuck me hard!” I urged my benefactor.

Woodward needed no encouragement as he started thrusting his hips pounding his cock deep into my wet hole. He drove himself into me so hard it almost knocked the wind out of me, it was like I was his first fuck in months.

I groaned softly and my cunt squished as Woodward’s cock ravishes my fuck hole.

“Oh yes! Yes! Give it to me.” I moaned as my hips bucked up to meet his plunges.

I felt yet another orgasm growing deep inside of me as Woodward increased his fucking frenzy. He was going to make me cum again, this time with his cock feeding me his jism.

My legs clamped onto his tighter, determined to ride his until the climax.

Woodward pounded me relentlessly but he could not shake me loose, I held him gripped inside of me demanding his sperm.

We fucked so hard even with the air-conditioning running I was beginning to get a sheen of perspiration glistening on my body and our bodies made a loud “slapping” sound as we came together.

We were working towards a mutual orgasm and we both knew it.

“Oh God, you feel so good!” Woodward moaned as he approached the brink of his climax.

“Now! Give me all you got!” I begged.

I felt Woodward’s body stiffen on top of me, the floodgate opened and his thick creamy sperm began spurting deep into my cervix.

“Oh fuck! Fuck!” I moaned as I accepted his cum.

Woodward’s sperm drained into me for what seemed like forever although it was only moments.

My own orgasm greeted his as our bodily fluids mixed together in my cradle of life.

My climax was intense, causing my entire body to involuntarily shake and quiver beneath my lover’s.

We were locked in the throes of our ecstasy for an eternity, wave after wave of spasms shooting though my uncontrollable body.

Finally the rapture subsided with minor aftershocks tingling my super-sensitive pussy as Woodward’s cock twitched still fully buried inside of me.

I kissed him on the lips while his spent cock soaked in the love cocktail we had created inside my womb.

The pool was refreshing after our session in Woodward’s bedroom. We both cavorted nude in the sparkling cool water sharing the special bond we had formed.

The Woodward property sold within two weeks of being listed and I couldn’t wait to get my check so I could surprise my fiancé with the paid honeymoon trip to Sandal’s Resort in the Bahamas.

There is another house owned by an old seventy plus widower that I heard was interested in selling?

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