Primal Instinct Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Final Reckoning

Rachel wasn’t yet in her little chair behind her desk when I got to Karen’s office. A part of me was glad that I didn’t get to see her, but another part, the beast part, that wasn’t impressed by far. I’d forgone wearing my boxers, because I knew the second I was inside her office, Karen would be over the desk firmly implanted on my cock.

I felt my meat strain against the rough edge of my jeans at the thought. My thoughts drifted back to Ilya, and his contempt for women, and anyone he slept with in particular.

“Cunt is cunt,” he’d say. “Doesn’t matter what size, shape or colour it comes it, they’re all good for one thing only.” I felt myself shrink at the thought. I knew I was becoming just like him. I knocked on Karen’s door and wondered for a moment if Ilya had dealt with a beast inside him, too. My brother’s ghost mocked me as Karen’s voice asked me in, and I frowned.

Karen was standing beside her desk when I shut the door behind me. Her eyes hungrily went to my crotch, and lit up when she saw I was already hard. Her eyebrows perked as she smirked confidently at me. “Looking forward to my pussy, were you, Piotr?” I grabbed my bulge and pushed it down, and my lawyer met my eyes.

“No. I just finished with a girl I picked up in a bar last night, and I’m still not entirely recovered. What’s the deal with this job?” She sat down and lifted one leg up to sit on the desk, her high heeled boot clinking on the desktop.

“You’re not eating my cunt yet, Russian.” I crossed my arms and tried to act uncaring as she slowly slid her hand down and began to play with her lips. My cock throbbed in my pants, and I shifted uncomfortably. Karen smiled knowingly and slid two fingers into herself.

She began to pant as I frowned again, and uncrossed my arms. I put them in my pockets, and she leant over and took another cigarette out of her desk. She offered it to me, but I shook my head. I didn’t smoke, and she knew that.

She lit it, and the coppery smell of dope filled the air. She sucked back hard on it and blew the smoke in my direction, but I didn’t budge. Her features hardened, and her leg came down off of the desk as she stood angrily.

“You’ll wind up playing bitch to several of my behind bars clients if you don’t tread carefully here, Piotr. You’re a killer, pure a simple. Now think this through. You give me what I want for one more romp, then you’re a free man, with a job and a place to stay. Or I have you gang raped and mutilated so that that log of yours ends up in my desk as a trophy.”

I snarled at her and stepped forward. “You’re a sick bitch, and I’d like to see you try it. You’re right, I’m an animal, but I can’t get the death penalty here, and if I’m in jail already, I got nothing to lose by shortening your client list!”

I turned and angrily wrenched open the door, and went to step through it, but someone fell into my arms. It was Janelle, Karen’s sister, and the woman who I was supposed to get a job with.

A swollen and blackened eye was poorly concealed behind sunglasses and foundation, and tears streaked her cheeks. My anger burned away in an instant, and I ushered her towards the seat. She was a sobbing mess, and I looked at Karen, who stared at her sister blankly. I knelt down beside her. “It’s okay, relax, you’re safe now.” She sobbed again, and I looked at Karen, who was burning bright read.

She was obviously uncomfortable. Her voice was barely above a whisper. “Please, Piotr, wait a moment outside.” I nodded and stood, but Janelle grabbed at my thigh and I started as she pressed her palm unknowingly into the head of my limp cock. I coughed and moved as the front of my jeans suddenly thickened.

I realized the beast in me was quiet, but that I wanted this woman, and wanted her badly. I bowed my head and moved away, and shut the door. I knew I’d have to go somewhere soon, because my cock was throbbing painfully hard, and I tried to move it between my legs, but any pressure made it throb harder.

My mind raced as the need for release became unbearable. I ducked around the corner to the toilets, and felt a massive surge of lust as I spotted Rachel unlocking the staff toilets. I pushed forwards towards her, and she turned and gave an undignified squeak as I shoved her through the toilet door and into one of the cubicles.

She looked at me with surprise. “Mr. Voinovich, what…?” I cut her off with a kiss, forcing my tongue deep into her throat. She quieted against me as my hands lifted up her skirt.

I moved her panties ankara eryaman escortlar aside as she began to pant, and her nails raked my back as I slipped two fingers inside her. She quivered against me and spread her legs wider to give me better access. I grunted as I pulled my cock out of the top of my jeans and pushed up and into her.

Rachel’s mouth formed a silent moan as I kept pushing until I had slid myself fully into her dry heat. She bit back a scream as I began to thrust in and out. Her nails scratched into my back, and I felt the burn under my t-shirt as she split the skin.

I pushed her business shirt up and began to feast on her nipples. She bit her lip again and again as the combination of my heavy cock and my rough lips on her nipples drove her towards a heady orgasm. I roughly squeezed her tits together as I pummelled into her, and she cried out as I ravaged them.

She lent forwards and bit deeply into my shoulder in revenge, but that just drove me on further. I grabbed hold of the side of the toilet cubicle, and pushed one of her legs out to step onto the toilet lid.

She held onto me with one hand as I drove myself into her again and again, the other one holding onto my wrists as I used the wall for support. It only took a few minutes for me to come, thrusting up into her with an animalistic lust that seemed to drive her crazy. Her other hand dropped to my shoulders as well as I drove my cock up into her one last time, then sagged against her.

I pulsed inside her and felt my cum ooze down my shaft as I pulled out. Rachel slumped to the floor in exhaustion, meeting my cock eye to eye.

I leant down to pull up my jeans and Rachel grabbed the back of my head. Her eyes were shut as she regained her breath. “Where’s your high moral ground when you’re fucking horny, baby?” Her words were hissed out breathlessly and I stared at her.

She pushed me away from her and moved to sit on the toilet, leaning her head against the wall I had just fucked her brains out against. I didn’t have an answer for her, and she knew it. Her lips curved into a smile as my still hard cock strained over the button of my jeans.

I moved it towards her face, but she laughed harshly. “Next one’s rape. I’m not really sure that that one wasn’t. You bastard.” She stared at my straining cock for a moment, then stood up. I was still speechless, half my brain trying to deny what I knew I was becoming.

A more bestial Ilya. The other half was still driving the need to fuck her senseless and get rid of the raging red curtain still blanketing my vision. I didn’t know where to turn or what to do as Rachel straightened herself up.

Janelle had barely touched me, and I was a mindless rapist with need. I wiped the head of my cock with toilet paper and flushed it, then tried to tuck myself back into my jeans. I was so hard, my hands on my cock felt good as I pushed it back into my jeans. I knew the cum was still coming out, but I couldn’t do anything about it.

I had to get out of there. I felt the hot liquid begin to cool as it wiped onto my thigh. I felt ashamed and washed my hands. I stared at the reflection, and saw Ilya’s laughing eyes staring back at me.

He knew what a daemon I was becoming, because we were brothers, barely two years apart. He knew, as did I, that I would eventually give in, and it would destroy me. I felt the beast stir and looked away from the damning vision. I left the toilet, intent on going home or anything, just to think about it.

I wondered for a moment if church would help, and found a dark smile on my lips. Karen’s voice echoed down the empty hallway. “Russian!” I turned back, and my lawyer beckoned me.

I felt disgust rise in my mouth like bile. For a second, I thought of ignoring her and leaving. Surely so soon after a fight she’d believe it was because of my hurt pride or something like that. A sudden image of Janelle’s tear-streaked cheek flashed across my vision, and I went back towards the office.

Karen didn’t say anything, all traces of her true nature hidden in front of the smug figure of Rachel now sitting at her desk. I walked past her and made a straight line for Janelle’s side. Her tears had stopped, but she was obviously still upset.

I knelt down to her side again. “You okay?” She nodded wordlessly and stood. I stepped back to allow her to pass. My wandering eye trailed down her neck to her perfect breasts encased in white, like the first time I had seen her. She still hadn’t taken off the glasses, and she looked up at me through escort etimesgut the black lenses.

I tried to see her eyes again, but their glorious intensity was hidden. She handed me a card and leant in close. I felt something primal and hungry rear up at me as I smelt her apple scented hair.

I swallowed hard and tried to keep a straight face as the beast raged within me, tearing at me to take her immediately. “Thank you. See you this afternoon.” Her voice was soft, and incongruously, I smelt oranges on her breath. I nodded my head, not trusting myself to speak as she laid a hand caressingly on my wrist.

My huge, calloused hand snagged her delicate one, and I held her hand over my heart so she could feel the beating. I nodded to her, and she nodded back at me. I let her go and stood, shaking in the all consuming need to take her, as she shut the door behind her.

Karen stood by the door, eyeing me with hatred. The beast focused on her, and I felt the heat of my lust as my body began to respond to the animal needs roaring through me like a river at high flow. Karen’s eyes were narrowed, but she glanced down to the huge bulge in my jeans for an instant, then lifted her chin haughtily.

“If that bastard hadn’t paid for his trophy wife to be punished by his driver for coming to see me yesterday, you would be in the back of a police cruiser by now. But she needs a guard. As much as you disgust me right now, you’re the best. You take care of my sister, and I’ll forget about this little show of pride of yours. Now get out of my office.”

I stayed where I was, trapped in the heat of my lust. I let a low growl escape my lips, and she stared at me in shock. “Didn’t you hear me, you fuckwit? Get the fuck out of my office!” Her hissed words only served to flame my cock into throbbing harder. She stepped towards me and slapped me hard, but my feral grin flashed to her as she tried to step past me.

I grabbed her around the waist with one hand, and she slapped me again. I pushed my other hand down the front of her skirt, and slid two fingers into her sopping slit.

She went to slap me again, but I pushed her back towards the desk and unclasped her skirt. It fell away to reveal a deep burgundy pair of crotch less panties. My lips sneered at her as she spread her legs. “You couldn’t even get me off with that tiny…”

My growl stopped her as I eased myself out of my jeans. They fell to the floor as she gasped. My cock was huge and red, and I went to push into her with a grunt. She grabbed hold of me with her red painted fingernails, and squeezed, hard. I grunted again, and her tongue darted out to lick her lips lewdly.

She was panting as she teased the lips of her pussy with the head of my cock. I slapped her back, and she brought a hand up to her face. With my cock free, I drove it into her cunt with a low moan. Karen’s head dropped back with a stifled moan, and her hands spread back to support her as I began to fuck her.

She bit her lip, just like Rachel had, and I smiled at the memory. As I was building pace inside her, she began to knead her breasts together. She was panting, her eyes fixed on the sight of my thick cock pummelling into her tight hole.

I heard the door handle click, but didn’t comprehend it until I heard Rachel’s gasp. I turned, my cock streaming out Karen’s juice as I turned to Rachel. She dropped the cup of coffee that had brought her into her boss’s office, and backed up against the door as I moved to grab her.

Karen’s hiss whipped my head around, but she was staring lustily at Rachel, whose eyes were glued to the thick, glistening head pointed eagerly her way. I grabbed Rachel and pushed her onto the desk between her boss’s spread legs.

Rachel looked up at Karen with wide eyes, then tentatively leant forwards and began eating her out. Karen moaned softly as Rachel sucked at her clit, and slowly opened her eyes to watch me as I began to push Rachel’s dress up around her waist. She was squeezing her legs together, denying me access.

The beast in me growled, and I lowered my tongue to slide into her swollen lips. Karen’s feet fell down with a smash onto my shoulders as Rachel stepped up her sucking of her cunt.

I could hear the wet, slurping sounds as she eagerly mouthed her boss to a juicy orgasm. I smiled as Rachel’s hand slipped back to stroke herself, and my fingers joined hers. She began to moan, and one of her fingers, slick with her own juice, slipped into her ass.

My cock pulsed as I batıkent escort began to stroke it, and I slid two fingers into Rachel’s tight little rosebud. She moaned in need, and Karen gasped. “Fuck her, let me watch while you fuck her, Piotr.” I stroked my cock another few times, and then spat in my hand.

Rachel looked back at me and smiled, her earlier words dismissed in the moment of her needs. I tried to push into her hot little slit, but Rachel moaned and shook her head, burying her fist inside herself and shaking her head against Karen’s pussy. Karen gasped and held her legs wide as she came again, and Rachel looked back at me.

“My ass, you fucking monster. I want you to cum all through my ass.” I smirked at her, and slid into her ass with little difficulty. My cock filled her ass in milliseconds, and she gave a sharp cry as Karen collapsed backwards across her desk like a boneless rag doll.

Rachel’s tight tunnel was squeezing my cock mercilessly, and I gave her a nudge to fit in my whole length. Rachel breathed out slowly through pursed lips as I withdrew, and Karen sat back up. I pushed my length back up inside of Rachel as she fell across the desk vacated by Karen.

I began to speed up as I drove into her, and she began to sigh happily. I looked up into Karen’s hungry face as she watched me fuck her secretary’s ass. She slowly walked around behind me, and dropped to her knees.

I felt her hands on either side of my hips, as she pushed me further and further into Rachel’s ass. She ran a fingernail down the cracks of my ass, and cupped my surging balls. With her other hand, she pushed her way into Rachel’s glistening hole.

Rachel began to scream in time to our thrusts, and suddenly froze and quivered on the end of my cock. Karen pulled out her hand, and slid her sopping wet digits down to my ass. I pulled out of Rachel just as Karen’s fingernail found my hole and slipped in.

I jerked up as her nail slid like liquid fire up to my prostate. I knew what she was trying to do, but I hated it none the less. I clenched my ass cheeks down and the animal in me reared up in fury. I turned Rachel’s limp body over on the desk and picked Karen up with my other arm. I threw her next to Rachel, and shoved her face down into Rachel’s moist hole.

Karen reared back, but Rachel began to eat her out from the other end, and the boss couldn’t hack it. The blood roared through her again, and she moaned.

I reefed her head back and shoved my shit covered cock into her mouth, and she began to clean it eagerly as her secretary sucked her out. When my cock was throbbing, on the point of release, I jerked it out of her mouth, and shoved her head back down to Rachel’s pussy.

As Karen began to eat her out, I slid my cock back into her ass. Rachel gave a mighty moan as I pushed into her in one long drive. I slid into her again and again, my balls smacking into the fleshy cheeks of her red, raw ass.

I sped up, and sweat began to bead on my chest and forehead as I fucked Rachel’s ass faster and harder. Rachel’s moan co-mingled with Karen’s as I fucked her hard, and I felt the tell-tale signs of my orgasm begin to race through my balls. I gave a final couple of thrusts, and my meat exploded, coating Rachel’s asshole with my thick white cum. I pulled my cock out as my knees gave way, and I sagged against the desk. I was panting, and Karen looked up.

She gave a cry of delight and caught the head of my cum-coated cock in her mouth. Her tongue worked around the head a bit, and then she ran her teeth around the rim. I pulsed again, and her eyes widened as my cum hit the back of her throat. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and watched as she went back to eating her secretary, who was quivering from her boss’s attention.

I bent down and grabbed my jeans. The beast in me was quieted for a moment, and I slid the cool denim over my sweat covered thighs. Rachel’s grunting moans reached my ears, and I turned back to see her legs spread wide while her boss dove face first into her pussy and asshole with gusto.

Karen’s face rose to mine, and I realized she had been tonguing my cum from Rachel’s ass. I pulled on my shirt and zipped myself up. Rachel’s body went limp as her juices slid down the front of the desk, and Karen closed her eyes as she began to ride Rachel’s face, her eyes closed and tweaking her nipples with bruising force.

They didn’t even realize it when I left. As I shut the door behind me, I took Janelle’s card out from my pocket and frowned. I thought for a moment of showing up as I was, cock smelling of ass, cunt and cum, and sweat still clinging to me like some kind of macabre trophy of fucking her sister.

The beast in me growled low in primitive amusement, and I decided to head home for a shower before I went to Janelle’s house.

To be Continued…

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