Princess Ch. 04


Author’s note…I was approximately half a paragraph from having this chapter ready to submit when the flash drive I was storing it on got wiped out. Since I am not working from an outline, I have to re-write the whole thing from scratch. This chapter is told from multiple points of view and has very little back tracking. I hope you enjoy and please vote…SH

I would also like to give my thanks and my undying gratitude to andrea4328 her editing prowess, making this a much better tale….SH

I walked out of the living room, naked as the day I was born. My brother’s cum was running out of my well fucked pussy down my thighs. I eyed the stairs to my bedroom and decided I was too worn out to climb stairs, so we’d finish this night in our parent’s room.

Steve followed me close behind, his large semi hard cock swinging back and forth. He suddenly seemed distant and tense, and seemed tired. I guess with him sleeping so little the past couple of days, tired was to be expected. He was being awakened by dreams that he couldn’t remember upon waking. I was glad Heidi James would be back in town soon, because I felt Steve needed professional help.

Steve was glad to be rid of the Santa Claus mask that had concealed his identity while he fucked me on web cam to piss off my ex boyfriend Mark. Instead of pissing him off, the fucktard actually thanked me for allowing a guy to fuck me on cam. I told him to get lost and that we were going to do anal on the cam, but since he would like it we were going to my room to have the rest of our fun.

“How’s my ass looking baby?” I asked Steve. I got no answer and turned to look at him. He looked off into space and appeared to be somewhere else. “Stevie!”

“Huh? What? I’m sorry I was zoning I guess.”

“Are you OK baby? You seem lost.”

“I’m fine Maddie, just spacey I guess.”

“Are you ready to make me not be a liar? Are you ready to fuck my ass?”


I walked over to the bed and moved a pillow from the head to the middle of the king sized bed. I climbed up and lay on my tummy, leaving my ass in the air. I spread my legs open and waited. When a few minutes had passed I looked back over my shoulder to see Stevie staring off into the distance. “Are you ok baby?” I asked him.

“Huh? Oh yeah, just a bit tired I guess. I haven’t been sleeping all that well.”

“We don’t have to play if you are tired sweetheart.”

“No I am fine Maddie. I dream of fucking your ass.”

Something was deeply bothering him. I wished that I had known him better growing up. I was beginning to despise my parents.

Stevie climbed up between my thighs and began caressing my ass. “MMM, baby I love when you touch me.” He started rubbing his erect cock up and down my ass crack. I realized that I had left the KY in the living room and hoped Stevie wasn’t going to try to enter me dry.

He reached down and slid his erect cock into my pussy and began stroking me slowly. Just as I was starting to get into it, I felt a cold dollop of KY hit my asshole. The sweet man had grabbed it after all. He used a finger to work the lube all over my small pucker and pushed some inside. Between the cock in my pussy and his finger working in my ass I came as hard as I ever had. I knew Stevie was fighting off his impending orgasm because he was making that “huffing” sound, but he pulled out of my pussy and held off for a moment.

“Oh baby. Are you ready to fuck my ass?”

“Almost babe.”

He squirted KY into my ass crack and began to rub his cock in it. I was getting so turned on by his cock gliding through my crack. Finally I reached back with both hands and spread my ass open for him. He placed his purple helmet against my little brown knot and started to put pressure on it.

“Are you ready baby?”

“Oh Stevie, I’m so ready it hurts.”

He grabbed my wrists and held them behind my back. We both knew that he couldn’t hold me if I didn’t want but I was somewhat turned on by the feeling of being under his control. He pushed and I bore down as if to poop. The head and an inch or two of his shaft was now embedded in my colon.

“Oomph, Oh fuck that thing is big.”

“Do you want me to pull out?”

“Fuck no!! Just go slow baby.”

He pressed another inch or so into my ass and held. My sphincter was relaxing much quicker than our first time so I told him to give me more. Soon he had half of his glorious dick up my ass.

“Oh fuck yeah baby! I love it!”

I pushed up just a bit as he pushed in and he had all but an inch of his cock in my ass. He started to slowly withdraw until the head was left inside then he pushed forward again. After a few strokes like this I felt his balls hit my pussy and I knew his cock was completely in my ass.

“Do it baby! Fuck my tight ass! Ughh.”

At my encouragement he began sawing in and out of my tight asshole. He grabbed my hips and stepped up his assault on my ass. His balls kept slapping against my pussy, driving me closer and closer to orgasm. Stevie was pendik escort pumping me for all he was worth and I was in heaven. I had enjoyed our first time in my ass a lot, but this time was over the top!

I could hear a keening, mewling sound filling the room. Just as I tried to figure out what it was, I realized it was me. I didn’t seem capable of making rational sounds. Stevie was breathing hard and I could feel his cock starting to swell. At the same time I could feel the heat deep in my loins, signaling my impending orgasm. As it built and exploded through me, I felt Stevie’s cock spew its white hot load deep into my bowels. We collapsed in a sweating heap, with Stevie kissing the back of my neck and rubbing me all over.

I know Stevie woke up around three again in a panic. I was so wiped out from all the sex, my pussy and anus were well past sore, a good sore, but sore none the less.

“Are you ok baby?” I asked groggily, “Come back to bed.”

“I uh, I, I I just need some air.” I thought it almost sounded like he was on the verge of tears. “Go back to sleep. I’ll join you shortly.”

He left the room. I tried to wait for him but I was exhausted and fell asleep. I dreamed of Stevie lost in a dark cavernous space. He ran around looking for help but none was to be found. An ominous dark presence seemed to suck all of the light out of everything. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t reach him to pull him to safety.

I awoke around nine and was in bed alone. Stevie’s side was cold like he hadn’t been in bed for a while. I got up and slipped into one of mom’s robes and went to see if he was making breakfast. He wasn’t in the kitchen or living room. I went upstairs and found no sign of him. His duffel bag and clothes were still in my room, as was his coat. I went back down and looked in the garage. His car wasn’t there.

I pulled out my cell phone and dialed his number. I heard a sound coming from the living room. I went out to find his cell phone was on the table where he’d set it last night. I began to wonder if he’d just run out to get something, but I had a suspicion that he had fled.

The message light on my phone was blinking. I looked and there were over 50 text messages from Mark. All of them said “Call Me ASAP!” There were a dozen voice mails as well. I listened to a couple of them, where Mark called me a tease and a whore. The last one said he was going to gang bang me with the football team.

“Gang bang me? We’ll see who gets pounded bitch.” I said as I called an old friend of mine who had connections on the football team. Byron Childress was more than happy to make a call or two and make sure Mark Grant would never lay a finger on me.

I showered and got dressed then sat around waiting to see if Stevie would return. A little after 1:00 his phone rang. I looked at and it was Shelby calling. I debated what I was going to tell her, and then figured the truth would be best.

“Hi Shel.”

“Maddie? Why are you answering Stevie’s phone?”

“He came to stay with me while our parents are in Cali. He’s been here since Monday evening.”

“How sweet of him. Can I talk to him hon?”

“I don’t know where he went…” I proceeded to tell her about his nightmares and how he wasn’t here this morning when I got up. She told me that she’d noticed his bad dreams as well and called her mother in and out me on speaker phone. I told them I would drive around a bit this afternoon looking for him.

“We’ll be back home tomorrow around noon.” Heidi said, “I’ll try to help him after you locate him. Here is my suggestion…..”

We formulated a plan, and then I went looking for my brother. I drove around to all of the places I knew he went. There was no sign of him at the music shop, nor was he at Mike’s father’s shop. As the sun was setting I went by his house and knocked on his door. His neighbor lady came out and asked who I was looking for.

“I’m looking for my brother Steve.”

“He came home around four this morning and left again just after five dear. I haven’t seen him all day.”

A few times that night, I drove by his house, but I never saw any lights on. Around midnight I parked in front of his house to watch for him. I left at 2:00 a.m. and went straight home. I fell asleep by sheer exhaustion around three. I didn’t like being in my parent’s house all alone and desperately wished Stevie was there. I wondered how Shelby would take the news of Stevie and I sleeping together. I figured I’d talk to Heidi first and she’d know how to handle it.

Stevie had been faithful to her up until I told him of my idea of revenge on Mark. I felt fully responsible for him stepping out on Shelby and I would do what I could to see they didn’t break up.

I woke up around noon to my phone ringing. It was Shelby telling me that they were home. She was saddened to hear I had found no trace of Stevie yet. I took a shower and dressed for the day.

I was just getting ready to leave when my cell rang. It was my mom.

“Hi dear, maltepe escort how is everything there? Is the house ok?”

“The house is fine mom. So am I. Stevie has had some sort of breakdown though and I am truly scared for him.” I said as my emotions came pouring out.

“Well maybe if he’d lay off of the drugs he wouldn’t have breakdowns.” I could hear my father in the background saying he wasn’t paying to bail the little fucker out of prison. I assumed that they were not around grandma or grandpa or Aunt Karen.

“Well don’t worry your self over him mom. I’m sure he’ll be just fine. I have to go meet Shelby now.” I hung up and cried for a few minutes. How could they be so shitty towards him? I remember when he moved out how mom had called me and bitched that Steven had left and quit paying them rent. She felt he should pay them back for buying food for him all those years.

I guess now I understood why he stayed so far away from them. I locked the house and left for the day. I drove out to the James’ home and steeled myself to fight for Stevie.

I just walked in the house, as all of us did at each other’s homes. Shelby gave me a huge hug and told me she was heading up to take a shower. I walked into the den and saw Heidi.

“Can we talk mom?”

“Sure Maddie. What’s on your mind baby?”

“Well, I kind of seduced my own brother.”

I proceeded to tell her all about Steve and I getting together at Thanksgiving. I told her everything, including Mark’s shit, and how we got him back. She appeared to mull over everything I said and finally she spoke.

“You and Steve have not had the typical childhoods. Usually parents teach their children that siblings aren’t supposed to feel that way abut each other. You two didn’t get that. Steve especially was neglected and attention starved, no matter what brave face he put on to hide his pain.”

“You are both attractive hormone charged teens. You know you love him, and now he loves you. But since it is a new love, so to speak, you two have pair bonded differently than most siblings do, mainly because you never bonded as children.”

“I know Steve needs a lot of therapy to get past these things. It might not hurt you to talk to someone as well.”

“As for Shelby, I’ll talk to her and help her to understand.”

I told her that I felt I had to be the one who told her, since I was the one who instigated it. She wasn’t sure about the idea, but relented and agreed.

I was still crying when Shelby came down from her shower.

“It’ll be ok Maddie. I know we’ll find him and then mom can help him.”

I then broke down and told her everything. I left out details, like the fact we’d done anal, but I didn’t omit any bouts of sex.

She broke down crying harder than I’d ever seen her cry before. “I guess our wedding is off then,” she said as I started crying harder, the sobs threatening to rip my chest apart. “I can’t be with someone I can’t trust and I obviously can’t trust him. And here I thought he loved me!”

Heidi took Shelby aside and talked to her for almost an hour as I sobbed away an hour in the den. Soon Heidi and Shelby came back in and Shelby hugged me tight and told me everything would be alright. Heidi had told her the things she’d told me and she understood that my parents’ treatment of Stevie was a big factor in all of this.

“I just don’t know if I can marry someone when I can’t stand his parents.” She almost laughed through her tears.

I got enough of a hold on myself to say, “I don’t think you need to worry about that. I doubt he’ll ever go to visit them much.”

We all had a laugh and talked about how we were going to help Steve. Heidi made us a quick lunch, and then Shelby and I went out to see of we could find Steve. Heidi gave me a couple of powerful sedatives to slip to Stevie when we found him, to keep him there until she could come and help.

“Try not to let him drink too much with these.” She said. “They are powerful enough to keep him asleep for at least eight dreamless hours.”

We drove around most of the afternoon with no luck. At diner time we stopped at Desi’s for tacos and ran into Don Reed. We told Don about Stevie and he agreed to keep an eye out, and that he’d call when he saw him. During dinner Charlotte called me, asking for Steve’s phone number. When I asked why she wanted it, she replied that Amanda wanted to be his New Year’s Eve date and if he was a good boy he’d get lucky. Shelby heard this and grabbed my phone.

“Char, you better tell that fat butch bitch that I will slap the bejesus out of her if she steps on foot towards my fiancé!”

All I could do was laugh as I pictured what Char’s face must look like at that moment. I knew Amanda wouldn’t be pleased, but there wasn’t much she could do about it. Even if Stevie hadn’t been engaged to Shelby, he wouldn’t have given Amanda the time of day. I got the phone back in time to hear how rude Char thought Shel was. I told her that Stevie had disappeared and she was just a kartal escort bit worried, but also she didn’t appreciate Amanda trying to horn in on her man.

After dinner we drove around some, still finding no sign of him. Around ten we parked in front of his house. We sat for a while and watched the street. One or two cars drove by in the first hour. I felt the need to tell Shelby something, so I let it fly.

“After we find him and your mom nurses him back to health, I will step out of your way. I won’t ever put myself in position to hurt my brother or my best friend again.”

“No. I don’t think that’s necessary.” She said, “We’ve had our fun before, and we both love Stevie. As long as he is fine with it, I don’t mind sharing with you Maddie. As long as I am his at the end of the day, I’ll be fine.”

“I envy you, you know?”

“Envy me? Why? You have brains, a killer body, you’re great at sports, and could have just about any guy you want. Why would you envy me?”

“Because, when all is said and done, you can marry Steve. You and he can show your true feelings in public and not be scorned. You can have his children. All I could ever do is be a dirty secret, or we’d have to move far away where nobody knows us.”

Shelby hugged me as I cried. “I really resent my parents right now.” I said, “All the years of ignoring and neglecting the only brother I have, years I’ll never get back. I was supposed to protect him and I have failed. I seduce him and damaged him by doing so.”

“Mom will help you through all of this too Maddie. I just wish I’d had the guts to stand up to you, Char and Manda years ago. I have wanted your brother a lot longer than any of you know. I only wish that I had taken his virginity since he took mine.”

I was socked. “WHAT?!” Shelby had dated quite a few guys in school, and had been engaged to Eric since her freshman year of college. “All the guys you dated, being engaged to Eric, and Stevie got your cherry a week ago?”

“I actually broke my hymen with a dildo my junior year. I’ve blown and rubbed off the guys I dated that I let get that far. Eric was the only one to eat me a few times, but Stevie was my first.”

“He was first in my ass. Mark had tried but I gave it to him.” Now it was Shelby’s turn to be surprised.

“You let him put his 8 inch coke can in your ass? How did you ever manage that?”

“I won’t lie, it hurt at first. But after a bit it felt really good, and Steve is a superb lover.”

I don’t know why, but a car pulling up to the curb a block away caught my attention. I watched for the driver to get out but didn’t see one. I was about to remark on the car when a familiar song came on the radio.

Maybe in another life

I could find you there

Pulled away before your time

I can’t deal it’s so unfair

And it feels

And it feels like

Heaven’s so far away

And it feels

Yeah it feels like

The world has grown cold

Now that you’ve gone away

“That’s the song that Stevie is always playing.” Shelby said. She pulled out her phone and used a song ID AP to find that the song was “Gone Away” by The Offspring.

“He played it a lot after Wendy died. If I had been a better sister I would have helped him come out of his depression. I know mom and dad never noticed, well except for dad telling him to quit moping and suck it up. Two days after she died! Once again, a time when Stevie needed someone and no one was there for him.”

“So, who exactly was Wendy?”

“Wendy Pearlman lived just down the street from us. Wendy and Stevie were pretty much inseparable. I truly believe that they would have married and grown old together if she was still alive.”

“Stevie had a nasty case of the flu one year. He was in bed for three days before anyone thought to check on him. Wendy was the one. She came over every day to feed him soup and crackers. She cleaned him up, she changed his bed, and between her and her mother, they had Stevie nursed back to health. I kept expecting Mrs. Pearlman to call DSS on my mom and dad, but she never did.”

“One day Wendy and her brother David went skiing up at Mount Sugar. They were returning home that afternoon through the Seven Lakes region. A snowplow going the other way slid on a curve and veered into the east bound lane. The Honda Civic they were in didn’t stand a chance.”

“I think I remember hearing about that. How did Stevie take it?”

“He was depressed for the longest time. Of course mom and dad were no help. Dad kept calling him a cry baby, and mom would never comfort him. He spent three weeks pretty much in his room. He didn’t eat much if at all and he barely slept. I could hear him crying at night. What did I do? Go comfort him? Reassure him that things would be ok? NO. I complained to dad that he was keeping me awake. Dad threatened to have him locked up if he didn’t cut his weepy bullshit.”

“Don Reed is Wendy’s uncle. He and his wife Pam pretty much held Stevie together and I am grateful to them for that. But I failed him I can’t fail him again.”

An hour later it dawned on me that I had never seen anyone get out of the car I had seen park earlier. But it was possible that while Shelby and I gabbed they got out and I just missed it.

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