Subject: Prisoner Dad And Big Son Part 2 This story is pure fiction. It contains sex acts between men and boys, which should remain pure fiction. Do not read it if this subject matter upsets you. Just stop and go somewhere else. Comments ail AND EVERYONE, DON’T FORGET… DONATE PLEASE EVERYONE, DONATE. If you return to this site regularly, leave a little donation in the tin cup. Any amount would be appreciated. The hungry would love to eat – cock stories needs $$.! Go to the top of fty Page to DONATE some $$$$$. $$ are a girl’s best friend… Prisoner Dad and big Son Part 2 “I need you now, Timmy.” Dad lay under me, breathing hot, his body a symphony of hard, wet muscles, arms and legs holding me to him. His ass sucked my cock root like a mouth. “Daddy, what are you doing?” Out of breath I drooled into his mouth. He lapped it off my tongue. “I know how to make a cock feel good with my ass. I’ll be good pussy.” His body held me in its muscular embrace, my dick slid through his hole. “See, Pony? I just need you in me.” His heels pushed my ass pumping me gently in and out. “I feel good like this, Tim. Like a man. A real man, not like a dog. They made me do that too.” “What?” “Nothing. You’ll see one day.” I couldn’t tell if it was me slow pumping his hole or his ass and bowels rippling over my shaft that felt so good. “Wow, Daddy. I feel good in you. I fucking love your ass.” “I’m good pussy. I promise I’ll be good pussy ass.” I’d heard older boys call guys pussy, but I never quite knew what it meant until now. I laid on top of my big muscled father, his knees pulled up to his arm pits, his anus wide open. i fucked the last dribbles of cum into his warm cum channel listening to him moan with pleasure. My thick fuck post slid over his soft pucker making him so happy. I held his cock, stroked it, stiff and dripping. He rolled his ass over my meat, getting all the pleasure he could out of the end of this fuck, the last few drops of oozing cum. “You like that even more than I do, don’t you, Daddy?” “Angel.” He buried his face next to mine and trembled like he was ashamed or afraid. “I’m different now.” “I know. Better than ever too.” I gathered a big wad of spit and let it drip into his mouth. He sucked in every bit of fluid I could give him. His ass and mouth wanted everything I had. I ground deep. “Ahh.” He moaned. “Thank you, Sir.” “You don’t have to call me `sir’, Daddy.” “My Angel.” He pulled my balls to his ass, holding me deep in him as he flexed his pucker over my shaft. “I want to, Sir.” He sucked on my drool. “Then I know I belong. You’ll be my ass master, and I’ll be your pussy boy.” I couldn’t believe what I felt. Looking into his soft, loving eyes he vibrated his ass pucker softly over my shaft like a machine. He was making love to my cock with his gooey fuck hole. “Oh, Daddy. Fuck, that feels good.” I slow fucked him. Every part of his body focused on his ass loving my cock shaft. “I just want you so much now. All these months I’ve been made a pussy.” His ass clenched on my cock root. “You make me feel strong again. With your cock in my ass I’m whole again. A man again. Not like with the dogs.” What was I hearing? “What do you mean?” He kissed me. “Later, Pony. I want to take care of you. I feel good with you in me. I’ll do anything for you.” I’d had guys and girls follow me for a couple of years now, whimpering and begging to suck my cock, even wanting me to fuck them, but I never thought of dad like this, feeling like a man with my thick cock filling his ass. I dug deep inside him. “You’re the only man I ever fantasise about, Daddy.” And that was true. “I love you more than ever, my big strong Marine Corps pussy daddy.” His eyes filled with tears as his ass rolled like a devoted lover. “I’ll be good. I promise I’ll be good pussy. Anything for you.” I stabbed my prick way inside his soft fuck chute. He held my balls to him, loving my huge nuts, loving me, my huge cock in him. Neither one of us could get enough of it. And I wanted him in me too. I knew it would be as wonderful as this, and I knew what he was feeling so I whispered, “You’re is my pussy ass now.” I kissed him, let him drink my spit. “Yes, Master.. I’m your pussy, now and forever.” He grabbed the root of my shaft with his soft ass muscle like he was kissing it. “Every time a young boy was on me I thought of you. I wanted your dick so bad. And here you are, and so big and thick and strong. I’m finally your pussy, Angel. I just need you to love me back.” “Like this, Daddy?” I fucked him deep. “In my Daddy’s pussy.” “Yes.” He pushed his heels against my ass, driving my shaft deep. “Fuck my pussy. That’s what I am now. And I love it.” “Oh, fuck, so do I.” I slow rammed his soft hole, slow sloshing around his creamy fuck channel. We’d both come already, but were too excited to stop. I slammed his ass hard and deep. He moaned in pure ass delight. “They told me I’d get over it, but I don’t want to. I’m good ass now.” He held my nuts like two treasures. “Yes, Sir. I am.” My tenth birthday, and I was fucking my pussy assed father. “Let go of my nuts, big Daddy.” He obeyed immediately and sucked on my tongue, letting me swizzle the cum in his hole with my cock. “Yeah, big Daddy likes his pussy fucked.” “Oh, I do.” “I want to watch Jimmy fuck you.” “Who’s he?” “A friend. He’s pretty big too.” “Yes, Sir. If you want.” He rolled his hips like a belly dancer trying to get me excited again. “You can watch me serving dick with my ass, my mouth too. I been fed on cum a long time now. I’m good at it. I’ll show you.” I held the root of my shaft and pushed the other eight inches around left to right, up and down, letting him know he was right. “I’m gonna watch your pussy next time, in a mirror. But I got to stop now.” I shook with fatigue and pulled my gooey cock out of his hole and slumped onto the bed. He knelt between my legs and licked me, over and over, loving every inch of cock he ate. I stroked his head sighing, “You lick that thing even better than Rusty, Daddy.” I hardly believed what I’d just said. “Who’s he?” “Our dog. Mom took him. They both like his tongue too.” Dad doubled down on my cock and balls. “I’m good, Timmy.” He mouth worshipped my cock now. And balls. Licking me with his love. “Daddy knows how to make his men feel good now.” He smeared his face around my genitals. “You’re still hard, Tim. You can fuck me again.” He turned, squatted and lowered his anal flower over my shaft. I let him fuck himself with my cock for a minute, then said, “Dad, you got to go. Remember?” He slid off my shaft, stood and pulled me to standing. As he hugged me he slowly came out of his cock daze. I thought it might be what shell shock is like. Big, tall and strong as a horse, he could have thrown me out the window, but he embraced me so tenderly, stroking my half hard cock. “Are we OK, Angel? They said I should stop this stuff now. That it’s wrong.” He panted for an answer. “I want to do the right thing. To love you the right way.” “We’re better than ever, Daddy. I want to make you happy too. Turn around and show me my big Daddy’s man pussy again.” “Yes, Sir.” He smiled and jumped around and crouched like in a football huddle, pulling his cheeks apart for me. My cock was hard enough that I could squeeze it and force it back into his loose ass. He sighed in sheer bliss. “You see? I can love you with my hole. I want to do good.” “You are, Dad. You’re good. Now go get dressed.” He slid my shaft out of his ass and walked away without looking back. Next weekend he took me camping. I woke in our double sleeping bag naked with a piss hard on, him spooned behind me. When he felt me stir he enveloped me in his strong arms and legs, holding me in a tender lover’s embrace. “You’re awake. I’ve been holding your cock.” His hot breath on my neck. “Yeah. Got to get up too.” I rolled onto my back. “It’s cold out early mornings.” His hand roamed over my chest and nipples, then he moved his mouth to my prick head. “My Pony boy.” He sucked my cock, licked it, kissed it. “I’m in love with you, Master.” “With my cock.” I stroked his head as his tongue swirled over my glans. “That too.” He breathed in the scent of my crotch. “I love you too, but I have to pee.” “You don’t know how they used me. What I’ve done, what I can still do for you.” He rested his head on my belly. His lips covered my cum slit. “I want to know everything.” My fingers played with my prick ridge at his lips. “Everything about you.” He opened his mouth to let me put a finger in. “Do it then.” His tongue tickled my piss slit. “We don’t both have to get up in the cold.” “Do what?” “I take everything my master’s cock gives me.” He licked my glans, held my loose hanging testicles. “In the desert when I was thirsty, that’s all they gave me to drink sometimes.” “What?” I whispered. “Really?” He nodded and waited, barely moving his mouth on me. Something about niğde escort this thrilled me. Slowly a dribble came out. He swallowed and sucked my cock head deeper. When a small stream came out he gulped, so I held his head and let loose a stream. He drank like it was the freshest spring water. I massaged his head as I emptied my bladder. “Oh, wow, that felt good.” I sighed again. “I needed that.” He pressed under my balls and then squeezed my shaft to get all the piss out. “ce and warm.” He kissed my piss slit. “I didn’t want you to get up in the cold when I can take care of you.” His tongue swirled over my prick head. “My Angel is sweet.” He slid his hands under my buttocks and pulled me to the back of his throat. “Ah, now it feels good.” When I pumped his mouth he held the root of my shaft in one hand and caressed my giant hairless testicles with the other. “My big beautiful son.” He slid me out of his mouth and kissed my glans, then my big testicles, kissing, licking, rubbing me over his face. “I won’t be able to stop, Timmy. Once my mouth is on you you’ll have to train me. I’m different now. They made me hungry. And you’re so young and smooth.” “I think that’s fine, Daddy.” I was happier than a pig in mud. He rubbed his face over my genitals some more, smelling me, tasting me, loving me. “When the men were done the boys came for me. I thought of you. loving you like this, wanting you more than anyone.” “That’s good. I want you to be happy too.” “Thank you, Sir. May I…?” “What?” He pushed my legs into the air, my ass up to the sky. “Look at you, Angel.” And then I felt his breath on my hole, his hands pull my cheeks apart and then his tongue licked into my ass. I held his head to my crack, electrified by his tongue’s desire. “Fuck, Daddy.” “I can love you all over, Angel. All of you.” His face smeared into my crack. “Don’t stop.” I pulled my ass cheeks open for him. He eagerly tongued my virgin hole. As my anus opened to his love I held his head and rubbed my smooth hole against his bearded face. Nothing had ever thrilled me like that. “Oh, fuck, get in there, Daddy.” I felt his nose push into me, his fingers gently probe my soft anal tissue. And his tongue. He panted into me, licked my anus as only my dog had ever done. “I want all of you, Angel. But I shouldn’t. I have to give you my ass, not take yours like the other soldiers took their boys.” He pulled back. “Look at your beautiful ass hole though.” His face dove into me again. “Eat it some more then.” I didn’t mean it, but he took it as a real command. “Yes, Sir.” He dug back into my softening anal ring. I held his head to my new found hot zone and pushed my ass hole over his tongue, and he gobbled at me. As he licked me open I knew I wanted him up my ass too. “When will you fuck me, Daddy?” I panted. “I’m not supposed to.” He shuddered, turned and left me. I put on a tee shirt and flip flops in a sort of ass daze, still feeling his tongue on my pucker and sat bare assed at the picnic table. It was secluded, no one was around, and it was warming up now. When he sat next to me in cut off sweat pants I stroked his cock. “Take those off.” “Yes, Sir.” He stood and stripped his pants off. When he sat again I kissed him. The first real smell of man hole filled me with desire. “I love your cock and ass more than anything in all the world.” I bent down and sucked his soft meat tube, so smooth and perfect. He got hard right away. “What are you doing? He seemed worried again but spread his legs obediently. “It’s just us, Daddy. It’s different now.” When my fingers probed under his balls he slid to the edge of the bench offering me his anus. “Yes, Sir. You can fuck me now.” He shivered as my finger pushed into his wet anus and I sucked his wonderful big cock. “You’ll make me want you again. Oh, Timmy, my ass gets so hungry. It takes over everything.” “Soon.” I loved just sucking his beautiful cock. He rocked his ass and pushed my finger deeper into his warm fuck channel. I felt his bowel was full and pulled it out. He grabbed my hand and sucked the finger. “Will you fuck me again.” “Let’s eat first, Dad. I’m hungry.” “Yes, Sir.” He rose without another word to make eggs and bacon. When he came back I rubbed his sticky glans, then sucked the beautiful cock head. He stood wondering what to do, then said, “Eat your eggs before they get cold, Angel.” “I will, but this tastes best of all.” When he just stood there I put his hands on my head. “Hold me when I’m sucking your cock.” “Yes, Sir.” He embraced my head, barely moving. “You like that?” “Ye –, yes, S –, S –, Sir.” He bent over me to reach my cock, and stroked it. “No one ever did that. Better eat your eggs.” We ate quietly. When I slid my sticky hand over his wet glans he spread his legs wanting me to go for his ass hole again, and tried to be still as I stroked him slow and long. “Good breakfast, Dad.” I chewed a piece of bacon, then kissed him, pushing the meat into his mouth. He took it and swallowed. “Thank you, Sir.” He was getting turned on with me stroking his cock and feeding him chewed up bacon so I bent down and sucked his prick head again. “You like that, Daddy?” “Ye –, yes.” He spread his leg and let me suck him. “Don’t you want my ass?” I milked his cock and got a sticky dollop of pre cum in my mouth. “Yeah, I do, all of you, especially this big cock and your cum on my eggs one morning.” “We should go to the bathroom and then showers after we eat. I’m about ready to go.” He finally, timidly, held my head and bobbed it up and down over his prick head, slowly pumping my mouth. “Timmy? Sir? You like that?” I loved it and nodded yes, gagging on the thick nine inches I was sucking. He curled over my head and held me. He loved me sucking him. Then he held up his huge balls and pushed my hand towards his anus. My finger found his love channel and dug in. “Does Daddy want something up his ass?” “Yes.” He seemed to relax with his ass filled. “I love you, Timmy.” “I love you, too.” I sat up. He watched me, waiting, staring at my dripping cock. “You want to sit on it, Pussy?” I straddled the bench. My huge cock shaft stood straight up in the air. I wagged it at him. He grinned at me like a happy kid and stood over the bench and me, and slowly he descended. His soft anal lips kissed my drooling cock head. “Oh, yes.” He sighed with closed eyes as his ass pucker lapped at my glans and he sat in my lap. I looked up at the big strong man I adored, whose ass ring now slithered over my hot hard meat. His muscled thighs raised and lowered his pucker over my cock. I watched my pussy daddy as he held my shoulders and panted, running his ass hole up and down his master’s cock. I chewed a piece of bacon, pulled his mouth to mine and pushed the salty mash into his mouth. He sucked it out and sat down hard in my lap, rolling his anus. “Thank you, thank you for feeding me in both ends, Master, Sir.” He spoke with closed eyes, in a dream state. His ass was all that mattered to him. “Ohh, oh, ohh, fuck. Can you feel that? My pussy ass kissing my master’s cock?” “Yeah.” I held his ass cheeks as he bob himself up and down, letting him have all the fun he wanted. “Yeah.” I grinned. “You like lots of attention. But we should get up now.” Dad slid up and off my huge shaft, bent down and mouth worshipped again. I ran my fingers through his short hair before pulling his mouth to mine. I wanted to taste my cock after coming out of his hot ass. “You make me need you, Pony. I’m ass crazy for you.” The look on his face was need, love, lust. Wow, I was crazy about him too. “I like that about you, Daddy. Turn around and show me that crazy part,” “Yes, Sir.” He jumped onto the half log bench, turned and jumped down again. Then he bent over and spread his ass cheeks, showing me the full blossom of his pink puffy anal flower. He crouched at just the right height for me to stand and fuck him again, but I pulled him higher and leaned my face into his ripe anal bud. After a good tonguing I stood. “We ought to go.” We had to wait for our cock to go down, then we took our towels and shower kits to the men’s room. There were two showers on each side of a half partition, and after doing everything else we went into one side. Under the warm water he washed my genitals with a love and admiration I’d never seen in him. He couldn’t take his eyes off my cock when it got hard. “You’re so beautiful, Timmy.” He then kissed me and washed my anus. After rinsing me he covered my ass with baby oil and fingered me. That sent shivers through me, and my ass gyrated in his finger. “Daddy.” i panted as he jacked me with one hand and finger fucked me with the other. “Oh, Daddy, I love –, love you doing that.” “Now do that to me, Angel.” He was already rock hard so it was fun jacking him and washing his big hairy balls. “Now do my ass, Timmy. You know I need that.” He pulled his cheeks apart and nişantaşı escort rolled his hips around as I washed his hole. “Now finger me with some oil. Deeper, Angel… Oh, yes. Now with two fingers.” He closed his eyes and rolled his anus over my fingers. “Oh, Timmy. I love you doing that.” He gently stroked my cock shaft as I fingered his anus open. “I need that now, Timmy. Please, Sir.” He slid his hand up to my cock head. I could feel his ass pucker swell and loosen as he pushed back onto my fingers. I felt in control jacking his fat cock with one hand and deep pumping his ass with the other. He stood in his ass trance loving my fingers going in and out. “Daddy wants his pussy ass filled.” I got three fingers in him, then four and the thumb tip. “With your cock, master, pleas. Not your arm.” Wow, I thought for the first time. i probably could have slipped my hand right into him, but I didn’t want that. Noe now anyway. “Yeah.” I reached up to kiss him. He embraced me, kissed me deep, and then oiled my cock and turned. “You’re so big. I love all this meat.” He slid my glans over his anal pucker, his soft anal lips seemed to kiss it, and then my prick head slipped into his warm hole. “Oh, god, Daddy.” I pushed deeper. He held my cock root and rocked on me, sliding the shaft a little deeper each time. “Oh, yeah, my little Timmy’a big fat cock is going to fuck his daddy again. It’s so good.” My hips were far from him, but I leaned forward to embrace him. “I love you. I love you. I love you.” “You’re going to love me more when you’re coming in me.” He slowly worked my eleven inch shaft up his ass. Then he bent forward and rested his elbows on his thighs. “Now hold my hips and start pumping, Angel. Go slow at first. Let me get used to you. I want it to be good.” “It already is, Daddy.” I laid over his muscled back, held his waist, stroked his cock, and slow pumped into an ass hole. My father’s soft, buttery anus was my favourite place now. His warmth and softness were my heaven. “I love fucking my cock into your ass pussy.” I may not have any hair on me yet, but my balls are huge like my cock, and full. I come a lot. Daddy held them to his, making us one. Until I started pumping, and then he let them swing. My low hanging lemons slapped up against his as he crouched in front of me. My beautiful muscle assed Daddy bent over right to my height to offer his open fuck channel to my giant cock shaft. “You feel good, Daddy.” I kissed his back and ground deep up his ass. “I hope I’m making you feel good too because I love fucking you.” “My big cocked boy is a man now, so fuck your daddy’s hole. Give it to me hard. I want to feel how much you like my ass.” *** As Tim pounded his father’s he looked sideways and saw a shadow. A naked long haired blond man about twenty stood jacking a smooth cock about as big as his dad’s. He put his finger to his lips for silence. Tim nodded and continued fucking. When stranger slid a finger into the boy’s oily anus Tim fucked hard and wild. “Oh, fuck, Daddy.” Tim slowed a bit to concentrate on the finger up his ass. “Don’t come yet, Angel. Let’s make it last.” “OK.” Tim looked at stranger who licked the air and swiped his hand through his ass crack. Then he slowly pulled Tim back until his cock slipped out of his father’s loose anus. “Don’t, Timmy. Put it back in.” Stranger mouthed — `Wait’, and put a hand over his eyes. Tim said, “Wait, Daddy. Close your eyes.” When he did stranger squatted, pulled Brady’s ass cheeks wide apart and dug his face into the hairy crack. His nose and tongue dug into the loose anal ring, sucking and kissing. “Fuck, Tim. Where’d you learn to do that so good.” He steadied himself against the wall as stranger pumped his hole with a strong tongue. “You did it to me, Daddy.” Tim pulled the man to a bent position and worked his drooling cock into his ass. Stranger stood and swabbed his prick head over Brady’s anal pucker. “Fuck me some more, Timmy.” Stranger aimed the cock at the ripe ass hole and slid right up up to the hilt. He fucked the loose channel a good while before Brady reached between his legs and grabbed two big hairy balls. “What the fuck?” He pushed the man away. “I want my Timmy.” “Stay there, Daddy. I want to watch. He was watching us. He’s hot too. Don’t be mad.” Brady held his ass in position and looked around at the thin, long haired blond who pushed back into the warm anus. “Yeah, big muscle man likes dick up his ass, and I won’t be long.” Brady looked at his son with pleading eyes. “Timmy?” He doubted his son’s love. “Come on, Dad, please.” Tim moved in front of his father and squatted to kiss him as the tall, thin stranger slid his cock in and out of the warm hole. “Timmy, why?” He licked his son’s lips and held him tight to steady himself, caught in his own need. “Fuck, he’s doing my ass good.” Tim continued, “I like watching him fuck you, Daddy. And you said you would. You’re like Gene. He goes crazy if I don’t let him suck me in the movie theatre. He just can’t help it.” He reached between his father’s legs and stroked the rock hard cock, then pulled the big hairy balls and felt the cock pumping his anus. “I can’t help it either, Timmy.” Brady looked into his son’s loving eyes, then opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. “Let me suck you some, Timmy, while he’s on my ass.” Tim stood and stroked his long thick shaft, then smeared his pre cum all over his huge prick head. When Brady felt the hand at his lips he obediently opened his mouth wider and watched his son. Tim watched his giant prick head slide through the ring of fingers. In an out he poked it into his father’s mouth. Brady closed his eyes to savour the sweet taste of his son’s cock drool. “Yeah, big Daddy. Suck your boy for a bit. I’m Stubs, by the way, and I won’t take long.” He pounded Brady’s ass for two minutes, slapping the ass cheeks hard and fast. “Fuck, yeah. Here goes, big Daddy. Ahhhh.” His balls tightened and he shot a heavy load up Brady’s ass. Another minute of slow pumping and he said, “Come around here, boy. If you want to taste my cum, lick daddy’s ass, otherwise shove your cock back up it. His pussy can’t get enough. Right, big daddy?” “I got to have it, is all.” Brady defended his need. “That’s real good.” Stubs slowly pulled out of the loose anus and pushed Tim’s face into the wet, hairy crack. Timmy licked his father’s puckered anus. “Timmy.” Brad felt somehow second-hand. “You don’t have to.” “I want to, Daddy. I want everything about you.” He sucked the dripping anus, tasting Stubs’ sperm. “And you said I’d never forget the first time.” “Is this your first taste of cum, boy?” “No. Tim licked his father’s crack. “Just the first time out of an ass hole. And the first time fucking one too.” “Well, hell. Let’s give you a real treat.” Stubs moved close to the open anus again. “Lick the dribble off my cock, boy.” Tim immediately sucked in the prick head until Stubs guided it back into the daddy anus again. “Lick the shaft now.” Tim’s tongue slid over the long shaft as the glans pumped the anus again, then sucked the prick head again when it appeared out of his father’s ass hole. As the cock went from ass to mouth both father and son did their best to please the stranger’s beautiful fuck organ. “Now get up here and fuck your daddy some more.” Stubs giggled, “This is a one in a million first time, kid. You should both be happy that I wondered along. I’m in campsite 34 if you want to get together again. I wouldn’t mind fucking you next. Your kid’s got a beautiful ass.” Stubs fingered the boy ass hole. “Fuck me some more, Angel. He’s right.” Brady lowered himself to his son’s height. After slurping on his father’s dripping anus Tim stood and slid his huge shaft back into the warm love channel. Then he lay over his father and whispered, “I just wanted to see what it looked like. Don’t be mad. Stubs is sexy. Didn’t you like it?” “Yes. I just didn’t want you to think –.” “What? That you’re like Gene?” Tim fucked his father easy now, more interested in his father’s story than getting off. He swizzled his cock around the sloppy anus. “Do you do this a lot?” “What? Get fucked by strangers?” “Yeah.” Tim stroked his father’s dripping cock and ground deep, hoping he was doing a good job. As he did Stubs swiped his still hard cock over the smooth boy anus. “You want to be in the middle of a fuck sandwich, boy. It’s great.” Stubs popped his prick head into the tight anus. Tim flinched in pain. “It’s my first time.” “You a virgin? Well, it’s gonna hurt some, so just concentrate on your dick up daddy’s ass. Stubs popped his prick in and out a few times, then laid over the two and slid right up to his nuts. “Ahhh, Fuck, you’re tight.” “It burns like hell.” Tim panted. “I know, but no pain, no gain. Just take it like a man.” Stubs pumped gently. “That’s what they taught ankara olgun escort me as a prisoner, Tim. And then I got to need it.” Brady held his boy close, deep. “You feel so good, Tim. You’re the only cock I love, real love. Can you feel his cum in me? It feels good.” “Yes.” Tim slid around the sticky ass hole, moving the cock up his ass in all directions. “Oh, fuck, Daddy. He’s up my ass, and it’s getting good. Hot but good.” Stubs pulled his cock out and kissed the tender virgin anus, then pulled open the soft tissue and tongued the boy good. “ce, Timmy. Real nice. Come visit us in site 34, and we can do some real nice fucking. See you later.” And the tall thin blond left them. Tim then pulled his prick head back to the anal pucker and popped it in and out. His father went weak with pleasure as the apple large glans slid over the swollen ass lips. “Oh, Timmy. How’d you learn to do that.” Brady pulled his ass cheeks apart and arched up to meet the thick shaft that owned him now. He wanted to show his son total devotion. “You liked watching him fuck me.” He wiggled his ass, surrendering to the magnificent shaft of his cock master. “Yeah. He’s really sexy. Burned my ass real good.” “It only burns at first, then you might like it. I liked you watching me. Tim. I want you to see me get fucked.” He rolled his anus over the huge fuck stump in pure devotion. “Can we go by and see him and his friends? I’d like that, Timmy.” “Sure. It made me hornier. I got a few friends at home I want to watch fuck you too.” “OK. As long as you’re my number one. I want you most of all.” “I’m crazy about you too.” Tim fucked deep and hard. Then panting, laid over him again, grinding his cock deep into the loose love hole. “I’ve always loved you being so big and strong, Daddy. I always felt safe with you. But now you’re a big pussy –.” “I’ll protect you, Angel. I can still do that. I want to. I’m your man.” “Even when you’re my pussy?” “Because I’m your pussy boy. I need to keep you happy.” “Will you? Because I love your hole.” “I’ll take good care of you. And I like you watching me get fucked. I want your big cock coming in me. You’re my man now. Master of my ass. You’ll look after my ass. Won’t you? I’ll do anything for you.” Tim slammed his father’s ass like Stubs had done. “Fuck, Daddy. You’re great.” “That’a my big boy. My ass master can fuck my pussy hole raw. How I like it.” After a minute of hard ramming Tim lay over his father panting again, gently pumped the warm fuck hole with love. “My pussy Daddy. I love your ass.” Brady rolled his floppy hole over his son’s thick shaft. “I waited all my life for you up my ass, hoping you wanted my fuck hole.” Tim didn’t try to hide what he was doing when another man with a hard cock came into the shower next to them. When the stranger began masturbating Tim said, “My Daddy’s ass full of cum. I like that.” “Is that right?” The stranger moved close, rubbed Tim’s smooth ass cheeks. “Yeah. You want to fuck him?” Tim stroked the fat cock sticking out under the round belly. “Fuck boy, don’t make me come. My wife don’t put out much anymore. I got hot watching you.” “I like your big hairy balls, Mister.” Tim pulled on the hanging meat balls. “Why don’t you juice them up my daddy’s ass?” Brady held his son tight up his ass but moved enough to see a heavy set black man pulling on a thick seven inch cock. The stranger moved into their cubicle, and when Tim pulled his father’s head back by the hair Brady opened his mouth. Stranger pushed his cock in. Brady sucked obediently as his son slow pumped his ass. “Yeah. Suck my dick, muscle man. Suck me off.” The black man pumped hard into Brad’s mouth. “Oh, fuck. This is going to happen.” He panted. Brady spat out the black cock, gave his son a begging look. “Daddy wants you up his ass, and so do I.” Tim pulled out if his father’s hole and the two traded places. Tim leaned down to his father’s ear. “Suck my dick, pussy Daddy, while he fills your ass.” “Yes, Sir. You’re my man-boy.” As his ass was stuffed again he slobbered, “Yes, Sir. Yes, Sir. Oh, yes. Fuck that black dick in me. Come in me.” “Fuck, man. You a hungry bitch.” Black man fucked hard for a minute, then held Brady by the hips and let loose a stream of warm syrup. “Oh, big pussy, you feel that? You’re getting it all. Take my nigger cum, white slut. Ohhh, fuuuuuck.” Brady rolled his ass on the shooting organ as he sucked his son. “Angel. Pony. I love you. Thank you. I feel him coming in me. Feeding my hole.” “You like that.” Tim shoved his cock deep down his father’s throat, gagged him hard. “Then take it in both ends, big Daddy.” When Tim’s cock came out of his throat Brady gasped, “Yes.” He slobbered over the giant prick head, kissing it, loving it. “And you’l like my ass more now. It’s full of cum, like you want it.” Tim slapped his thick shaft over his father’s face. “You love this.” “I do, Pony.” He shook with fear and lust. Black man pulled out of Brady’s ass and slapped it hard. “You a loose ass, man. Come on over to campsite 10 tomorrow, and I’ll fuck you again. We can let my wife watch if you want.” He pushed Tim away and offered Brady his cock to suck. Brady dutifully sucked it clean. Tim slipped back into the gooey anal channel as black man left. “You can watch them fuck me tomorrow, Timmy. You want that?” “Maybe.” Tim’s giant cock was buried in his father’s full anus again. “Two loads, pussy. You feel good. I want to come now. Fill your ass good.” “My baby is a big strong man now. Feed your pussy Daddy.” Brady slumped to the floor on his knees and elbows, his forehead rested on the floor in the streaming water. Tim knelt next to his trembling father who whispered, “This is what I am now. What they made me.” He wept. Tim got behind his father, slid his shaft up his ass and laid over him. “Daddy. It’s what you want, and I’m glad you want it. Because so do I. I love you just like you are. With a wonderful pussy ass hole all for me.” “Then fuck me, Master. I need you proving that.” He braced himself for the force of a thick giant cock raging in his ass. Tim pumped his trembling father. “I’m gonna come up your ass now, Daddy.” The boy slid up to the balls into his father’s sticky anus. After a few minutes slamming the wet ass he said, “Stand up again. The floor is hard.” Brady got back into the crouched over position, his elbows on his thighs, and groaned in delight as his boy’s thick cock pumped back into his body. “Tell me you love me, Timmy.” Tim rested his torso on his father’s muscled back, ground deep and smooth into the soft slime filled anus. “You know I love you, Daddy. And I love fucking your cum filled ass, so let’s go for it.” The boy began the most wonderful discovery of his life. He fucked his father’s warm anus in all directions, at all speeds, pushing, slamming, smooth glides over the anal pucker, letting the soft lips kiss his glans, coming out and watching the hole pulsate for him like a silent mouth. Filling it, pumping it again and again. “I never knew how much I could love you, Daddy.” The son fucked strong and hard, soft and tender. “Or how good your ass could be.” The father whimpered with joy, rolling his fuck hole to meet the love organ. They both lost track of time and fucked until the water started going cold. “I guess they close off the hot water after the morning showers. The day’s going to be hot anyway.” Brady panted and tried to clench his floppy anal ring over the pumping shaft. “Then let’s come, Daddy.” It took Tim no more than another minute of concentrated fucking to get off. He slammed his father in long, deep strokes, and then, BAM, Bam, Bam. He let loose the biggest stream of cum either one had ever felt. “Fuck, Daddy. I’m coming in you.” Tim panted and slow rammed the loose ass. Then he grabbed his father’s drooling cock head, and Brady shot off against the wall. Over and over their spasms emptied their nuts, until Tim began to tremble. Brady rinsed them off carried his half conscious son out to a wooden bench where he laid him down and knelt next to him. “Are you OK, Pony?” He kissed his beloved cock master, making as much body contact s he could. “Daddy. That was the best thing ever. In my whole life.” Brady looked around, then sucked his son’s softening cock, the source of all his joy. When he heard voices he slipped on his sweats, put their things in his pack and carried his naked boy back to camp. Families watched the huge muscle man carry the tender naked youth like Zeus carrying Ganymede. “My boy fainted in the shower. But he’s fine now.” Brady kissed the boy who held his neck and snuggled close. In camp he laid Tim on his sleeping bag and smothered him with his body, his weight on his elbows and knees. After long kissing Tim whispered, I’m in love with you too, Daddy. You and your ass.” “You’re my whole life now, Tim.” “Then suck my dick, Pussy. Just because –, why not? Just do it.” “Yes, Sir.” His warm mouth swallowed Tim’s entire limp shaft. REMEMBER TO DONATE TO NIFTY, PEOPLE! Click on the pink `Miscellaneous’ button at the top right of the fty page and you will find the DONATE button. See? It’s even Tax Deductible !!! Now THAT is amazing. Do it. 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