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PRISONS FLOODED WITH BLACK INMATESThe goverment started a secret plan that mandated all black inmated to new Alcataz styled lockup be called BLACK STEEL.Burlau of Prisons . Made throught out decision to allow cuckold that wives in need of a Real Man. to contact the prison in there state. With serveral naked pic of wife and pic of her worthless cucks in panties and humilating pic. The wardren and his guards would read and see what cell she would be in. We where so excited about this new program and waiting for a call, the phone rang i pick it as i had did allways. this Waden WILLIAM C HOLMAN at Atmore prison. I am infroming You to be at the gate tomorrow at 5PM sharp. She to have on a black garter,stocking and 5 inch should in pink panties and matching collar,crawiing as she leads you threw the first check point. Your rights are mind i run ever thing that enter my prison .As you enter the gate u are as white slaves and will obey all black guards and Black inmates we will tell you when to speak ,where and what to do . So we drove there wearing what was allow, and was at the Atmore Correctional Facility at 4:30 to make sure to be on time. Bothus where so bolu escort excited i could see her bald pussy was soak and my panties was to.Then this huge 2 Black Guards was making the long walk to the gate. scared ,excited and ready .They open the gate and told her to lead me infront of them as they follow behind laughing and calling us degrading names.When there at the entrance One siad release the gate and it open and shut they taken us downstair in the big dark big room that had a dim light hanging down in the middle of the room.Then WADEN HOLMAN and 22 of his Black Guards stood in a row behind him. He order me to go pull this wooden table to the middle it was heavy but i got it there. he order her to lay on it hands over head legs over the side. As they strap her legs tight with leather straps and cuff her hands with leather straps lock her down where she couldnt move a inch. i undress Waden Holman hung his uniform on the side where there was long line of hangers . i got to undress all grauds and put all black boots back on them. when i take there boxer off and out would springs the most manly thick uncut superior cocks in my face not all burdur escort to touch.Waden order me to take panties off ,and go back where we came in where they straps me to the door bars on knees hands over head as high as they could get them. The Waden was fucking her like he owned her well they owned both us. They all used us as they wanted piss on me and drag me to clean her holes from cum .As they said what i would eat and drink there piss while i am not worth food from the kitchen .We had red marks and bruises all over us as they had her crawl in front this 2 guards and me the said if need to piss tell the urinal to open up and fill it up As they was making a show of the news cuckold couple that now the proprerty of the the black inmates as they where loud and calling us the most humiliting names and telling her they cant wait to have there turn with that white cunt and will abuse both u as you need . after paraded on all 7 floors at the last cells was the biggest baddest roughest leaders of a gang from chicago vice lords .both over 6’5 and rip as the kick us in and slam the door lock. We want have to problems with them escort bayan tonight as all the inmates was cheering an encourage the on.Which they one grab her by the hair and order me to undress both our Black Master i did and there was 600pds of muscle hairy in was30 to40 and was rough she had one big uncut cock in her mouth and i had the other in my mouth as they said down to the balls white bitchs she had her hard all 12inch or so he said on your all fours bitch dog .has he mount her and the other pull out of me and in her mouth but had his thick leather belts beating me beside her as two bitch dogs . the inmates next to them had a mirrors on a stick as both where jacking off calling it out loud play by play .it was so loud but we heard all the abusive names we was called. As our first Master started busting his huge load of cum that was built up for 6month he shoot over 15 times as his big horse cock d**g out my face was shoved as he told me to eat the best food you will ever get high in protien ,and female hormones that make them tits grow and that clit shink smaller like it needs it.he said full cone up less than a inch. The our out black daddy pull me away and hit it to the bottom, while i was licking her cunt from his hairy big balls. all the way from the base of his huge black cock to tell i got to all that thick forskin and easy it back tongue only clean it and rolled my tongue where i got it in the 1inch and hole.

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