Private, Don’t Look Ch. 02


Author’s Notes: Please read Chapter 1 before reading Chapter 2. This story involves elements of incest (step-siblings), lesbianism, group sex, and exhibitionism/voyeurism. If any of these turn you off, please look elsewhere for a story to read. I would like to thank sexy_skittles for her editing assistance.


I just sat at my computer, my jaw dropped. And my cock was rock hard, pointing at the ceiling. I replayed the latest video from Kim’s online cloud storage. Near the end, my step-sister was nude and sitting on the face of her nude roommate and lesbian lover, Erica. After licking Erica’s pussy juices from the dildo, Kim dropped the dildo and cupped her large firm breasts, offering them to the camera, and thereby to me, while licking her lips in a very suggestive manner. Kim stared into the camera and spoke these words to me.

“We know you are watching us Charlie. We want you to join us.”

“FUCK!” I shouted while beating my cock. They really do want me to join them. They cannot be faking this. They were playing out in the video the exact scene I had described in my latest video of the blond, Erica, on her back with legs spread open while the redhead, Kim, sat on her face, reverse cowgirl holding her tits for me. We were exchanging in our videos our ideas of having a 3-way sex orgy. It was their full acceptance of my invitation to a specific sexual 3-way.

By the third time I watched the video, my cum was spurting out of my cock and over my hand, and onto the floor. Again.

Damn, if the girls were pranking me, they were doing a great job. They now were getting me so aroused that my concerns about having sex with my step-sister and her roommate were nearly completely gone from my mind. And I remembered the words from my friend Joe, “What’s the harm?” But still, in the back of my mind were the thoughts that I shouldn’t be doing this, I should not be considering having sex with Kim as she was my step-sister, and possibly not even with Erica who was Kim’s roommate and lover.

The rest of the night, and a part of the next day were lost as I continued to consider what was happening and what the possible outcomes could be. And how would I face them the next time we met? I wondered how our next meeting would go.


About noon on Tuesday I received a text message from Erica,

“I need to talk with you.

Can I come to your house Wed. @ 7pm?

Kim will be with her study group.”

What was this about, I wondered. Why would Erica want to see me without Kim? There were many possibilities, but I had no clue what was the reason, or reasons. Was this an unexpected twist in our exhibitionist/voyeur game?

“Yes. See you at 7” I responded.

I felt like I had no choice if indeed I was interested in seeing where our relationships were going. The rest of the day, and the next day appeared to take forever to pass.

7 PM Wednesday was approaching and my thoughts focused on my relationship with Erica, and how much or little I knew about her. I knew that Erica and Kim had been roommates for their three years of college, but I couldn’t recall when Erica and I actually first met. I had some vague recollections of Erica and Kim being friends when they were in high school, but I wasn’t sure. And I also realized that even though I had seen Erica and Kim most Sundays for dinner the past couple of years since my dad and step-mother died, I could not recall ever being alone one-on-one with Erica. This meeting would be a first for us. And I really didn’t have a clue why she wanted to see me without Kim.

The doorbell rang just after seven o’clock. I was a bit startled as I expected Erica to just let herself in, as was the case when Kim and Erica came over together. I quickly answered the door and took in the sight of Erica standing there alone. She was dressed rather ordinary in jeans and an oversized t-shirt, but she looked beautiful to me with her long blonde hair and blue eyes. Even the jeans and oversized shirt couldn’t really hide her fabulous shapely body. She was just beautiful.

I ushered her into my home and back towards the kitchen, where we always hung out while preparing our Sunday dinners. Old habits never die. She appeared nervous or anxious and I was becoming concerned.

“Care for something to drink?” I offered. “Maybe a beer or a glass of wine? Of course I also have water or iced tea if you like.”

“May I have some white wine?” her voice slightly trembled as she spoke softly.

“Yes, of course. I have a bottle already opened and chilled.” I reached into the refrigerator and took out the bottle of wine and poured a glass for each of us. “Let’s sit over there” I said while indicating with my hand the large overstuffed sofa in the television area. We sat next to one another, close but not touching. She held her glass of wine with both hands in her lap. She glanced at me ataşehir escort bayan and then quickly looked back at the glass of wine in her hands. She hadn’t taken a single sip.

“It wasn’t supposed to be this way.” She started. “Oh, Charlie. I am so sorry.”

I immediately knew that this was the beginning of some bad news. Instinctively I tried to console her by reaching out my hand and lightly touching her arm.

“What wasn’t supposed to be this way?” I asked softly.

We sat in silence for a few seconds and then she took a sip of her wine, possibly to steady her nerves. I was more concerned for her than I was for anything concerning myself.

I decided to take the lead in the conversation thinking this might be easier for her. “Erica, I am not sure why you wanted to come visit me. It appears that there is something troubling you. Maybe we can back up and start from the beginning. Is this something about you and Kim? Can we talk about your relationship? How long have the two of you…” I paused, not knowing exactly how to phrase my question. “How long have the two of you known each other?” I said taking the safe route inquiring about their relationship. I had only recently learned that they were lovers.

My questions appeared to put her at ease. I could see her body relax and she took a normal sip of her wine. She turned sideways facing me, brought her knee up on the sofa between us and tucked her foot under her other leg. And then she started talking.

“I’ve known Kim since your parents were married ten years ago Charlie. My family lived next door to your dad’s home. I’ve known you longer than I’ve known Kim. I remember when Kim and her mom moved into your dad’s house. Kim and I were both eleven at the time and in fifth grade.”

It immediately struck me who she was and I blurted out “You’re little Erica next door!” I was already in college at that time, so I didn’t know or see our neighbors very much. But I do remember that my new step-sister was so happy to have a girl her age living next door.

“I hardly knew you then. And you are definitely not little anymore.” I said with a grin as I stared at her large firm breasts, even if partially hidden by her t-shirt and bra. “How did I not realize who you were?” I added in my embarrassment.

“That’s all right,” she spoke trying to reassure me. “You didn’t see me very much. You were already living away from home back then.”

“So you and Kim have been close friends all these years?” I asked.

“Yes,” she continued, “We instantly became the best of friends. We played together, we went to school together. Our moms let us sleep over at the other’s house every weekend. I loved sleeping over at your parent’s house. Kim had a large double bed that we could sleep in together. It was so much fun for a couple of young school girls. We would watch TV together, talk about the other kids in school, read those teen magazines, and share our dreamy desires for the cute boys.”

I listened intently, learning a lot about my sister’s life as a young girl with her best friend. In those years I was off at college and then immediately after college graduation I had a job and my own place to live. I spent so little time back home and I realized that I really didn’t know my step-sister, or her mom, very well. And now I was the only family Kim had. I was glad that Kim did have a close best friend in Erica.

Obviously Erica was becoming more relaxed and she kept talking. “As we grew older our bodies started to develop. We started to notice boys and eventually we were allowed by our parents to date some.” Erica paused and looked down at her glass of wine again. In a sheepish voice she added “I even had a crush on you. And Kim also had a crush on you. We used to sit up late at night and talk about how we wanted to date you.”

Oh my god, I thought to myself. Did all this start all those years ago? I was clueless.

“I had no idea.” I said to Erica.

She smiled and continued, “Of course you didn’t know. There was no way a couple of young girls were going to tell a much older brother that we had a crush on him. But we had so much fun talking about our private dreams.”

I could see that Erica was regaining her confidence and becoming more at ease talking to me. I was beginning to enjoy our conversation, even if I knew the end of the story would probably not be good news for me.

“When we grew older, our bodies developed sexually, Kim and I learned together. We talked about what we heard from the other girls about sex. We explored our own bodies and shared our own most personal thoughts, feelings and emotions. During our sleepovers, late at night, we would strip naked and sit on her bed facing each other and then begin touching ourselves. We loved to tell each other what felt good. It was a very exciting time. Of course no one else, especially our escort kadıköy parents, knew anything about these private intimate moments. Our moms bought us these ugly long sleep shirts to wear to bed. We made sure we were wearing these whenever anyone saw us.”

“May I ask, did you and Kim consider yourselves lesbian lovers back in high school?” I asked hesitantly.

“Oh, hell no!” she laughed. “We were dating boys, usually on weekends, when our parents let us. We never let the boys do anything with either of us other than a safe goodnight kiss. Our parents taught us that. You know our two houses were close, and Kim’s bedroom window was directly across from my bedroom window. It was easy for us to see when the other was home. Often after our dates were over, she would wave to me to come over for a sleepover. We would stay up talking about our dates, what we liked and disliked. And you know girls, we talked a lot about how the guys kissed. We even began practicing our kissing skills on each other. I really liked kissing Kim and I knew she enjoyed kissing me as well.”

I could feel my cock swelling in my jeans. Fortunately my jeans were tight and would not show much of my arousal. But as I watched and listened to Erica, I could image kissing her lips and think about how wonderful her lips must feel. Erica was on a roll and openly telling many of the details of her relationship with my step-sister, Kim. This was fascinating stuff and I knew it must be setting the stage for the events of the past few weeks.

“Kim and I both turned 18 before our senior prom. Some of our classmates had already lost their virginity, and many others were talking about sex and the “who and when” they would first do it. Several girls planned on losing their virginity on prom night, when the kids often did not have a curfew. Even though we didn’t explicitly talk about when or to whom we would lose our virginities, I think that both Kim and I knew that prom night might be special for us. We double dated that night, attended the prom, and then we all attended an after-prom party at a friend’s house. About two in the morning we told our dates that it was time to take us home. We knew those boys were disappointed. They were hoping to get lucky. But neither Kim nor I were going to let that happen. We had them drop both of us off at Kim’s home. Your parents were already in bed, so Kim and I just went to her room, stripped off our clothes and we climbed into bed totally naked. The night was filled with electricity. We both could feel that this would be a very special time for both of us. We each had decided to lose our virginity that night, to each other.

“And what a magical night it was. We were awake all night kissing, touching, exploring. I will always remember the first time she placed her mouth on my nipple. Electricity jolted straight from my nipple to my clit. I was so wet down there before she even touched my pussy. And I will always remember the first time I tasted her pussy. I knew then that I wanted for us to be lovers forever.”

While Erica was telling me the story behind her relationship to Kim, she was watching my face as if looking for clues to my reaction. I tried to play it cool, simply smiling and nodding my head in an understanding way. But this was an extremely hot, sexual story and I was getting very aroused. I hadn’t spent much time with Erica before this evening, and never the two of us alone together, but here she was telling me the most intimate details of her sex life with Kim. I was spellbound by her story while at the same time wondering why she was here telling me all these details. What was her motive, I wondered.

She continued her story about high school prom night with Kim:

“We had masturbated together before that night, but never doing the other. That night was the first time that either of us had an orgasm by the touch of another person. We caressed and kissed each other’s breasts. We fingered each other’s pussy. And we licked the other’s pussy. A night of many firsts, and it was all fantastic. We didn’t really know how to do what we were doing. We just tried what was instinctive. I tried on Kim what I wanted her to do to me. And she was doing to me, what she wanted done to herself. We became quick learners. It was just so incredible. It was a life changing event. That night we became lovers.”

I took a deep breath as Erica paused. “That is an incredible lovers’ story.” I said. “Thank you for sharing with me. I assume this somehow leads to where we are today?”

Erica smiled at me and nodded. “We decided that night that we would stay together the rest of our lives. The feelings of love and passion were so incredibly strong. We had both been accepted to attend the local university and initially we planned to live at home and take the bus to campus. After that night we changed our plans and convinced our parents that we needed maltepe escort to live on campus in order to fully experience college life and that we could share a dorm room. We even started college classes that summer right after high school graduation so we could move in together almost immediately. We have been lovers and roommates ever since.”

“Wow, how did I miss all of that? Why couldn’t I see it?” I muttered.

“We have never been publically romantic.” she continued. “We know that gays are not fully accepted by our society. We have both male and female friends and we socialized in a mixed group. We even occasionally have dates with guys for a party or dance. But we never had sex with anyone else. Actually neither one of us has ever had sex with a man. In some ways we are still virgins.”

Slowly I could begin to connect the dots. I had my suspicions about where I was to fit into their plans, but I kept these suspicions to myself and let Erica continue with her story.

“We developed a fantastic sex life together but we were totally self-taught. Other than an occasional tale or story about a friend’s sexual escapades, we never had any other education about sex, particularly between lesbian lovers. About two years ago we started viewing porn on the web and that opened our eyes about a lot of possibilities. We started experimenting with different ways to make love. We bought some sex toys and had lots of laughs and orgasms using them on each other. It also became obvious that both of us wanted to experience sex with a man, and have a real cock inside our pussy. But we were afraid that we would be cheating on our partner, our lover. We talked about whether we were real lesbians if we wanted to experience a man’s cock. We talked a lot about this and our desires and concerns. We decided that we both had bi-sexual desires and hoped we could fulfill these other desires without feeling that we were cheating on one another.

“Then one night we viewed a porn video of a three way involving two women and a man. That looked especially hot. I must admit that we had some of our hottest sex that night after watching that video. We were both so horny that night. Both our pussies flowed with our cream. I felt like she was trying to drown me in her pussy juices as she sat on my face. She kept cumming and cumming. I was having orgasms just eating her pussy, matching her orgasm for orgasm. What an incredible experience. Afterward we were so wiped out that we both slept through the next day and missed all our classes.” Erica was blushing, obviously a bit embarrassed.

I continued to listen and I was getting extremely aroused. My cock was very hard and I could tell that I was leaking a fair amount of pre-cum. I hoped that I did not have a visible wet spot on my pants. I was amazed at how open and forthcoming Erica was with me. I supposed she was just confiding in me like an older sibling. But the story was so sexual, so intimate. I was surprised that she would relate this to any male, especially me, almost a brother to her. And she kept looking into my eyes as if studying my reaction. What reaction did she want? I wondered.

I knew she had more to tell me. However, I needed a break. I stood up and walked into the kitchen to get more wine. I brought the bottle back to the sofa and refilled both our glasses. I needed something to drink, and I thought she might also need a bit more fortitude. I couldn’t tell if she saw the noticeable bulge in my jeans.

She thanked me for the refill and then continued her story. “After a lot of discussions, Kim and I decided that we each wanted to experience a male cock inside our pussy. But we didn’t want to feel that we were cheating of each other. So we decided we wanted a shared sexual experience. To be there together in a girl-girl-guy threesome. But the male would have to be someone that was emotionally safe, someone that neither of us would fall in love with in a way that would threaten our own relationship. We wanted sex with a man without strings of a relationship. However, strangers were out of the question. We discussed each of our male friends, but we couldn’t agree on any one of them that would meet the ’emotionally safe’ criteria.

“Then one Sunday, after dinner here with you, we considered seducing you to be our sexual partner. You are someone we both care about, and we know you care about each of us. But you would be emotionally safe for us as neither of us would fall in love with you in a way that would threaten our relationship. I asked Kim whether she had any concerns about incest. Initially she had no problems as the two of you are not blood relatives. But we didn’t know how to approach you. It was my idea to post the pictures and entice you to find them. We hoped we could judge your reaction to see if you were interested and willing.”

I was closely watching Erica and she appeared to be growing more excited about this part of her story, as if this was something that really lit her fire. I was coming to the realization that she really wanted to make love to me, to have sex with me. I was concerned about how this would play out in the context of her relationship with Kim.

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