Private Pool Party


For as long as I can remember, I have always found myself creating sexual fantasies in my head. I guess you can say it’s sort of a fixation. I don’t know what it is, but for some reason I find myself acting out hot, sexual scenarios in my head at least several times a day. My fantasies range from the tamer, more common fantasies, like having sex in a public place, to some rather detailed thoughts of being completely dominated by my partner. And, of course, almost everything in between.

Unfortunately, I have met few men who are actually willing to help me act out even the tamest of my fantasies. Sure they all talked the talk, even shared a few fantasies of their own. But not one of them would actually follow through with it in the end. I had almost begun to give up hope. And then I met Travis.

Travis and I were a perfect sexual match. We were both fairly experienced, and we both had a desire to explore the unknown. I’ll never forget the first time we got together. I knew it would be a night to remember, as neither one of us was afraid to experience new and exciting sexual thrills.

It was a hot, late summer day. I arrived at his house a little past six. I took a deep breath, and knocked on the front door. I was a little nervous. We had met a few times for drinks, but had always stayed at the bar, and never spent more than a couple hours together. This would be the first time we got together specifically with sexual intentions.

He answered the door with a smile and invited me in. His house was quite spacious, and had a game room in the back, along with a pool.

“Wow, nice place,” I said as we made our way toward the back of the house. In the kitchen, he offered me a drink. I laughed when I saw him pull out a bottle of tequila and two shot glasses. It had been a running joke between us that we should do body shots off of each other.

Travis set the glasses on the kitchen table and poured us each a shot.”Sorry, but I don’t have any limes,” he told me.

“No problem,” I said, tossing back the shot like a pro. Tequila is the only hard liquor I can drink straight. Incidently, it’s also the drink that gets me drunk the quickest. I could feel the alcohol burning down my throat, causing me to make a face. As much as I enjoy the effects, it’s still some pretty nasty stuff!

Travis laughed at me as I shook my head to ward off the after taste. He downed his own shot and was about to pour us another, but I stopped him. “You know, you don’t need to get me drunk to get laid. Got anything a little tamer?”

“I’ve got some Bud Light, but you don’t drink beer.” He began to rummage around the fridge and in his cabinets. “Here we go,” he said, pulling out a bottle. “How about some margaritas?”

“Now you’re talkin’. At least take part of the edge off of that tequila.”

I sat on a stool at the counter as I watched him blend up some frozen margaritas. I glanced behind me into the game room as I waited, spotting a digital video camera set up on a tripod next to the pool table. Now THAT could come in handy. Immediately my mind started painting a picture of Travis and I sprawled across the pool table, filming our own porn film for our later enjoyment.

“A friend of mine was over here earlier,” Travis said, following my gaze. “He needed to tape a speech for one of his classes.” I just smiled in response, enjoying my mental fantasy. Maybe I could convince him to play it out with me. I was sure he would love to play along.

He finished the margaritas and we brought our drinks into the game room. “Wanna play a little?” he asked. I grinned. “I meant play pool,” he said with a smirk. “Let’s just start with a friendly game and see where it takes us.”

He racked the balls and I broke, the cue ball hitting the others with a loud CRACK. Travis winced. “Ouch, Girl! Show a guy a little mercy! You don’t treat all balls like that, do you?”

I laughed as we watched two striped balls fall into the corner pocket. Our game continued. Despite my initial luck, Travis beat me easily. He offered to give me a few pointers as I racked the balls for another round.

Travis did just as he promised, showing me a few shooting techniques to improve my game. The plus side was as he wrapped his arms around me to show me the correct positioning, his body pressed against my back and I could feel the hardness of his stiffening cock between my ass cheeks. The loose skirt I wore with my dark blue halter was little barrier against him. I could feel the moisture begin to build between my thighs.

I was leaning over the pool table, preparing to make my final shot. Travis was across the table, staring down my top at my full, rounded breasts. Knowing he was staring made me lose my concentration çankaya escort and I missed the shot, barely nicking the cue ball and sending it in the wrong direction.

“No, no,” he said. “You obviously weren’t paying attention.” He once again moved behind me and showed me the proper angle, pulling me tight against his groin as he did so. As I once again leaned over the table, he brushed away my long brown hair and kissed the back of my neck, causing erotic shivers to travel up and down my spine.

“Keep that up and we won’t be playing pool,” I told him.

He turned me around and kissed me, long and thorough, his hands spanning my waist and pulling me hard to his body, grinding his hard cock against the juncture at my thighs. “Maybe that’s the idea.”

“Speaking of ideas,” I said, “mind if we turn on the camera?”

“God, you think like me,” he replied as he moved to the camera and focused it in on me standing next to the pool table. I deliberately leaned forward, showing off my ample cleavage to the digital eye of the camera. “Perfect.”

He moved back to my side of the camera and pulled me to him, kissing the sensitive spot where my neck meets my shoulder. I moaned softly and began to work on the buttons of his shirt, suddenly desperate to feel his skin against mine. Sensing my new found urgency, Travis untied the top of my halter, letting the silky fabric fall around my waist, and exposing my breasts to his seeking eyes for the first time.

He smiled in appreciation as he cupped first one, then the other, testing their weight and texture. I had finished with his shirt and pushed it off of his shoulders, just as he kissed the upper swell of my left breast. I sucked in my breath sharply and licked my lips as he moved his lips lower, all the while caressing my right nipple to an aching hardness. When his full lips finally closed over my aching peak, I cried out, much to his delight.

A low growl sounded deep in his throat as he shifted his attention to my other breast. Losing my balance, I leaned against the edge of the pool table and Travis stopped his ministrations just long enough to lift me up and sit me on the edge, giving him freer access to my chest and the other regions of my waiting body.

By this time, I was aching for his cock, and I began to undo the snap on his jeans, but he stopped me. “Ladies first,” he said, pushing me back onto the table until I was lying across it. Balls went rolling everywhere as I leaned back and pushed them away. My shirt was bunched around my waist, but I didn’t care. Travis was now slowly coaxing my skirt down my legs. I sat up just enough to pull my top off completely, until I lay on the pool table wearing nothing but a hot pink thong and strappy black stilettos.

“Now that’s sexy,” he said. He walked up to me and spread my knees apart, fitting himself into the space between my legs. He gently caressed my inner thighs with both hands, running his roughened palms up and down, barely touching my silky skin.

I sighed, and my hands drifted up to my chest, resting just below the rounded globes of my breasts. He stopped suddenly, when he saw my hands venture up even further to play with my nipples which were now hardened into little pink nubs surrounded by the puckered pink of the skin around them.

As I pulled and tugged, Travis licked his lips and resumed stroking my thighs, coming closer to the soft fabric of my thong with each venture up the length of my smooth thighs. Finally, he dragged the knuckles of one hand over my scantily clad slit with just enough pressure to make me moan.

“Oh, don’t tease me,” I begged.

Travis said nothing, but continued to move his hand back and forth with ever increasing pressure. Soon he was cupping my mound and slipping one finger around the thin strip of fabric covering me, stroking my skin ever so softly, and causing me to arch into his waiting hand. He halted suddenly, and I whimpered, not wanting him to stop, as I was enjoying myself immensely.

He gave me a knowing smile, and I knew he loved making me want him. I was still trying to figure out why he had quit when we were obviously both enjoying ourselves. He didn’t keep me in suspense long. He hooked a finger through the thin strap of my thong on either side of me and gently tugged. I lifted my hips, allowing the flimsy scrap of material to be pulled away.

“I always loved a woman in heels,” he told me.

I giggled, but stopped almost immediately when he crouched down and immediately slipped two roving fingers into my wet and waiting pussy. I was so turned on that I was already soaked and my juices coated his fingers instantly. I was lost in the moment; the pleasure was so intense I didn’t think it ankara rus escort could get much better. I was very, very wrong, much to my enjoyment.

With his fingers moving with a steady, rhythmic pace in and out of my quivering folds, he began to lick my thighs and the skin directly around my pussy. I began to move my hips, wanting to feel his tongue on my clit.

“Please, Travis,” I begged, wanting it more and more as the seconds passed. Finally, he gave in to what I wanted and licked up the entire length of my pussy lips, sliding his tongue in with his fingers as he passed my dripping hole and moved up to lick my clit. He played for a bit, making me gyrate my hips until I was fucking his fingers and face.

When he added a third finger and sucked hard on my throbbing clit, I was lost. I screamed his name as I came harder than I can remember cumming before. As I came down from my orgasm, I thought he would stop, but he didn’t. He continued to move his fingers and suck on my clit, causing the tension to build again and causing me to go over the edge once more before he slowed down and allowed me to recover.

He stood up and leaned in to kiss me, allowing me to taste my own juices on his lips. I couldn’t speak, let alone move, for a while, but knew that I was in for a hell of a night.

When I finally caught my breath, I stood up and turned Travis around so his back was to the pool table.

“Time for your reward,” I told him. I knelt on the floor and finished undoing his jeans. I pulled them down, snagging his boxers as I went. As I pulled the material past his crotch, his shaft popped free. He was already hard for me. I loved it!

I took off his shoes and tossed his jeans into the corner of the room. I glanced at the camera as I got comfortable on my knees and grabbed hold of his long, hard cock. I squeezed gently, causing him to breathe in sharply. I licked the palm of my hand to moisten it, then returned to my original position and began to stroke him, slow and steady.

He placed his hands on the edge of the pool table and leaned back, staring down at me as I stared intently at my small hand enveloping him. I increased my pace and licked a droplet of precum from the tiny slit at the tip, which brought a moan from deep inside his throat. I glanced directly at the camera as I stilled my hand and brought the head of his cock to my mouth and took in just the very tip, swirling my tongue all around him, over and over.

Feeling his tension build, I took him into my mouth completely, taking each inch in as slowly as I could, wanting to prolong the moment. I began to move back and forth, swirling my tongue along the sensitive underside of his shaft. From time to time, I would pull away completely, only to impale my face on him harder and deeper than before. Soon I could feel him against the back of my throat and he was breathing harder and harder as I milked him with my hot, wet mouth.

I used one hand to steady myself, but the other was free to cup and fondle his balls, which were tightening by the second. Sensing that he was close to cumming, I stopped, not wanting to waste it on my mouth. Somehow anticipating my actions, Travis grabbed my head and held me in place. Apparently he had other intentions.

I didn’t mind, and I allowed him to fuck my face as he neared the edge. With one final thrust, I felt him cum in my mouth, the warm, sticky liquid shooting straight down my throat. I swallowed each drop and, as he let go of my head, continued to gently suck him off, increasing the sensation until he was totally spent and breathless.

I got up, slightly out of breath myself, and sat on the pool table next to him. Looking over, I could see that, amazingly, he was still hard. Although not quite to the point where he had been earlier, there was definitely potential for more. Our minds must have been on the same track. You know what they say. “Dirty minds think alike.” Well, I guess it’s true, at least with us.

Without saying a word, Travis hopped up onto the pool table and laid back, pulling me on top of him and kissing me. Sucking cock always turns me on so I was more than ready as he lifted me over his shaft and brought me down hard, impaling me instantly to the hilt. I rode him hard and long. Grinding my clit into him and bringing myself to several orgasms before he pulled me down to him and bit my earlobe as he moaned into my ear and came hard inside me. Totally spent (at least for the moment), I rolled to the side, and we lay together on the pool table recovering our strength.

Finally strong enough to sit up, I smiled into the camera before hopping down and turning it off. “Wow,” I said, fanning myself with my hand. “Is it ankara yabancı escort hot in here or is it just me?”

Travis laughed. “I think it’s both of us and our insatiable appetites for sex.” He sat up. “We could always take a swim. Help clean us off, too.” He looked down pointedly at his sticky cock.

I laughed and bent over to remove my shoes. This was enough motivation for Travis to hop down from the pool table and grab me from behind, pulling my ass against his softening shaft twice before walking over to the sliding glass doors leading to the backyard.

I followed him to the pool just in time to see him jump into the clear water. I screamed as the cold water splashed me, causing my nipples to harden.

“What are you waiting for?” he asked. “Do I have to come out and get you?”

Knowing he would do just that, I sat on the edge of the deck and slipped into the pool. The cool water felt heavenly against my fevered skin. I always loved the freedom of skinny dipping; the water lapping against my breasts, causing them to bounce slightly as they floated near the top of the water. I dunked myself under the water once, then swam over to where Travis was standing by the stairs.

He pulled me close and for a while, we simply drifted in the water, allowing ourselves to cool down and relax. After a few minutes, Travis’s hands began to move his skillful hands over my body, causing my breath to catch as he let them stray over my breasts and down my flat stomach to the shaven outer lips of my pussy. Between us, I could feel the evidence of his own arousal beginning to stir once again.

We drifted toward the stairs and Travis turned me around, facing the edge of the pool. I had always wondered what it would be like to fuck in the water, and my body was very aware of each new sensation. I placed one hand on the edge of the pool and the other on the railing as Travis ran his hand over my ass in the water, eventually letting his fingers stray down to my pussy. Feeling that I was ready, he didn’t waste any time as he entered me forcefully from behind, his strong hands framing my hips as he thrust into me repeatedly.

Doggy style is one of my favorite positions and the smoothness of Travis’s cock sliding in and out of my clinging pussy under the water was almost euphoric. I tried to be quiet, knowing that his neighbors could, and probably would, hear us, as it was still fairly early. It was pointless to try however because as Travis increased the pace and intensity of his thrusts, I let myself go and soon was moaning like a banshee in heat. I repeated his name, over and over in time with his thrusts as I climbed higher and higher, reaching for an unknown pinnacle of pleasure. I could hear the water splashing as he pounded his hard cock into my pussy harder and harder. My boobs bounced along, sloshing more water into my face until, in one final thrust, Travis shot into me just as I reached my peak and tumbled over into ecstasy.

My knees buckled as he pulled out of me, but he caught me easily and sat on the steps, drawing me onto his lap as we once again regained our senses.

After what seemed like hours, but couldn’t be longer than a few minutes, we got out of the pool and went inside to dry off. I stood shivering in the kitchen, waiting for Travis to bring me a towel. In all the anticipation we had forgotten to bring any outside. Once we were dry, Travis grabbed the camera from the game room and brought me into the living room.

“I guess now is as good a time as ever to watch our little movie,” he said with a smile.

Still naked, I sat on the couch as he (just as naked) hooked up the camera to the tv. When he was finished, he sat down next to me and pushed play. Unbelievably, as we watched, I could feel myself getting wet. Again. There was just something about watching myself behave so wantonly on the screen that turned me on. As the “movie” progressed, I placed my hand in Travis’s lap, lightly stroking my fingers over his softened cock.

It wasn’t too long until I felt him stir, and he slid his own hand between my legs, parting my pussy lips with his fingers. Soon we were getting each other off as we watched the movie. It wasn’t as hard or intense as the last few, but I came, yet again, as Travis worked his skillful fingers around my pussy and clit. As the movie neared its end, Travis began to tense.

“I’m gonna come!” he told me. Not needing any more encouragement, I knelt on the floor and took him in my mouth, just as a thick rope of come streamed from the tip of his cock. I once again sucked him dry, milking him with my fingers and my lips.

When he was done, he leaned back and sighed. “Wow.”

“Yeah,” I said. “Wow.”

After that night, Travis and I have hooked up several times. It’s nice to know I can try anything with him. We continue to explore each other and our fantasies on a regular basis, and even watch our “movie” now and then. In fact, we have made a few more, but that’s another story . . .

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