Subject: Private Training “Will you stop fidgeting Argyle?” Mr. Thompson looked over his glasses at his class. Several laughed and made comments he couldn’t quite discern. Dan Argyle muttered, “Sorry Sir”. He had been fidgeting. He couldn’t help it. It was only Wednesday and he had three days left to endure what the fraternity, his future brothers, demanded of him. Fraternities weren’t allowed on campus. But in the neighborhood there were several living clubs for both male and females. In fact these “clubs” were actually fraternities and sororities. The School knew it but couldn’t do anything about it since they were not on the College Campus. And since the residents aka members were from more then one school, there was no legal association. Dan stood and stretched his jeans. The class ended. “Sorry Sir, this will be over this week” he smiled and pointed to the leather collar he word. Mr. Thompson looked at the free faced student. He wore a black leather collar with silver spikes and a lock dangling from the buckle. The teacher laughed and shook his head. Thompson remembered his own fraternity initiation. Dan headed toward the gym. He had to tell the coach why he couldn’t participate in the wrestling team workout that day. As he rehearsed several excuses, a hand patted him on the back. “How you doin pledge?” It was Robbie Kent, one of his future brothers. “Been getting signatures? Remember no signatures, no brothers.” Kent patted Dan on the chest to see if the felt tip marker that hung on a small chain from the pledge’s collar was still in place. “Better get workin” Kent said Dan sighed. He had worn the collar and the uncomfortable device since Saturday. He pulled on his crotch. It was still in place. If he began to get an erection it hurt like hell. “So what’s the excuse?” Coach Danvers looked up from his desk. “I uh well, it’s kind of personal” Dan said “Hell boy I’ve seen you naked, watched your muscles grow, taught you to wrestle and win, what’s personal to you is my business” The Coach said. “Well, uh I know. It’s this frat I’m joining. Got to wear stuff” Dan said “Take it off whatever it is and get your sweats on” The Coach returned to his paperwork. “Can’t get kızkalesi escort it off. It’s locked” Dan flipped the lock on his collar. “Hell just work out with it on” the man had stood and looked at the lock. “Got another one uh somewhere else” Dan was blushing as the Coach looked down at the boy’s body. “Fuck” he said and went to the door to the locker room “Spelling, get in here!” Leonard Spelling was one of Dan’s team mates. He ran from the locker half dressed wearing only his cut off sweatpants. “Yes coach?” “Take Argyle here into the john and let him show you what’s going on. Then report to me” Leonard smiled since he knew the story. Coach banged on the door to his private bathroom. “OK boys enough time, get out here” Leonard stood, flushed and smiling. Dan, also blushed stood. “He’s chastity device they put on him” Leonard said laughing. “Hell that’s no problem, wear a jock” Coach said. “That’s not all.” Spelling turned to Dan “Show him” Dan looked around, then went to the glass that separated the Coach’s office from the locker room. He turned the control to close the blinds, then peeled his sweatshirt off. The Coach stared for a minute then approached the boy. Lifting the felt marker that hung from his collar, he read the note taped to it. “Sign front get blown, sign back get tail” He looked at the boys smooth chest, belly and crotch. Most of the wrestlers, like swimmers shaved their bodies smooth so that wasn’t a surprise. But there were several names signed all over Dan’s chest, stomach. “Not sure I want to see this, but boy turn around” Dan hestiated but trained to do whatever the Coach said he turned. “Shit kid” The Coach said “That’s all Spelling” Leonard, still laughing, headed toward the door. “Wait a minute, did I see your signature on Argyles belly?” He asked the departing wrestler. “Uh yes coach, if he doesn’t get enough, they’ll swat him.” “So that’s what you were doing in there so long. Get out of here.” How many do you need Argyle?” Dan feeling totally embarassed replied “Uh 50 total 30 front and 20 back, Sir” “Front and back?” “Yes Sir” “You want me to sign the front or back?” “Sir?” “I’ll help tarsus escort you out. You need quite a few more. So I’ll sign and nobody will know we didn’t actually do it. I guess I better sign your back, you need more there. I guess your jaws are sore by now anyway” “Thanks Coach, but uh it’s gotta be you know real. It’s part of the Frat Honor Code stuff” Dan said. “I see. Well I guess you better get in there, I have some vasoline somewhere” Dan moved into the bathroom and pulled his jeans off. He sighed as the constricting cloth let the pastic chastity deviced locked in place hang free. He couldn’t help the blood rushing to his pent up penis. He was about to be fucked by the Coach himself. Coach Riddle was tall, musclular, hair on his pecs, narrow hips, thick thighs, a great smile and his early greying hair made him look even more distinguished. Dan had first met the man wearing his Marine Uniform, having just returned from a Marine Reserve Trip. His cock hardened at first sight. Then after months of seeing the man in shorts, singlets, suits and even naked, he wished what was about to happen would happen. “Ready for this?” Riddle’s voice startled Dan. “Uh I guess” he lied in response. “Don’t worry, you’re not the first for me. I know how to take it easy. Young Marines, wrestlers, you’re all the same, horny for Daddy’s big cock.” The coach moved in front of Dan showing him the thick hard penis he had to offer. Dan had seen it before. He wanted to lean his head over to kiss it, lick it, see if he could deep throat it. “Take it easy kid, we got time” The Coach’s hand patted Dan’s butt. “Let me be the first” Sam said “You kidding?” Dan asked his dorm roommate. “Yea, I’ll see if you’re better then Jennie” Sam held his slowly hardening cock out and moved closer. “Don’t worry I know you’re just doing it for the fraternity” Dan had eyed his roommate’s dick for sometime and now he would get it. The sucking took some time and just as Sam was about to pull it out of his mouth, Dan grabbed his ass and swallowed the entire volume of sperm. “Shit kid, you’ve done this before” Sam said looking at his roommate with a new expression. “Better then Jennie anamur escort too” He smiled. “You gotta sign” Dan said as he stood. Sam took the felt tip pen and wrote across the shaven chest. “Great BJ, Sam” It hurt as the Coachs cock was maneuvered to fit inside the opening. “Relax and let me in kid” The Coach said. “What about your uh back?” Sam had asked. “Can’t. Only one person per uh you know thing” he said. “Well I can sign someone elses name” Sam offered “Hell Milt won’t mind if I use his” “I guess I need a first one” Dan said as he pulled his pants off and got on his hands and knees on the bed. “OK we’re almost there” THe Coach said as he sighed at the tight grip of Argyle’s sphinter.” God it feels like you’re a virgin. But I see three signatures on your back and butt” “You ok?” Sam said as he pulled his softening cock out of Dan’s butt. “Sign” Dan said “Oh yea” Dan felt the cool felt tip across his back. “Make sure you sign Milt if they know it’s you it won’t count” “You have to get how many to fuck you?” Sam asked. “Shit too many” “Good thing you’re a fag” Sam said Dan began to turn. “Don’t worry, I’ve known for months. It’s no problem for me. And hell I can sign allot more names, if you want”. “OK nice, feel Daddy’s pubes boy?” The Coach said. Dan did indeed feel the thick curly hair rubbing against his shaven skin. His cock ached to get out of the plastic device as it tried to become erect. “Fuck me hard” Dan said “Please Sir” The felt tip marker felt cool on his skin as the Coach signed across the nearly flame hot skin. “You’re a talented kid, Argyle” The Coach said as he underlined his name. “A good wrestler too” he patted the round buttocks. “It’s nice to know you have several talents” he laughed. “Did the Coach actually fuck you?” The pledge master asked. “SIR YES SIR” Dan answered the way all pledges were instructed. “Did the pledge enjoy it?” “SIR PLEDGE ARGYLE DID WHAT HE WAS TOLD SIR” Argyle said from the place here his flet tip signature covered body knelt. He wanted the evening to be over. He’d be scrubbed with a scrub brush by the other pledges and he would scrub them. Their invividual challenges completed, they’d be given the rest of the weekend off until the next week’s final initiation ceremony. And even though he was tired, his skin raw and his chastity device gone, his cock began to harden. He had to report to the Coach’s condo when he was done for more training… and it was the training he had long hoped for.

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