Professor’s Kitten


The rain had just started, and Alix swore loudly. How could someone be so stupid? She thought. She forgot to bring her umbrella, and guess what? She totally forgot to wear her bra. Now her nipples were hard as mountain peaks, and visible under her white t-shirt.

She cringed.

She only hoped that Professor Charles was busy scolding her, telling her how stupid she was, and didn’t notice her two little black pebbles. But, who was she kidding? That man was just looking for an opportunity to belittle her, like a starved dog looking for a piece of meat. Jesus. What did she do in her previous life to deserve his wraith?

She didn’t want to be late on top of being clumsy. She ran to his office.

His door was closed. Please God, she prayed; let Satan’s mood be good today.

She slowly opened the door, and saw the devil incarnate bent over his laptop, typing furiously.

Fuck! Alix thought, he looked like someone who had a bad hair day. His tie was loosened, and his usually gelled golden-brown hair looked like a mess. Not that it made him look any less hot.

He looked up, when he heard his door creak.

“Why the fuck are you so late? Have you finally forgotten how to see time?” He asked, his voice laden with venom.

“Ass”, Alix muttered under his breath.

“Stop cursing–“, he looked up from his laptop, and his jaw clenched.

Shit! He totally noticed my nipples. She thought.

“Come and show me your paper.” He said.

She handed it to him, biting her lips.

If it was possible his jaw clenched even more, and he crumpled the paper.

“This is the second time you’re giving me this paper, and still you couldn’t finish it.” He said and threw the paper. “I am going to show you how to do it, after that you’re sitting here and completing this.”

Alix sighed. She took a chair and placed it beside his.

For the next fifteen minutes he told her millions of formulas, and their application. She wanted to bang her forehead on the table.

She never sat so close to him, and now she was distracted by how handsome he was. He looked like a sculpted Greek God.

All the exterior beauty çankaya escort bayan had an ugly interior. What a waste! She thought and shook her head.

“Now do it on your own, and don’t make any mistakes.” With that he walked out his office.

Finally! She could breathe now.

She looked around his office, but there was nothing. Her top was half drenched, and she was starting to feel uncomfortable. But still, she pushed away all her thoughts, and started solving the problems.

Some time later, she heard the low raspy voice of her Professor near her ear. “That’s wrong”.

She shivered. She hadn’t even heard him entering his office.

He bent over, and took the pen from her. He started solving. His front pressed her back, and she was forced to lean forwards. She was caged between his arms.

She couldn’t decipher half of the things he was saying. God, he smelled so good.

He leaned more to her, and in return she was forced to do the same.

Then, the back of his pen brushed her breast.



Her breath caught. Then, Oh Sweet Baby Jesus, it touched her nipple. She bit her lip hard.

He was saying something, but her ears had finally lost their ability to hear.

It was so wrong, she thought she was going to stop it, but after a moment.

He pressed her already hard nipple, harder. He made a circle around her areola. He continued assaulting her entire breast with the pen. It felt so good. Finally after a long time he shifted his attention to her right breast. He jabbed at her nipple, and teased it mercilessly.

Alix couldn’t take it any longer, she moaned loudly. Her eyes were closed, and she was in bliss.

Her eyes opened, and she saw the green eyes darkened. She was breathing too loudly, and so was he.

The damn pen slipped from his hand, and he grabbed her left breast. “Kitten,” he growled, “you feel so good.”

He began kneading her breast. Squeezing, pinching, and pulling he explored her breast to the fullest. Finally, he slipped his hands under her t-shirt. He tested the weight of them in his hands and squeezed. He groaned.

His hands ankara rus escort were like magic, Alix thought. She was going to come like this: her professor’s hands molesting her boobs, and the door wide open for anybody to walk in.

“Baby, take your shirt. I want to see you.” Before she could do something, he had already taken it out. He threw it, and placed her on his table.

“Lie down, kitten.” He said and latched on her breast.

“Sir,” Alix moaned and writhed.

He looked up. “Tell me kitten, did you like your sir sucking on your boob?”

Jesus! She couldn’t believe her professor saying this to her. How the fuck did she even think, he was a passionless creature? He clearly had more than enough.

“Y-yes. I like you sucking on my boob.”

“Good”. He said and kissed her.

Alix immediately opened her mouth.

His tongue slipped inside and dueled with hers. He ate her. The kiss was demanding, rough, and owning. One of his hands found her breast, and began pinching her nipple. He pulled it, and then soothed it with light strokes of his thumb.

He nipped at her jaw and neck, simultaneously rolling her nipple between his forefinger and thumb.

“Shirt off.” Alix somehow managed to say, between her moans.

“Demanding kitten.” He said, and bit her ear.

He unbuttoned his shirt, looking at her. She was sprawled on his table. With her black hair, and olive skin, she looked like a goddess.

Alix couldn’t take her eyes off his professor’s chest. He was ripped. She wanted to lick his chest, and play with his nipples just like he had done with her.

“Get out of those jeans kitten.” He growled.

Alix got rid of her jeans, at the same time he stepped out of his pants.

Holy Moly! Alix thought he was a commando. His giant cock sprang out. She wanted to lick his cock like a popsicle.

He went and locked the door. He then stepped between her legs, and started playing with her pussy.

She grabbed him and kissed. She did the same torture to his nipple.

“Easy kitten. I want to see your ass first, and spank it for the blue balls you have given me ankara etlik escort every time you jiggled that thing.”

With that, he flipped her and slapped her ass. He spanked each of her asscheeks five times.

By the time he was completed, her ass was looking like berries. He couldn’t resist and bit her.

She moaned his name and writhed. She had tears in her eyes, and she was so close.

He took his cock and entered her. Her pussy was too tight. He was too big for him. Soon, after a few thrust he was fully inside her. He groaned.

“Harder, sir.” Alix moaned.

She was so full. Her body felt like a live electrical wire. And, when he started rubbing her clit, she saw stars. Her body became tight, and arched like a bow.

She yelled his name and came.

He released his seed inside her and let out a groan.

He collapsed on top of her.

They both were breathing heavily.

After some time he carried her to the couch still locked, and sat with her on his lap.

Alix snuggled closer to him, and he shifted her fingers through her hair. They smelled of sex.

His hands slowly started drifting toward his breast, and he squeezed it.

Alix lifted her head, and saw he was staring at her face, savouring her.

She looked away, and nearly had a heart attack when she saw the CCTV.

He looked where her attention had shifted and smiled. He put his fingers where they were joined, taking both of their cum on his fingers.

He slipped his finger inside her mouth, and she started sucking it.

“It’s okay kitten. I had turned off the camera, when I had decided to fuck you.” He brushed her cheek lightly.

She nodded and sucked his finger. She loved their taste.

When he took his finger out of her mouth, she moaned and reached out for his finger.

“Don’t worry kitten. I won’t leave you starving.” With that he slipped two of his fingers, took their cum, and slipped it inside her mouth again.

Alix eagerly started sucking his fingers off.

He became hard again inside her, and watched her with hooded eyes.

Suddenly, he took his fingers out of her mouth, and kissed her again. This time he took his time kissing his delicate little kitten. His lips sucked her lower lips first and then upper. He bit her. When he slipped his tongue inside her mouth, Alix sucked it.

They kissed like they had all the time in the world.

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