ProfNigma Stories #1 iCarly: One Night Part 5


ProfNigma Stories #1 iCarly: One Night Part 5iCarly: One Night Part 5 – Happy Endingsby ProfNigmaFrozen in fear, Freddie didn’t know what to do, so he jumped under his covers as the girls raced underneath his bed, still completely naked. Sam had barely made it under when the bedroom door opened and Ms. Benson came in. The girls remained incredibly still and quiet as she came in and began harassing Freddie.”Freddie, this room smells and there are clothes everywhere.””Yeah, sorry, I know I need to clean up. Just been busy with homework.””Well, I love that you’re so studious Freddie, but you really need to-” she paused for a second, and they saw her hand pick up the lacy bra Melanie had worn. “What is this?””Oh mom! Umm… we were doing a thing for iCarly and Carly and Sam got their clothes dirty and I volunteered to do their laundry… we get messed up a lot. It was my turn.” He lied through his teeth really hoping his mom believed it.”Well, tell that hussy Carly and that trashy Sam that they should do their own laundry- you are far too nice to those girls and you shouldn’t be sullying your hands with their undergarments. It’s very unclean.” She began to walk out of the room when she doubled back. “Actually, let me take these over to Spencer. I passed him in the hallway on the way up.””No!” Freddie shouted. “I mean, that’s her br*ther and Carly’s really weird about Spencer handling her stuff. Just let me do the laundry and I promise it won’t happen again.””Ok, but I will hold you to that. No more of this nasty business.”Finally, Freddie’s mom walked out, shutting the door behind her. The girls rolled out and grabbed the clothes and dressed quickly.”Now how do we get out of the apartment?””Shit… I don’t know.” Freddie said, and then an idea hit. “Mom!” he shouted. “There’s a package for you in the lobby. Forgot to tell you.””Oh, thank you Freddie, I’ll head down now.”Sometimes it was a blessing for her to be so gullible…* * *The girls managed to get over to Carly’s place without any problems, and it wasn’t until they collapsed on the bed that Sam remembered why they came over in the first place… besides the sex of course.”Hey, Carls, do you still have the spare key to my place. Mel and I got locked out and getting back into our place was kinda the reason we came over… and then we got horny.””Yeah… I caught that. Ooh…” Carly said, hopping up and jumping on her computer to turn the recorder off. Saving it quickly on her computer, Carly could access the video whenever she wanted. “You guys want a copy?””I guess so…” Secretly, Sam was not a huge fan of watching Freddie have sex with two other girls, and watching it over and over was not exactly her idea of perfect.”What’s wrong, Sam?”Melanie responded, “She’s upset because she’s in love with Freddie, and the idea of sharing him with anyone else bothers her a bit. Personally, I don’t see the big deal. She should look at it as if this is her letting him do what he wants. I mean, didn’t he check with you before he put it in Carly’s butt? Still can’t believe you let him do that, by the way.””It’s not as bad as you would think.” Carly said matter-of-fact-ly. “The secret is making sure there’s enough lubr-“”Just shut up.” Sam muttered. “Fine… he checks with me before he does this stuff, but it still kinda hurts that I’m not enough for him.””See, I disagree.” Melanie said. “I think if you asked him to forsake all other women but you, he’d do it. But why limit him… or yourself for that matter? I mean, you were with Spencer a few times in your dreams.””WHAT!?” Carly flipped out.”Relax, Carls… it was just a dream. I had no control over it, and anyway, Freddie shows up in those too, usually whisking me off with him, or he joins in.””Ok! That’s the end of the discussion where my br*ther has sex with you. It’s just weird.””Carly, I literally watched you make-out with my s*ster and eat each other out… I think the point of being freaked out by the sexuality of our f*mily members is long past.” Sam said, semi-sarcastically.Carly turned back around to face the webcam, which was still on over at Freddie’s, and the girls gathered around to watch what Freddie was up to since they left. Looks like he was in the shower, which reminded them that they probably should get a shower themselves.Carly, happy that her shower was working again, got the water nice and steamy, while the other two girls waited outside for their turn to get cleaned up.As the hot water splashed all over Carly’s body, she closed her eyes and began to think of how at peace she was with this whole thing. She was having an incredible activity with her two best friends, and as long as they all were careful, there were no real repercussions… no reason not to do this stuff every chance they got. Carly’s body wash created suds on her body, and the teen ran her hands all over herself as she cleaned, but was shocked when she felt another set of hands on her.Opening her eyes, Carly could see that it was Melanie, who she was now beginning to believe might be gay… or possibly bisexual like her. Melanie was completely nude and as soon as she knew Carly had identified her, pulled the dark haired teen close and before Carly could get a word out, she put a finger to Carly’s lips and began to fondle her, rubbing in the soap all over her body. Letting the water fall between them, the two began to kiss, and they pressed each other’s bodies on either side of the shower. Carly’s tongue wasted no time snaking into the young blonde’s mouth, a favour that Melanie quickly returned.Carly grabbed the body wash and began using her hands to really scrub the soap into her partner’s body, paying special attention to her succulent breasts and tight stomach. Melanie’s head reared back, enjoying the bathing that she was getting, placing her hands into Carly’s hair, and pulled on it when she hit a sweet spot, since she knew that Carly liked getting her hair pulled.Letting the soap run off in the water, Carly began deeply kissing Melanie’s nipples, almost to the point of sucking on her breasts. Feeling Melanie’s fingers in her hair, drove her crazy and she began to touch Melanie’s warm crotch, slowly rubbing. The suddenly aggressive blonde gasped suddenly, and increased her grip on Carly’s hair which only made her want to please Melanie more.Before Carly could really get to work on her, Melanie pulled her up and smiled, and then pushed Carly against the wall, getting on her knees, and began to kiss her entrance. Carly felt ecstatic and at that level of peace again, when she felt like she was being picked up. Look down, she realized that Melanie was lifting her up to put her legs on the blonde’s shoulders. Carly felt uncomfortable for only a moment, when Melanie had plenty of access to her and Carly was so ecstatic and off balance that she had to use a shower rod and Melanie’s hair to hold herself up.This continued on for a moment before the two realized this might be too complicated, and the two finished washing off, and cut the water off and went into Carly’s room. They found a very annoyed Sam sitting on the bed.”Why did you cut the fucking water off? Do I have to join in the crazy lesbian sex to be able to get a hot shower?!”The two girls laughed as Sam grumpily stormed into the bathroom for her own shower.* * *Across the hall, Freddie sat on his bed, feeling a lot better since all the sweat and bodily fluids had been removed from his body, but truth be told, he was really missing it. He began to reflect on all the different events that led to what happened tonight, thinking about each moment that led up to the near orgy. Freddie found that, while having sex with Carly was something amazing, there was just a connection that he had to Sam. Maybe because they were each other’s first. Maybe it was the fact that Sam was more attractive than Carly, though he immediately threw that idea out and decided to say they were equal. He knew Sam was in love with him, so maybe that was it.Freddie didn’t know exactly what the draw was, but he could definitely feel that there was something special about Sam that he could not deny.He walked over to his webcam and saw the two girls, Carly and, who he assumed to be Melanie, laughing and sitting on the bed in pyjamas. He couldn’t help but notice how much more form fitting the pyjamas were on Melanie. At least those two seemed to be ok. He was quite surprised that Melanie had türbanlı bolu escort cut loose the way she did. Up until tonight, he wasn’t even sure if she existed, but he had always heard that she was the opposite of Sam- very prissy, very girly, and very submissive- like Carly. The idea of having “Carly” in Sam’s body should have been the most appealing thing in the world, but alas it wasn’t enough.Freddie felt, if only for a second that he might be just as in love with Sam as she was with him. He walked back to his bed and lay back, staring at the ceiling. This feeling, whatever it was, was really getting to him. He needed answers.* * *Sam’s shower was fairly uneventful, with no lesbian encounters or surprise visitors. The near scalding hot water poured down over the tired blonde. For days, she’d only been able to think about being with Freddie and the wild sex that would follow. But now, in the aftermath of what just happened, she felt strangely unfulfilled. Not in a sexual sense, of course, she had come twice. But in a deeper sense.She thought Freddie would be able to pick her out and would not even worry about Melanie, as the two of them passionately made love together. But with two extra people, it did seem a bit awkward.Right now, all she really wanted to do was sl*ep, and as much as Carly’s bed was much more comfortable, she just wanted to go home and sl*ep in her own bed. Sam finished up her shower, and dried off, grabbing her clothes. Walking out, she saw her s*ster and her best friend cuddled together, not quite asl*ep, but in that almost asl*ep and acting cutesy with each other phase.”Hey, Samantha, do you think we could stay here tonight? I’m really comfortable and tired. I think your boyfriend may have broken me.””He’s not my boyfriend!” Sam shouted, throwing her fist up, ready for a punch.”Ok, ok, ok… I get it. Sorry. But can we stay? Girls only night?” Melanie said, the words slipping off her lips, almost seductively looking at Carly as she spoke.”You can stay if you want. I’m going home.”Sam headed out, and jumped into the elevator, heading toward the lobby, when she remembered that she still hadn’t gotten her keys. She didn’t want to see “s*ster super lesbian sexy” time if she could help it, so that left one choice. Grudgingly, she headed back up the elevator to go see Freddie.* * *Freddie shut off his webcam when he saw Sam coming out of the shower. Somehow respecting the girls’ privacy was suddenly important to him. He changed into his pyjamas and sat back at his desk, wondering if he should try and do his homework now, or if he should wait until the morning and until he was a bit more focused and relaxed. After doing a couple math problems, the answer became pretty obvious- he needed some shuteye.Before he made it back over to the bed, he heard a knock at the main door. It was too late for it to be his mother, and he knew she wouldn’t wake up for anything less than a bomb or the tracker alarm she put in him years ago. He opened the door, revealing Sam, and for some reason, just seeing her answer his questions very quickly.She began to speak, but couldn’t get a word out before he pulled her to him and kissed her harder and more passionately then he had ever kissed anyone, and after the initial shock was over at his actions, Sam was relaxed and had joined in, pushing her tongue into his mouth, her body practically melting into his arms. Freddie stopped and looked at her with a very sly look and grabbed her in his arms, and carried her into his room as if it were the cover of some romance novel.The image didn’t last very long, as Freddie tripped over the side of his bed, nearly dropping Sam to the floor, but luckily, he got her to the bed. He however, had gotten off balance and hit his shoulder on the night stand, narrowly avoiding nailing his head.Freddie writhed on the floor for a second before Sam got up and pulled him onto the bed to lay him out and check his shoulder. Didn’t look broken, but he was certainly going to have a bruise there tomorrow.Sam laughed at his misfortune, and for a moment, it almost seemed like the old days when he’d get hurt and she’s be there to crack a joke. Sam moved to straddle him and leaned down to kiss his shoulder.Neither wanted to be the first talk, and for a short time that was ok, they could just look at each other. But it was brutally obvious that they wanted to say something to one another but the words just weren’t there. For Sam though, the whole evening was worth this moment. The intimate connection, the look in his eyes, the way he carried her. She felt the flutter in her stomach in a way she never felt.”I love you.” They said in unison, then followed it up with nervous laughter. Sam climbed off Freddie and sat on the edge of the bed.”Did not expect any of this… I actually just came up to get your key to my house.””You were just over there with Carly, why not just get hers?””Well, if I’d have remembered, I would have. But once I left, going back meant I would risk seeing the big lesbian sex party that her and my s*ster are having.”Freddie did a bit of a double take, and really wanted to punch himself for turning the web chat off.”…But I guess it was a good thing too,” she said smiling just as slyly as Freddie did earlier, “Because this would have never happened if I didn’t come here.””Yeah, I certainly made your visit worthwhile” Freddie said sarcastically, motioning toward his shoulder.”Don’t beat yourself up over it… that’s my job.” Sam said, jokingly.”Yeah, well, your key is-“”Are we dating again?” Sam asked hurriedly, hoping against all hopes that he would say yes.”I don’t know, Sam.” He looked on, kinda confused as to where the question came from, and the implications of his answer. “I mean, clearly, we are physically together, and we have been very together when things happen with us, but if a relationship was predicated on who we are physically with, then I would be in a relationship with you, Carly, and Melanie.” He trailed off, staring at her. “But, I’m not against the idea that we get back together in the relationship sense. Things did get kinda bad the last time we tried this though.”Sam’s eyes were practically dead, and her face was blushed. “Guess I better go then,” she said, trying to leave as quickly as possible.Before she could get to the bedroom door, Freddie was up and had his hands on her shoulder.”Stop, Sam. I didn’t say no… But I don’t know if we can honestly say yes. I’m open to trying it though.” Freddie always had a way of seeming so concerned in any situation, and when he looked at her, Sam’s heart always skipped a beat.Freddie took her by the hand, and twirled her around, at great pains to his shoulder, so that he was behind her, their arms crossed over each other. Kissing her neck, he whispered.”I love you, and I think you should spend the night here. We’ve only fallen asl*ep together once, and that was the first night we were together. Or why don’t we head over to your house and spend the night there. I will leave a note for my mom, and in the meantime, we can treat this like a date. How’s that?”Sam had goose bumps from the mere idea and spun around and kissed the teenage boy as deeply as she could.”Pretty sure that’s a yes…” he said, laughing. ”Lead the way.”With that, Sam held Freddie’s hand and led him out of the apartment, pausing only a second for Freddie to leave a note that he left early to exercise before heading to meet Carly and Sam, and for him to grab his keys.They got on the elevator and didn’t even wait for the doors to close before they began to kiss again. Sam loved that the longer she kissed Freddie, the lower his hands got on her back. It took some time, but she really enjoyed the way he’d grab her ass when they kissed long enough.On the bus they paused from making out and talked about school stuff, iCarly ideas, and pretty much everything except what had happened over the last couple weeks. When the conversation died, Sam just put her head on Freddie’s sore shoulder, which hurt, but he wouldn’t let her know that. Anytime she would ask if he was hurting, he would just stroke her hair and kiss her forehead.For the first time in weeks, Sam was feeling happy, with a happiness that wasn’t connected to having something inside her. Before long, they finally reached their stop down the street from Sam’s house. As they walked, they türbanlı bolu escort bayan held hands, and randomly stopped for a few peck kisses before continuing on.Using his key, Freddie opened up the door, and barely had gotten through it before Sam jumped him, wrapping her legs around his waist and arms around his neck. Freddie did his best to hold onto her, as she was killing his shoulder.”You sure you want to be in my arms… remember last time?” he joked. She looked unphased, with a peaceful look on her face.”You could drop me head first on the floor, and this would still be one of the best nights of my life.””Well, let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.”Freddy held onto her and realized that this was actually the first time he’d really seen her house before, and while the place was a bit rundown, it certainly had a home-y feel to it. He also quickly realized that there wasn’t really an easy place around to put her down.”Sam, is there a soft place to sit or put you down on? I love the feel of you but my shoulder is starting to give.””Shit! My bad.” She hopped from his waist to the ground and pulled him by the arm into her bedroom. No sooner as they had entered the room, Sam pushed Freddie onto the bed and took her shirt and pants off, revealing just an undershirt and thong.”Umm… Sam? I’m not sure what kind of first date this is, but I don’t know if this is the kind of start we want to have. I mean, I know we have done this already, but-“”Shut up… This is just how I sl*ep. Very comfortable. Might consider the same.” She seemed somewhere between mischievous and annoyed. “Stay here. I’m gonna clean up and cut all the lights and everything off.”Freddie was not ashamed to check out her ass as she walked out. He took inventory as he looked over the room, wondering how many people had ever really gotten to see this room outside of her f*mily. He noticed that her bed was a bit small for the two of them, and wondered if he made the wrong choice in coming here, when they were better off at his place. I’m here already, he thought, might as well. He took his shirt off, and took his pants off so he was just wearing his boxers. He threw back the comforter to reveal Looney Toons sheets, which made him chuckle.”Laugh it up, nerd boy. These are the most comfortable sheets ever and I don’t care how k*ddie they look.”The lights went out as she flipped the switch, and any doubts about being here slipped from Freddie’s mind when he saw her, silhouetted in the moonlight. His heart skipped a beat as she sauntered over to him and pushed him onto the bed, kissing him deeply as she mounted him.He had to resist the urge to try and undress her, trying to maintain the idea of sle*ping together with sl*eping together. He pulled her down so that they were laying side by side, and a quick roll later, Freddie was on top of her.He felt so happy, and by the look on her face as he peered where the moonlight shone, she felt the same way. She giggled between their kisses and he kissed her face, her neck and everywhere, prompting goose bumps again along with the laughing.All at once, she stopped and just stared at Freddie. He was quizzical until he realized why she was staring.Despite all his efforts, he couldn’t help his physical response to attention and his erection was sliding up and down her leg, every so often rubbing against the fabric of her underwear.”Sorry…” was all he could muster, before attempting to get off her.She pulled him back on top.”I will take it as a compliment, but just so you know, I’m rethinking this no sex on the first date idea.”Freddie’s mind went wild. But deep down, he knew it was a bad idea to just fuck her. He needed to be careful and to try and respect her and the relationship they were attempting to have.”Maybe we should cool off, Sam. I mean, I really want you, but I don’t think it’s the best idea if we want to approach this like responsible adults.”Sam just looked at him like he’d said the dumbest thing ever.”Wow, Freddie. Thanks a lot. I certainly don’t want to fuck you ever again either. I’m going to do the ‘responsible’ thing and go sl*ep on the couch. I’ll see you in the morning.” Sam pushed him off of her and stormed out of her room.Freddie tried to get up and stop her but a quick punch to his sore shoulder put a damper on that.”Just listen, Sam. I do love you, but we need to be responsible, and I want us to be able to make love, but if we want to have the best relationship possible, we can’t just have sex all the time.””Ummm… how is that not the best relationship ever? I want to wake up to you every morning, and go to sl*ep next to you every night. I want us to have to literally fight to get out of bed because we never want to spend a second apart. I want to spend every possible hour putting your penis in me and making love in every way that we possibly can. I went two weeks without you and its killing me to do this.” Sam was already crying. “I want us to be together and I know I’m not being realistic, but it’s what I want. I want you and no one else. I don’t even care that you like Carly or want to fuck her. There are some days I feel the same way, and I don’t even care if you do fuck her- if it’s what you want, go for it- but I want to belong to you. And I want us to be the main thing.”Freddie had honestly never heard Sam say so many words at once, and was taken aback by it all, but managed to respond in kind.”I agree to all of that, and I do want this to happen, and if you think that us having sex is going to be the thing that maintains this relationship, I get it.””It’s not about that. I don’t want any sort of rules to stop us from being happy or doing what we want. If we have a great date night, and we are comfortable, and I want to fuck, then there shouldn’t be a sign, which we made by the way, stopping us.”Freddie just kinda stared at her, and was a bit ashamed this time when he looked her over in the light. He took a step forward and embraced her. He kissed her head and just whispered, “Ok,” and then got out of her way, sitting down on the bed.She took a step out the door when she stopped, turned around, and leaped onto the unsuspecting teen.”Maybe we won’t have sex tonight anyway, but if something comes up, the consideration should be there. Deal?””Sounds good to me.”And just like that, the two resumed what they were doing minutes before, rolling around on the bed, and eventually, Sam planted herself on top of Freddie’s side, and laid her head down on his chest, as if to mark her sl*eping spot. He wrapped an arm around her to keep her comfortable there.It was weird for Freddie to see Sam this way… almost like a kitten or a puppy that only wants cuddling, love, and attention. He secretly loved the idea of being able to baby the normally strong willed girl.He kissed her forehead a few times, as he relaxed prepared for sl*ep, and after a few, she met his mouth with hers. A few deep kisses later and she rolled on top of him completely. She looked at him, and bit her lip as she sat up on him. She crossed her arms at the bottom of her shirt, and lifted slowly, doing her best not to break eye contact with him, until it was over her head. She flung the shirt onto a pile of clothes in the corner and took Freddie’s hands and guided them all over her stomach and sides.Even before the touch, Freddie was trying to resist the urges for sex, just content to watch her form in the soft light of the night, and his erection became incredibly apparent to them both when Sam started giving him the guided tour of her upper body.Freddie began to pull away, but he remembered what Sam had asked for, and just relaxed. If they were going to have sex, they were going to have sex- no reason to try and stop the inevitable and what came naturally.As Sam felt the stiffening of his member, she moved Freddie’s hands to her breasts as she rubbed herself up and down the length of his member, sliding it as close to her wettening pussy as the thin fabrics would allow.”What do you want to do?” She asked, eyes closed, enjoying his hands as they kneaded her breasts, and the feeling of his member at her entrance.”If it’s what you want, I want it too,” he said, focusing less on the breast worship and more on looking her in the eyes as he spoke.Sam shifted for only a second before she pulled her thong off, and tossed it aside. Quickly manoeuvring Freddie’s türbanlı escort bolu boxers and opening them, she was able to pull out his member and line it up with her love hole.Lifting up and arching her back, she lowered herself slowly on his hardened cock. As inch by inch entered her, she began to feel so full and that he was too big for her, as if this was her first time.Freddie couldn’t believe how tight she felt, chalking the experience up to slow sexuality rather than the fast paced fuck fests the two of them had previously been involved with. After a full minute had gone by, she had finally worked his entire member inside herself, a feeling that was just as much painful as it was pleasurable.Once Sam felt like he was definitely not slipping out of her, she leaned forward and kissed him as she felt the length of his cock exit and enter her again. A feeling that was unmatched until Freddie slowly began to thrust with the deepness of her kisses, which only made the kisses deeper. He did this very slowly compared to what he was used to with her, usually content to pound and slam his member in and out of her. Tonight, it was about savouring every moment and feeling.Eventually, Freddie must have hit the right spot, as the blonde began to moan into his mouth, finally breaking contact to scream in rapture of this moment and after a couple moments, her orgasm subsided.Freddie, maintaining his position inside her, flipped her so he was on top, and began to thrust into her missionary style. The two just stared and smiled at each other as they went, kissing every so often, as he held her body to push into her, and she held him so she could more easily take it. They made love like this for a few minutes, when he sat up a bit and grabbed her ankles, stretching her legs out in each direction.Freddie may have bottomed out inside of her when she was on top, but she swear he seemed so much bigger in this position, using her outstretched legs to pull into her and push out of her. Once he developed a rhythm, Sam began to experience her second orgasm of the session, and it became brutally clear that he didn’t have long left before he came either.”I’m close.” Freddie said, biting his lip to stay focused.Sam had to really resist the urge to tell him to come inside her, but she managed to get something out in time.”I want it in my mouth.”Freddie pulled out of Sam as she lay herself sideways, facing his member and quickly took as much as she could into her mouth. Freddie, not wanting her to feel subserviced, began to finger her with his three middle fingers, trying to find the same rhythm and placement he had with her earlier.About the time he found it, Sam had gotten accustomed to his cock in her mouth and began to bob her head up and down, swallowing almost six of his inches with each attempt. Freddie’s fingers worked their magic, and she began moaning into his cock, desperate for his seed, and before she even realized it, that an*malistic version of herself was free again. She sucked harder and faster on his member, bobbing her head up and down, trying to keep her hair from her face.Sam knew it was time when Freddie’s free hand went to the back of her head as he began grunting, and as soon as she felt the first shot, she stopped all her actions and let the cum just fire inside her mouth, and eventually, after a quick taste, went down her throat. Just as she finished swallowing, her body began to shiver from the oncoming orgasm as she came all over Freddie’s hands.The two teens were absolutely spent, and they could hat have been happier with this result. Breathing heavily, they embraced one another, and began to spoon and cuddle. Within five minutes, they were both fast asl*ep.* * *On the other side of town, Carly and Melanie lay in just tops and panties half asl*ep in Carly’s bed. The two were so entangled in one another, kissing and petting each other, which they might as well have been in their own little world. Now that they were absolutely sure that Sam wouldn’t be interrupting them, they began to take things further.Carly giggled, running her hands over the front of Melanie’s sl*ep shirt. “You know, you did me a favour in the shower, and I don’t think I’ve repaid you yet.” Like a badger, she burrowed deep into her own sheets and moved between the blonde’s legs. In half a second, the nubile teen had Melanie’s panties off and lost in the see of sheets. She wasted no time diving her tongue deep into Melanie’s slit.The blonde gripped tight on the sheets, arching her back in pleasure, which pushed her parts further into Carly’s face, allowing for better access. As Melanie reared her head back, eyes rolling back in her head as Carly orally pleased her in ways she never thought she could feel, she moaned as silently as possible, unsure if Spencer was still awake. After a few more licks, Melanie had to grab a pillow to cover her mouth and silence her now audible screaming.Carly knew what she was doing, driving her best friend’s s*ster wild with desire, and didn’t hesitate to hit Melanie’s clitoris as many times as she could with her tongue. Carly carefully stretched the blonde’s lips apart with her fingers, finding another way to further torture her with ecstasy.Melanie had stopped grabbing the sheets, and was now fondling herself, and pinching her nipples, trying to contain her moans as Carly ate her out. Finally, unable to resist, she grabbed Carly’s hair and pulled her up, and began to kiss her, the juice from Melanie’s pussy dribbling down their lips.In between kisses, Melanie managed to get out, “Care for a little 69?”Carly didn’t even have to say a word, and she got on top of Melanie, sliding her body down Melanie’s paying special attention to her breasts before she went right back to work on the teen’s completely shaved pussy. Melanie grabbed onto the peach that was Carly’s ass, feasting on the girl’s neatly trimmed areas, circling the lips with her tongue.Carly focused on Melanie’s clit with her tongue, but she began to rapidly thrust two fingers in and out of the girl’s sweet love hole. Melanie responded in kind and alternated licking along her clit and running her tongue around Carly’s asshole. Carly almost cooed at the feeling and it was so nice as she moaned deep into Melanie’s pussy. Each girl continued their oral assault until each was on the absolute brink of orgasm.Melanie broke first, body absolutely shaking as she groaned and moaned into Carly’s pussy, sending vibrations down that sent chills of pleasure down Carly’s spine as she lapped up the pussy juices from Melanie. Despite being absolutely drained, Melanie continued tonguing Carly’s clit as well as she could. That work paid off when the petite brunette finally came hard, nearly splashing all over Melanie’s face.Once Carly had stopped convulsing, she took her place with Melanie and the two fell into a deep sl*ep.* * *Saturday morning arrived too soon for Sam and Freddie. For nearly an hour after waking up, the two just cuddled, and kissed and honestly talked about their relationship. For Freddie, it was hard to imagine that this kind of a real relationship could be formed out one crazy night of passion, let alone with someone like Sam. But there they were, in each other’s arms, fingers entwined, and genuinely discussing the future that they see with one another. It won’t be long before they graduate from school, and they talked about the possibilities of getting married over the summer before he went off to school.It didn’t matter how unrealistic it all was. They were just k*ds talking about possibilities, and who could say any of that would come true, but there was no doubt for either of them that they would be in each other’s lives forever.The two made love twice more that day, once in her bed and once in the kitchen. They made out several times, including once that got ridiculously steamy in the shower. Sam and Freddie never left each other’s side the whole day, and never even had a fight. As far as either of them could tell, this was perfect.* * *Meanwhile, Carly and Melanie were having a very different morning, filled with sticky sheets, more sex, and the eventual barging in of her br*ther Spencer, catching the two in the act. While he may have been able to shrug off when he caught Carly masturbating, seeing his little s*ster scissoring someone who looked just like her best friend was not so easy. Eventually, he would talk to Carly about all this, but today was not the day to do it… and the next five years weren’t looking to great either.The girls were embarrassed to be caught, but they had no regrets. The rest of the day, they spent fully clothed, but ever close. Things may have been awkward at best, but the girls were happy, and that’s what counted.To be continued?

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