ProfNigma Stories #2 iCarly/Victorious #4

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ProfNigma Stories #2 iCarly/Victorious #4iCarly/Victorious: Who I Did On My Summer Vacation Part 4by ProfNigmaOther than Tori doing a bit of self-service the night before, there was real action from the iCarly or Hollywood Arts teens’ cabins. They all did, however, receive mail in the morning that there was a big trust exercise going on in the woods, in an effort to train them to travel in teams so that no one else disappears off.One by one, each of the campers were paired off with random people of the same gender, so when two of the teams had intimate knowledge of each other, it was a little awkward. It was even more awkward that, in addition to having to work together, both members were tied together with rope.Freddie wasn’t entirely upset when he and Beck were paired together, but as the two exchanged glances, it wasn’t clear if Beck shared his lack of feelings.What was clear from the locking of the eyes with the second pairing, was that Sam and Jade hated each other and both were ready to fight at any given moment.”Think we should get involved and help them? Maybe break that up?” Freddie joked, to which Beck just shrugged and ignored him.After about five minutes, a fight did indeed erupt, full of hair pulling, kicking, slapping, and some biting. The two girls seemed pretty evenly matched. Freddie and Beck once again stared on again, neither really enjoying what was going down.”Why are you even here?! You’re not from any performing school.” Jade shouted.”Because I’m fuckin’ hilarious, and my friend and I created the best web show ever. We came here to teach you.”The way Sam accented the ‘you’ had so much venom in it, Freddie was shocked a snake didn’t come with it.”That’s cool,” Jade said sarcastically. “Was the web show about how you like to just show up and fuck random guys?!””Oh you’re a fine one to talk, Miss Hump-My-Ex-boyfriend’s-Face-Off.””Which Freddie initiated. Because he just wanted to. When was the last time Freddie did something ‘just because’ with you?”Freddie was getting a little uneasy now that he was the subject of the conversation.”Doesn’t matter. Freddie isn’t my boyfriend anymore. I’ve got a new dick to keep me company.” Sam was now just waiting for Jade to pounce, trying to say the most harmful things possible.”DON’T YOU TALK ABOUT HIS DICK. THAT’S MINE. THERE’S A COPYRIGHT ON IT. USE WITH PERMISSION.” Sam wasn’t wrong that Jade was going over the edge, and a full on scratch and fist fight erupted.Freddie and Beck decided to just leave this alone. They wouldn’t actually kill each other so there was not much too really worry about, and the two guys silently walked further into the woods to complete the challenges.The girls continued to viciously attack each other with both words and actions until Sam called a ceasefire.”This is getting us nowhere. How about we make a bet on something?” Sam said trying to catch her breath and tend to her wounds.”Like what?” Jade responded, not doing much better.”Like a contest, we bet on it and whoever does it, wins.””Yeah, I know what a bet is… what kind of bet are we talking about here?””I don’t know. Loser has to end their relationship here. You have to break up with Freddie.””Sounds fair, but let’s raise the stakes. In addition to having to break up, the loser has to watch the winner be with both guys.””At the same time?” Sam took a deep breath, but she felt like she could pretty much beat Jade at most physical activities.”Same time. 3 way with your current and ex-boyfriend. But if that sounds like it’s too dangerous for you, I can think of something else…””Deal.” Sam said offering her hand. “We have a truce before we do this contest tomorrow. I think we both deserve to rest up and prepare for this. Plus, you should have one good night with Freddie before you lose him.””Fuck you… Because you certainly won’t have anyone to, once this is over.” Jade said beginning to walk away, forgetting that they were still tied together. “Wait, what’s the contest?” Jade said, completely disregarding the fact they never set what the battle would be over.A few steps in the woods, they saw the rope wall, and knew they had found their challenge.* * *There was a pairing that didn’t instantly hate each other. Cat and Tori somehow ended up tethered together, and while there was a bit of awkwardness given their history in the last few days, it was certainly not unpleasant.To Tori’s chagrin, it took approximately 6 minutes before Cat decided to talk about the tryst they shared.”So, the other night was really fun.””Oh yeah… it was really great.” Tori said, nodding, trying not to think too much about it. “You… didn’t happen to mention it to anyone, did you?””Well… “Tori’s stomach turned upside down as Cat held out that first word. ”I almost told Jade.””WHY WOULD YOU TELL JADE?!””Because she wasn’t there! Please don’t yell at me!””That’s not what I meant, Cat. Jade hates me. Why would you tell the person who hates me more than anything about what happened?””Because it was fun and exciting. And Jade is my best friend. And I don’t know… I just wanted to talk about it.””Then talk about it with me… or Carly, I guess. Just please don’t tell Jade. She’s got enough problems as it is.”The two girls walked together a bit further into the woods, hearing some yelling and screaming in the distance. Tori started to mention checking it out, but when one of the voices definitely sounded like Jade, she changed her mind.The crossed a bridge together, and climbed a wall, for the most part not doing much talking, and none of it was about their sex lives. That changed when Cat finally thought about something türbanlı bingöl escort from nearly 15 minutes before.”What did you mean by ‘Jade’s got enough problems’?””Oh… um… nothing. I mean, Jade’s always kinda had problems, you know?””Oh ok…””Ok, fine… but if I tell you this, you cannot tell another soul… k?””Ok” Cat said, going from quietly complacent to giggling with anticipation.”Jade and Sam are having it out because Sam hooked up with Beck and then she hooked up with Freddie, Sam and Carly’s friend.””Oh wow… that explains why she was gone the whole night.”Gets crazier. Apparently, after Sam made a comment about the situation, and without warning Jade punched her out. Pretty sure that screaming from a minute ago was them.””Oh wow… so everybody’s just getting with everybody else. Sounds like a party.”Sometimes, Cat’s almost ch*ldlike innocence and splendour worried Tori, but she had to admit, the teen redhead was really cute when she was like this.”Just don’t tell anyone, ok Cat?”Cat, out of nowhere kissed her on the lips.”What was that?””That was a kiss promise. It’s like a pinkie swear, but bigger.”Tori thought about it, and decided she didn’t hate the idea. She smiled at Cat and kissed her lips again, this time with a deeper kiss that sent goose bumps down Cat’s arms.Neither of them was really sure how it happened, but in a flash, the girls were making out against a tree. Cat’s hands were wrapped around Tori’s midsection, her fingers slowly massaging her ass. Tori pressed her body against Cat on the tree, her hands holding the redhead’s head in place as Tori kissed deeper and deeper. Maybe that video from last night had a greater effect on her than she thought.Cat pulled away, batting her eyes for a moment, then began kissing and licking along Tori’s neck. Tori softly moaned, the goose bumps spreading all over her body. Tori’s hands slipped underneath Cat’s shirt and casually rubbed her stomach and lower back, trying to build up the courage to go a bit higher.As they made out more and more, the rope that tied them together became a bigger and bigger problem. They couldn’t move very much and neither was able to really kneel down to orally service the other, which was really inconvenient considering how much they wanted each other in the moment.The two seemingly came up with a plan at the same time and unbuttoned each other’s pants, slipping their hands inside. Tori’s fingers found their target first, as she flexed her index finger along Cat’s opening. Tori teased with her finger, until finally, she gripped the back of cat’s head and pulled her close for a deep kiss, pushing her finger inside the redhead as soon as their lips met.Cat didn’t bother with any of the teasing, choosing to focus most of her attention on rubbing Tori’s hood, and running her fingers along her button there. The two girls’ kisses became more intense as the speed and f*rce of their mutual masturbation continued, tongues wrestling for control in each other’s mouths.Cat finally found her rhythm, and Tori began to emit squeals into Cat’s mouth, signalling that she was on the verge of orgasm. Cat didn’t relent in the least, increasing her fingers movement, feeling her own orgasm building as Tori plunged her fingers faster and harder into Cat’s wet pussy.Finally, Tori’s hole tightened greatly as she came hard, but she wasn’t slowing down on fingering Cat. She inserted a second finger quickly, and it made all the difference. Within a minute of starting this new process, Tori had gotten Cat to the edge of orgasm, and now it was her turn to mute the ecstatic high pitched screams coming from the petite redhead’s mouth.Cat finally came, her body going kinda limp against the tree. Both girls pulled their hands out and held each other for several minutes. They would have stuck around longer but they heard some voices heading their way, so they gathered themselves and went to take on the course for themselves.* * *Far away from the woods and the ropes course, Carly lay in her bed barely awake. The stress of everything was really getting to her, and she couldn’t sl*ep. It didn’t help that Sam talked about nothing but Beck for much of the night, and even said his name a few times in her sl*ep.Carly staggered to her bathroom and a few minutes later emerged with the implicit decision that she was going to sl*ep for a good portion of the day. Even Spencer would comment on how lazy she was being, wherever he was. As Carly began to drift back to sl*ep, she thought about how difficult Spencer had been the last few months. All the lectures and awkward talks were really getting annoying, she thought. The memory of their last big talk at the apartment elicited some other memories, as Carly got a good look at Spencer’s penis. She shook a bit at the thought of his member, and rubbed herself just thinking of getting with a guy again.She thought about Freddie, and how amazing he was when they were last together, but as she drifted into a deep sl*ep, she had only one thing on her mind.Carly awoke and looked around herself. She was back in the apartment, sitting on the couch in just a robe. She looked into the kitchen and there was Spencer, still wearing that too small robe of hers and trying to beat a raw chicken with a hammer. Carly watched him work, as he was very focused on slamming that hammer end into the chicken, and while it was a really strange sight, what she couldn’t take her eyes off of was the way his penis moved when he struck the poultry.”Spencer, what are you doing?””I’m going to make dinner. türbanlı bingöl escort bayan This chicken was the loser in the cockfight, so I am going to consume it and take its power for my own. You are welcome to join me.” Spencer almost sounded like a robot.Carly didn’t know whether or not he was being serious, but this wasn’t the most ridiculous thing he’d ever done… it was pretty close.”Ok, Spencer, which sounds nice. I’m going to go to my room now to change.””Wait Carly!” Spencer shouted in a very focused and metallic way. “If we are to feast on the chicken, we must be wearing what the chicken is. Nothing. That’s why we are wearing robes now instead of clothes.”Carly looked horrified.”Do you not remember me explaining to you how the process worked last time we ate the chicken for power?””Ummm… no. I’m really confused.””Fine.” Spencer stopped hammering and walked over to Carly and disrobed himself before pulling the string on her own robe. Once both pieces of clothing were gone, Carly saw what Spencer looked like completely nude, with a semi-erection going on.As turned on as she was at the beginning of this, she was definitely moving further into frightened mode.”We must consummate our spirits so that the chicken will strengthen us.” Spencer grabbed Carly by the shoulders and pulled her close for a very awkward naked hug. Carly couldn’t help but feel Spencer’s rigid member slide along the outer lips of her pussy. She loved the feeling but was too freaked out to enjoy it, and way too scared to even move.”Come now, Carly. We will do this and then I will prepare the chicken so that we may become almighty beings.”Spencer led her to the couch and pushed her down onto her back. He grabbed a hold of her ankles and pulled them up to his shoulders, and began to eat his teenage s*ster out as she hung over him. The moment his sandpapery tongue rubbed against her smooth snatch, she began to emit moans, and soon she was no longer afraid, giving in completely to her conflicted lusty feelings.Carly used Spencer’s body to twist over so that he was now holding onto her ass and licking her pussy and her head was facing his engorged cock that had to be near 9 inches or so. It was so big, but Carly still tried to blow her br*ther. Carly was used to being a little manhandled from being with Freddie, but the way Spencer was eating her out, made her feel so powerless, and before too long, she was moaning too much to properly service her br*ther. That didn’t stop Spencer, who licked her insides faster and harder until the petite brunette came hard, which Spencer lapped up hungrily.Spencer set Carly back down on the couch. Once she was at eye level with his member, she began to blow him, happy to finally be right side up. Spencer lifted his s*ster up by her hair and without saying a word, spun the teen around and bent her over.Even at his roughest, Freddie never just slammed his whole length inside of her, but this was something that Spencer definitely didn’t share. Without any warning, he gripped her nubile hips and shoved himself completely inside Carly.She screamed in both agony and ecstasy, eyes going wide as he mercilessly pounded her pussy over and over and over again. After a while of holding her hips, Spencer picked Carly up, while staying inside her, and sat down. Carly was in near nirvana as her br*ther picked her up by her thighs until his member was just barely inside her, and then pushed her down, impaling her on his rock hard cock.The combination of pleasure and pain overtook the petite brunette, who experienced her second orgasm in ten minutes, and a moment later Spencer cried out.”I do this in the name of the chicken!”As soon as the words left his mouth, Carly felt his member quiver and then shoot off inside her. The feeling was really weird, as she felt the creamy substance run out of her as Spencer removed his member.Getting some of his seed on her hands, Carly licked it, and realized what she was holding wasn’t cum, but some kind of gravy.”Uh Spencer, this is really weird, but, I think you came gravy.””Oh yeah… I’ve always done that. It’s the curse of my service to the Almighty Chicken Lords!”Carly sat up in her bed at the camp, covered in sweat, and in need of an underwear change as the ones she slept in were beyond soaked. Everything was a dream. Carly thought back over her dream and raced to the bathroom to go throw up. I’m definitely sick in the head, she thought, and she headed to the shower to wash her dream shame out of her system.* * *The rest of the day actually carried on without a hitch. Sam and Jade, now content that their issues were going to be settled once and for all, actually worked well as a team and finished the course in pretty quick time. The same could be said of Freddie and Beck, who finished the physical challenges rather quickly, but rarely spoke much to each other. Cat and Tori were one of the last groups to finish for some reason unbeknownst to all, but the two of them.At dinner, Jade almost told Freddie about the whole deal she and Sam made, but she changed her mind. She had promised to keep it a secret, and while she was sure she would beat Sam, she couldn’t help but feel a little cautious and anxious about the stakes that were put up. As they sat and ate what appeared to be chicken and dumplings, but tasted more like gruel than anything else. Jade ate very little, and mostly just stared at Freddie, trying to remember the last time she felt this happy and this scared all at once. Instead she opted to lean over the table and kiss him every so türbanlı escort bingöl often until they walked back to her cabin together. The two shared a really long and deep kiss, which sent shivers down her spine. Freddie loved the way her lips felt against his, and the way she looked at him right after they shared a kiss. After they finished and Freddie headed towards his place, Jade started to open the door, when she looked over at Freddie walking and ran after him. Jade grabbed his hand, once she was close enough and kissed his ear.”I think I want to stay the night with you. Is that ok?””Yeah, but I wouldn’t expect much… the ropes course kinda killed my back, but I should be good after a good night’s sl*ep. And I know it will be good if you’re there.”Jade was a little disappointed that Freddie was out of it, because she really wanted to make tonight count. But the sweetness he showed her made her feel warm and comfortable in ways she never thought she could feel. The two of them walked into Freddie’s room and Jade dove into the bed, shedding all of her clothes, except panties, and throwing them on the other side of the room, and wrapped herself up tight in the sheets.Freddie undressed a bit more slowly, still rather sore from the physical activity and a bit uneasy by how eager and crazed Jade was being. He wanted her, there was no doubt, but he really just wanted to hold her and fall asl*ep cuddling her.Despite her almost tiger-like aggressiveness when they arrived, Jade calmed down quite a bit and quickly fell asl*ep on his chest as he held her tight, kissing her head every so often. She even let it pass when he “accidentally” brushed his arm against her breasts five or six times. She loved Freddie, there was no doubt, and she decided that she would tell him that right after she won the challenge tomorrow.* * *On the other end of the camp, two teens were swimming in the lake which was surprisingly cold for summer. Lit only by the moonlight, Sam and Beck kissed as they swam in the lake. Beck was wearing a pair of surf trunks while Sam wore a two piece that she clearly bought before she had her growth spurt. Beck had a hard time not staring at her chest as her tits really pressed against the material, nipples poking out a bit, which gave off a weird shimmer in the water’s reflection. Both of them couldn’t believe how nice the water was; fresh and clean, and it seemed really pure. They would have thought more about how great the water was, but their hormones overtook them and they stopped and deeply kissed one another.Beck grabbed a firm hold on Sam’s lower back, pulling her close to him. Using his free hand he gripped her neck and kissed her with great f*rce which she met as their tongues entwined in each other’s mouths. His hand sunk beneath her shoulder stopping at her bikini string. One quick pull was all it took for the top to fall off. Beck balled it up with one hand and tossed it to shore”I see where somebody is focused,” Sam said, half serious, half cutely.”Well, I’ve never heard any complaints… and can you blame me?” His last word ended with lifting her body a bit so he was at eye level with her chest, and he began kissing along her hardened nipples. Sam reared her head back in enjoyment as Beck began to suckle on her breasts, softly at first, but increased his suction and f*rce as she began to moan more. Something about drying the water on her body with just his tongue really appealed to Beck. After a few more minutes, he lowered her back into the water and her legs rubbed against his erection and she quickly replaced them with her crotch.Sam nuzzled into his chest, kissing his neck as she grinded her body up against his. Eventually, Sam asked the question that both of them were wondering as they made out in the water.”Have you ever had sex in water like this?””No, actually. Jade and-“”Mind if we don’t talk about her anymore?””Oh yeah… I tried to do it in a hot tub once but it got awkward when other people showed up and the romance was pretty much out the window.””Well, I’ve never done it, so I say we give it a try.”Sam quickly ducked into the water and out of Beck’s sight. It wasn’t until he felt a strong tug on his shorts that he realized what was going on. When she emerged from the water, she was holding his shorts and her own bottom. Quickly, she threw them on the shore and swam toward Beck, lunging to wrap her legs around him. As she wrapped herself around his body, Beck readjusted her body until his aching member was right at her entrance.With one quick push up on his end and push down on hers, he penetrated her, and while it was not unpleasant in the least, Sam couldn’t help but feel like it wasn’t as good as she’d imagined. Beck did his best to not let her feel that way as he gripped her body and made love to her, kissing her lips over and over again. Eventually, Beck got into a groove and Sam began to feel an orgasm building. Finally, after doing a little rubbing of her own, Sam came with a slight shiver.Beck was still pretty hard, so Sam had an idea. Taking a deep breath, she dove back under the water and, gripping his ass tight, she began to blow Beck. Beck instantly was amazed that she was capable of this, and after nearly two minutes of a really fantastic blowjob, Beck released, shooting what felt like a quart of cum into Sam’s waiting mouth. As soon as she came up for air, Sam began swallowing his jizz. The two kissed once more and made out until it got too cold for them to stay in the water any longer. Beck dropped Sam off at her cabin and kissed her before walking back to his cabin. She wished he would have stayed with her. She looked into Freddie’s window and saw Jade’s nude body wrapped up in his.Sam felt a real ping of jealousy run through her, as she laid down in the bed beside Carly’s, who was already snoring. It took her nearly an hour to get to sl*ep, but once she was out, all she could do was dream of what would happen tomorrow.To Be Continued

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