ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #4

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ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #4iCarly/Victorious: If Wishes Were Hornets #4 – Cat”I wish we could all get away from everything and spend all our time on the beach.””Hey, Baby Girl! Wake up!”Cat’s eyes felt glued shut but she could clearly hear Andre yelling at her, which wasn’t really what she wanted to hear first thing in the morning. The first thing Cat felt, however, when she woke up was the warm salt water rushing over her face. She was so easily startled that she convulsed and freaked out at the feeling of waking up with ocean water, and sat up, looking down at her clothes. She was wearing her bright pink pajamas, which were now wet and sandy which made her want to cry. She looked above and saw Andre, standing in just a pair of pajama pants, and looking over the water.”We’re on an island,” he said, as plainly as possible.”What?!” she exclaimed. “How?!””I don’t know. Just woke up here a few minutes ago. Found Jade and Robbie further down the beach.””Together?! Well, do they know anything? I’m really scared, Andre.””I know, baby-girl, I’m really confused too. And I didn’t really get close to Jade to talk to her. She’s… um… not exactly dressed. Robbie’s not either. Poor guy just has some awful looking boxers on.””Jade’s naked?!” Cat exclaimed, getting excited and standing up and rushing over.”Calm down, girl… she’s not nude… she just is wearing some… night clothes that don’t really leave much to the imagination.””Well, if we’re on an island, there have to be people here, right? They wouldn’t just have an island that has no people on it, would they?””Um… I don’t think people have control if islands have people on them. But-“”Oh my god! Food! And Water! And I don’t have my Pearphone!””Yeah… none of us do,” Robbie said, coming up behind Cat, wearing a giant leaf that he wrapped around himself. “And I doubt Jade has hers… she doesn’t exactly have… pockets.””Thinking about taking a walk down the beach to see if anyone else is here,” Andre said, pointing down the sand. “Robbie, come with me. Cat, go check on Jade… maybe you can find that poor girl some clothes.”The two guys broke off, leaving Cat to watch the sun over the beach. If it wasn’t for being cut off here, she thought, this would be paradise.* * *”How do you have a knife?!” Trina exclaimed.”I’ve always got my pocketknife on me,” Nate was sawing as hard as he could on a palm branch, so Trina could use it to cover up.””So you came prepared in your flannel shirt, jeans, and tools, unlike me, who was abd*cted from her bed in the middle of the night and I’m stuck in nothing but a night shirt?” How is that fair?!””I didn’t choose this. I’m as lost as you are-“”How the fuck did I get stuck on an island with you?! Ughhhh!”For a moment, Nate considered getting a rock and knocking the annoying teen out, but in the distance he saw Andre and Robbie walking up. “Hey guys!””Umm… Nate, why are you dressed normal?” Robbie asked.”Well, best I can figure- we’re wearing whatever we went to sl*ep in. I kinda passed out as soon as I walked in, so I guess I lucked out.””From now on, I’m sl*eping in some different clothes,” Andre said, looking down at his raggedy burgundy USC pants. “You got your phone?””Nah, man… I think I put it on my dresser before I passed out.””Damn.””So, is it just the four of us?” Trina asked impatiently. “Because as the only female, and therefore the island’s queen, I will not hear any repopulation ideas. Well,” she said eyeing Nate up and down, “I could be convinced.””Something’s wrong with you…” Andre said, shaking his head. “And no, Cat and Jade are also here. They’re looking for other people too, I guess.””So no one’s seen my s*ster or Beck then? They’re really the only ones left in the group unaccounted for.”The four looked down the beach on both ends, and at the thick vegetation on the mainland of the island.”So, uh Nate,” Robbie said nervously, “I hate to stereotype, but you seem like you’d know your way around the woods. Do you think we can try and set up a camp? I could help. I’ve seen like every episode of Survivor.””I’ll bet you have,” Nate said with a chuckle. “All I got is this knife, and I’m not gonna be chopping wood with this. But I could probably manage something.””Me and Robbie will help you, man. Trina, why don’t you head down the way we came and let Jade and Cat know that we are here. Maybe go looking for the others. You know… if they’re even here.”Trina groaned for a few seconds and then did as she was told, walking along the shore as the water rushed over her feet. She rounded the corner and could see Cat’s bright red hair from quite the distance. Jade lagged a bit behind the short girl, and from a distance she looked like she was wearing lingerie underneath a poncho made of a couple giant leaves.”Oh, it’s you,” the Goth teen greeted the eldest Vega s*ster as they met. “I guess this really is hell.””Shut up, Jade. Nobody likes you. What are you even wearing?””I was being sexy for my boyfriend, and fell asl*ep and woke up here. You know what a boyfriend is, right, ogre? That person who loves you and gives you affection. I’m sure you’ve read magazines about them.””Stop it, you guys,” Cat contested softly, which did nothing to stop the hatred.”That’s funny coming from the cunt who will take anything with legs. Which includes my s*ster, dyke-pire.””I’d call you a cunt too, Vega, but let’s be honest- you lack the warmth and depth.””STOP IT!”Cat’s high pitched scream silenced the warring women, who turned to her and apologized in unison.”Andre, Nate, and Robbie are like half a mile up that way. They said we should start looking for anyone else while they try and do guy stuff.””Guy stuff? Ugh… so sexist,” Jade said, rolling her eyes. “Fine, so do they have any ideas on how we ended up here… or at least where the fuck we are?””Language.” Cat said, covering her ears as if it hurt to listen to.”Well, if the sun always rises in the east, then… that is north,” Trina said proudly.”Good job… that tells us nothing.”Trina wanted to strangle Jade, but Cat stood between them and held their hands, making sure they behaved. Sometimes having someone with the mentality of a 5 year old could really be annoying.Jade was about to make a comment when there was a loud snapping sound from the woods nearby. The three girls were taken aback, and finally, Jade stepped forward, mostly because the other two pushed her, to check the noise out and a couple birds flew out quickly.”See, you scaredy-cats, there’s nothing-“”BOO!”Jade screamed a bl*odcurdling scream as she leapt back from the woods as Tori exited the brush in a t-shirt and pajama pants, snickering.”That wasn’t fucking funny, Vega!” Jade fumed. Deep inside, she knew she would have done the same thing in this circumstance. “You scared the shit out of us.””Sorry,” Tori said, approaching her s*ster and friends. “We heard you guys through the brush, and I thought this might be kinda funny. I actually still feel a bit buzzed from last night.””You never could hold you liquor,” Jade said matter-of-factly. Truth be told, everyone was nursing a bit of a hangover from the party last night. “Wait, who’s ‘we’?””Beck. He’s a few feet back. He had to pee. Plus, I doubt you want to see him in a tank top and boxers.””I would,” Trina said, half-jokingly, earning looks from the rest of the group. “Whatever…” she said, crossing her arms.Beck finally exited the woods and said nothing as he walked past the girls. “Of course, I end up on an island of girls I’ve… well, Cat’s here. What’s going on?””Beck’s convinced this is a dream,” Tori said, making a gesture to suggest he was insane.”Then how did we get here, Tori?” he asked impatiently.”I don’t know. Do you guys know anything?””Robbie, Andre, and Nate are here too. They are back this way, trying to set up camp,” Cat said, pointing down the beach. “Is anyone else here?””Not that we can tell,” Tori said, looking up and down the beach. “Best we can tell, there is like thirty feet between each side of this island. So there’s like no jungle space here. And no an*mals except birds and bugs, which is weird. Beck thinks he found some coconuts, but we’d have to climb a tree for them.””Nice recon, s*s.””I guess. I guess let’s go talk to the others and try and get settled before we start talking about the how’s and why’s.”The four girls and Beck walked down the beach, trying to find some semblance of other land, but couldn’t see anything.Tori walked up by Jade and whispered with her, “So… are we gonna talk about…””Nope,” Jade said, walking faster, and hoping she could get settled and hoped one of the others had some excess clothes to offer.* * *”So does it weird anybody else out that we all kinda ended up in pairs? I mean, I ended up with Jade, Andre and Cat woke up in the same place. I’m assuming Trina and Nate were together… not like that. And then, Tori and Beck.”Robbie looked around the circle at his friends, looking for an answer. It had taken a few hours, but they managed to get some sticks and brush- just enough to get a fire going- as the sun was going down. Most everyone remained pretty quiet except to give and take orders on what was needed for the fire and food. They passed around a couple coconuts to eat and drink from as they talked amongst themselves.”I’m more worried about Freddie, and the rest of the iCarly people,” Jade said, watching the flames dance in front of her. Luckily for the scantily clad Goth, Nate had taken pity on her and gave her his flannel shirt when everyone met up, which was plenty big enough to cover her. Beck shot the two of them an annoyed look, seeing yet another person who liked Nate better than him. “They aren’t here, and they were in my house, and Freddie was in bed with me last night, so I don’t really know.””Hadn’t even thought of those guys,” Andre said taking a coconut sip. “So whatever it is, it just affects the 8 of us. We all went to sl*ep in our beds, and now we’re here. Who would want to do something like this?””Hey, what about that wish thing Sikowitz had?” Tori said, feeling the brilliance of her idea.”What about it?” Beck asked, sceptically.”What if it ataşehir escort was real?””That’s insane…””Is it, Beck? We’re on an island with no explanation, so I think we could think outside the box here. What if someone wished that we’d all get stranded on an island? Who would-?””I didn’t mean it like that.”All eyes turned their attention to Cat who shrunk away from all the attention, wishing she wouldn’t have spoken up.”You… did this?” Trina said before lunging at the petite redhead who squeaked with fear.”I didn’t mean to. I just wished that we could all just get away from everything and hang out at the beach.”The shared looks around the fire went from angry and annoyed to really thinking about her wish and her intentions behind it.”I never thought it would come true. I just thought it would be nice to spend time together away from all the problems we have at home.””Well, Cat, now we have a whole new set of problems,” Andre said, patting Cat on her back, and she started whimpering. “It’s ok. First thing tomorrow, we will start trying to signal someone to come get us.””Won’t work,” Jade said coldly.”And why is that?” Nate said, speaking for the first time.”Because I know how that thing works. Sikowitz told me about once when I was at his house for a play project. The person who wishes it has to completely change their mind about wanting it before it can be undone. If that doesn’t happen in three days, we’re fucked.””Nice of you to mention that after we all wished for stuff. Why would he let us do that?!” Tori exclaimed.”Because he thought we could handle it,” Beck said, not making eye contact as he chewed the coconut piece. “He thought we’d be smart about what we wished for, and even if we weren’t we’d be smart enough to call it off before anything sticks.””Alright then,” Trina said, walking over to Cat slowly before grabbing her and shaking and screaming at her, “WISH US BACK HOME!””Jesus Christ, Trina!” her s*ster exclaimed, pulling Trina off the poor redhead. “Cat couldn’t help what she did, and now she just has to think about this and find the answers for herself.”Cat looked over at her friends, who looked at her with pity and disappointment. She looked at Jade especially, who gave her a strained look as if to say she understood, but really didn’t want to talk about it.Several minutes later Tori and Nate left the campfire and found a spot to try and get some sl*ep together, as she curled into his large body for comfort. Trina gave Robbie puppy dog eyes until he agreed to do the same, placing his back to Nate’s. Jade went and curled up next to Tori, and Beck slept a few feet away from everyone else.Cat sat and looked out over the vast ocean, angry that she had caused all her friends’ suffering with her wish. But as she admired the beauty, feeling sl*epy, she couldn’t help but think that they might warm up to how nice this place was. Her heavy eyelids must have given her away as Andre tapped her on the shoulder.”Go lay down with the others. I’mma keep watch for a while, and keep the fire safe. The fire should alert anyone who comes by, I hope.”Cat just nodded and she curled into Jade’s warm body and she smiled as she drifted off to sl*ep.* * *”Isn’t this weather beautiful, guys?” Cat said excitedly as her friends all shared another coconut while giving her annoyed looks. “Well, I think so.””Cat, sweetie,” Tori said, desperately trying to be nice, “you know that you need to not like this place to be able to leave, right?””Yeah… but it’s so nice here and we have no real worries here and-“”Cat… we can’t stay here. We just can’t. We need to get back home. We have lives that we-“”This is what I was talking about!” Cat shouted. “No one can get past our busy lives back home. You’re all so busy with everything you’re doing that no one has time or energy to hang out with Cat. I mean, Beck, who was the nicest guy ever is a bad guy now. How’s that possible? Our lives are really twisted in LA and I think we are better going back to basic stuff.””Is that the problem, Cat?” Jade piped in, “You can’t handle that things changed? It’s ok, you know… no one is-“”You stop, Jade. You’re the worst of all of them. You’ve changed completely from the way you were.”Jade was going to respond, but Cat took off down the beach. They considered following her, but Beck stopped them.”She just needs to blow off some steam, guys. Let’s let her figure this out on her own.”That was a good enough answer for the rest of them as they went back to work on getting wood for the fire and some more food to eat.* * *Down the beach a bit Trina and Robbie were trying to see if they could find any other food sources, both in the water and in the trees. It had been a few months since they had broken up very publicly, and Trina still felt really bad about it. The only thing that even came close was sl*eping with Beck, and she still felt far worse about the Robbie thing. She wanted him to forgive her, and in a lot of ways, he had. But what she really wanted was for him to take her back. She would never admit it, but she wished that guys would appreciate her the way he did.”I don’t hate you, you know,” he said, as if he could read her mind.”I know. I guess it took all this to make me really wish we were still a thing.””Well, we aren’t. It’s not the end of the world, Trina. And I think we all just learned a lesson about wishes.” The way that he snapped at her, really took her by surprise.”Well, that’s your call, I guess, but I’m still sorry and I miss you. Last night by the fire, trying to keep warm, was actually really nice. Just reminded me of the time you snuck and spent the night with me.””Look, Trina. I do like you. I think you’re very attractive and believe me, I’d love to start things back up. But I can’t trust you. I know you’re a good person deep down, but you have a long way to go before I can just up and forgive you just because you say you’re sorry. I just don’t think we can date again. Not anytime soon, at least.”Trina’s mind raced. She really wanted this to go smoothly, where he gave her another chance, but she wanted him back more than anything. She felt bad for what she was about to do, pushing him, but she felt like she had no choice. “Then we don’t have to… date.”Robbie dropped the load from his hands, exasperated. “Then what do you want?”Trina leaned in and kissed him deeply, and while he was surprised, he gave in and enjoyed the kiss as well.”I just wanted to feel that again,” she said, savoring the feeling of feeling so close to him again.Robbie’s face was flushed with red as he grabbed the supplies and sped ahead of her, not wanting to face what had just happened.”Wait up!” she shouted as she raced to keep up with him. “Why are you running from this?””Because I don’t want to like you, Trina. You hurt me. A lot. And now here you are,” Robbie said angrily, dropping the wood and coconuts, “throwing yourself at me, and I really want this to happen, but I have to have some semblance of self-control. And as much as I want to just do the things we used to do, it isn’t right for either of us.””Just give me a chance,” she said, looking him in his eyes. She reached out to his hand, looking around checking to see if anyone could see them, and pulled his hand underneath her oversized sleep shirt where he could feel her braless chest. As if he was a blind person, rediscovering the world, his hand remained and felt up her body even after she pulled her own guiding hand away. “Now, doesn’t that feel good?”Robbie slid his hand from underneath her shirt and thought long and hard about what he had just done. He looked at Trina, who looked just as desperate as she was horny, and mentally questioned what he should do. A loud voice inside him called him an idiot for even considering taking Trina back in any form, but as Rex’s voice settled down, he decided he deserved this, and she deserved a chance at least.Trina glanced at him, waiting for his response now that she’d put everything out there. Within a minute, she got her answer as he pulled her in and kissed her deeply, his hand drifting down her back, pulling her in close and smashing her chest into his.His nimble fingers laced through her hair as he held her face in place to kiss it, and she pushed him up against a tree, excited to have him back with her. And she had every intention of showing him how much.She quickly grinded herself against him, and pulled the giant leaf off of him as swiftly as possible. He did the same with her over shirt and he was going to mess with her underwear’s waist band when she dropped to her knees in front of him. He was just barely hard, the sudden rush of lust not catching up to his blood flow just yet. Trina knew just how to fix this problem however, as she fished his rod out and licked it up and down like a lollypop.Robbie threw his head back in total pleasure. God, had he missed this. Trina’s mouth always worked him like magic and after so long without anything, she was definitely getting the job done here. As he hardened up, she went from licking and mildly sucking to full on Hoover mode, bobbing her head up and down on his member.Robbie knew this sudden and long awaited tryst was going to end quickly if she didn’t stop soon, and he pulled her head away with just enough time to recover. Trina pressed her generous chest forward, and Robbie took her nipple in his mouth, sucking on her breast softly at first, then moving to the same ferocity that she used on him. While Trina kept his head in place with one hand, she was reaching inside her underwear with the other, fingering herself slowly and getting her nice and wet for what she needed next.Ripping the nerd away from her gorgeous peaks, Trina past Robbie to the tree and bent over slightly, offering her hot and moist hole to him, looking back at him with a look that screamed for attention. He certainly wasn’t going to argue with her as he slowly inserted himself inside her tight fitting cave.Trina’s eyes went wide as he entered, but relaxed as she got used to the feeling of his cock inside her. Now this, she thought, is what I have been missing. She gripped her tree tightly göztepe escort as Robbie began to thrust in and out of her quickly. His hands gripped her sides and knowing she was getting more and more into this, he slapped her ass hard, sending pleasure and pain shockwaves through her body. She shifted her angle so he would have better access in and out of her, and it made a huge difference.The path to her g-spot had been revealed, and Robbie nailed it on every hard and fast thrust. Trina’s sight just became a blanket of white as she felt a mind blowing orgasm take hold of her very being. Robbie’s hands shifted from her shaking thighs to her bouncing breasts. Taking hold of each one he pistoned in and out of her as she struggled to hold onto the tree as it was her only support as her body had given out from the sex.”I’m close,” he said, through clenched teeth, not slowing down his assault.”Cum inside me, baby…””Are you sure?” he asked, snapping out of the lust mind-set.”Yeah, I’m going to go in the ocean when we’re done… and besides once the little twat gets her shit together, this will have never happened.”Robbie didn’t think about this long as he gripped her sides and she stood with her back to him, still deep inside her. He lifted her leg up a bit as she braced herself on the tree and fucked Trim as hard as he could. She thought she wouldn’t come again, but when his grip turned into a vice and she could feel the liquid fire being shot inside her body, the feeling took her to the next level and she felt a small flutter of another orgasm.Trina kissed Robbie as deeply as she could, as if to tell him what this meant to her, and then raced to the water just out of everyone’s sight so she could wash herself off. Robbie gazed at his former girlfriend and wondered if they really could get back together and be happy.* * *As night fell, Cat finally decided to come back to camp and sit down and share some coconut and some fish that Beck and Andre were able to catch by stabbing them with sticks. It was amazing how quickly they had all adapted to this change in a day. Cat quickly noticed that Trina and Robbie were very close, and she wondered if they had gotten back together, and the idea of him being happy, especially after what he confessed to her, made her happy as well. See, she thought, this really was for the best.Tori and Nate looked very happy together as well, but Jade and Beck both looked absolutely miserable. She reached out and scratched Jade’s back a bit, but Jade recoiled from her. After dinner they all just sat around talking, trying to kill time until they could get some shuteye. Andre and Tori started the gang into singing, which both Beck and Nate abstained from, and for almost an hour, everything seemed ok and people were happy and things honestly felt like the way they used to. But it couldn’t last forever, Cat knew deep down, and she could not have been more right.* * *As the singing wrapped up, Tori and Nate were cuddled close and they excused themselves, and made it clear they were going further up the beach to have some special alone time. Nobody really questioned it, and as much work as Nate did for the group, no one was certainly going to tell him what he could and could not do with his girlfriend.The couple walked hand in hand through the sand and sat down on the edge of the shore, the water flowing up to their feet with the tide. Tori kissed her boyfriend deeply, savoring how romantic this moment was, even if neither of them wanted to be on this island.Tori’s hands felt up Nate’s hard stomach, feeling his ab muscles, resting her face in the crook of his neck as his hands ran all over her stomach and lower back. Nate slid his hand under her thin shirt and touched her soft skin until he reached the swell of her breasts. Her body was so warm and soft, he always felt like he was discovering his favorite toy every time he touched her.Tori pulled his hand upwards so that he could get a nice handful of her almost C cup chest. She loved that he was so gentlemanly, but sometimes he was just too timid for her. She slid her own hand down his stomach and gripped his burgeoning erection through his jeans, which caused him to jump back suddenly.”I love you… you know that right?” he said nervously.”Yeah, of course. I love you too.””Really?” he asked, knowing that she didn’t mean it the same way he did. “I mean, really, are you in love with me?””Well, I mean…” she stuttered, unsure about how to respond to what he said. Sure, she loved him and cared a lot about him, and part of her could see her settling down with a guy like him for the rest of her life, but the truth was she didn’t feel that spark. She knew she didn’t and yet, the idea of letting down the one person who had been there for her when she was at her lowest seemed implausible. “I love you, and you’re the sweetest guy, but maybe I just need time.””That’s fair. I ain’t going anywhere, I guess,” his eyes gave her all the disappointment that she could handle.”Wait… just because I’m on the fence about being in love with you doesn’t mean we can’t we can’t enjoy each other’s company. We’re all alone out here on this beach and the others are far away. Why don’t we make the best of this? Maybe tonight, we could…””Tori… look, I need to tell you something. I hope it won’t change nothing, but you’re certainly pushing this here button for me.” It was rare for anyone, especially Tori, to see Nate expose his feelings or his secrets, but she couldn’t believe how vulnerable he seemed in this moment. “I had my share of girlfriends, but, uh… I ain’t never been with any of them the way that you’re suggestin’.””So, you’re a virgin… that’s ok.””Well, I was hopin’ it would be. But I’m kinda old school, and I believe there are some things that, uh, predicate that kind of activity.”Tori looked at him, confused for a moment until she caught what he was trying to say. “So that’s why we haven’t had sex?!” she exclaimed, the words pouring out of her mouth before she even realized it.”Uhh… yeah, I guess. Marriage is kind of a big deal for this. Is that a problem?”Tori laughed a bit to herself. “Not exactly, but if we’re stuck on this island, getting married might be a huge problem.”The two laughed and he took her in his arms and they kissed passionately, his hands drifting over her body. They continued for several minutes until she broke from him, smiling. “So you want to marry me, huh? Why?””Why not?” he responded, looking into her piercing blue eyes. “You’re about as gorgeous as they come, and you are the nicest, most honest person I’ve ever met. I’ve kinda been in love with you since I saw you. I just saw you in the hall one day and all those country songs just started to make sense, y’know? You’re just pure perfection.”Tori blushed and was about to kiss him when a voice startled to two of them.”Pure? Not even close.”Beck stood in the sand, the moonlight shadowing his face but his hair was unmistakable. In his hand was a bottle, which was completely empty…”Beck,” Tori said, “Please get out of here. I’m trying to have a nice time with my boyfriend.””I’m sorry. I just overheard the word ‘pure’ and needed to come over and correct the redneck.””Where’d you get that bottle from?” Tori asked, trying to defuse the situation.”I had it with me when I woke up. Guess I fell asl*ep drinking before we came here and it came with me. I was saving it… but you two lovebirds kinda ruined that.”Nate slipped away from Tori and stood face to face with Beck. “You need to go, man. This can get really bad for you, and there ain’t a lot of hospital options out here.””Yeah… maybe not. But that sucks for you.” Beck sent a fast right hook across Nate’s face, busting his lip on impact, but Nate recovered quickly.”Last chance, Oliver. Back off.”Beck took the last swig from the Jack Daniels bottle and smashed it on a nearby tree. He took a deep breath like someone ready to die. “Did you know your girl there could put sucking dick on her resume? She-“”Beck,” Nate growled. “Seriously, if you say one more word-“”Oooh… I’m really scared of the big tough cowboy.” Beck waved the broken bottle around as he taunted. “I think I struck that redneck nerve of yours. Did she tell you all the things we used to do? She- Oof!”Nate’s rock hard fist flew into Beck’s stomach, silencing his taunt, but he didn’t stop for long.”I deflowered her. You know that? I fucked-“CRACK!Nate’s fist crashed against Beck’s face, sending a piece of a tooth flying.”Keep it up… cowboy,” Beck said, wheezing, bleeding from the mouth. “I’ll tell you all about how tight she was and how hard I fucked your little perfect bitch.”THUNK!Nate’s fist was beginning to hurt from this punishment, but Beck would not stop.”Tori, tell him about when you begged me to fuck you like a whore.”Nate slugged Beck across the face once more, desperately trying to stop him from talking. He managed to get him to drop the bottle, but Beck would not stop.”You wanna know the best part?” Beck asked just before Nate lifted him over his head, preparing to throw him in the water. He waited a second too long to act as Beck spilled his secret weapon, “I never loved her… I just fucked her pretty face… pussy… and ass over and over for fun. But at least she told me she loved me.”Nate saw red in his words, and instead of tossing him in the water, Nate lifted his knee and brought Beck down on it with a resounding CRACK, followed by a soft thud, as he fell to the wet sand, the tide’s waters flowing over his beaten body.As Nate cooled down, he looked at everyone looking back at him in horror at how far he took this. He tried to apologize to Tori, but she ran off into the trees in a hurry, followed by her s*ster. Andre and Robbie gave him a strong glare, both in anger and fear as they picked the beaten teen from the sand and d**g him off towards the fire.”You coulda killed him, man!” Andre said. “What happened?””He… I was trying to tell Tori I loved her and that I wanted to marry her, but he-“”Hey,” Beck said, lifting his head up a bit to look Nate in the eye. “It’s probably a little late for her to wear white.” ümraniye escort He laughed for a moment, and then groaned as his body gave out and the guys carried him away towards the fire where Cat and Jade were.Nate stood alone in the sand, and looked down at his hands. He sat down by the water staring at the horizon, and never moved again from that spot.* * *”It’s awful what happened to Beck,” Cat said softly, watching the fire with Jade.”No,” she said coldly. “He deserved it. I thought he had gotten better and we actually were getting along again… but he crossed a line tonight.””Jade! That’s awful! He could be seriously hurt!””Good.”The two girls sat in silence for a few minutes, neither one wanting to say anything to cause the other to make a fuss. Jade couldn’t care either way when it came to Nate. He was a nice guy and he treated Tori like she deserved to be treated, but he was also the reason that they stopped having their special sl*epovers so, there was that. Jade really wanted to go after Tori and talk to her, but she decided against it.Cat on the other hand, couldn’t help but look at Jade. Her beauty and elegance had not even withered after being stuck on this island for a couple days. Nate’s flannel shirt was open and Cat could see all of Jade’s curves, her little teddy, and the petite redhead couldn’t help but lick her lips and imagine the two of them together again. She never understood why she felt the way she did for Jade, but it was undeniable and she wanted to feel her friend again.”You know what I was just thinking about?””What’s that, Cat?””The night at the camp. The night we played with the candles. I really miss all the fun we used to have before things changed.””Yeah, I gathered that you’re upset. You wanna tell me why?””Well, I mean, we were good, and we became super close right after you and Beck broke up. And then that stupid camp happened, and things changed. Everything became Freddie this and Freddie that. Even when you came home, you were still obsessed with him. We had to go see him, which was a really long trip. Just for you.””But you had Carly to keep you company, Cat. She’s a really nice girl and you got along really well. We all got together if you remember.””Yeah… but again, we left, and Carly and I knew it was just a fling. You’re the one I care about. So then finally, things were back to normal here and we were friends and I felt like we could be close again, but then you and Tori got super close, and you did the things together that we used to do. It was really special to me, and I feel like you broke it.””So what do you want me to do, Cat? Never talk to Tori or Freddie again? Is that what will make you happy?”Cat sighed heavily, taking a deep breath and feeling like she was on the verge of crying. “I just want you to make me a part of your life. Just don’t ignore me.””I wouldn’t… well, I didn’t mean to if I did.””Well, you did. And it made me sad, and now I don’t feel comfortable with the group. But you are the one I’m really missing.””Aw, Kitty Cat, it’s ok…” Jade said, reaching her arm out to hold her friend. “Is this what this wish was all about? Wanting to get closer to me? All you had to do was talk to me.””And we could have… you know… do the thing.””Well, I mean, I’d have to make sure Freddie knew first, but-“”Ughhh… I’m so tired of him always getting in the way of us.” Cat turned silent for a few moments before unzipping and shrugging her pink top down a bit, revealing her nakedness underneath. “Can’t we just… do stuff here. He’s not around, and neither is anyone else. Pleeeease…”If it wasn’t for the subject matter, Jade could swear that she was dealing with a ch*ld. Not saying no fast enough prompted Cat to take it a step further and completely unzip, her naked body revealed now underneath her pink top. Jade had to admit, as she looked at the almost predatory redhead, that she really missed having fun with Cat. Her read hair fell just at nipple level, and Jade admired Cat’s thin and toned body with pert breasts with little pencil eraser nipples. Jade was powerless as the redhead sat on her lap, putting those sensitive peaks right at mouth level.The Goth teen leaned in and suckled on those petite A cup tits, running her thumb over the free nipple and switched back and forth as Cat enveloped Jade’s head with her pajama top, keeping her there as Cat tossed her red hair back, feeling an overwhelming sense of bliss. Jade’s mouth hungrily took in her porcelain skin in, her tongue nimbly dancing on Cat’s nipples, sucking every so often.Cat’s taste ignited a lot of old feelings in Jade, and she could feel herself getting wetter, and in that teddy, Jade’s wetness had nothing to absorb it. Cat could feel the dampness along her own crotch and reached down and felt along Jade’s soaked entrance. Cat’s fingers slipped inside the garment and created finger circles around Jade’s pulsing clit.Normally when they were together, Jade was the dominant one, but now as Cat held more of the power, both girls had to admit the new feeling was a rush. Jade quickly removed Cat’s pajama top and tossed it on the ground, which was quickly followed by Nate’s shirt which was tossed, as the two pieces created a towel like place for them to lay on. Cat added her own pants to the area as Jade and Cat were just left to their underwear.Cat slid the straps off Jade’s arms as the lingerie came off her shoulders, revealing her voluptuous curves, which were always Cats favorite parts to experience. She opened her mouth wide and took as much of Jade’s DD cups in as she could, which wasn’t very much. She sucked like a girl possessed on Jade’s extremely sensitive nipples. Knowing Jade was turned on by pain sometimes, Cat flicked Jade’s exposed peaks, creating a stinging sensation which Cat covered with her mouth. Jade’s eyes rolled back a bit as she held Cat’s head in place, letting the petite redhead have her feel of her body.Jade kissed down Cat’s body and was almost to her panty line when the normally shy redhead pulled her up and whispered “Together,” in her ear. Jade took her teddy off and lay on the clothes as Cat slipped her panties off and pounced, her body on Jade’s, and more importantly, Cat’s hungry mouth was right over Jade’s aching core.Each girl slowly pressed their tongues to the other’s warm and wet holes, creeping the sponge-y organs inside, and after both had a sufficient taste of the other’s sex, the girls hungrily lapped from each other. Jade focused more on Cat’s extremely sensitive clit. When they were first together, Jade had licked her little bean two or three times, and Cat was already having an orgasm. Cat’s tolerance had grown a lot since then, but it still felt ungodly when Jade would hit the sweet spot.Cat used a combination of licking up all of Jade’s nectar and then shoving two fingers and pistoning them in and out of Jade’s hole. Cat ran her teeth up to the sensitive nub, and bit slightly on it, causing Jade to moan loudly and tighten her legs’ grip on Cat’s face. She didn’t mind though, knowing that this made Jade feel good, and that was her whole goal here.”Holy shit-balls!” Jade exclaimed as Cat’s fingers hit her G spot after reaching deep inside her.Jade gripped Cars perfect ass tightly, pressing her core further into her hungry mouth as she hummed, which made Cat begin to spasm, and, once Jade used every trick in her arsenal, she tried something new just as Cat was climaxing. As the petite redhead announced that she was coming, Jade lubed up a finger with her spit and inserted it just a half inch into the redhead’s backdoor.”OHMY GOOOOODDDDDDDD!” Cat’s body shook, as she released all of her juices at once, covering Jade’s face, which the dark haired girl lapped up happily knowing her orgasm was on the way.Jade continued giving sensuous licks up and down Cat’s completely bald pussy while the redhead hungrily ate her lover out. Finally, Cat hit the perfect rhythm, and Jade gripped her pert ass to hold onto as she screamed inside Cat’s core as her orgasm took hold.”Shitshitshitshit, fuck Tori… I mean, fuck, Cat.”And then it stopped. Cat rolled off her targets body, pushed Jade off their clothes and ran off into the woods, completely nude. Jade lay on the left over clothes and breathed deeply just as much from exhaustion as embarrassment at what she’d just done. She took a deep breath and threw her clothes back on and headed up the beach to Nate.”I did what I had to do,” she said, unsure if he was even listening to her. She sat down next to him, unsure whether she should bother him, but she really didn’t want to be alone. “We’re both really fucked up, you know.”He remained stoic and didn’t say a word, but he nodded softly before returning to his statue form, somewhat happy that he wasn’t alone on the shore anymore.”You don’t say much,” Jade said, sighing heavily as she tightened her shirt for the island breeze’s cold touch. “I actually like that.”* * *Deep in the brush, Cat was dressing herself again and desperately trying to find something to make her feel better. How could she, Cat thought. We were having a moment and she calls out someone else’s name just as I’m giving her a release that I’ve been trying to give for months? None of it made sense to Cat. Everything was supposed to be simple. No distractions, and now look at her friends. One just insulted her more than she had ever felt before. One’s current boyfriend beat her ex-boyfriend half to death. And everyone was still mad at her for causing all this. In the distance she could hear Tori crying to her s*ster about being both scared of Nate and embarrassed by all the stuff she did with Beck.”I don’t want this anymore!” she screamed at the sky. “Please! I want to go home! I don’t like this!”Cat sat with her head between her knees, rocking back and forth, crying and scared that nothing was happening. The sad truth beginning to show through and finally things became clear for her. It was never about the location. LA and Hollywood Arts and even the iCarly people were not the problem. The problem was her friends all along. And she had doomed them to be trapped there together. She could not think of any escape from the hell that befell her so she did the only thing that made sense. She undressed and walked into the water, following the moon until her feet couldn’t reach the bottom anymore.And then she waited.

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