Projects (1)


Projects (1)I do not like a dress-down and particularly not if I deserved it. She pointed out a number of very well observed flaws in my report in front of the whole meeting and, to be frank, she did it in a quite brutal way. There is an art in how to convey criticism and make it palatable but she has certainly never heard of it. It will not finish my career at the firm but it is still a kick in the groin. I needed a smoke. I needed air. And don’t tell me that this is a contradiction in terms – I had enough criticism for a day.Did I find her attractive? Maybe I would have if I had not been too angry. She was a someone from another department that I have never seen before and whom I never want to see ever again. At least there is the other project I am running. It is not a disaster like the first one: it runs smoothly and above all it has no-one trying to take it or me apart. Even better: a few days after the dress-down by that “woman” the second project launched a new product. Too early to say if it is success but at least we got something released. Given the worrying list of failures in the company it is a rare thing to have achieved. Of course, I will invite the team for drinks. And yes, bring your friends. My party budget has not yet been spent. Let us do it now.In the bar we hug, we cheer, we drink. Georgina pulls me over and tells me how happy she is about our success. bursa escort She turns me around and introduces me to a colleague I may have not met before and who is a great laugh and very clever. Her name is Brigitte and I must meet her she says because she is such a darling. Of course she is. She is the woman who made a fool of me in the first meeting. I give her my best passive aggressive frozen smile and a firm hand shake that tells her: this is my turf – don’t you dare ruining our show this evening. She seems a little embarrassed but starts a harmless conversation and even congratulates me. I tell her that it’s not my success – it is our team’s success. It’s not a lie entirely. As much as I am proud of myself I am also proud of this team. I go on about team building and the tensions and bliss of working together. She says: “It almost sounds like the team is your girl friend”. I reply “It’s marriage – we have no sex”. I blush but she laughs wildly. It is a daft joke but we had a few glasses and that excuses any silliness. So we banter along and I suddenly find myself enjoying her company. Another guy comes along and needs a word with her. Suddenly I feel a little drained from the months of hard work. I take a seat in a shady corner and bask in the success of..well…rather the party than the project. Suddenly, Georgina grabs a chair next mersin escort to me. Quite clearly she had a few drinks and she moves her chair very close to me. Her thighs touch mine and she starts talking.“You like Brigitte and I can see that because I have x-ray eyes.” Oh no! I tell her the story of our first encounter while we both look at Brigitte standing on the far side of the bar. Georgina shouts: “Ah! The male ego. Did she squeeze your balls a bit?”. Georgina has never been a shy girl but the alcohol and the fact that she will quit in 2 weeks certainly gives her some balls. “I think we need to re-programme your views on her”. I wasn’t sure what she meant and asked: “How? And why?”. “Because I am pretty sure she likes you as well and let’s face it: you need some fun. Look at her – isn’t she fun and hot”. I feel her legs pressing against me and her hands on my thighs. It is dark and her hands and my legs are covered up by the table in front of us. I sweat. I can feel her breath in my ear breathing into it: “You haven’t noticed her legs, her smile, her lips”. Her hands is moving towards my crotch. “Look at her curves. Isn’t that an amazing well-shaped bum?”. I cannot help getting an erection as she opens my zipper. “Oh look at that. I can feel that you like big bums. Not sure why. Maybe you like to touch it”. Her hands are taking out my sakarya escort gear. “I certainly would like to pinch those cheeks and grab them but I cannot do that to a friend” she whispers in my ears while holding my half-erect tool. I ask her: “Why do you do this? Why do you want me to go for that woman?”. I know this is wrong. Never get involved with a colleague. It is all so surreal. Georgina starts wanking my cock hard: “I saw her look at you. You both need some love. You both are screwed up. I know her for a long time. She is unhappily married.” She wanks me faster. “I have seen those tits of her naked in a sauna last week. You cannot properly see them with that terrible top she is wearing but believe me they are amazing. You want to see them, feel them, suck them”. I tell her to stop. I am afraid to come any minute over my trousers. She doesn’t stop: “I had to give her a massage in the shower. Her shoulders are amazing. And very tense. It made me so wet when I touched her. I am sure it would make you very hard“. At that moment she stops suddenly. Bill is walking towards us.”Look who is hiding here? Why are you too not joining?”. Georgina responds: “Oh we just gossiped over some colleagues! I am thirsty – let us grab a drink. Do you want something, Simon?”. I decline because my glass is still almost full. “Talk to you later, Simon” she says smilingly. As she gets up and walks with Bob to the bar I think I see a wet patch on her dress. It seems our little escapade had also an effect on Georgina.A bit silly here in this dark corner by myself. I close my zipper and head for the crowd. Suddenly a hand grabs me from behind. It’s Brigitte….to be continued.

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