PropersitionedI was at club with my friends then i met with a couple he 52 she 46, a man approach me and said come here lets have a chat let me buy u a drink so I sat and chatted then he whispered to his wife and then she said in my ear she wanted her husband to watch me have sex with her back at their place, I smiled and told my friends I see them back at army Base, so we all left in taxi she was wearing a dress like Jessica rabbit all red and he was in blue shirt and jeans , I had tight army tshirt on and black jeans, so we got back to theirs she grabbed my hand and took me to the bedroom what smelt like strawberry Yankee candles,,,,,,he unzipped her dress and I slow motion watched as it fell from her body thennshe was naked underneath she had 36D boobs and trimmed hair on her pussy, she was 5 ft 4 in height then she came to me and undressed me as her hubby finger fuked her from behind and made her soaking as he did it so fast with his fingers inside her u cud hear the wet and it soaking the floor and as u can guess my cock sprung up so she went on her knees pulling my shorts down , she looked and said o yess and grabbed a hold of my cock and started sucking canlı bahis deep he then got her head and pushed it so she gagged on me ,,,glug glug is all I cud hear then she got up as my cock was prime erect and we ventured to the bed her husband sat and positioned himself in the chair naked, then she layer me on the bed and positioned herself ontop but back towards me so hubby seen her facing him as she squatted over and took my stern cock up inside her as she let out a gasp she said to her hubby o god I’m gonna be sore tomorrow darling, then all my cock was inside her she was so tight it gripped my cock I was loving it, then she started the rocking motion then moved onto the bouncing, I made sure I thrusted hard upwards as our body’s met, she kept saying o fuck o fuck stop growing ur close to my cervix, I cudnt help deep fucking her so I kept pounding at her for quiet a while as she kept soaking me again and again she built up some speed with bouncing, then her hubby said let him fuck you now and see I picked right man for u baby cakes, and she said yess thank u ,,,,,,then she lifted herself off me and I held her as she did and my cock was so covered bonus veren siteler with her juice and it sounded nice and wet as she left my cock,,,, then she lay on bed in a cross shape arms and legs to the sides then pulled me forward ontop of her and whispered damage me soldier, I smiled and said yes mam so I lifted her legs so her feet on my shoulders then i positioned my cock ready on tip of outline of her already soaked pussy, she looked into my eyes as I did with her and I said u ready, she nodded then I pulled back a little then thrusted all my strength forward as I rammed hard into her pussy,, ………she moaned out such a roar it turned me on more,,,, so I did that a few more times as my waist and balls bashed to her body,,,,,,,, about 20 mins later her hubby cum at hearing her like that,,,then me and her kissed passionately and she started to claw down my back and whispered I never been fuked so deep before,,,,,,,,I took as compliment and honour to be fucking such a beautiful woman,,,, he came close and said good lad I will leave u to it,,, it kinda distracted me a little but when he left us he shut bedroom door so deneme bonusu we carried on back to where we was and she smiled and said finally ur mine and bit my bottom lip as we kissed in passion, I had built back up the motion with her body and half hour passed we built up speed, she orgasmed a few times and holding me super close so i cudnt move much then she said o yess faster faster I’m gonna cum all over ur mighty cock,do it o yes yes o babe yess then her nails dug into my back as she let out a powerful moan then at that moment of hearing I pulsated and filled her with my cum my cock throbbed so much I cud feel it pulsing as jetted deep into her body filling her with hot love cum then she let go but said stay in me lay on me so I said ok and her grip released and she lay flat on bed I cud feel her body shaking and her heart booming thru out her body she kissed me passionately and said thank u and held onto my bum cheeks as I slowed the thrusting right down to slow then I pulled back and released my cock from her pussy and watched my sticky cum drip out of her swollen pussy thennshe said here il clean ur cock for u ,,,she held my cock and sucked it clean ,, I looked down at her amasing body and smiled as she cleaned me up good and sucked every last bit then we both collapsed on bed kissing and lay side by side, then she called hubby and he came in and she said I’ve cleaned him now u clean me ……..tbc

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