Prostitute Stories: Pretty Woman

Prostitute Stories: Pretty WomanI’ve never driven 2 hours to meet a hooker but here I am. Correction I have driven in circles for 2 hours to find a hooker but I’ve never driven from 2 hours away just to meet a hooker for a date but here I am. This is risky and stupid on my part. I’ve made plans to meet up with girls who were only a 15 minute drive away and they flaked out because they were too high or whatever to remember they made plans. Yet I’m driving 2 fucking hours from out of town to meet back up with this girl I met the previous week. Remember back in “Prostitute Stories: Lil Bit” mentioned having a vacation where I went back to one of my old stomping grounds and rented a room for the week. During that week I had whores in and out of that room morning, noon, and night. It was during this week long fuckathon that I met “Red”. Red came to my room and only gave me a blowjob, she said she was on her period. However that blowjob was so mind blowing that I promised her I would drive all the way back the next weekend, and rent a room just to see her again. I called her a few times before and during my trip to make sure she was going to be there. She promised me she would but I’m not going to feel relaxed until she’s in the car sitting next to me.I arrive into town and make my way to the corner gas station where she said she’d be waiting. This corner is right across the street from the tattoo shop where the 18 year old, Sophia’s stepmom and dad lived. In the other direction across the street is the house where I almost got my ass kicked from that cheating hooker’s boyfriend. That’s literally right next to the house where I first fucked Michelle, which is only a few houses up from the first place I met Diamond (The trailer trash girl). So yea I wasn’t even a little surprised when the gas station ended up being on this street. I pull in and god damn there she is.I’ve always told those new to the hobby that when you’re looking for hookers don’t expect to find Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman”. Real life hookers don’t look like that. I’ve always used her as an example mostly referring to the way street walkers dress. With the exception of Cali and maybe some girls I’ve seen in Texas, everywhere else I’ve been most girls wear normal clothing, jeans, sneakers, t-shirts etc. Well as it turned out, Red looked exactly like Julia Roberts in pretty woman and by exactly I mean like an older, trashier, more strung out version of Julia Roberts. This was long before I made it out to Cali so she was the first street walker I’d ever seen that had that iconic hooker look. I was blown away. She’s tall, thin, and sexy as fuck even with her shortcomings she was beautiful. She struts over to my car in her black, leather, thigh high boots, and leather jacket to match. Her hips swing back and forth with nothing to cover them but a flimsy cotton mini skirt. She’s dressed in all black minus her white crop top and her long bright red curly hair. Everyone in the gas station is staring at her as she walks over to my car.She makes her way to my passenger door and leans into the window “Hey there stranger. Can a girl get a ride?” She giggles and hops in. We hug and she kisses me on the cheek.“I can’t fucking believe you drove all the way out here to see me. I was telling my friend . . . Oh Michelle! Oh my god! It’s Michelle I was telling Michelle about you and she said you two were friends!”“What? you know Michelle?”“Yes! We’re like best friends! I was describing you and she knew exactly who you were. Oh my god she was so fucking pissed! When she found out you were coming all this way to see me she almost lost it. Actually she wanted to come tag along but I was like, ‘look we both know what’s going to happen when we get in that room with him. We’re real good friends but I don’t know if I’m ready to cross that line with you’. But I don’t know maybe we could go pick her up too if you really want.”“No fuck it I came out here to see you canlı bahis let her be mad.”Red gave me this crazy look almost like she was trying to hide a smile but she couldn’t hold it back.“Oh my god I’m going to fucking wear you out tonight. You have no idea.”How could I turn down a threesome? Well you’ve read my failed threesome stories right? If Michelle is involved I never know how the night is going to turn out I didn’t drive all this way just to fuck this up.“So can we stop real quick at my friend’s place so I can pick up my stuff first?”“Sure”“Ok I’m just going to call ahead so it’s ready when we get there.”“Wait we should talk about how much you want first besides I’ve got to hit the ATM?”“I tell you what, you drove all the way here, and I don’t have any other plans for tonight. I don’t really care about the money I just want to fucking party. So just give me enough to keep me happy I’ll keep you happy. Deal?”Yea it was an amazing deal. We go around the corner and wait an excruciatingly long amount of time to pick up her party supplies and head straight to the hotel. Depending on the quality of girl I’m with I’ll either chose to hide them from others out of embarrassment or proudly show them off. I wanted to show Red off. We walk up to the front desk, holding hands, the old man behind the desk stares at us nervously. I put my arm around her waist and allow my hands to roam freely not giving a fuck about who was looking at us. Red immediately gets what I’m doing and playfully rubs her hands along my face. She leans in and in a loud, but airy, overly sexual voice belts out. “Oh baby I can’t wait till we get inside. I just want to get out of these tight clothes and into a hot, steamy, shower”.I try to cover my laughter but Red’s cackling and slapping me on the shoulder. The old man looks embarrassed and a gentleman standing behind us is entertained by the whole thing. He’s mesmerized staring at her as we leave the front office. I’m soaking in the stares from passers by as we walk to our room. Anyone even glancing in our direction can tell who and what she is.Once inside Red immediately pulls out her rose.“You’re not in a rush right? You don’t mind if I relax and take a few hits first do you?”“Go right ahead.”For those who don’t know “Rose” is slang for a crack pipe. It’s called that because of how they are sold. They are sold in many gas stations or corner stores throughout the country as fake, silk roses. The glass containers holding these silk roses are actually . . . you guessed it crack pipes. They are also known as “pens” as some of these glass pipes are modified to be pens. Nobody buys these things but d**g addicts yet just about every gas station carries them.She’s humming, singing, and bouncing while she methodically burns and cleans the resin from her pipe. She packs it with the little white rocks she just picked up from her “friend’s place”.“Baby come here and lie next to me I like to cuddle”I lay down beside her with my hand around her waist. We talk for a bit while she continues cleaning and packing her pipe. It’s here I start realizing this girl is actually really funny. She’s telling jokes we’re laughing our asses off and she’s not even high yet.She lights up, takes her first hit and exhales a thin white smoke almost like vapor.“Oh shit, oh shit!”She immediately lights up again and takes a bigger hit. Exhales and immediately pulls my hand to her chest making me squeeze her breast.“Fuuuuuuuuuuck!!”She reaches behind and stuffs her hand down my pants fondling and squeezing my balls. She’s grunting like an a****l and she’s a bit twitchy. When she comes to she doesn’t say a word she just gets up and flings off her leather jacket, drops to her knees, and pulls out my dick. She’s stroking it hard and licking it up and down. She drools on the tip letting the saliva run down my shaft spitting on it then rubbing it in like lotion. Red looks up at me glassy eyed.“That’s some really good shit.”My dick disappears into her mouth, she sucks me hard, her bahis siteleri bright red lips wrap tightly around my shaft as she jacks her head up and down along the length of my dick. It is solid and glistening, dripping wet from her mouth. She’s sucking me hard and fast, so hard I Immediately feel like I’m going to cum. I jerk back and grab her by the head to slow her down. She looks up at me wild eyed, eagerly smacking her lips, stretching her neck, desperately wanting some more. Red pulls my hands off of her head and looks up at me for a second it’s like a moment of clarity returns.“Don’t worry baby I know what I’m doing. Just relax.” She goes low, underneath me, my balls are resting on her nose while her mouth takes a trip into no mans land. Her smooth wet tongue is sliding it’s way from my asshole to my scrotum and back again. My cock flinches in rigid flashes as her tongue spirals below forcing my dick to dance back and forth. Not satisfied she makes sure my balls get equal attention,licking, sucking and pulling on them until they’re both inside of her mouth. She maintains eye contact but it looks like she’s in another universe.“Shit we need some music”. She starts fiddling with her phone.“What kind of music do you like?”“One second. I’m looking for my favorite song. OK here. This always puts me in the mood.”She stumbles back to the bed by the time the music kicks in.Loud, fuzzy, distorted guitars come screeching through her tinny phone speakers, followed by an onslaught of profanity in the form of rock/rap. It’s Limp Bizkit. She drops back to her knees and pulls one of the many bands from her wrist hidden beneath all her bracelets tying her hair into a ponytail.“Here I made a handle for you feel free to give me a good tug if you’re not pleased with my service”. Even high she’s still a fucking comedian flashing me a wicked smile before my cock disappears into her mouth.She swallows me all the way to the base comes back up and spits on my dick then down her throat again. She plants her hands on my thighs opens her mouth wide and starts to throat the hell out of my dick over and over and over again no gag reflex whatsoever. Occasionally she would pause to take a deep breath but then she would dive in and continue. I remember this being one of the first times I wish I had a friend to share these moments with. I wished I could show this woman off to someone because her technique was a marvel to watch. She deserved an audience. It was the most raw, filthy, violent way I’ve ever seen a woman give a blowjob. It didn’t even resemble a blowjob the best way I could describe it is this. Picture a woman opening her mouth as wide as possible, tongue dangling out her mouth, and throwing her face at my dick over and over again. Red was repeatedly slamming her face into my crotch until sticky globs of spit were flying everywhere. It’s stretching from her lips like gooey mozzarella strands clinging to a fresh bite of cheese pizza. A pool of her saliva is forming in my lap and she just continues as if this was normal.In one of my stories, I can’t remember which one, I make mention of the 3 best blowjobs I’ve ever had. I’ve already written about what I generally consider #1 in “Prostitute Stories: Drunk Horny Mature”. Which would make this #2 the truth is I go back and forth on this. This may very well be the best bj. What made this blowjob so epic besides the fact that she had the ability to fuck my dick with her face was how insanely long it lasted. That initial first round went on for nearly a half hour! I remember checking the time and being amazed that she could go so long. We only paused to take a crack break but the second that pipe left her lips it was back on my cock. I’m talking literally alternating between sucking my dick and lighting up the pipe with her exhaling crack smoke onto my dick before it entered her throat. She seemed to have an oral fixation that the d**gs were fueling. When we finally stopped it was because I needed a break, not her, she wanted bahis şirketleri to continue. “Are you serious? You can’t keep going? Just let me suck it a little longer.”“Girl you’re killing me I can’t go any longer”.“Ok at least cum then. Don’t just stop like that.”“Ok you’ve got to hurry though I’m feeling sore as fuck.”“Cum in my mouth. Ok?”When she finally finished me off her lips were buried in my pubic hair and my dick was buried in her neck. I exploded down her throat and she didn’t even flinch one bit. She pulled on my dick like an empty tube of toothpaste trying to get every last drop and she swallowed it all. My dick was sore from the constant friction. The very first time we were together she gave me a 15 minute bj which at that point was the longest blowjob I’d ever had. When we finally finished this blowjob lasted over an hour! To this day It is by far the longest blowjob I’ve ever had. You could now see why I traveled from another fucking state to experience this.The night continued I rested and she smoked. We eventually ended up playing this addictive word game thing on her phone and we talked a lot.“You know I want to thank you tonight has been so much fun.”“Yea I’m having a great time too I’m glad I came back.”“No I really mean it though this is the best night I’ve had in a long time. This just never happens.”“What do you mean? What never happens?”“Ok like we met the first time and we did our thing and that was that. That’s what I’m used to you know what I mean? I know I’m pretty, I know I give great head that’s why guys pick me up that’s why they come back. We suck, we fuck, they go back to their wives, I go back to the street. It is what it is. I don’t know how to be someone’s wife or girlfriend I just know how to do this and that’s ok don’t get me wrong. It’s just that somehow the guys all know this they can tell. I don’t know how they know but they know what I am. Even if I’m just dressed normal in a store minding my business some random dude will come up to me and grab my ass or ask if I want to fuck. It’s weird. They don’t ask me out on a date, like a real date, they don’t treat me like other girls. You know? It’s like I’ve got this stench on me.But you came from so far just to see me again even after I told you about Michelle you still just wanted to see me. You got us this nice clean room for the night just the two of us. Plus you treat me like a person you show me respect.” She kisses me softly on the lips. “You know how long it’s been since I could take a shower in peace? I could leave my stuff here and I don’t have to worry you’re going to steal it. Plus you don’t smoke so I know you’re not going to take my shit and I can talk to you and have a normal conversation. Oh my god I never get to just talk to someone. All we do is talk about d**gs or dates it’s the same fucking conversation every single day and it never ends. That shit drives me nuts sometimes. I just wanted to say thank you.” She kissed me again.We laid there cuddling in silence taking in the moment. I sometimes talk about these moments in other stories certain things in my past women have done that made me feel like a man. I don’t think I realized the importance of that until I started writing these stories. In fact I placed zero value in this idea but cuddling with a woman so emotionally raw, seeking a masculine energy it does something. Especially with my arms around her in that moment it spoke to me. Of course I’m aware it’s all bullshit because a real man would pick a woman to invest himself into and build a life with. I’m sampling someone here and someone there as if sex was a buffet. I’m lost in thought staring at the back of her head admiring the mess of red curls.“Baby I hate to do this to you but I’m all out can we go back to my friend’s place and get some more?”It was 3 or 4 am when we went back out to feed her habit in return she fed mine. We continued this cycle a few more times through the night and into the next day. We listened to music, she got high, we fucked, she sobered, we talked, we made love, she got high, we listened to music. I’m not the first to do it, I’m not the first to be seduced by it, and I’m not the first who thinks he can control it. Sex & d**gs & Rock & Roll.-H123

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