Subject: NCIS LA: Psych Evaluation A gay fantasy NCIS LA Ok, if you’ve made it this far you know the drill. This work of gay fantasy is totally fiction based on watching long hours of the series. It is the sole property of the author and cannot be reused without his written permission. If gay sex offends you or is illegal for you to read please leave now. This is a work of fiction bearing no relation to any reality. If you enjoy this type of literature please consider an ongoing contribution to fty to keep this valuable site going- fty/donate. A gay fantasy NCIS LA cajuncock Callen and Sam were on a stake out at the port of Long Beach. Their black SUV was parked between stacks of containers. A few weeks earlier Chris Lasalle had come to Los Angeles for his annual psych review with Nate. Yes, Nate was that good! Agents were often sent out West for their reviews. Nate conducted these in a secluded mountain safe house north of LA. While he was there Chris filled the team in on an operation his office was conducting tracking a white militia group operating in the south and west of the US. There had been a lot of chatter about the group buying a cargo of high grade weapons including surface to air missiles. The cargo was supposed to be collected at the port. The weapons had been part of a CIA cache stored in Central America. But part of the cache had gone missing. When he briefed the staff in LA Chris had seemed unusually tense. G knew that no one liked the psych evaluations that were mandatory. Many were nervous about the 2 day evaluations so far from the headquarters. But Nate had full control and the backing of the higher ups in the agency. Two days with Nate in an isolated cabin could be a pretty stressful situation for anyone. When he returned with Nate Chris was relaxed and seemed at ease. It could not have been that difficult. But now they were waiting for that cargo container. It was boring to say the least. Waiting was never pleasant. But on this occasion, Callen was thinking back to the 2 on 2 basketball game they’d played a few days ago’ It was G and Eric against Sam and Marty. It was a fast and furious 30 minutes of play. Of course Sam’s side whipped them. Later in the shower with just Eric, Sam, and G it was quiet as they all cleaned up. G noticed that Eric was having difficulty reaching his back to wash. Sam walked over asking “Do you need help little fellow?”. Eric just said “Sure”. Sam soaped up his large hands and began rubbing Eric’s neck moving down from his shoulders. Eric moaned at the great feeling of Sam’s rough hands working on his sore muscles. G noticed that as Sam washed Eric’s back his thick black snake began to stretch from its uncut hiding place. G pretended not to notice the two. Sam whispered just loud enough for G to hear “Is this where it’s sore?” He got a mumbled reply. Sam moved his hands further down the thin white boys back until he reached the top of the bubble butt. He held the boy’s hips as he washed the front of Eric’s body. The moans became louder. Out the corner of his eye G watched as Sam’s thick, hard black snake moved into the thin white crack. That’s as far as it went. Knowing that Eric was now aroused, Sam slapped his bubble ass and went back to his own shower. Thinking about that shower had given G a massively hard cock. He moved the camera to cover his crotch. He wondered what it would’ve been like to feel that monster cock rubbing up and down his own crack and kızılay escort maybe even finding his rose bud. But now he knew that Eric was at the cabin with Nate for his own evaluation while he was left on this boring stake out. Not that G was new to man on man sex. He’d used his body on more than one occasion to get information from a suspect. In his long history with the NCIS he had his share of close calls and had been taken prisoner by Anatoli Kirkin’s gang in the Balkins. It had, at first, not been a pleasant experience. Kirkin was known for his intense, sadistic methods of interrogation. His men were all heavy handed when it came to getting what they needed. G had been caught by surprise while undercover. Kirkin himself had supervised the questiong of G, an old enemy of his. G had been stripped naked and submerged in ice cold water several times. Kirkin would smile each time he’d surface, saying “I see our big dicked American agent is no so big after his bath.” He’d laugh and nod for his men to continue. In the end when G had not given up the information, Anatoli left G to the sexual mercies of his sex starved men. G’s rape had not been pleasurable at first. But he knew that if he showed the slightest bit of pain Anatoli would be happy. So after the first big dicked Russian gangster had plundered his butt, G looked up and said “Is that all you’ve got big boy. I’ve taken bigger and better equiped men than that.” Kirkin was furious and told his men to step aside. He’d show this American agent what a real Russian fucking felt like. He pounded G’s hole with 12 inches of thick, uncut Russian cock. G began to weaken in his resolve. Just as his own spirit was about to break, Sam rushed into the room. He quickly dispatched three of Kirkin’s men. He turned to see Kirkin plunge his 12 inches into G’s now distended hole. Kirkin was wild with lust and revenge. He did not stop his rape even as his men were subdued. He was unaware of Sam approaching him from behind. “Take this you big dicked Russian.” he yelled as he pushed his own instrument into the backsides of the villain. Kirkin stopped his fucking for a second as he felt the thick black cock invade his unprotected body. Sam soon got up to speed on that hole. “You think you can treat my partner like your personal fuck toy?” he yelled into Kirkin’s ear as he pounded him. His pounded forced him to again pound deeply into G. Their combined fucking motions brought G to a terrific climax and he fell off of Kirkin’s spouting cock. His own climax sending rivers of cum onto the dirty floor. Sam lifted G’s exhausted body up onto his broad shoulder carrying him out of the room. Kirkin was left laying on the floor in the combined pool of their cum. G thought about that adventure as he sat next to his partner. He wondered how Sam really felt about him. Would he ever get the nerve to confront Sam? Could they actually carry their friendship to another level? All these thoughts raced through his head as he sat there waiting. Sam was his usual stoic self focusing on the job at hand. His own mind was remembering the shower scene and seeing G’s cock stiffen as he teased Eric. Could G be into some mm action? Could g have any interest in black cock? Their thoughts were interrupted by a van approaching the harbor. it had no plates or other ID. Could this be the pick up? Sam called the DEA agents at the entrance to the docks to warn them. Meanwhile keçiören escort Nate had picked up Eric at the office. He’d blind folded the young man for security reasons. While driving he chatted with Eric about the office, his hobbies, his future with the agency. An hour later they’d arrived at the cabin. Removing the blind fold he let the man adjust to the bright sun light. Eric saw how really isolated they were. All he could see around the cabin were woods and in the distance mountains. Standing next to the car, Nate handed Eric a cooler and he grabbed 2 bags from the back of the car. He walked to the cabin with Eric following close behind. At 6’5 Nate towered over Eric. Nate’s thin, tall body was welled muscled under his sport coat. But Eric would only see that later. The cabin was well laid out with a large fireplace and what appeared to be a sleeping loft. Nate told Eric to unload the cooler’s contents into the fridge. As Eric went about his task, he noticed how well equiped the cabin was. What he didn’t notice was that Nate had gone to the loft and lowered a leather sling from the rafters. He’d also used a remote to turn on the large screen TV and DVD player. Eric heard some soft music start playing then stop. When he turned he saw Nate wearing a pair of black leather chaps with an obvious hard on under a black jock. Nate looked down at the frightened man before speaking, “You are aware that this evaluation will determine your future with the agency. Thus your complete cooperation will be expected. You will answer all of our questions honestly. But first I want you to strip naked for the duration of our time in the cabin.” Eric quickly shed all of his clothing. His toned but not very muscular body was on full display. Nate was impressed with the man’s rapid conformity with his order. He pointed to a spot directly in front of him. Instinctively Eric dropped to his knees at that spot. As he knelt Eric heard a motorcycle drive up to the cabin. Without knocking the rider pushed the door open. It was Sabatino, the Ghost, in full biker’s leather. Eric first noticed that the leather jacket was unzipped revealing a well muscled chest with prominent abs. Looking further down he saw the large bulge down the left leg. He could clearly make out the shape of the large cock head, even now soft. The Ghost walked up to Nate and grabbed him into a warm kiss. His hands roamed over Nate’s exposed chest. “I see that you’ve prepared Eric for his evaluation lover.” He nodded over to the knelling naked man. Nate unzipped Sabatino’s leather pants as he also pushed the leather jacket from his shoulders. Pulling out the semi-erect cock Nate kissed his man again and mumbled ” I was waiting for you before starting with him.” Eric felt his own cock rise at the sight of these two hunks. Sabatino’s now naked chest showed the many years of traing. His six pack covered with a light coating of dark hair. Nate continued to undress the ghost. Soon his semi-hard uncut cock flopped out into the open. Eric caught his breath as he stared at the tool. Dark foreskin stretched over a long ,thick cock. Eric could see the dark pink tip just visable at the end, A drop of clear pre-cum formed on the slit. Eric felt his mouth water as he licked his lips. Both men laughed at this reaction. ” See how the boy is eager to taste your juices.” Nate boasted to Sabatino. Eric felt himself turn a deep red blushing at having been escort ankara caught. Sabatino laughed wickedly, “He’ll get to taste it soon enough.” he reached behind Nate to unclip the mesh jock strap. He pulled the front down to expose Nate’s love sword to the air. Eric watched as the tool grew longer and thicker. It looked enormous on Nate’s thin body. Eric no longer tried to hide his desire. It would’ve been impossible anyway. Eric’s cock was bouncing in anticipation of things to come. In his mind all sorts of possible, nasty acts raced through his imagination. Sabatino bent over to lick the drop of pre-cum that had formed on the tip of Nate’s cock. Eric moaned in frustration. He wanted that drop to taste and roll around his tongue. Both men walked to Eric, one on each side. They lifted him up by his arms and guided him to the ladder up to the loft. Once all three were up there eric was thrown onto an open futon. The giant LED TV was playing a porn video of a hot threesome with the soft moang sound of pleasure filtering into the room. It took Eric a moment to adjust his vision. He looked at the screen action for a minute before he recogzed the men in the video. He saw Chris Lasalle being taken by 2 men- Nate and Sabatino. Each man was plugging a hole in Chris’ body. Each time his mouth was free Chris begged for more. It was a scene of ultimate man lust. Nate held Chris’s smooth shaven head in his hands as he forced more of his cock into the man’s mouth and throat. Sabatino was working on the other end. He’d pull his cock all the way out of the hole before psuhing it savagly all the way back end. Chris’s moans increased as he tried to get more the that dark cock into his pink, open hole. They turned Chris around so that thecamera caught sight of the savaged, opened pick hole with cum from an earlier fuck leaking out. Sabatino leaned over the hole with his tongue out to catc the dripping cum. Cbris was yelling from the pleasure that the rimming was giving him. Nate grabbed the remote and froze the DVD on Chris’s face wrapped in the throws of lustful satisfaction. both men disengaged from Eric’s body and lay him flat on his back. His arms were pulled up and handcuffed to the corners of the futon. Eric’s mind swirled with the thought that this was soon to be his own pleasure. These two men would soon open him up to worlds of new pleasure. Nate looked deeply into the eyes of the handcuffed man, “Now it’s time for the questions. Are you ready?” he asked. Eric just nodded his head yes. Nate “Have you ever had sex with any male on your team?” ERIC “NO” Sabatino “Have you ever wanted to?” Eric “yes” Nate “With whom? Eric ” You, G, Sam, Sabatino” Sabatino “Why not Marty?” Eric “He’s a punk virgin. Probably never seen a man’s hard cock let alone a black man’s” Nate “Would you fuck him?” Eric ” Sure I’d like to take his cherry just to see the terror in his eyes turn to want, to need. Then I’d turn him over to a gang fuck and watch him beg for more, bigger cocks.” Nate thought for a minute before speaking, ” Well, well, the future looks brighter for both you and us. We will begin your torture session this eveng. Take a nap now.” Eric soon fell into a deep sleep in the loft. When he woke he found that the handcuffs had been removed and he was free to move around the cabin. Looking down from the loft he saw the two men in deep conversation. He wondered what the next part, the torture part, would have in store for him. He was soon to find out. _____________________________________________________________________________ Ok, let me know if you want more. Comments welcomed; ail Remember to drop a few dollars, euros, or yen to fty/donate if you enjoy these stories.

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