punished by mother in law


punished by mother in lawJill went round behind me and started to caress my cum filled scrotem with one hand and to stroke my cock with the other. I was finding it very hard to not cum there and then as it was so sensual as Jill spread my legs as far apart as she could and proceeded to kiss and lick my balls whilst I buried my face deeper into her panties.I was asked to go to see my MIL by my wife Cathy to help her with her computer. Jill is 72 years old but is still fairly attractive although she is quite plump, but she has a very sexy mouth and wears thick red lipstick so really does look very tarty and always wears tight black clothes and I know she often wears old fashioned corsets underneath as I have seen them in her bathroom washing box. I got round to Jill’s house and she was all dressed up ready to go out to lunch with a friend. I said I would sort out the PC and then lock up for her when I had finished. Jill looked really smart in her usual black skirt, tight blouse and black tights with nice high heels. She was also wearing my favourite bright red lipstick and I got a small hard on just looking at her going down the front path. I went upstairs to the spare room and switched on the PC then I needed a pee so I went to the bathroom, when I opened the door I saw that Jill had left all of her underwear she had taken off when changing on the floor. There was a very sexy pair of silk black panties a pair of “stockings” (not tights as I always imagined she wore ) and her bra and suspender corset. My cock became really hard on seeing all of her underwear and I imagined her having just taken it of before I came round. I couldn’t resist it and I picked up her black silky panties and held them to my face. I felt really kinky sniffing a 72 year old knickers but the sexy musky smell of her panties was so strong that I knew I had to taste her crotch juices so I opened her panties and started to lick the inner silky crotch. It tasted so good and I couldn’t help myself rubbing my hard cock with my other hand. This was all too much and I knew I had to wank myself off so I took Jill’s panties and went into her bedroom. The whole room smelt of her perfume and as I lay back on her bed I started to wank my cock furiously and at the same time rubbing her panties over may face. As I wanked I imagined her sensual old pussy grinding into my face and me licking her so deeply she was moaning with pleasure. I was so engrossed in my fantasy and sakarya escort my cock was ready to squirt my cum all over my stomach that I did not hear the door open until I heard a gasp and I looked up to see Jill standing in the doorway with a horrified expression on her face. I quickly tried to cover what I was doing but to no avail, Gill stood there with her mouth open and said absolutely nothing. I started to speak but she just said ” don’t talk to me you pervert ” I was so embarrassed and just wanted to disappear when Jill suddenly changed her tone of voice and said ” you fucking little pervert don’t say a word just do exactly what I say ” I nodded and Jill slowly took off her coat and came towards the bed with a strange smile in her face and she then leant over and put her full sexy lips on mine and I felt her tongue dart into my mouth and her lips pressed hard against mine. She suddenly jumped onto the bed and straddled my chest and in the same movement grabbed my wrists and pulled them above my head. Jill was incredibly strong and without a word she suddenly raised skirt over her thighs and squatted right on my face and spread her thighs apart so I had the crotch of her panties across my nose and mouth. In a deep guttural tone she said ” now little pervert lick me till I tell you to stop and believe me when I have finished with you will wish you had never started” What happened for the next 20 minutes I can only describe as incredible. Jill used me like a male oral whore, she pulled her panties to one side and exposed her very hairy old cunt and forced me to insert my tongue as far as I could inside her whilst all the time telling me that I am going to be punished for being a pervert and that I am to do exactly what she says or she will tell her daughter Cathy what her husband has been up to. I must admit that although I was really turned on I was feeling a bit scared of what she meant by “punished” however I was so enjoying licking her old hole that I really didn’t care. After Jill had used my mouth and tongue to her satisfaction she slid down and without hesitating inserted my rock hard cock into her pussy. The feeling I got when my cock slid into her cunt can only be described as fantastic and as Jill pressed her lipstick covered mouth over mine I started to thrust into her as hard as I could, just when I was starting to really enjoy being inside her Jill suddenly climbed off of me, pulled down her skirt, adapazarı escort picked up her panties I had been sniffing and said cruelly “wank into those pervert and when you have finished lick them clean or your next punishment will really hurt” she then stood and watched as I wrapped them around my cock and after just two or three rubs filled them with a huge load of my cum. I felt totally humiliated as Jill stood there looking at me with disgust and when she took her panties from me and examined the huge globules of cum inside them I felt so ashamed. Jill just looked me up and down and leaned over and pushed her cum filled panties onto my face and said ” lick these clean then put them in the washing basket and get out of my house but you will return tomorrow at 4.00pm when I will be giving you your next punishment which will be quite painful.All that evening and the next day I couldn’t get what had happened out of my mind !! Jill my 72 year old MIL had treated me like her dirty little pervert toy boy and I had loved it. The taste of her old pussy had stayed in my mouth even when I fucked my wife Cathy and it was strangely kinky to think that whilst was thrusting my cock into Cathy I had earlier been orally satisfying her mother in the most perverse way . 4 0clock came and I tentatively rang the doorbell of Jill’s house. It seemed an age before the door slowly opened and I pushed through the small opening. As I got my body inside the door was slammed shut and I turned around to see Jill standing in the hallway dressed like I have never seen her dressed before. She looked fantastic !! Jill was wearing a very tight white blouse with a very low cut cleavage and a very very tight black skirt which actually accentuated her quite plump but curvaceous legs and thighs, she also had on a pair of the sexiest black high heeled boots I had ever seen, they were patent with high spiked heels and long spiked toes. Jill had on heavy makeup and her lips were smothered in bright red lipstick. I was so aghast that I just stood there staring and without speaking Jill grabbed me and started to kiss me so passionately that I was taken aback. Jill slid her hand down to my crotch and started to slowly rub my cock through my trousers and at the same time pushing her tongue deep into my mouth. Suddenly Jill pulled away and said sternly “take off all of your clothes and go into the front room” she then went upstairs and I meekly took sakarya escort bayan off my clothes and went into the lounge. Jill came down after a couple of minutes and dangled a pair of handcuffs in front of my face whilst stroking my cock with her other hand. She told me to turn around and put my hands behind my back, I was a bit tentative and she smiled and said “don’t worry these will add to the pleasure that I am going to give you” I felt a bit nervous but meekly I let her put them on. Jill smiled in a strange way and said “now kneel down in front of me and be a good little pervert and you will get a little treat ” I knelt down and looked up at her feeling very vulnerable but really quivering with anticipation about was going to happen. Gill smiled and slowly pulled her tight skirt up exposing her stocking clad thighs, my cock was so hard and erect that I thought I would cum there and then. Jill then slid down her lovely black silky panties and they dropped to cover her sexy pointed toe boots. Jill then said ” here you are I have had these on since yesterday and I thought you might want to sniff them” with that she stepped out of her panties and pushed my face into the still warn softness of them and said “come on you know you love it give them a good sniff then I can let you have your special treat” I thought I had died and gone to heaven !! my face was buried into Jill’s hot moist panties and then Jill went round behind me and started to caress my cum filled scrotem with one hand and to stoke my cock with the other. I was finding it very hard to not cum there and then as it was so sensual as Jill spread my legs as far apart as she could and proceeded to kiss and lick my balls whilst I buried my face deeper into her panties. I was so engrossed in my “sniffing duties ” that when Jill got up and stepped away from me I didn’t realise what was about to happen…… suddenly the most intense pain shot through my testicles and groin and before I could react Jill had placed another savage kick into my scrotum causing me to roll on my side writhing in agony !!!! I felt physically sick and tried to protect my groin but my hands were firmly cuffed behind my back and Jill with one swift movement climbed on top of me in a 69 position with her legs firmly holding chest down and with her hairy cunt pressing hard down onto my mouth and nose. Suddenly my balls were gripped by her hands and she squeezed so tight I cried out but my cries were muffled by her 72 year old cunt pressing down on my mouth. Jill then proceeded to grind her cunt and arse onto my face and at the same time she squeezed and punched my balls until I couldn’t struggle any more and just lay there exhausted with pain

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