Punishment for Being Late


It was our first time seeing each other since you no showed last time. I know the sitter had cancelled on you last minute but I was still holding a grudge. I had taken the day out of work to be with you and ended up spending the day with my hand instead. Add to that, now I was here and you were running a bit late. All the extra time though had given me the opportunity to come up with a plan. You were going to pay for standing me up and being late. There would be no gentle missionary today.

About 15 minutes after our agreed upon meeting time you decided to grace me with your presence. I greeted you at the door and as soon as you walked in you gave me a great big hug as if to say you were sorry.

“Sorry I’m late. I know you hate that. It was just one thing after another this morning though.” You said.

“It’s okay, just don’t let it happen again.” I said with a wink. Besides I already knew how I was going to make you pay.

There was always that nervousness and awkwardness when you first got there. After all we were meeting up for sex. There’s never an easy transition from ‘Hey How are you?’ to putting my penis in your vagina. So we talked for bit and sat on the couch.

Thinking of the things I was going to do to you had already gotten me a bit aroused. Not that I needed arousing around you. You’re pretty face, gorgeous body; if anything I needed less arousing.

I’m being polite in our conversation but I think you can tell I’m being a bit passive aggressive in my short responses. Finally, I’ve had enough of our small talk and I reach over and put my hand behind your head. You look at me a bit puzzled at first but when the slow pressure builds you begin to realize that I’m forcing your head down towards my crotch. At the same time my other hand is fumbling to unzip my fly. I’m able to get it undone and my cock out just in time. I’m usually not this straight forward and my cock isn’t 100% hard yet. That doesn’t stop me though, I pick it up and point it towards your mouth. You know what it expected of you. Your mouth escort ankara opens and I push your head down onto my shaft.

I grab your hair but let you do the bobbing. It doesn’t take long before my rod is rock hard. I play with you a bit, forcing your head down and my cock into your mouth just a bit more than you would prefer. You deserve it after all. I’m going to teach you what happens when you’re late.

“Let’s move over to the bed” I order. “And take off your clothes.”

You do as your told. I also spring out of what i’m wearing and lay back on the bed.

“You can keep going.” I tell you. I deliberately lay so that you aren’t between my legs. You’re perpendicular to me when you grab my cock and place it back in your mouth. You don’t seem to be in any particular hurry though. Down and up, up and down. You are however just close enough to me that I can reach over and cup your breast. There really is nothing like playing with a breast while you’re getting your dick sucked.

I press your nipple between my thumb and finger. You let out a soft “Mmmm.” At least that’s what I think you said, it’s tough to hear you with my cock in your mouth. We continue to play our little game for a few minutes but there is no way I’m letting you get off this easy.

“Why don’t you get on all fours. I want to fuck you from behind.” I order.

Again, you do as your told. My cock plops from your warm mouth and you get up on all fours. I’m up in short order also. I position myself behind you and use my knees to spread your legs even further. One hand is on the small of your back and the other one guides my cock into you. I like to watch as your vagina is spread open. Straining to contain my girth. Once I’ve pushed all the way inside I pull out about half way and give you a good hard thrust. The kind of push that lets you know you’re going to be fucked. This isn’t a gentle experience. I want you to be sore. I give you a few more full hard thrusts.

“Ahh…” you let out. You didn’t mean too. You’re too proud to let me know escort etlik you’re okay with your punishment and you’re also enjoying it. It’s then that I place my hand between your shoulder blades and push your front half down onto the bed. You’re completely vulnerable, ass in the air, cock buried in your hole. I grab your hips and pump you as hard as can. Half way out and then slammed back in. This goes on for several minutes. You let out several soft noises. Cries for help or signs of your enjoying things. I’m not entirely sure, maybe both.

I grab a handful of your hair. Not the normal delicate ponytail, I simply grab what my hand picks up. I pull your head back so your face comes up from the bed. I swear I can see you give me a bit of side eye but I continue to fuck you. The kind of fucking that makes your whole body push forward. The kind that scraps the tip of my dick against your cervix.

Just then I feel your pussy spasm on my cock. You’re enjoying this after all. Maybe being used as my personal fleshlight is your thing?. Your orgasm doesn’t stop me from fucking you though. Not even when you manage to get out “Cum in my pussy…ahh…” But I’ll be having none of that.

Before you had arrived I thought about what I would do. I was torn, while anal sex has never been my thing because of my girth I had thought maybe a dick in the ass would straighten you out and keep you on time. I just wasn’t sure if you could physically handle me on such short notice.

No, I decided I was going to pull out…

I pulled out of your pussy before it was too late and got off the bed. “I want to cum on your tits.” I told you. You seemed a bit confused and taken back by it. ‘On your tits?’ you thought. That’s so not like me. You know how much I love pumping my seed deeply enside you. But you did as you were told and got down on your knees before me. I put my cock on your lips. Perhaps you were thinking I was going to jerk myself off onto you. Again you were wrong. I put my hand behind your head again and pushed escort demetevler my cock into your mouth. This wouldn’t take long, I thought.

I held your head steady and rocked my hips back and forth. I was fucking your mouth. The tip of my cock slides over your tongue. You puckered your lips felt incredible.

“I’m going to cum.” I announced and you loosened your grip on my cock. I pulled out just in time for my plan. I gave my shaft one stroke and sent a sticky load of cum flying onto your face. It landed across your nose and up to your forehead. The second shot squirted onto your lips. I felt you try to pull back but with my hand still behind your head you weren’t going anywhere. Another shot lands squarely on your lips and drips down your chin. You try to contain the damage by finally sticking my cock back in your mouth. Just the tip, as you suck the remaining cum from my balls.

When I’m done ejaculating in your mouth I step back to have a look at you. You had to close one eye as my semen ran down your face. Most of the cum landed between your breasts eventually and was now dripping it’s way down your stomach towards your pussy. One of my favorite ways to see you, covered in my cum.

“Sorry I was late telling you about my load” I said, stressing the ‘late’ part. I think you got the idea though.

“I’ll go grab you a towel from the bathroom so you can clean yourself up.” I offered and you stood up and laid on the bed.

When I can back just a few seconds later I found you playing with your self. Your legs were hanging off the bed and I had an excellent view of your fingers running over your clit and your cum covered fingers darting in and out of your pussy. A good quantity of the sperm had found their way to your vagina after all and you were using it as lubrication to get off. Your labia glistened in the light from it’s semen coating. I was so turned on I wanted to jump on you then and there. Instead I lay next to you on the bed and played with your nipple until I felt the tensing of your body signal your orgasm.

Hopefully you learned your lesson I thought as I tossed you the towel so you could wipe the man juice off your body.

“We should do this again soon.” You blissfully whispered in my ear.

To which I added “Sure, just don’t be late.”

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