Puritan Whores Ch. 03


My Puritan whores are both naked. Walking ahead of me at the end of chain leashes attached to dog collars around their necks.

Josephine, my wife, a beautiful ginger. Her long red hair piled up so it only flows halfway down her back. Revealing the freckles that cover her pale body and dot her sweet round ass.

Walking next to her mother was my sweet Abigail. A bit shorter with a bigger ass. My delectable Muffin only has freckles on her face and shoulders. Her darker red hair was curly, and not as long as Josie’s.

They are both walking in black high heels. Slowly, as they were still getting used to the strange footwear. Also our long drive was gravel. Making their steps especially tenuous.

The shoes do wonders for their already amazing asses. I am definitely enjoying the view.

We are walking out to get the mail. Our house is set far back from the road. We were unlikely to be seen. This far in the country there was little traffic. The possibility was there though.

It made both women excited.

Abby was still the more adventurous and kinky of the two, but Josephine has definitely embraced her slutty side. And I loved them both for it.

They wait patiently, my naked wife and daughter, at the ends of their leashes while I check the mail. Looks like mostly bills.

Then, out of the blue, a car. Both women desperately cover themselves as best they can with their hands. Not an easy feat for Josie and her massive E-cup tits. Or even Abby’s smaller double-D’s.

They try to cover their sweet pussies as well. Abigail’s is completely plucked bald, her mother has a small patch shaped into a heart just above her cunt.

The car slows down, but doesn’t stop. With a grin I lead my whores back to the house.

The village was in trouble. If we couldn’t raise more money, a lot more money, then it would be broke. It would belong to the bank at that point.

We had an idea though. Josephine had been excited by the idea of me posting nude pictures of her to the Internet.

So we decided to take a few sets and see if we could sell them to a porn site or two.

I had both girls put on some lingerie underneath their plain grey village dresses. Then we went out to the barn.

I figured we would play up the Puritan aspect of the girl’s past.

I took some pictures of them using various old-timey farming equipment. Then I had them strip out of their dresses. Getting some great pictures as they did so.

Josephine was wearing her favorite green corset underneath. It presented her big tits magnificently. While Abigail wore a sheer white top and matching skirt.

They posed for me around the barn. Then their lingerie was stripped as well.

We finished with them bathing separately in the old tub. Something that I find turns me on greatly.

We spent the afternoon emailing various sites and shopping the pictures around. Finally making a deal with a soft core site for what seems a decent amount. The admin seemed excited when I told him we would probably be doing more shoots.

‘Would love more pics of your girls. Def keep us in mind’ he wrote.

“We should probably do a few more sets.” Abby says. “Spread them around. Maybe do some…fetish…stuff?” She stumbles a bit over the less familiar word, but returns my smile when I grin at her.

“If you both think you’re up for it?” They both nod.

Over the next couple days we have a few more shoots. Including a set where they are bound with hemp rope in the barn. Also a set where they masturbate in the kitchen. Using some of the more old fashioned utensils.

Then we quickly got them bought by websites that would cater to those types of acts.

“Yeah, I know it’s uncomfortable. It’s meant as a sexual punishment.” I explain.

“One of those…uh…BSDM things?” Josephine asks. Looking at herself in the mirror.

I smile at her. “BDSM, yes.” I answer.

My girls looked hot trussed up in hemp rope. I had used an online guide. It was called Shibari and we were just using a basic set up.

They weren’t actually bound, it was more like the rope wound around their bodies was an uncomfortable form of underwear.

It was around their waists. It held their big tits. And it ran along their pussies. One strip on each side and a knotted one up the middle, then up between their asscheeks.

The writer of the blog explained that as they walked the rope would stimulate. Especially in the crotch area.

I take some photos of the girls posing. I figure the bondage site would appreciate them. Then the girls put on their heavy grey dresses and we head to the village.

As we walk Josie turns to me. “Oh my! I…the rope in my…between my legs. It’s almost painful, like the brush bristles. It makes me so excited. So sensitive.” I give her a grin and a hug.

At the village I sit down with Obidiah and Josias at the preacher’s home. My girls in the kitchen with the womenfolk to help prepare dinner.

I set out the papers and letters I have. All of the village’s pendik escort finances. Then go over everything with the two men.

“So in short, we are broke. Worse than broke. We owe a lot.” I finish.

“How?” Josias asks. “How could we have not known? How could your grandfather keep this from us?” I shrug, not really sure myself. He didn’t even leave me a note.

“I’m afraid we did know. Or I did anyway.” Obidiah says remorsefully. “I had hoped it wouldn’t get to this. Your grandfather and I were not sure what to do.” The Alderman looks at me. “The world changed on us. On him. I was hoping your web thing would fix it.”

“It has helped.” I explain. “But it won’t be enough, fast enough.”

“Is there anything we can do?” Josias asks a little desperately.

“I…well. I am working on a couple things. I’m hopeful, but you should think about what you may be able to do here.” I tell them.

The older man’s shoulders slump. “That’s what we had been trying to do. We just couldn’t come up with anything.”

The two men were obviously morose through dinner. Unfortunately there was little I could do. They were looking at the end of their way of life.

I didn’t have any easy answers for them. In fact I was nearly pimping out my wife and daughter to keep them afloat.

On the way home I pull the girls off the path and into the woods. I had brought my camera and wanted more pics.

I bind their hands behind their backs, and starting with Josephine make her kneel over a fallen tree. I take plenty of pictures as I lift her dress, revealing her bare ass and the knitted rope bound up it. Then she gasps and groans as I spank her with a thin branch. Making sure to get good shots as her derrière gets redder and redder.

Then Abby gets the same treatment. The teen squealing with excitement and pain as she is punished.

I have them both strip the rest of the way. Left only in the uncomfortable ropes. I tie them both to trees. Abby with her hands behind her, wrapped around the trunk. Josephine with her hands above her head to a branch.

Then I take the branch to their glorious tits. Not too harshly. Most of the photos end up with me pressing the branch to their boobs with one hand and taking the photo with the other.

Then I hear a GASP! from nearby.

“What are you doing?” It was Clara, the preacher’s wife. And her youngest daughter. Constance, I think. A year older than Abigail if I remember correctly.

“I…uh…” Had hoped not to be caught?

“Are they being punished?” The usually quiet Constance asks. She was usually so shy, even her mother looks at her in shock when the young woman speaks up.

“Well…no. It’s a sexual thing.” I explain lamely. Josie and Abby helplessly bound and naked before the village women. Their eyes wide with shock and humiliation.

“Oh.” The young woman says. “It doesn’t look like a lot of fun.”

“Constance!” He mother says aghast. The young woman only shrugs.

“What are you even doing out here?” I ask. Trying to sound stern. Trying to gain control of the situation.

“Oh, we…that is I…” The older woman starts. Then her shoulders slump. The pornographic scene before her momentarily forgotten. “I know my husband is upset, but he won’t tell me why. I was hoping you would.”

I sigh. “That’s kind of why we are doing this.” I wave my hand at the bound girls. “The village is less than broke. If we don’t do something soon we will lose the land by the end of the year.”

“Oh dear!” The woman nearly wails.

“How does this help?” Constance asks.

“You understand the pictures I take of the men making furniture?”

She nods. “Like drawings?”

“Yes. Well this is like that. There are men. Uh…naughty men, who will pay money for pictures like this.”

It’s obvious Clara doesn’t get it. Though I think Constance does.

“We could help.” Constance offers.

Her mother turns to her. “Constance, this is sinful.” I nod. Not really sure what to do.

“It’s to save the village mother.” The young woman says matter of factly. The girl seems to almost have no emotion behind her words. Like Abby, she was a bit old to be without a husband.

“Well, uh, yes. You could help I suppose. Though I wouldn’t want anyone to get in trouble.” I look pointedly at her mother.

The older woman blushes. “It seems so sinful.”

“Well all you have to do is stand in the photos. I can even make sure your faces don’t get shown.” I assure her. “It just adds to the desirability of the pictures if it looks like there is someone actively punishing them.”

She nods, a bit uncertainly.

I position Constance with her back to the camera holding the branch. She faces Abigail with her hand raised. Like she was about to punish the redhead’s tits.

Clara and her daughter are both brunettes. So they contrast well with my girls.

I take a few with the young woman threatening my wife as well. Then I untie them from the tree and retie Josies wrists behind her back.

“Like maltepe escort this?” Constance asks. Doing the same to Abby.

“Yes. Very good,” I tell her. She gives me a slight smile. The first sign of emotion I’ve seen from her.

I have Clara sit on the log and lay Josie across her lap. “Now go ahead and spank her.” I order.

She does very lightly. Barely even touching my wife. “No, no. Harder. She is a very naughty woman. Very sinful.” I suggest.

That gets her going. Soon Josephine is gasping and moaning as her ass is turned red again. I take pictures, making sure to only get Clara from the neck down.

I finally order the older woman to stop. My wife breathing hard in her lust. I spread her pale legs and take some close up shots of her wet pussy. The uncomfortable, knitted rope digging in to her tender flesh.

Then we do the same thing with Abigail.

When we finish with my daughter Clara is quite flush. Embarrassment? Fatigue? Arousal?

“Thank you ladies. If you ever want to help again feel free to stop by the house.” I offer as my, now untied, girls get dressed.

As we walk home Abby speaks up, “That was hot!”

“We will never be allowed to show our faces at the village again.” Josephine laments.

“You didn’t like it?” I ask.

“It’s not that.” My wife blushes. Obviously excited.

“We made them part of the act. I doubt they will tell anyone.” I answer.

That evening the three of us shower together. I enjoy the show as mother and daughter kiss passionately under the hot water. Their amazing bodies dripping. Abby running her thigh up the older woman’s side.

Then I take the teen and lift her by her big round ass. Impaling her on my cock. Her arms and legs wrapped around me as she moans loudly.

Josephine kneels beneath us. Licking my balls as I thrust into her daughter.

Later, on the bed they kiss as I plow my wife from behind.

“Yeah. Apparently you two are a hit. All three sites sent us some fan requests.” I tell my beautiful family.

It has been over a week since the bondage in the woods. That set had sold for double any of the others.

The soft core site wanted a mother/daughter picnic in a field. We hadn’t yet done any shoots where they were in the same photos. Not that the two were shy about incest.

So they dress in light summer dresses and we set up a classy picnic shoot. With lots of stripping and posing.

Afterward they end up rolling around. Kissing and groping each other. No longer able to hold back their lust. I take a little video and some pics for our own collection before joining in.

The bondage site had a number of requests for poses. As well as for the girls to be bound to other barn objects that people had seen in the background of our first shoot.

The hardcore site’s number one request was to see the women churning butter. Something we didn’t have.

The girls were both worried about going to the village so I went alone. A surprise visit, but I never feel unwelcome there.

This time included. It was obvious right away that Clara hadn’t said anything. People smiled at me and waved hello.

As I was asking around for a smallish butter churn to buy, Constance cane up to me. “Are we doing more pictures?” She asks.

“Well, I will be when I get home. I need to buy a butter churn first.” I tell her.

“I know where you can get one.” She says with just the smallest of smiles. Happy to be of help.

She is right too. In half an hour I had just the thing. Sort of like a thin barrel with a long pole coming out the top.

As I was heading out of the village, Constance walking with me, I was stopped by a little boy.

“Preacher Josias would like to see you, sir.” Then he ran off.

Soon I was sitting on the older man’s back porch in a rocking chair. Sharing bitter tea.

“My wife told me of the goings on in the woods.” He finally says, his voice a bit strained. “Can you…can you explain?”

So I tell him a little about porn and porn websites. He had seemed to have a good grasp of the village shop site, and soon he seemed to understand this too. Though it made him uncomfortable.

“And you can make money selling these sinful pictures?” He finally asks.

I nod. “Yes. Possibly quite a bit. Though I don’t think enough unfortunately. With a few other projects though…” I let the thought hang in the air.

Ultimately I can get a job in some big city. A teacher or something. It isn’t the end of my way of life if the village goes under.

“We have no real ideas. Part of the conceit of letting the world pass you by I suppose.” He looks me in the eyes. A worried man old enough to be my father. “No one wants to leave here. It’s too frightening.” He slumps in his chair. Defeated?

“If my wife and daughter were to help…” he asks.

“It would improve our chances yes. But could you…”

“I could look the other way. And pray for guidance…and forgiveness.” He says. He pats my shoulder and kartal escort goes inside.

I sit for a bit and finish my tea. When I start to head out Clara and Constance approach.

“My…my husband would like us to help in any way we can.” The older woman says. Her eyes downcast. Obviously embarrassed. “For the good of the village.” She looks up and tries to give me a hopeful smile.

Together we head back to my house. Butter churn in tow.

I grin at my wife when I escort the two women inside. Josephine is only wearing a short silk nighty and a matching thong. She has her back to the door. Bent over dusting the coffee table. Mooning us.

“You sure like showing your rear young lady.” Clara says with just a hint of mirth. My wife gasps with shock. Covering her mostly bare ass with her hands as she turns around.

“Cl…Clara. Ma’am, I…uh.” My wife stammers.

“It’s ok. They are here to help take pictures. To take some themselves if I understand correctly.” I assure her.

Constance nods, her mother blushes with the thought of what’s to come.

“Really! We have naughty guests?” Abby bursts into the room. Totally nude, her big tits bouncing. She comes to a stop in hugging distance of young Constance.

“That’s right.” I tell them. “We will start off slow with our guests. Just some nude photos. Oh! With the new butter churn I bought.”

So we gather some things and head outside. I figure we could shoot next to the barn. That will make a good backdrop.

I begin with my wife. She starts clothed in her grey dress. Sitting on a chair with her dress covering her spread legs as she pumps the long handle of the churn up and down. Looking like she was giving a giant a handjob.

This time I take a lot of video as she slowly strips. Pretending to churn butter. Then when she is totally nude, we tip the churn over and she grinds her pussy against the long shaft. Moaning her pleasure, while Constance and Abigail hold the whole thing steady for her, just out of frame.

The churn was great quality. The shaft was smooth and treated. I get some great close shots of her wet pussy rubbing up and down the wood. She spreads her juices on the tool as she moans lewdly. Obviously having some sort of effect on the blushing, older Clara.

When we take a short break I tell the preacher’s wife, “Don’t worry. You don’t have to do anything like that today. Just get nude and use the churn properly.” She nods at me. The relief obvious on her face.

Josephine sits on the chair. Her legs once again spread obscenely wide. This time uncovered. Her dress crumpled on the ground nearby. She churns like this for a minute. Then with the teens’ help we tip the butter churn so the end of the shaft is poking at my wife’s crotch.

With a sigh, Josie slides the wooden handle a few inches into her wet cunt. Then she fucks herself with it. I record as she slowly builds to a loud whimpering orgasm.

“My turn! My turn!” Abby claps her hands excitedly.

Her turn is much the same as her mother’s. Also ending with an orgasm at the end of the wooden handle. I get some close video of the teen’s pussy quivering around the wood as she cums.

Then it was Constance. The cute little brunette.

After watching the other two she had a decent idea of what to do. She didn’t need a lot of guidance from me as she naturally moved from pose to pose. Soon she was in her wool shift and bloomers.

She gave me and the camera a wicked smile as she stood up against the butter churn. Her hands wrapped around the shaft she lifted her right knee and rubbed her leg against the tool. Licking the wood like a pole dancer.

I could hear her mother gasp in the background.

My dick was hard as a rock as she pulled off her shift. Her body was lithe and skinny. She had a cute pair of perky B-cup tits and a flat belly.

When she tugged down her bloomers we could see her thick patch of dark pubic hair. And a cute spankable ass.

Instead of ending there she insisted we continue. “I want to try what they did.” She calmly explains.

She was good with grinding on the shaft. My close camerawork picking up her juices glistening on her dark hairs as her lips slid along the shaft.

When it came time for penetration she found she wasn’t quite ready. She looked up at me with big sad doe eyes.

“That’s ok, honey. What you did was really good.” I assure her. That small smile briefly coming back.

She doesn’t bother to dress as her mother takes to the chair. Nervous, but willing to try.

“For the village.” I tell her and the mature woman gives me a wan smile.

Clara is old enough to be my mother. Probably early fifties. She is a handsome woman with a weathered face. Much of her hair has gone to grey. Though not all.

She definitely knew how to churn butter. Too bad we didn’t have any.

When it was time, she took a deep breath and shed her dress. Under her shift it was obvious she was more stacked than her daughter.

When she eventually stripped the rest we found she had a nice pair of double-D’s. Quite saggy but they would look fine in a bra.

Her body had some wrinkles but not too many. Her tummy was a bit rounded. Her ass less so. And her mature cunny was covered in grey pubic hair.

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