Putting out the Fire


In the small town of Oak Grove, there was one well known fact: the police department and the fire department did not get along. The two agencies shared a large building set amongst the rest of the city compound. Their building was split down the middle, each having their own side. The rivalry had been in place for so long, no one really knew why they didn’t get along, it had just become fact.

Every year at the downtown fall festival, there were several different competitions held. Usually the competitions were friendly and all in good fun. Except for a special one. An obstacle course, designed just for the police and fire departments, which was always the biggest attraction. Held in the oversized parking area behind the emergency center building, it always drew in the largest crowds.

Overall, the people of Oak Grove liked and appreciated both departments. Each served a well needed purpose in keeping the pretty little town safe. Most found the old rivalry amusing, some found it tiring, but really, everyone appreciated it as it made the competition much more fun to watch.

There was also the fact that, because of the competition, both departments had a tendency to keep themselves in top form. For most people, this made watching them attractive from another point of view. Both departments shared a central work out area and used it frequently, making for well-built and nicely-tuned police and firemen.

On this particular late summer day, the fireman had pulled the trucks outside to wash them. There were two female police officers on the force, and they were both on duty and watching the firemen. They sent out the occasional and requisite cat calls and heckling, to which the firemen would ignore or respond depending on how creative the calls were.

Officer Jen Shuman was a short redhead with a well-proportioned body. When in the bulky uniform with vest and duty belt, it was hard to tell what kind of figure she had. But in the workout room, the killer body showed itself to perfection. Large breasts and full hips balanced out nicely with a trim waist. Jen knew the looks she got and would dress in loose tee shirts and pants to hide the curves.

She had soft brown eyes and full pouty lips. Her red hair was naturally curly and fell nearly to her waist. None of the men knew that though, as she was careful to keep it tightly bound in a bun, whether on duty or off. The only time she allowed it to be loose and free was in the privacy of her own home.

Officer Theresa Orr was just the opposite. At 5’10” she was taller than some of the men. She was also of a stockier build with short cropped blond hair and bright blue eyes. She claimed a Viking heritage and could pump iron with the best of the men. She had been in a relationship with one of the female dispatchers even though fraternizing within the department was frowned upon. She was so big and intimidating that none of her superiors were brave enough to tell her the relationship was unacceptable.

When the two officers stood together, it was quite a site. They had been good friends ever since Jen had joined the force a year after Theresa. Although the male supervisors had hesitated to put the two women on shifts together, their combined strengths couldn’t be denied. They worked well together and were excellent back up to each other in any situation.

Currently, the two women stood leaning against Jen’s patrol car, sipping from large cups of icy soda and watching the firemen work. The nearly 10″ difference in their height would have been comical if both hadn’t been so damn good looking. None of the firemen coming under their nearly constant heckling were sorry they were there, as they provided such a nice picture to look at.

Although she wasn’t at all discriminant in her jeering of the men washing the trucks, there was one that had caught Jen’s eye. A new firemen by the name of Reese Lovan. He was a long, tall drink of bulging muscles that made her mouth water. Rich, soft looking, brown hair and piercing light green eyes with legs that seemed to come up to her ears. She just wanted to climb up his body and nibble his neck.

“How tall do you think he is?” Jen asked quietly.

Theresa frowned, having no clue who Jen was referring to. She took a sip of her cold soda before asking, “Who?”

“Lovan. The new one.”

Theresa hid her smile with another pull of soda through her straw. She thought that was the way the wind was blowing with her little friend and she had just had it confirmed. “He’s taller than me so I’d say over 6′. Too tall for your short butt.”

“Now that’s just nasty.” Jen knew she was being teased. If she didn’t like Theresa so much she’d take offense. But she knew as soon as she let it out about her interest that she’d get it from both Theresa and her partner Melissa in dispatch. She felt a trickle of sweat make its meandering way down her back. “Why are we standing here in the sun?”

“Because you wanted to ogle the new guy.”

“Whatever. Let’s çankaya escort get outta here.” Jen pushed away from the car and started to walk around the hood.

Theresa stayed where she was, “What, and give up all this man meat?”

Jen stopped and turning, looked back with a half laugh, “You don’t like man meat, remember? Or have you had a change of heart?”

Theresa suddenly jerked upright, gestured and said, “Watch – ” but it was too late.

Jen hadn’t realized that she’d stepped a little too close to the firemen until the cold spray of water hit her in the leg. She turned quickly and stepped back out of range to find two firemen laughing hysterically. One was Reese, the other was a veteran fireman named John Haskins who was evidently teaching the newbie the ropes of the rivalry between the two departments.

“Oh, funny man aren’t you, Haskins. Don’t laugh too hard old man, you might hurt yourself.”

“Ah sweetheart, don’t get your panties in a wad, it’s only a little water. You were lookin’ a little… uh, hot. Thought you needed to cool off a bit.” This from the green eyed giant, Reese, who dared to step closer to her. His voice was a deep southern drawl that slid through her like warm honey.

Although Jen would fully admit to herself that it was her own mistake that got her uniform wet, she couldn’t allow old Haskins to know she appreciated his move. It was something she would have done as well had the tables been turned. But to be called “sweetheart” in front of so many firemen was a whole different story. As the cat calls and jeers carried on behind the firemen, she narrowed her eyes at Reese. A sexy deep voice wasn’t going to keep her from getting a little retribution.

“Dude, you got a lot to learn. Don’t mess with me or you’ll find yourself on the ground.”

Reese had noticed both female officers and had questioned a couple of the other guys. He was sorry about whatever rivalry was going on, as he was generally a friendly guy and liked to get along with everyone. But this little redhead was a spitfire and he really wanted to get to know her better.

Towering over her, he looked down at her and quietly said, “I’m sorry if I offended you. It’s my first night here on duty alone; why don’t you stop by later and keep me company? I’ll be glad to help you with your panties. You know, straighten them back out some.”

Jen was instantly aroused and furious at the same time. No man had dared to flirt with her for a long time now. She couldn’t deny that his offer, given in that sexy drawl was extremely tempting and at the same time, highly insulting. Giving him a feral smile, she gently took his hand in hers. As the men behind him shouted out warnings, she quickly and efficiently applied a pressure point in his hand and had him falling onto his knees in front of her, gasping at the sudden pain shooting up his arm.

As Theresa laughed heartily, Jen leaned down close to Reese’s ear, not that she had far to go. Even on his knees, that only brought his head down just below hers. “Don’t mess with me, sweetheart . I can take you every time. As for your offer, stuff it up your ass.” She released him just as quickly and turning on her heel got into her car and left.

Theresa still stood, watching the fireman get up off the ground. “That’s not a good way to make friends, you know.”

Reese gave her a killer grin. “Maybe not, but you gotta admit she’s gonna be thinking about me all night now.”

Nodding the blond saluted him, “Very good my friend, very good.”

They went their separate ways. Reese received plenty of ribbing for his encounter but he didn’t reveal what had transpired out of the other mens’ hearing. He didn’t want any surprises to happen that evening, just in case the feisty redhead did come by.

Hours later at home, Jen stepped from the shower and briskly dried off. Dropping the towel on the floor, she looked over her body in the mirror hanging on the back of the bathroom door. For being so short and having such large breasts, she was happy with her proportions. Her hips were a little wider than she would have liked, but there was no changing that.

Jen hated her peaches and cream complexion but thanked the gods above that she wasn’t covered in freckles. Small pale nipples topped full pointy breasts that she was rather proud of. Her hair hung in damp, loose ringlets down her back, making her look like some kind of mystical woodland fairy. Although she always wished she had grown an additional six inches taller, Jen was pleased with her athletic, lightly muscular frame.

Heading into the bedroom she pulled on soft blue pj pants and a tank top. After wandering into the kitchen and staring at a nearly empty refrigerator, she discovered that supper was going to have to be found elsewhere. Cursing viciously, she slammed the fridge door shut and stomped back to her room to change.

Yanking on a pair of jeans and tee shirt she wondered briefly about leaving her hair down. With a sigh, the ankara rus escort long-time habit had her gathering up the russet locks and bundling it all into her usual bun. Slipping into a pair of comfortable clog shoes and grabbing her keys, she left the house.

Minutes later, she was standing at the bar of Mama May’s sipping a soda and waiting for a pizza. Everyone knew that Mama made the best pizza in town and for the officers, would throw on an extra handful of cheese. Jen chatted up a few of the locals while she waited, but her mind was on a tall, tasty looking fireman.

After getting her pizza and going back to her SUV she sat in indecision. Finally with a harsh growl, she started the vehicle and headed for the station. Jen actually circled the building, making sure no one else was around before parking behind the Water Department building so no one on either force would see her SUV and recognize it.

Cursing to herself and grumbling about being weak, she gathered up the still hot cardboard box and her soda and stomped across the large parking lot to the fire department. Opening the unlocked back door she made her way through the garage to the living and sleeping quarters. The city always had one fireman on duty, day and night. Sometimes people came to the fire department for medical emergencies instead of calling in, and the on duty fireman was there to assist. They were also responsible for having the engines started and trucks ready to go for when the other men responded for fires and such.

She could hear the tinny sound of a TV and gave the closed door a light kick. The volume on the TV decreased and footsteps were heard crossing to the door. Just as Jen had decided this was truly a bad idea, the door was pulled open and there stood the towering Reese.

“Well looky here. What is that smell? Is that from Mama Mays?”

Jen shoved the box at him and scowled. “Yes it’s from Mama’s. Double pepperoni and mushroom.”

Reese took the box with a smile and waved Jen inside. As she crossed the threshold Jen wondered if any police officer had ever been in this room before. A long cushy looking couch sat facing a large flat screen TV that hung on the wall. There were other chairs and a couple of recliners scattered around. Behind that was a small kitchen and dining area. Everything was large and mostly brown in color, a very manly room.

Reese sat the box on the coffee table in front of the couch and motioned for Jen to sit before heading to the kitchen for plates. She cautiously approached and sat in the corner of the soft leather couch. Since her feet didn’t touch the floor, she kicked off her clogs and pulled her them up under her.

Reese returned and handed her a plastic plate. “Sorry about not using the fine china there. This bunch of guys can be a bit destructive.”

“This is fine, thanks.” Jen muttered. She was having serious regrets at coming here tonight but couldn’t figure out a graceful way to leave.

Reese plopped down on the couch and leaned forward to open the box. Fragrant spicy smells invaded the room. Reese helped himself and then looked over at Jen who hadn’t moved. When he noted her feet tucked up under her and her distance from him and the pizza box he had to hide a grin. Handing her the plate he had just filled, he took her empty one for his own and reached to fill it.

Jen had been wondering how to reach the coffee table and the pizza box without getting too close to Reese when he handed her his full plate of pizza. With an inner shrug she decided not to argue and started to eat the rich cheesy pie. She settled back in her corner and looked at the TV noting the popular sit-com that she liked to watch.

Soon, they had both relaxed and were enjoying the show. Jen didn’t even really notice when Reese traded her plates once more after she had emptied the one she had, giving her a refill. They were laughing and chatting about favorite shows and getting along fairly well. Jen had even come out of her curled up position and stretched her legs out across the couch. She was short enough and the couch long enough that her feet didn’t quite touch Reese.

She also didn’t notice when Reese very carefully scooted a bit closer to her until he lifted her feet into his lap. Jen went quiet and stared at him as he started idly massaging a foot. Reese pretended he didn’t notice her stillness as he gently rubbed at the arches of a dainty foot and continued to watch the TV.

As the warmth from his strong hands worked on her feet, Jen began to worry that she was going to melt into a puddle right there. The things his hands were doing were totally wonderful. A slow soft burn began to creep up her legs and she had trouble keeping her breathing even. She slouched down a bit further in the corner, leaning her head back against the corner of the couch.

Reese continued to work on her feet, but then started moving up her leg. His warm hands rubbed against her ankle before slipping inside ankara yabancı escort the leg of her jeans to the silky smoothness of her calf. Jen felt her nipples spring to attention as heat shot up her leg. When she started to pull away, Reese’s hand clamped down and held her tight.

Piercing green eyes met her startled brown ones. Reese gave a quick jerk of her leg and pulled her across the slick material of the couch. When her butt came up against his hip, his other hand grabbed her waist to keep her still. In the maneuver, her head bounced off the padded arm of the couch and her neat bun of hair fell apart, pins scattering over the couch and floor.

Just as she reached to grab her hair, Reese saw the red wave of curls and released her to grab her hands in his preventing her from capturing her hair. Moving to hold both her hands in one of his, he used his free hand to sweep up a handful of her hair.

“Wow,” he whispered his voice deep and soft. Jen closed her eyes in dismay. She’d never live this down. “Don’t you tell anyone about my hair,” she demanded, throwing him a fierce frown.

“I never would have guessed this was in that neat little bundle. God woman, that’s gorgeous. Why do you hide it like that?”

She narrowed her eyes at the wonder on his face. His fingers were still tangled in the soft strands. “If you tell anyone about this, I will hunt you down and make your life a living hell,” She growled. Jen struggled to pull free from him and sit up, but his grip on her hands was firm and he had managed to tangle his fingers up in her hair so that pulling away tugged painfully at the strands.

Reese made a frustrated sound and pulled Jen up into his lap where she proceeded to try to squirm away. He clamped an arm around her waist and used his free hand to spread out the glorious locks of hair that were now flowing free. “Why do you hide this? I understand about on the job, but I’ve seen you off the job plenty and you always have your hair tied up. Why?”

Jen sighed, he wasn’t going to let her out of this. She had spent so long trying to make everyone look past her height and to not show any weakness, that sometimes she wondered why not take the final step and cut off the mass of hair. Not even Theresa knew that she had always felt that she had to prove herself constantly to the men in her line of work; that she was just as tough and just as capable as they were in doing the job. Being so short, she was looked on as delicate and Jen worked daily to prove the opposite.

Reese wondered if she was avoiding answering his question and gave a gentle tug of the hair he still held. Keeping her firmly latched against him, he began to smooth out her tangled hair. Once he had it flowing all around her, he let his fingers drift across her neck.

Jen couldn’t stop the quick shiver that racked her body at his touch. She hadn’t taken time for a man or a relationship since taking her job on the force almost three years ago. With a sudden insight she realized that this man was about to cross boundaries she’d set and her body was going to betray her by enjoying his touch. She wanted to make sure that she was the one in control so as not to appear weak. By appearing as the aggressor, she had the upper hand, but feeling her body soften against his touch was taking that away from her.

“Look, it’s just a hassle and an aggravation, I should just cut it and I really can’t say why I haven’t yet.”

“No freaking way are you cutting this,” Reese replied, “it’s beautiful, you’re beautiful,” he said as his fingers trailed across her collarbone, igniting little fires in their wake. The warm and very female body pressed up against his was causing a reaction that he was enjoying. She was so tiny and yet so strong and curvy at the same time that she made for a very delicious handful.

He gently cupped her cheek and turned her face to his. Brushing his thumb across the silky soft, plump lower lip, Jen could feel herself melting. Reese slowly lowered his head and very lightly brushed her lips with his. As the fire leaped between them, he dotted all around her mouth with tiny kisses. Jen couldn’t breathe, somewhere, somehow she’d lost the ability to breathe. His mouth continued feathering little kisses all around her lips, but not really kissing her.

Jen felt herself grow damp with need. Just as she thought about biting him in order to get him to really kiss her, his mouth covered hers, hot and wet and feeling oh, so good. His tongue plundered and took her mouth, sweeping inside and causing her to go lightheaded. He nibbled at her lips, drinking in her taste, making her moan as the heat raced through her body.

God the man could kiss. Jen’s nipples had gone rock hard, and her panties were nearly soaked. Just then, Reese’s hand found its way under her tee shirt and a new fire raged across her skin. Up her side and across her back, the hand burned a path across her body. Jen whimpered, the need for him rising so hot and so fast it was taking her breath away.

As Reese’s hand smoothed across to cup her large soft breast encased in the lace of her bra, they both groaned. He rubbed his thumb across her taut nipple and felt an answering response as his dick gave a jump in his confining jeans.

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