Subject: Quality Time 10 Chance the rapper was taking a vacation with his brother, Taylor Bennet. Taylor was just coming off a bad break up with his boyfriend and Chance thought he would take him on a `guys only’ vacation to Jamaica. He got up from his bed and looked around the villa they were staying at for his brother. As usual, he found Taylor was standing in the living room, looking out of the big floor to ceiling window. Also, as per usual, he was wearing just a black silk robe. Chance came up behind his brother and wrapped his arms around his waist. “How you doing, bro?” He asked. “I’m okay.” Taylor said sadly. “No, you’re not, but, that’s okay.” Chance said. Then, out of nowhere, Taylor asked Chance, “Do you think I look sexy?” Chance was taken aback by the question, at first. “What made you ask me that?” Chance asked. “Never mind.” Taylor said sadly. “No, no. I can answer that question, I just need one thing.” Chance said. “What’s that?” Taylor asked. Chance grabbed Taylor’s robe and yanked it off him and said, “You butter ball naked!” Taylor stood naked, and shocked, in front of Chance. Chance walked over to Taylor and started rubbing his hand all over Taylor’s butt. “What are you doing?” Taylor asked with a smile. “Seeing how sexy you are.” Chance said as he slowly stroked his brother’s dick with his other hand. “I said, look sexy, not feel sexy.” Taylor said. “I like to look with my hands, if you know what I mean.” Chance said as he continued to feel on Taylor’s plump booty and stroking his long thick dick. “What are you doing to me.” Taylor asked. Chance grinned mischievously and said, “Trying to get you hard. Can’t you tell?” Taylor Bennet was in shock. He was standing in the middle of his hotel room butter ball naked! What was even more surprising was that his brother, Chance the Rapper was groping his ass and stroking his dick at the same time! “Mmmm.” Taylor moaned softly. “Do you like that?” Chance whispered into his brother’s ear. “Mmm, yesss!” Taylor hissed. He was really turned on right about now. His dick started to throb in Chance’s soft hands. He started trembling and didn’t know what to do with himself. Meanwhile, Chance’s other hand was roughly groping Taylor’s booty meat. Taylor was loving getting his ass manhandled by his big strong older brother. It was a definite turn on. “Oh my God!” He thought to himself. “Chance’s strong hands are fucking amazing!” “Bro, your makin’ my body feel so good!” Taylor exclaimed. “Damn, nigga!” “I know what will make you feel real good.” Chance said. He dropped down to his knees in front of his brother. “He’s not gonna… No way! He wouldn’t!” Taylor thought to himself. Just then, as if to answer his unspoken words, Chance stroked Taylor’s dick then he popped it into his mouth! “OH SHIT!” Taylor screamed, his eyes bugging out of his head. Chance sucked Taylor’s dick like ankara rus escort it was the best thing since sliced bread! “Damn, Bro! Your lips feel so soft.” Taylor grabbed the back of Chance’s head and gently forced more of his dick down his throat. “Your mouth feels so fuckin’ hot! Shit!” As he continued to suck on Taylor’s dick, Chance started taking off his t-shirt. He stopped sucking Taylor’s dick long enough to remove it completely. “Why don’t you stand up, so I can help you take off them pants.” Taylor said. Before Chance could say anything, Taylor unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and yanked them down. Chance quickly took off his shoes allowing Taylor to take his pants all the way off. Underneath, Chance was wearing a pair of black briefs that hugged his phat booty. “Damn, Chance! You look sexy as hell in that underwear, man.” “Thanks, man.” Chance said as he took the underwear off. “But, now, you look even better!” Taylor exclaimed as he reached over and gently gave his brother’s arm muscles a squeeze. “My turn.” Chance said as he grabbed his brother’s pecs and pinched them gently. “Mmmm.” Taylor moaned. Chance looked down and noticed that, whenever he pinched Taylor’s pecs, his dick would jump. “Well, damn!” A little embarrassed, Taylor giggled nervously. Chance reached down and stroked his brother’s eight-inch long, beer can thick dick. “Mmm, fuck!” Chance smiled as he slowly stroked Taylor’s dick. “Damn, your hands feel so fuckin’ good! Shit!” While he stroked Taylor’s dick with one hand, Chance reached around and slipped his middle finger between Taylor’s thick booty meat. Taylor cooed happily when Chance’s finger entered his hole. “Mmmm.” “How does that feel, man?” Chance asked. “That…feels…so…. GOOD!” Taylor said breathlessly. As Chance started to finger fuck Taylor’s asshole, Taylor reached back and started stroking his brother’s dick, getting it nice and hard. The more Chance finger fucked Taylor’s hole, the faster Taylor stroked his dick. Soon, they were in a frenzy. “Get on your knees and suck my dick!” Chance demanded. Taylor quickly got on his knees and his mouth letting Chance stick his dick inside his mouth. Taylor licked Chance’s dick like a lollipop. “Mmmm, your dick tastes real good, man.” He said. “I’m glad you like it.” Chance said. “Your tongue feels great!” Chance loved having his brother suck his dick. “He’s the only one who can do it right.” He thought to himself. Taylor slowly licked and licked Chance’s dick, making it jump. “Mmmm, fuck!” Chance moaned. “Stop playing with it, man!” So, Taylor opened his mouth wider and inhaled Chance’s entire dick! “GOD DAMN!” Chance growled when Taylor took his dick down his throat. “FUCK!” Now, Taylor sucked Chance’s dick like the most delicious ice cream cone. “Oh, my fuckin’ GOD!” Chance’s eyes bulged in surprise. “Shit!” Taylor çankaya escort sucked and sucked on Chance’s dick, making it rock hard. As he sucked on his brother’s dick, Taylor slipped his finger between his brother’s fat booty. Chance moaned softly when he felt his brother’s finger gently probing his hole. Taylor slowly worked his finger up Chance’s asshole as he continued to suck his dick. “OOOOH!” Chance’s asshole was tight as hell. “I can’t wait to get up inn here.” Taylor thought to himself. As if he had read Taylor’s mind, Chance asked, “You gonna fuck my ass?” “You gonna let me?” Taylor asked. “Mmm hmm.” Chance said. Just the thought of Taylor and his thick dick nearly made Chance cum all over himself! “Let’s take this to the couch.” Taylor said. They walked to the couch and Chance sat down. Then Taylor grabbed his legs. “Hold these.” Chance grabbed his legs and held them wide apart, giving his brother access to his asshole. Taylor dove in, head first, licking Chance’s asshole. “Mmm, fuck!” Chance moaned. “Feels good!” When Taylor started nibbling on Chance’s ass lips, Chance made a sound that Taylor hadn’t heard before; it was high-pitched and scary as hell! “OH, MY FUCKIN GOD!” Chance screamed. He huffed and puffed as Taylor continued to chew on his as lips. Then Taylor stuck his tongue deep up his asshole. “FFUUCCKK!” In out in out in out. Taylor flicked his tongue in and out of his brother’s booty hole like a viper. “Damn that tongue! Fuck!” He was tossing Chance’s salad like nobody’s business! Chance grabbed Taylor’s head, trying to get his tongue deeper up his hole. “Fuck…ME!” Taylor tried to pull back, but, Chance had him by his hair and wouldn’t let go. So, Taylor slid as much of his long tongue even further up Chance’s booty. “OH MY GOD!” Chance let go of Taylor and immediately started stroking his dick furiously. “You ready for this dick?” Taylor asked. Chance looked at his brother and said, still stroking his dick, “HELL YEAH!” Taylor slammed his dick deep up Chance’s hole. “G’damn, man! Your asshole is tight as fuck!” He said. He long stroked Chance’s hole, going in an d out of it slowly and methodically. “Oooh, shit!” Chance moaned. “Damnn!” His body shuddered every time Taylor slammed his dick up his tight hole. “Fuck!” “Damn, my nigga!” Taylor exclaimed. “This as is da business!” He couldn’t believe how tight and wet his brother’s boi pussy was. “This ass is tighter than a bitch’s pussy! Fuck!” In out in out in out. He plowed his dick in and out of Chance’s hole, making him squeal with pleasure. “FUCK ME!” Chance screamed, suddenly. “You want me to fuck you, hunh?” Taylor asked. “Aiight, I’mma fuck you. I’mma fuck you real good.” He started piston fucking Chance like his was the last piece of ass on earth! “OH SHIT! OH SHIT!” Chance screamed as Taylor rammed his ankara escort monster dick in and out of his hole. “How you like this big dick, Chance?” Taylor asked. “Is it good to you?” “AWW, FFUUCCKK!” Chance cried out as Taylor’s dick pummeled his hole. While he was fuckin the hell out of his brother’s hole, Taylor started messing with Chance’s feet. He licked the soles of his feet. As Taylor licked his feet, Chance moaned aloud with pleasure. “Not my feet! Shit! Your gonna make me cum! Fuck!” Chance stroked his dick faster and faster. Then Taylor started sucking Chances toes. “Oh shit! Not my toes! You’re tryin’ to make me cum, ain’t ya? Fuck!” Between getting fucked deep and hard and getting his toes sucked (Chance’s weakness), Chance was about to lose his mind, not to mention his seed. Taylor rammed his dick deep up Chance’s hole like a jack hammer, wreaking his boi pussy. “AWWWW, FFUUCCKK!” Chance screamed. He tried to escape the dick, but, in this position, he was trapped. He was getting fucked deep and there was nothing he could do about it. “OH, MY FUCKIN’ GOD!” Then Taylor pulled out for no reason. Chance looked at him curiously. “Lean over the back of the couch,” Taylor said. “I wanna fuck you from behind.” Chance quickly got up and leaned over the back of the couch. SMACK! “Spread them legs apart…WIDE apart!” Chance quickly did as he was told and soon he felt the familiar sensation of Taylor’s big dick up his ass. “OOHH, SSHHIITT!” He groaned. In this position, Chance felt like he had a torpedo up his ass! Taylor fucked Chance harder than he ever had before. “Pull my hair!” Chance said. Taylor looked at Chance strangely (luckily Chance couldn’t see him looking) and grabbed his hair. Since it was short, there wasn’t much to grab. Then Taylor had another idea. He grabbed Chance by the ears, yanking his head backwards. “AWW, SSHHIITT!” Then he piston fucked Chance’s hole into oblivion. In out in out in out in out in out in out! “Oh, fuck yea!” Chance cried out. “FUCK ME!” Then Taylor grabbed Chance’s arms and fucked him harder still. “OH, FUCK ME, DADDY! FUCK ME DEEP!” Tears began to roll down Chance’s face he let go of all the pent-up emotions he held inside from the following year. Then, it happened… “I’M CUMMIN!” Chance growled. Sure enough, when Taylor looked down on the couch, he saw a steady load of cum spraying from Chance’s thick dick. “FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKK!” Taylor wasn’t about to stop. He was enjoying Chance’s tight booty hole way too much. Then, suddenly, he felt his balls tighten. He knew what that meant. “OH SHIT!” He growled. “I’M GONNA CUMM!” “Cum…on…my…face!” Chance said breathlessly. So, Taylor pulled out of Chance’s ass. Then Chance turned around as Taylor stroked his dick one last time. When Chance was ready, Taylor straddled him and shot his load all over Chance’s face. Chance looked a hot mess! Taylor sat next to Chance and smiled at him. “Damn, that as was good, man.” He said. “You gonna let me do that again some time? Maybe out in public?” Chance cracked a sly grin as his dick stirred. “Maybe.” He said as he reached over and stroked his brother’s dick. The End

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