Subject: Quality Time Diggy Simmons was wandering around his parent’s house when something outside caught his eye. He looked a little closer. It was his brother, Russy, swimming in the pool in the backyard. Diggy decided to join him. When he got out to the pool area, Russy looked up and acknowledged him. “Hey, bro, what’s up?” Diggy asked. “Just tryin’ to cool off in this hot New York weather.” Russy said. Then he dove back in the water and started doing laps, up and down the length of the pool. Diggy sat down on one of the beach chairs near the pool. As Russy swam back and forth, Diggy noticed his brother’s ass as it moved through the pool. Suddenly, Diggy’s dick started to stir. Soon, a big bulge formed in his pants. Diggy caressed his bulge as he continued to watch his brother swim. “Damn, Russy’s ass is so damn phat! Jesus Christ!” After a minute or two, Diggy couldn’t help himself. He unzipped his pants, reached inside, and pulled out his monster dick. He continued to watch his brother as he started stroking his dick, slowly. “Mmm, that feels good.” He said. “So good.” What he didn’t know was that his dick stroking didn’t go unnoticed. Russy had seen him pull out his dick as he was swimming. “Lord, Jesus! Diggy’s dick is a monster!” He thought to himself. Then, suddenly Diggy and Russy’s eyes met. Russy got up out of the pool and walked over to his brother. He bent down and kissed Diggy passionately on the lips. As he kissed Diggy, Russy reached down and gently stroked Diggy’s humongous dick. “Would you like some help with that?” He asked when he finally came up for air. Diggy looked up at his brother and smiled. “Sure, Russ, that would be awesome.” He said. Russy got down on his knees and started slowly stroking his brother’s dick. “Mmm, that feels real good, bro.” Diggy really enjoyed the hand job Russy was giving him. “But, why don’t you wrap your lips around this dick.” Russy looked at his brother, smiling. “I thought you’d never ask.” He said. He started licking his brother’s dick like a lollipop. “Mmm. That feels great, Russ.” Diggy moaned. Russy expertly used his tongue, moving it up and down Diggy’s big dick, letting it go all ankara rus escort the way around. “Fuck, that feels so damn good! Shit!” Russy’s lips felt silky smooth against Diggy’s skin. “Damn!” Diggy couldn’t believe how good this all felt. It left him wanting more. Russy looked up as he continued to suck his brother’s dick. He could see the lustful look in his eyes and knew exactly what to do. “Why don’t you take off your clothes, so you’ll be more comfortable?” Russy suggested. “Can you help me with this?” Diggy asked, pulling his pants down around his thighs. “Sure thing.” Russy said, reaching for Diggy’s shoes. “First, we gotta take these off.” He unlaced Diggy’s sneakers and gently pulled them off. Then he slid Diggy’s socks off. Russy licked his lips when he saw Diggy’s bare feet. He rubbed his brother’s feet lovingly. Diggy looked at his brother rubbing his feet. “Why don’t you suck on my toes.” He said, smiling down at Russy. Russy looked back at Diggy and smiled back. Then he started licking Diggy’s feet, starting with the bottoms. “Oooh, that feels good.” Russy used his tongue as he traced the curves of his brother’s foot. Diggy stroked his dick slowly as Russy continued to lick his feet. Then Russy opened his mouth and took in all five of Diggy’s toes! “Damn, bro!” Russy sucked on each individual toe, getting Diggy hot! “That shit feels so fuckin’ awesome!” Russy’s tongue made it up Diggy’s leg, up to his thighs, stopping briefly to suck his dick again. Then he licked up and down Diggy’s washboard stomach. “Oh fuckkk!” Diggy’s body tingled all over as Russy’s tongue licked Diggy’s neck. Then, suddenly, Russy bit Diggy’s neck like a vampire. “GOD DAMN!” “Damn, Russy’s foreplay skills are on point!” He thought to himself. “He’s gonna have me cummin’ and he ain’t even fucked me, yet!” As they made out, Russy felt Diggy’s hands all over his ass, squeezing and caressing his booty. “Mmm.” He moaned. SMACK! SMACK! Diggy smacked Russy’s soft, tender ass cheeks, getting him hotter than ever before. “Man, what are you doing to me?” He asked. “Getting this ass ready for my dick.” Diggy replied, grinning from ear çankaya escort to ear. “Damn, bro. This ass is fat as fuck! I can’t wait to get up in it!” Then Russy felt Diggy’s finger slip between his mounds and enter his asshole. “Ahhh, oooh.” Russy moaned. Diggy gripped both of Russy’s ass cheeks firmly and squeezed with all his might, leaving his hand prints behind. “Mmmm!” “You like it when I grip this ass, don’t you, bro?” Diggy asked. “Yesss!” Russy hissed emphatically. Then Diggy stuck his middle finger up Russy’s hole. “Damn, bro. This ass is tight!” Diggy said. “I think I’m gonna have to use my tongue to get it loose.” “Do what you gotta do.” Russy said, smiling down at his brother. “Well, then, get on your hands and knees.” Diggy said. Russy quickly got up off Diggy and got down on the ground, on his hands and knees. Diggy got behind him and roughly spread Russy’s ass cheeks. Then Diggy dove in, his tongue sliding into Russy’s tight hole. “FUCK!” Russy cried out when he felt Diggy’s long, wet tongue. “DAMN!” Russy’s body shivered as Diggy’s tongue went in and out like a snake’s tongue, going deeper and deeper. Russy reached down and started stroking his now hard dick. The more Diggy tongued him down, the faster he stroked his dick. “OH MY GOD!” Russy slammed his fists against the concrete beneath him, trying not to lose his mind. It wasn’t easy, though. “That tongue of yours feels so fuckin’ good, bro!” Diggy’s tongue was working like magic, getting him wide open! “You ready to get that ass stuffed?” Diggy asked. “YESSS!” Russy hollered. “Then, get on your back.” Diggy said. “I’m about to tear this ass down!” Russy turned over onto his back and spread his legs wide open, giving Diggy access to his asshole. Diggy slid his dick deep up his brother’s hole. Russy’s hole closed around his dick and tightened like a firm handshake. “Damn, bruh! Your ass is tight as fuck!” He slowly fucked his brother’s hole. In out in out in out in out. “FUCK!” Russy moaned. His body quivered with each thrust of Russy’s long sword. “AWW, SHIT!” In out in out in out. Diggy’s dick went deeper and deeper. “This ass is the bomb!” ankara escort He said, smiling down at his brother. Then he bent down and kissed him passionately on his lips. “Do that again!” Russy said, smiling up at Diggy. “I forgot how much you like to kiss.” Diggy said. He bent down again and kissed his brother’s lips. This time was more passionate than the first. It was so passionate, it made Russy’s toes curl! Diggy was truly beating Russy’s boi pussy up. “OOOH, AHHHH, OHHH!” Russy moaned as he felt his brother’s dick going all up and through his insides. “This…dick! DAMN!” As he continued to fuck Russy, Diggy started nibbling on Russy’s neck. “OOOOH, SSHHIITT!” “That feel good to ya?” He asked. “YESSS!” Russy hissed. Russy was having the time of his life. “OHHH, FFUUCCKK!” He moaned. The sensations were almost too much for him. “Let…me…ride…that dick.” “Okay. You know what to do.” Diggy said. Russy wrapped his arms and legs around Diggy’s neck and waist. Then Diggy lifted him up and sat down on one of the pool chairs. Now, Russy bounced up and down on Diggy’s dick. “OOOOHH, SSSHHHIIITTT!” Russy moaned loudly. “GOD DAMN!” Diggy smacked Russy’s ass and said, “Yea, boy! Bounce on this dick! Bounce on daddy’s dick!” As he bounced on Diggy’s dick, Russy reached down and started pinching Diggy’s sensitive nipples. “Yea, mmm. That feels so good! Fuck!” Sweat dripped from the two men as they continued sexing each other like wild beasts in the Serengeti. Diggy bounced his brother on his dick faster and harder. “DAMN! FUCK! SHIT!” Russy hollered. He continued to play with his brother’s nipples, roughly pinching them, which made Diggy fuck Russy harder. “Mmm, shit!” Diggy moaned. “That feels damn good, man. Pinch me harder.” Russy pinched his brother’s nipples even harder, which drove Diggy over the edge! “I’M GONNA CUMMM!” “Cum on my face!” Russy said. “Get up off me and get on your knees.” Diggy said. Russy quickly got on his knees while Diggy stood over him. “OH FFUUCCKK!” He sprayed his cum all over Russy’s face. Russy’s tongue licked around his mouth, trying to get as much cum as he could. “Damn, that ass was good as fuck!” Diggy bent down and gave Russy’s ass a good squeeze. “Thanks for letting me fuck you.” “Believe me, it was my pleasure.” Russy said, rubbing his booty. Diggy gathered up his clothes and headed back into the house while Russy, still butter ball naked, dove back into the pool. The End

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