Quarantine Madness Ch. 05-06


Chapter five.

The more I thought about it the more I thought William was onto something. Then I would get angry at myself for having doubts when I shouldn’t. I spent hours swinging from one extreme to the next until I finally settled on one thought. I had to know. I had to do some digging.

I went through all of our paperwork which David kept immaculately and there was nothing. Of course, there’s nothing, I said to myself, look how careful he is. I searched all of our cupboards and drawers for anything hidden but found nothing. I got onto the family computer and started trolling through everything I could find but there was nothing. I felt like I was missing something but I just couldn’t figure it out. What was strange though was the fact that I had seen him working on here when he had got home from a business trip but there was nothing I could find from his work.

I went back into the folder he had that was just his stuff and still, there were no work things. I was about to give it up as a bad joke when the boys came in from outside. I had almost forgotten they were here I was so focused on what I was doing.

“You look, frazzled Mum. Have you had anything to eat yet?”

“No I have been sort of focused on this but I can’t find anything.”

“Where are you looking?”

“In his files.”

“You won’t find anything in there. Here, let me show you something.”

William leaned over me and began opening different files, then trying different file paths off those. I had no idea how he did it but after about five minutes he found something odd. In amongst his family photos was a file that had previously been hidden. William clicked it open and there was a word file in there. I held my breath while it opened then felt a profound anticlimax. The file was nothing more than a series of letters and numbers. Followed by another similar series.

I felt that it was just another dead end but apparently Shane was excited by it. He leaned forward from behind me and pointed to the series excitedly. His scent invaded my body and he was brushing up against my back. His muscular arm brushed against mine as he pointed and I was invaded again by a very vivid image in my mind of Shane’s naked body pressed against my back as he entered me from behind. The thought was so powerful that my pussy clenched and my nipples immediately hardened. Oh god let him mount me like a stallion with his thick throbbing cock, I thought. I tried to keep my head together no matter how erotic the thoughts were running through my head. I looked up and William was smiling his “I told you so” grin and I simply couldn’t deny it. I had to redirect this A.S.A.P.

“Sorry, what did you say Shane?”

“I know what that is.”


“That’s a cloud account. At least I’m pretty sure it is.”

“Only one way to find out.”

William said as he began furiously clicking on the mouse. He brought up the same cloud server he used for school.

“I should have known. Dad asked me about the cloud when I was discussing what we were doing at school. I told him which server we used and how to use it. I hope he actually followed my advice.”

Within minutes we found exactly what we were looking for. There were thousands of files. All neatly stored in their own specific folders. Photos in their thousands of him and someone else. Out to dinner in nice restaurants, walks in the park in places I had never been. Then eventually more intimate photos of the two of them. It just made me sad to think that all this time, I was being faithful, no matter how turned on I got and he was so shagged out from fucking this other woman that he just couldn’t be bothered with me anymore. I actually wondered why he even bothered coming home to me anymore.

“I am sorry Mum. I know this hurts.”

“It doesn’t matter William. Not anymore. I want to see what else is on here.”

We opened other files and discovered financial records that explained a hell of a lot. I began copying everything I could lay my fingers on and downloading them to my own files. I was going to make sure I had all the dirty evidence I could find.

Once we had copied all of it, we hunted further into his files to see if there was anything else hidden but it seemed that, like everything else in his life he had managed to keep that well contained. We spent the afternoon going through all of this information. It was emotionally exhausting and at one point William got up to make us all a late lunch. I leaned forward over the keyboard with my elbows on the desk and my head in my hands.

“Are you okay Heather?”

“Yeah Shane, this is just exhausting. I am sorry you have to be here for this.”

“Hey that’s okay, I’m just glad I can be of help.”

He got up out of his chair and leaned over my back and wrapped his arms around me in a sort of awkward hug from behind. It felt nice and I leaned back into it. As I did his hands brushed across my breasts. My ever sensitive nipples responded immediately. The feeling of pendik escort his strong muscular arms holding me, his manly scent and the fact that he had my breasts in his hands sent my juices into overdrive. Oh, how I wanted this young man to just pick me up and bend me over the computer desk and rail me with his hard cock. He gave me the gentlest of kisses on the neck that left my pussy flooded then he straightened up slowly, dragging his fingertips over my achingly hard nipples as he released me.

I sat there panting as I watched him sit back on his chair. Normally his smug smile would have angered me but I was so far gone that I was giving serious thought to stripping naked and raping him where he sat. Grabbing his hair in my fist and making him eat me until I was satisfied. And why shouldn’t I? I had proof that David had been cheating on me for years, possibly the entirety of our relationship, surely a good fucking was owed to me. William walked in with our lunches and the spell was, well not broken but definitely interrupted.

As we ate our lunch we discussed some of the things we had found. David was so anal when it came to being organised that every detail I could possibly want to be was right there at my fingertips. There was a file with all of the information he had for his alter ego. In another folder was bank account details for his other-self. Unfortunately what wasn’t there were the passwords to get into them online. We searched through as many of the folders and files as we could and all we managed to discover was just how thorough his deception had been.

“Mum, we can try and see what he has in his accounts but we will need to figure out his passwords. Do you know any that he uses regularly?”

“Well I know the ones he uses for ours, but I doubt he would use the same ones for those.”

“Might be worth a try.”

“I guess.”

We opened the web page for the bank he had been using and put in the account number. We knew that much from the statements we found. Now came the tricky part. I typed in the password, hoping it would work but pretty certain it wouldn’t. It came up with the error message stating the password was incorrect.

“I don’t think we will easily get it, William. It could be anything really.”

We all sat there trying to think of a way we could come up with the password. Every time I shut my eyes to think though I would be greeted with fantasy instead. I was thinking about the fact that I was now so wet that the seat was going to have a wet patch when I stood up because I couldn’t stop thinking about Shane fucking my face and covering my face and tits in his cum. It was ridiculous, I just couldn’t get the thought of him fucking me every possible way out of my head.

“What is your current password made of?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, most people don’t use random letters and numbers. It’s too hard to remember. They are usually a combination of digits that mean something to you.”

“Oh right. Well, the numbers are from the years of our births and the letters are our initials backwards.”

We scrambled back into the files to find out what we could about the woman. It was easier than I had expected to be, to be honest, and when we applied the new information to the password I was floored. Not only did it work but the balance of the account was well into the six figures. I couldn’t believe he had managed to hide so much money from me. I burst into tears as I realised that I was never his first priority, nor was William for that matter. Not by a long shot. No, that honour belonged to himself and this Anne Templeton.

Again, strong muscular hands were holding me and I revelled in their strength. I relaxed into the embrace and was feeling settled again. What a strange day I was having. I made a decision right then. I was going to take what was mine and David could suffer.

I opened a new account with my own bank. It was still attached to the main account that David had access too but I set it up that any withdrawal from it would have to be approved with a second password. I had no intention of sharing that password with David ever. The only reason I didn’t open an account with a new bank all together was that I had to go into the bank with identification to open one and while we were all locked down I couldn’t do that. I then made the largest transaction of money in my life to date.

I know some of you are hoping I cleaned him right out but I only wanted what I felt was rightfully mine. I took half. That was still a healthy six-figure sum that meant I would be in a good position to recover even if my business went belly up from this virus.

I tidied up a few things financially and made sure I had copies of absolutely everything from David’s cloud. I made copies of my copies and saved some to my computer and copies to two USB sticks. I then called my best friend, Sharon. I outlined what had happened and insisted on her secrecy for now. It made me feel good to know that someone else was just maltepe escort as angry at him for doing this to me as I was. It made me feel validated somehow, to know that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t think I had deserved this somehow.

I learned how to do some basic encryption of files from William and Shane and emailed those files to my friend. It’s not that I didn’t trust her it’s more that I knew she wouldn’t be able to resist having a bit of a sticky beak at them if she could. I love her like a sister but I have known her so long that I know her weaknesses too. There’s nothing I won’t share with her in these files but I have to be careful for now.

I took one of the USB’s and added it to a letter that I quickly wrote to my mum. I asked her to keep it in a safe place for me. I didn’t tell her what was on it and she doesn’t own a computer not to mention she would have a lot of trouble understanding it anyway. I knew she kept a small safe with important papers and her valuables inside it. I asked her if she would put it in there.

Mentally I was exhausted and I was starting to get a headache from the stress. Between trying to wrap my head around David’s deception and my bodies determination to have Shane impale me with his cock had left me feeling tired and unhappy. I went to my room and lay down on the bed.

Chapter Six.

I knew a good sleep would help me feel a bit better but I just couldn’t seem to get there. I would feel myself beginning to relax and instead of drifting off my mind would throw some new vision of hell at me. David fucking his other woman and coming home to me. The one thing I will say that I am grateful for is that recently I had been to the doctors for my annual checkup. Part of that was a blood test to check for any infections, cholesterol, iron levels etc. My doctor had talked to me early on in our married life about the sensibility of adding STI’s to that check considering what David did for a living. At the time I was mortified that he would suggest such a thing but now I am glad he had had the foresight. I knew I was safe because it had been a while since David had shown any interest as I said earlier.

I would think about the times when we had struggled, like when I was just getting my business off the ground. The time we had to struggle and go without while we paid for Williams dental work. It was all part of the illusion that he was prepared to let his family live through to keep his secret. Had he ever really cared about us at all? If not, why bother with the charade?

“Fuck him!”

I said out loud, but I got a shock as the door to my bedroom opened at the same time.

“Or you could fuck me.”

“Jesus! Shane! You scared the life out of me. What are you doing in here?”

“Sorry. I know it’s a badly timed joke. I just wanted to see if you were okay.”

I rolled onto my side and looked at him. God damn, he was a virile looking specimen. I had this strange sensation as I realised that despite what David would undoubtedly say, I could do whatever the hell I wanted. I could look at this young man as though he was the tastiest looking treat in the world if I wanted to and I didn’t have to apologize to anyone for it, ever. Hell, I could do more than look if I wanted to.

A part of my mind said, don’t do it, you’ll regret it. Another part of my mind was saying, let’s find out exactly how tasty he is. My body was betraying any morals that I felt I had. It was saying go for it. Let him lick you from head to toe, front and back if that’s what he wants. I had to admit, there was merit in that thought.

“I’m okay, it’s just been a hell of a day, no week, hell it’s been a crap year.”

We both laughed but there was something in Shane’s eye, a sparkle that made me get as excited as a teenager holding her first real cock. God, I wanted this man to fuck me. It was primal, I felt like an animal in lust and no matter what was going on, it was there in the background. I could turn the volume down but never off. I must have been almost transparent in my thoughts because he smiled that lazy, come ride my cock smile of his and I could feel what little restraint I had, begin to evaporate.

“I know this sounds terribly forward of me, hell it is terribly forward of me, but I can help if you want to forget about it for a while.”

“So you weren’t just joking when you walked in here and offered to fuck me.”

“No, I wasn’t. I only said that to ease the tension. I want you.”

I felt a shiver run through me and my nipples hardened even more. My already sopping pussy creamed a little more. I knew I was going to fuck this man, the only question now was how often.

“You don’t want an old woman like me.”

“I have from the moment I met you. I think you want me too.”

“Mmm maybe I do, maybe I don’t. Besides, what would I want with you?”

He shrugged then smiled that half-smile of his.

“I can think of a few things.”

“Such as?”

“The stamina of youth kartal escort and this.”

He pulled down the waistband of his pants and the most glorious cock I have ever seen sprang forth from it. Everything about it looked good. It was large but not so big that it was a disability. It was thick, I mean good and solid. I knew I would feel well fucked after but I wasn’t scared of it either. It was veiny and looked so damn delicious that I caught myself licking my lips. There appeared to be a nice big drip of pre-cum oozing from the tip too and I just wanted to lick it up. I swear it was like he could read my mind as he stepped closer to me. It was like I was being hypnotised as his cock swayed back and forth in front of my eyes.

I didn’t say anything I just leaned forward and licked that drop of pre-cum up then sucked just the tip of his cock to draw any more out. I didn’t want to waste any. Oh, it tasted so good and my pussy was practically fluttering in excitement. I stood up in front of Shane, keeping him close by continuing to hold his cock firmly. I stared into his eyes and said in quite a serious tone.

“Don’t you play with me now. You had better fuck me well.”

“Oh I will, but there is something else I have to do first.”

“Oh yeah? Something more important than fucking me?”

“Just as important I think.”

He nudged me backwards until my knees hit the bed and I was forced to sit. He leaned forward and placed his lips firmly against mine. Before I knew what was happening our tongues were entwined and wrestling each other for dominance. Shane’s hands were sliding up and down my thighs and I could feel my whole body shivering in anticipation. He broke off the kiss, stood upright and peeled his t-shirt up and off his muscular torso. God, I wanted to lick every square inch of him. He bent down again but this time he pushed me onto my back and lifted my legs in the air. He took control of me and I loved every second of it. He undid my pants and slid them down my thighs pulling my underwear off with them. There was nothing delicate about this and I didn’t want it to be.

I had a brief moment of worry as I realised I was naked from the waist down and completely revealed to him. I was scared that he wouldn’t like what he saw but he soon set my mind at ease.

“Mmm look at how wet and tasty you are.”

He got down on his knees and practically dove in headfirst. His mouth was all over my pussy. Like he wanted nothing more in the world than to be covered with my cum. When he attacked my clit with his tongue he almost had his wish granted. Within seconds I was coming and when I looked down at his face it was completely coated with my cum. He made me cum again and again then he stood up he placed the head of his cock at my opening and put my feet on his shoulders. He pushed and slowly, exquisitely filled me. He pushed in until my pussy felt stretched open and the head of his cock was pushing against my cervix. God, it felt so good and I could feel my pussy grabbing greedily at him like it was milking him or trying to swallow more of his cock, even though I was more full of cock than I have ever been.

He held still in me with his hands wrapped around my ankles, pushing my legs back. I guess he was allowing me to accommodate to his size but I was more than ready for him. I felt like I had been ready for him for the last year. What I needed now was for him to fuck me properly. I started to push back against him and rotate my hips, trying to fuck his stationary cock but I wasn’t having much luck.

“Fuck me, Shane.”

“Are you sure you want this?”

“Jesus Christ, I need this.”

I was now trying to lift my hips but the way he was holding me didn’t allow for much movement.

“You want me to fuck you?”

This little game he was playing was beginning to piss me off. I glared at him and spoke in a growl through gritted teeth.

“Don’t you fucking dare try and make me beg. Fuck me good and hard or so help me I will make you regret it.”

I saw a flicker of nervousness flash across his face as he realised he had overstepped the boundary with me. This game might be fun with the inexperienced girls at university but it wasn’t going to work on a woman who knew what she wanted and had already been messed around.

He began to slide out until he was almost all the way out then he plunged back into me. I was so wet that I could feel my cum leak out around him. He got a rhythm going and it was nice but I didn’t want nice. I wanted down and dirty, hardcore fucking. I wanted to feel thoroughly fucked and with a cock like his, I should be a little sore after.

“Fuck me harder, Shane.”

He responded by picking up the pace a bit.

“More god damn it. Fuck me hard and make it hurt!”

The message sunk in and he began really ploughing into me. The sounds that were being made were, loud, disgusting, and a complete turn on. It was sloppy, slapping pounding and our bodies were clapping together with such force that the sound surely carried out to the yard. My cum was all over my thighs and my stomach and running down over my ass and soaking the bed below me but I just couldn’t stop.


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