Queen Kiera Ch. 02


Copyright 2011 Peter Omez, all rights reserved.

For the next three weeks I took the bus to work every day and had to wear a stupid necktie around my dick, 24/7. I thought it was ridiculous that I couldn’t even take it off for work. And so many evenings Kiera wasn’t even home anyway, so if the purpose was to keep me from getting an erection that she or her friends might see, why did I have to keep it on when I was the only one home?

Kiera made me drop my pants to show Darcy her invention. That was absolutely mortifying. Plus it hurt to think Kiera’s main intention was to make me look like an absolute fool to Darcy, so there was no chance Darcy might view me as a potential romantic partner, or even any kind of equal as adults go. I was just Kiera’s pussywhipped little cousin, somebody to order around and laugh at.

Naturally I got extremely horny as the days went by, since I was forbidden to masturbate. When Kiera was home, virtually everything she did made my dick try to expand. Just hearing her voice was a reminder of the humiliating situation I was in and how much control the 24-year-old had over me. In addition to the short silk robe she liked to wear, she also had a maddeningly sexy little two-piece green number: It looked like thermal underwear, but it was a tight little shirt with thin shoulder straps, showing a little of her midriff, and a tight pair of shorts that showed half her butt. She wore those to bed a lot, and then on Saturday and Sunday when she got up, and I was home, she’d pad through the house with her sexy legs on display, and half her ass hanging out. Oh god. As soon as she woke up and came downstairs, she’d be barking orders at me, wearing that outfit. “Make some coffee, Davey, and bring a cup up to my room when it’s ready.”

One night when she wasn’t home, I decided I was going to masturbate. How the hell would she know? I had a porn DVD which I took into her (formerly, my) bedroom, since that’s where the DVD player was. I started watching it, and undid the necktie so I could rub myself. But strangely, I felt really nervous. It felt wrong to be sitting on Kiera’s bed watching porn. And what if she came home right then? I’d hear the door downstairs, but I’d have to hurry and eject the DVD, get my pants up, and get out of her room before she discovered me. Plus I’d have to ditch the DVD in my room. There wasn’t time for all that.

So I took the disc out and pulled up my pants. I decided it would be safer to beat off in the bathroom, and I’d just have to do without porn. I figured I’d jack off into the toilet so there would be no evidence left behind. I pulled my pants down and started to stroke. I was getting really into it when my cell phone rang. Oh shit, it was Kiera. I answered. “Hello.”

“What are you doing?”

“Ummmm … just, uh … you know, getting ready to check on the laundry.”

“Hey, listen, Darcy’s been tellin’ me about this show on HBO, so I want you to call the cable company and add HBO. Also you need to upgrade to digital cable ’cause I wanna have a DVR so I can record shows. You need to tell them you want DVR boxes in two rooms. We need one in my bedroom and also in the living room. Also tell them to send a really sexy young guy to do the installation, hahaha. Just kidding, you don’t have to tell them that. But I hope they do, and maybe I’ll get laid. Hahaha.”

I heard Darcy in the background: “Hey! I wanna get laid.”

“Oh, well, OK, Davey, ask them for two hot young guys, hahaha. Just kidding, Davey. Now say thank you for me not making you embarrass yourself when you call the cable people.”

“Um … Thank you for not making me embarrass myself in front of the cable people.”

“Ohhh, you’re welcome, my good little houseboy. You got enough chardonnay on hand for my BFF?”


“Good boy. OK, I’ll let you get back to your chores. Call the cable company first.” Then she hung up. What timing she had, to call me right in the middle of me trying to beat off. It was like she could sense somehow that I was “being bad.” I’d have felt guilty anyway. I don’t know why, but somehow Kiera had such influence over my mind that I was scared to disobey her, for fear she’d find out somehow. So I didn’t try beating off again.

That’s not to say the tie NEVER came off, though. Firstly, I couldn’t figure out a way to leave it on during a bowel movement, so I loosened it for that. Secondly, some nights I’d wake up with a boner and the tie would be so tight that the pain was just unbearable. So I would have to take it off, but I’d have it in the bed with me so that when I woke up, I could put it right back on.

Then came the weekend of my 20-year high school reunion. A few days before, I informed Kiera that I’d need my car to go to Bellewood for the reunion on Saturday night. “Uh, excuse me, Davey,” she said, “but you don’t have a car, remember? When you get me one, then you’ll have one again. But if you’re asking for permission to use my car to go, well, I have a better pendik escort idea. Want to go to my hometown for a visit this weekend, Darcy?”

“Ohhh. I’d love to but I have to work Saturday.” she said.

“OK, that’s it, you’re quittin’ that job,” Kiera replied. “You’ve been bitchin’ about that place for weeks. Now’s the perfect time to tell them where to stick it. You need to get outta there, girl.”

“I can’t,” Darcy laughed. “How am I gonna pay my rent?”

“Davey’ll pay it until you get another job.”

Before I had time to object to that idea, Kiera continued, “Oh! Oh! No. I know. Move in here. Then you won’t have any rent!”

I had to admit that sounded better than shelling out additional money for an indefinite period of time for Darcy’s rent. And the prospect of having Darcy around as eye candy all the time was something I’m not sure I could have resisted, even if Kiera was interested in my input on the decision. Which she clearly wasn’t.

“OK!” Darcy brightly responded.

“OK, I wanna go with you tomorrow when you go in there to tell them you quit. Hahaha. I don’t wanna miss that. OK, Davey, we’ll all three go to Bellewood this weekend. Darcy and I will pick you up from work, so get whatever stuff you’re takin’ in the car Friday morning.”

“Well … OK … but … what happens on Saturday night when I need to go to the country club for the reunion?”

“We’ll give you a ride over there and pick you up when you’re ready to leave.”

“Well … OK.”

Kiera then called Aunt Jane to tell her we’d be coming for the weekend. After they chatted a moment, and after Kiera had told her mother Darcy would be moving in, she said, “Mom wants to talk to you, Davey.”

I took the phone. “Davey,” said Aunt Jane, “listen, Kiera says you’ve been bitchin’ about money, and I’ve been tellin’ her it’s true she can’t just spend and spend all the time. So what I want you to do is bring your checkbook this weekend, and bring all your monthly bills and anything to do with your finances. Bring your pay stubs, retirement statements, tax stuff, all that. Bring it with you this weekend. I’m gonna look at all that and sit down with you two and work out what you’re actually able to afford, so she knows what her limits are.”

“OK,” I said. That sounded great. Maybe Kiera would listen to her mother when Aunt Jane told her she needed to get a job.

Friday when I got off work, naturally Kiera and Darcy were not yet there to pick me up. I called Kiera and found out they were still at the house getting the car loaded. “Just wait and we’ll be there in a little bit.” It was going to take them at least a half-hour to get to my workplace. When they finally showed up, I got in the back seat because of course Kiera wanted to drive and have Darcy hang out with her in the front. They both smoked cigarettes the whole way and played music loud. Music which I hated, of course. When we stopped for gas, Kiera made me get out and pump it and then go in to get them sodas.

The plan was that on Sunday afternoon my parents would have a family dinner and get-together at their house. In the meantime, I’d stay at Aunt Jane’s with Kiera and Darcy, since I had to rely on them for transportation anyway. When we got to Bellewood Friday night around 9:00, Kiera introduced Darcy to her mother while I was expected to carry everything in from the car. Aunt Jane asked, “Did you bring all the paperwork for your finances, Davey?”

“Yes. It’s all in this box.”

“Good. I’m gonna sit down with all that tonight. See the sink? I left a bunch of dishes in there to give you something to do while I’m looking at your paperwork. Hahaha. Wasn’t that thoughtful of me?”

I blushed, and of course Kiera and Darcy laughed. “Gee, thanks.” At that point, while my hands were wrapped around a box and my face therefore defenseless, Aunt Jane slapped me. I almost dropped the box; I was so startled.

“I thought you had him trained better than that, Kiera. Don’t smart off to me, Davey.”

I stood stupidly with my mouth hanging open and eyes wide, and just then another slap came from the other direction, from Kiera’s hand. “Davey, what the fuck is wrong with you, smarting off to your aunt? Put that box down and kiss Mom’s foot, and tell her you’re sorry.”

In such situations I could never seem to prevent my eyes from glancing at Darcy’s smirking face. As usual, she stood watching, amused and fascinated. She had the most beautiful face; it took my breath away. Kiera had put her friend on some kind of virtual pedestal, way out of my league. OFF LIMITS to the idiot Davey, who wasn’t even considered worthy to get an erection in her presence. My dick would try to pop up, but the tight necktie around it would pull against it and make me wince. Sheepishly, I slunk to the floor and kissed my aunt’s foot. “I’m sorry I smarted off to you, Aunt Jane.”

“You better learn, Davey, ’cause if Kiera can’t keep you in line herself, I’ll come to Trentstown, and stay maltepe escort for weeks if I have to, until you’re under control. Now stand up and drop those pants so I can get a look at that ‘dicktie’ Kiera’s been tellin’ me about.”

Oh my god, Kiera told her about that?? I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. I had to drop my pants in front of the three of them and of course Aunt Jane laughed uproariously at the ridiculous contraption. Kiera and Darcy still found it hilarious, too, even though they had seen it. They especially liked looking at me from behind, since it looked like I was wearing a thong.

Addressing Kiera, Aunt Jane said, “You know, dear, they actually make locking contraptions for this purpose. They’re called chastity devices. Did you know that?”

“Chastity devices?” Kiera said. I hadn’t heard of such a thing, either.

“Yeah, there are different kinds of contraptions you can actually put a dick in, that prevent it from getting hard, and they have little locks on them with a little key.”

“Oh my god really!!?? Oh we have got to get him one. Yes! Where do you get one?”

They went to the computer, and Aunt Jane searched for pictures of chastity devices. I could hardly see the screen, as I was standing behind all three while they laughed and excitedly pointed at this kind or that kind. Darcy asked, “You mean there are men walking around with their dicks in these things? Why would they do that?”

Aunt Jane said, “Well, it’s probably their wife or girlfriend making them wear it, like if the man goes out of town on business or something, she can lock him up and keep the key at home so she knows he can’t sleep around on her.”

Darcy laughed. “Yeah, I guess that would work.”

“And in my case,” said Kiera, “I have a fucking PERVERT cousin living with me and I don’t want to have to see his fucking pants poking out at me. Hahaha. And now Darcy’s gonna be around, so we don’t want her to have to see his disgusting boner. So we need to get one of these. Oh hell yeah that shit’s goin’ on you, Davey. Then I know for sure you can’t take it off. Maybe I’ll just throw the key away after we put it on you, hahahaha!”

That idea terrified me, but Aunt Jane came to my rescue. Sort of. She said, “Well, you really can’t just leave it on him permanently and never let him empty his balls. What will happen is they’ll fill up with semen and it will cause him prostate problems. So you have to let him empty his balls now and then.”

“You mean let him beat off? Ewwww! I don’t want him to do that, though. Ew. That’s gross.”

“Well, leave the key with me and let me take care of that part. That way you won’t have to think about it.”

“OK. I don’t even wanna know how you’re gonna take care of that,” Kiera said, as she held her hands up. “DON’T tell me, Mom. Hahaha. PLEASE don’t tell me, I don’t wanna know.” They all chuckled. I didn’t. And I wasn’t sure I wanted to know how my aunt was going to “take care of” me “emptying my balls” either.

They decided the CB-6000 model was a good enough choice, since the website called it a “good all-purpose chastity device”, whatever that meant. They made me get a credit card so they could order it right then. It should arrive at the house in a few days.

That night, Kiera and Darcy went out to some of the bars in town, while I was left at the house with Aunt Jane to do her dishes and let her look over my finances. “So have you been a good boy, Davey, and kept that tie on your dick all the time like Kiera said?”


“And she said no beating off at all. Have you been sneaking around to beat off without her knowing?”


“Oh, come on, Davey. You and I both know that’s a little extreme for her to expect you not to masturbate at all. You mean to tell me you’ve gone like a month without cumming?”

“I really have, Aunt Jane. It’s true.”

“Hahaha! Oh my god. Poor boy. You must be going outta your mind.”

“I am.”

“Hahaha. Well … OK. Kiera’s not here right now, so I’m gonna take care of your little problem. Come with me.”

She led me into her bedroom and closed the door. She directed me to strip out of everything but the silly homemade necktie chastity device. Once I was naked, she used a silk blouse as an improvised blindfold and put it on me. “All right, stay right there,” she said, and I stood naked and blindfolded. I could then hear rustling but didn’t know what she was doing. Then I heard her get onto her bed and lie down. From there I heard her say, “All right, Davey, now … I know what it’s like to go without sex, too. I haven’t had sex in years. So if you want me to do something for you, you have to do something for me. I want you to get on the bed and bring your face between my legs, and slither up here and eat my pussy.”


“Davey, don’t make me get outta this bed and slap you silly. You heard me, get up here and eat me out! If you don’t, I WILL tell Kiera to throw away that key once kartal escort she puts that chastity device on you.”

I sniveled, but I knew I had no choice. Ugh. I didn’t want to eat my aunt’s pussy. Gross. I suppose I should have been glad she blindfolded me. At least I wouldn’t have to look at it. Or see her chubby, wrinkly legs or saggy tits. I slinked my face up between her legs, and I could immediately smell it. She could have at least washed first. She slid the fingers of both hands into my hair and held my head while I started licking. Her pussy was hairy, since the women of her generation didn’t shave. Plus there had been no man around for a few years, so there was no one to shave it for anyway.

I kept my arms under her legs the whole time, with my hands flat on the bed. It wasn’t like I wanted to touch her body while I was doing this. She pulled my hair and grinded her crotch against my mouth and nose. It was like she was fucking my face, and smearing her juices all over it. She would say, “Get your tongue in deeper. Oh yes. Now do long licks. Now make your tongue flat. Faster. Slower. Now lick my ass, too. Run your tongue all along my crack. Oh yeah. Now get your tongue up in my asshole. Really deep. Wiggle it around in there. Ohhhh yeah!”

She came on my face once, and I thought, Thank God, it’s over. But it wasn’t. She made me keep kissing, and softly licking, her pussy, until she was able to build up the pace to a second orgasm.

The humiliation of it, and the fact that I was getting SOME kind of sexual activity, made my dick strain in the necktie device. Even if it had been untied, my dick was poking toward the foot of the bed and would have been trapped by the mattress. I was leaking pre-cum onto the sheet. When she was finally satisfied, she said, “OK, get off the bed, and don’t you dare try to wipe your face.” Once I stood up, she said, “Stay right there.” I heard her go into her adjacent bathroom and wash up. I thought, Gee, thanks for washing that thing BEFORE I had to eat it. I heard more rustling, which turned out to be her getting dressed. Then she took off the blindfold and said, “OK, Davey, come in here.”

I followed her into the bathroom, where she made me stand in front of the sink. “Put your hands behind your back, Davey. Hold your wrists together, and keep your hands back here.” Once I did, she untied the necktie to free my dick. She dropped the tie on the floor. She got out a jar of baby oil and oiled up her hands. Then she stood behind me and rested one palm flat on the counter beside the sink. With her other hand, she grasped my dick. She pushed herself up against my back so her head was just over my shoulder, and made me rest my balls right up on the edge of the counter.

“OK, Davey … open your mouth, and keep it open.” I complied, though I didn’t understand the purpose of that. “Now look at me in the mirror while I stroke you off. You can come in the sink. Just keep looking at me. Don’t you dare close your eyes.”

Oh god, this was embarrassing. Being jerked off by my aunt? I wasn’t even going to get to do this myself? At least I was gonna get to cum. I was desperate by then.

I felt so humiliated and helpless, since I couldn’t control the pace of stroking or anything. I was at the mercy of my aunt’s hand. I had to stare at her smirking face in the mirror, and keep my mouth open for some reason, which I began to think was so I’d look stupider in the mirror, as I breathed heavily.

I could feel my ejaculation coming on, and my breathing got shorter and faster. Aunt Jane tightened her grip and speeded up the pace a little bit. I noticed she brought her free hand forward so it was out in front of my dick. I didn’t really have time to think about what she was doing, as the first squirt of jizz came shooting out of my dick.

“Auuuuugh! Auuuugh!!!” I got two good contractions in when suddenly Aunt Jane let go. Just then her other hand came up to my face. “Eat that shit,” she said, as she brought a palm full of jizz right to my open mouth.”

Now I said, “Auuuuugh” for another reason. I grimaced as I felt the salty globs of jizz in mouth. My dick continued to twitch in the open air. I was still cumming, but without her stroking, the cum just dribbled out. I moaned in frustration, and sniveled in disgust as Aunt Jane scooped up more of my semen and brought it to my mouth. “Eat that. Swallow it! Don’t you dare spit that out!” I almost cried from the humiliation and frustration. She was making me eat my own cum? Gross!

I tried to maneuver my dick to get some friction against the counter or something, but I couldn’t. The poor guy just kept twitching uselessly. Aunt Jane held the back of my head by my hair now, with the hand that WAS stroking me. She continued scooping up globs of jizz with the other hand and bringing them to my mouth. Ack! Disgusting. Despite my sniveling and pleading, she made me swallow it.

When she couldn’t gather up any more, she made her palm flat and made me lick it. Then she picked up the necktie and tied up my genitals again. I whimpered in frustration. That was NOT a good orgasm at all! She ruined it. A whole month without cumming, and after I ate her pussy and gave her two orgasms, THAT was what I got?

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