Subject: Queen Mary Bell Boys Queen Mary Bell-boys by badboi666 =============================================================================== If sex with boys isn’t your thing, go away. If, as is much more likely, you’ve come to this site precisely to get your rocks off reading about sex with 14-year-olds then make yourself comfortable – you’re in the right place. Don’t leave, however, without doing this: Donate to Nifty – these buggers may do it for love but they still have to eat. fty/donate.html =============================================================================== Chapter 155 I promised I would tell you about the adventures we had in the pool. That first time, when Charlie and I had told Colin why it was special, Larry had agreed that we should meet there at 2200 that evening. He’d said that it was up to me who came along. As Charlie had told Colin that fauns and satyrs had been accustomed to disporting themselves there it seemed only right that I should brief as many of both varieties as possible. I had a busy afternoon rounding up that many. You won’t be surprised to know that by an hour before dinner I had seen them all, and you won’t be surprised to know that I had a full complement of takers. My pre-dinner cocktail had been well and truly earned. At 2155 a small crowd had begun to gather outside the pool door – still locked. Will, Phil and Ryan were there before us, and we nine were next. There was no sign of Larry or any of the boys. When the door was unlocked from inside just after 2200 we found Larry and the two boys already inside. “How long have you been here?” asked Nigel. Jack said that he and Ade had been helping Larry ‘put things out’, which sounded interesting – were the ‘things’ the same ones we’d used when we were bell boys? – surely not. Once the twelve of us were inside Larry locked the door again. The boys hesitated. Don’t worry Ade and Jack,” I said, “these men are on our side. When we were bell boys they were only a few years older, and they used to fuck us when they got the chance.” “I’m Will, and these are Phil and Ryan. You know Larry, I think.” Jack snorted. “In the Biblical sense too. Are you saying that you want to fuck us too?” I reminded him of the rule. “Yea, Jack, don’t be a dummy,” said Ade, “if we want something and we ask and they’re happy, then it happens. Same the other way round.” It was nice to see that the boys’ early reticence lasted only a minute or two. Eddie appeared. “The food and drink are in here,” he said, “we brought it up ready. Patrick, Ryan told me I was to tell you that there’s really lots to drink.” I wasn’t the only one whose smile widened. I had expected there to be refreshments, but it was nice to learn that thought had gone into what was provided. Phil led everyone to the food. “Everyone get a drink,” he said. Eddie and his pals had done us proud – as well as lots of nibbles for all ages there was a fine variety of drinks: drinks, that is, suitable for the present purposes. There were no spirits, but plenty of wine and beer as well as soft drinks for the boys. When everyone had a drink in his hand (and a few had one inside them, and were on their second) Phil clapped his hands. “Most of you know the routine, but for the younger ones among you this is how it works up here. Food and drink are in here: help yourselves whenever you like. The pool is through there. The room you were in has mats on the floor and on the benches – you can work out what they might be for. The changing room is over there, with lockers. The other room – he pointed – is the shower. I think I’m the only man here – I don’t know about you younger ones – who won’t be playing in there. Boys, I leave it to the men to show you what happens there, and remember Patrick’s rule, won’t you. Now it’s time to get less formal.” We trooped into the changing room, making sure that all the boys weren’t left behind. “What did he mean about the shower?” said Jack as he and I stripped next to each other. “I’ll show you when it’s time,” I said, “and Ade had better come with us.” “Why not now?” “Because you’ll enjoy it more if you wait. Half an hour ought to be enough.” Three minutes later we were all back in the drink area, all naked, all the younger ones with fine erections. “Why haven’t any of them got hair?” asked Ade quietly. “Because we all shave, and we all have done since we were bell boys.” “But why? Jack and I want to grow hairs and be grown up.” “So did we, Ade, but if you shave your hair off it does two things. It makes your cock look bigger because someone else can see all of it. And it makes you look ataköy escort younger.” “Why is that important, Patrick?” I knelt down in front of him. “I promise Charlie and I will tell you all about us when we were bell boys, Ade, but not tonight. You’ll understand then.” Ade smiled. “OK. While you’re down there you can … ” But I was ahead of him, and his cock was in my mouth before he could finish. Whoops of delight from my former colleagues greeted this. “You owe me $10, Sam,” said Charlie. Apparently our lovers had wagered on which Mulloy would be the first to engage with another participant. Ice, once broken, fragments remarkably quickly in the context of thirteen naked men and eight naked boys – I do justice to the older ones of James’s hired crewmen to classify them as boys, for they were as naked in the hair department as the rest of us. I promised I would tell you what went on, but of course I can’t. All I can do is tell you what I got up to, and such of the other activities that I watched – inevitably a small proportion. Ade came quickly that first time. When he’d shrunk and it slipped from my mouth I whispered, “don’t piss without letting me know, OK?” He nodded, and didn’t bother asking why. I went in search of Jack to give him the same message. I found him on his back being rimmed by Javid with his cock being licked by Nigel. “Nice teamwork,” I murmured, and whispered my instruction into Jack’s ear. “OK,” he breathed. I went to get a third beer. I planned to keep a flow going, but three beers were enough – it would be orange juice after that, and Vitamin C is so good for one, isn’t it. If Ade and Jack were going to be occupied for a while (Ade had caught Graham’s and Prince’s attention) I thought it wise to examine what was available in the shower room. To my astonishment there was the sling. I hadn’t expected it to survive the various refits since the War. How had it escaped being flung out? Had some alert person known what it was for and kept it stowed away safely? It came apart, of course, I remembered, and in bits it didn’t look like a sling, but even so. Yet there it was, old and shabby but still perfectly serviceable as far as I could see. I went to check whether it was still strong enough. Turning the leather seat part over I saw an old envelope stuck to the underneath. It was the last thing I expected to see. I peeled it off and opened it. There was no-one else in the room. It had a simple message. “I don’t know who brought this on board, but when we did the refit in 1947 it was discovered in one of the crew cabins. Some of us knew what it was, and it’s been put to good use ever since by a succession of crew when everyone else has gone to bed. We hope you enjoy it too.” It wasn’t signed, but it was dated April 1954. Underneath were shorter comments in different handwriting. “We had a session here; August 1957.” “So did we; December 1959.” “And us; lots of times 1962 to 1965.” The next message was much more recent. “As you can see, it’s been well used since we got it all those years ago, Patrick or Tim or Charlie or Sam, whichever of you finds this. See you soon – Larry, November 1967.” This opened up familiar avenues I had not expected still to be there. Getting Ade and Jack in the sling was now my top priority, and if necessary I was prepared to jump the queue. I went to find Tim, who was enjoying having his cock sucked by Adam while standing by the drinks table with a beer in his hand. “Is that going straight through?” I asked. He shook his head. “Not for a while yet, but what’s happening down there is very pleasant.” I leant close and whispered. “Someone’s found the sling after all these years and I think you and I ought to get Jack and Ade introduced to its possibilities.” His eyes widened. “After all this time?” I nodded, “and it’s been put to good use in the last 25-odd years too.” Tim stepped back. “Thanks, Adam, that was good,” he said, “maybe again later.” He and I went into a corner. “I know Jack’s into piss,” I said, “but has he done it with you?” “No, I didn’t know.” “Oh yes, keen as mustard,” I said, “but I haven’t suggested it to Ade.” “He’s beginning to be special to you, isn’t he?” I explained briefly what the situation was with his apprenticeship. “God, you two move fast. I’m impressed. What about poor old Kevin?” “That can wait. The thing is this. I’ve already told Jack and Ade not to piss without telling me.” “A clever move. Has either of them come to tell you yet?” “No, but it can’t be far off. I want to get Jack up in the sling and you merter escort can fuck him and I’ll whisper in his ear that he can piss whenever he likes. I’ll make sure that Ade is close by watching, and we’ll let nature take its course then. OK?” “Sure. I like the idea of Jack’s arse. Will he be happy?” “Oh yes, that he will, Tim.” “Now?” “Now.” We went to find the boys. As soon as he saw me Ade came over and said he needed to piss. “Can you wait ten minutes?” I asked. He wrinkled his nose. “Maybe, but why? If a guy needs to piss he needs to piss.” “Trust me, if you can hang on ten minutes it’ll be worth it.” He shrugged his shoulders. “If I burst it’ll be your fault.” “You won’t burst,” I said, “the worst that’ll happen is that it’ll just run down your legs.” He wrinkled his nose again. “That’s horrible.” Tim glanced across to me. “Are you sure about this?” I nodded. Jack was kneeling in front of Dustin gazing in a mesmerised sort of way at the great appendage hinging before him. Luckily he hadn’t started to do anything to it beyond looking, so when Tim tapped his shoulder and said “come on, Jack” he had no reason not to comply. Ade and I followed them into the shower. “What’s that?” said Jack. Tim explained what it was and helped Jack climb into it. His ankles were fastened in the straps and Tim showed him how his arms should hold the chains to hoick his arse forward. “Now you see what it’s for.” “Let me guess,” (this was said with a wicked grin on his face) “it’s for opening up boys’ arses so that bad men can have their wicked way.” “You are such a bright boy, Jack, that I think I’m going to have to reward you,” said Tim, proceeding to do just that. Jack moaned happily as Tim rubbed his cockhead over his arse lips. “I’m greased, Tim, you can put it in.” Tim needed no further invitation and slid his cock into the boy’s hungry welcoming hole. “Mmm! that’s good. Now fuck my brains out.” Ade and I were standing together near Jack’s head, and could therefore see his face as well as seeing Tim thrusting a few feet away. After three or four minutes of hard fucking I noticed a dribble of piss leaking from Jack’s cock. “Hold it a sec, Tim,” I said, “Jack needs a break.” Tim knew at once what was up, as he had seen the dribble as well. He kept his cock in, and pushed further. “Oh, Christ, I’m going to piss,” whimpered Jack, “I can’t stop.” “You’ve pissed with us before, Jack, and the sling is used to it. Just let it go,” I said, “that’s why we’re here.” Jack looked relieved. “I didn’t know. But … aah!” (Tim pushed in again) “here it comes” and a stream of golden piss arced up out of his cock, splashing over his chest. It went on and on. I looked at Ade. His face was a picture. His hand was clutching his cock. “Patrick,” he wailed, “I can’t hold it any longer.” “So piss on me, dummy,” said Jack breathlessly, “quick, while I’m still pissing.” Ade didn’t have time to think about Jack’s invitation: his need was urgent and the idea of it running down his leg wasn’t to his liking. Being invited to spray it around onto his friend seemed to be the more attractive option, and in less time that it took to think all that Ade had lifted his cock onto Jack’s chest and was letting go. I don’t know whether it’s instinctive, or learned behaviour, but a mere two seconds after he saw Jack enthusiastically rubbing his own and Ade’s piss all over his body, Ade joined in. The immediate effect of both hands rubbing on Jack was of course that Ade’s cock started to piss everywhere. “Oh sorry!” “Don’t worry, in here it’s fine,” I said, “but don’t let it all go – keep some for me.” Ade gave me a funny look. “You want me to piss on you?” “Not exactly, and not right now. Let it build up, Ade.” As I’d hoped the urgency of his need and the sight of Jack letting fly had helped Ade to cross the boundary. Whether he was going to be a confirmed piss-hound remained to be seen, but at least the door was now open for later. Tim resumed his task, and Ade and I left them to it. “Come on, let’s get some more juice in you,” I said. He grinned. “This is really kinky, Patrick, I’m learning all kinds of stuff. Does Charlie do this too?” I nodded. “Goody.” When we got back to where the main action was going on we found a scene of considerable activity. There were five couples busily engaged in fucking and another pair 69ing. Ade couldn’t believe his eyes. “Is it always like this?” he whispered. I assured him that while fucking went on in most cabins – certainly those occupied by the people before him – it wasn’t often quite so public bahçeşehir escort or quite so numerous. “We discovered the pool when we were bell boys, and we soon found out that some of the men in the crew – the four here – fancied sex with us, so coming up here after it was locked for the night was something which suited all of us. “How did you get in?” “Larry used to work here.” “Ah.” Things were slotting into place in Ade’s mind. In a corner Charlie was lying on his back on a mat. Felix was crouched over him, about to lower himself onto Charlie’s cock. Ade whispered, “how come Charlie fucks other people when you are he are – what is it? – boyfriends?” I smiled. “It doesn’t seem strange to us. We met when he was 16 and I was 14. It took us less than a week to know that we were going to be together for the rest of our lives. That doesn’t mean we don’t fuck other people though – it means we have no secrets. I love him and he loves me.” Ade pondered all this. “I still don’t understand,” he said after a few moments. I promised I’d explain more some other time. Charlie and Felix were in full cry by now and Felix wanted everyone to know that Charlie was the best fuck ever. I knew this, of course, and I was happy for all to have it confirmed. Felix, I knew, was the kind of person who would usually feel that the fuck he was getting at any time was the best ever – it’s not an unusual feeling, after all. Elsewhere in the room other fucks, doubtless also the best ever, were being had. The noise was like the zoo – animal grunts, yelps of joy or discomfort, you know the sort of thing. Dustin was giving Will a few minutes to remember when Will said something in his ear and they both got up. “Come on,” I said, “I know where they’re heading.” By the time we got there Tim and Jack were still using the sling, but clearly from the noises they were approaching the end of their possession. Justin and Will were waiting as patiently as they could, Justin’s cock being maintained in a state of readiness by Will’s mouth. Justin was evidently enjoying Will’s attention. Then it all happened at once. Since we had left Jack had obviously been pissing – the floor under the sling was awash – and Tim came deep inside the boy, groaning with the exertion. Jack’s hand were not idle: his right was holding his balls tight while his left was moving so fast over his piss-slick cock that it was merely a blur. “Ah! … ah! … oh, Christ, Tim … aaaaah!” and a fountain of spunk leapt from his cock a foot or more into the air and landed on his chin. A second … a third … a fourth – all powerful but travelling shorter and shorter distances. I whispered in Ade’s ear. “Spunk’s tastier when it’s still warm – you’re first in the queue if you want to.” Ade shook his head, “I haven’t tasted it before. You go if you want.” I decided I would pounce before Tim popped out, so I got a good half of it safely tucked away before Ade poked me in the ribs. “Can I try, Patrick, it looks hot when you do it.” This was what I’d hoped for. “Of course, Ade, you finish up here – don’t forget to suck his cock clean – and I’ll attend to Tim. Five minutes later Will was up in the sling, Dustin was up in Will (who, naturally, wished to let us know that what was happening down there was deeply pleasing), Tim’s cock was all nice and clean and ready for the next time, my stomach had a good dose of Jack’s spunk and arse juices, and a modest amount of Tim’s spunk, Ade had crossed another invisible boundary and had tentatively sampled, then (after a moment’s thought) hoovered up what was left of Jack’s silvery trails. When that was done Tim helped Jack out of the sling and the four of us left Will to Dustin’s tender mercy. Ade said to Jack, “you should see what’s going on next door.” As we walked in Jack turned to Tim. “You’re the expert. What should I do about all the cum that’s running down my leg?” “Larry!” called Tim, “you’re needed over here.” =============================================================================== The fun continues in Chapter 156 as Queen Mary finally reaches the end of her last voyage. The story is, of course, fiction, but the photographs in Queen Mary 2 are real, as are the details of the final voyage. There is a long article giving much detail, including the buses, about the voyage in the Press-Telegram to be found at http://www.presstelegram/2017/11/30/the-queen-marys-last-great-cruise-39-days-14450-miles-one-death-a-stowaway-and-a-celebration. I first saw the boys while making a transatlantic crossing in 2017, and had the pleasure of seeing them again in April 2019, smiling at the knowledge of all the things that had befallen them since I first saw them, and thought again how cute “I” was. I’m sure he had adventures in real life … Drop me a line at net – that is after you’ve dropped a few quid. =============================================================================

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