Subject: Queen Mary Bell Boys Chapter 163 Queen Mary Bell-boys by badboi666 =============================================================================== If sex with boys isn’t your thing, go away. If, as is much more likely, you’ve come to this site precisely to get your rocks off reading about sex with 14-year-olds then make yourself comfortable – you’re in the right place. Don’t leave, however, without doing this: Donate to Nifty – these buggers may do it for love but they still have to eat. fty/donate.html =============================================================================== Chapter 163 By 0005 Charlie and I were helping a dazed Bill and Ben into their coats. Kevin had disappeared shortly after 0001 and reappeared a few moments later clad this time in a leather jock strap which, as intended, disguised nothing. Jeremy stood up. In the plate of change he solemnly placed a �10 note. “Thank you, Charlie and Patrick, for a splendid meal and a most memorable evening.” Turning to a grinning Keven he said, “if we give you �10 it could be construed as prostitution, and your employers could be had up for running a bawdy-house. Consider this a contribution to your fees at college, Kevin,” and he tucked a folded �10 note into the top of the jock strap, as you do, and bent forward to plant a very chaste kiss on Kevin’s lips – an action (the kissing, not the financial contribution) copied by David. I got their coats and they tottered away. In bed I replayed what had happened in the preceding 20 minutes. Charlie had turned the radio on at 2358 to hear Big Ben. When the Westminster Chimes started about 35 seconds before midnight Kevin, standing upright with his legs apart, naked, flaccid, closed his eyes. By the first stroke of midnight he was fully erect (the joys of being 16!) and Jeremy, interpreting Kevin’s invitation literally, was indeed touching Kevin. I don’t know whether Charlie had had any part in plotting the detail of what might befall our employee during those 60 seconds (or Kevin, for that matter), but during the two minutes he had had to think about it Jeremy had clearly decided that his hands were not going to play any part in the New Year celebrations. Jeremy’s lips engulfed Kevin’s cock and, from the look on Kevin’s face, Jeremy’s tongue was not idle in the out-of-sight warmth. David was torn between watching his partner and watching his watch to know when 30 seconds were up, but he wasn’t slow to say sharply to Jeremy “three seconds left.” Kevin’s cock spent about one second in the cold air before it was re-engulfed for a further sampling. I watched the boy’s face – it registered little. What had he been thinking about to conjure up such a worthwhile erection so quickly? Charlie’s or my cocks in whatever orifice most delighted him? The eager anticipation of the new flesh that was Ade? George? Whatever it was it had been fascinating to watch – the slow erection of a 16-year-old’s cock from 6 inches to nearly 8, with a commensurate increase in girth and a change in angle of around 160 degrees – all in 30 seconds and all without being touched (except by the little elves in Kevin’s brain). “Whose idea was that little performance?” I asked. “All mine,” said Kevin, “but Charlie agreed that it would be OK.” “Even the sucking?” “No, but we had no idea that they would do anything other than fondle my bits. Jeremy was lucky that he thought that touching could mean doing what he did.” “Was it any good?” “No, of course not, Patrick. I don’t suppose it would have been any good if they’d had 10 minutes – I wasn’t going to cum.” He paused. “But I think I could now, if pushed.” I looked over his head (resting on Charlie’s chest) and caught Charlie’s eye. Charlie’s eye indicated that he would be only too happy to facilitate Kevin’s first orgasm of 1968. “By the way,” I said before they got down to it, “where did the jock strap come from?” Charlie had the grace to blush. “I persuaded Felix and Colin that they should part with theirs. At $25 each it seemed a bargain. I thought we’d keep the other one for Ade.” ataköy escort I smiled. Charlie was getting more wicked in his old age. ***** Two days later I went to collect Ade, getting back shortly after lunch. Charlie and Kevin were clearing up in the kitchen so I took him up to our room and he left his little case. “It’s a tight fit,” I said, “with four of us, but we’ll just do our best.” He looked up at me with a cheeky grin. “That we will, Patrick. It’s a lot smaller than on Queen Mary, so you and Charlie will have to hold me really tight.” I had no doubt that his wish would be met. Ten minutes later the four of us were in the office with coffee. “This is work as well as fun,” I said. “Ade, I want you to stick to Kevin like a limpet. Watch what he does and if you don’t know what he’s doing, ask. Kevin, you’re on teaching duty for two days. Help him, tell him what you’re doing and why. If Charlie wants you to do something explain the steps to Ade while you’re doing it. And both of you, keep your hands off each other in the kitchen. Leave all that to the bedroom once work’s finished for the day. Kevin, any question?” He shook his head. “No, Charlie’s explained it all to me.” “Ade?” He shook his head as well. “I know I’ve to ask Kevin as many daft questions as I can think of.” “Good,” I said, “now tonight we have only four covers – two couples – and tomorrow we’ve six. It’s possible that someone may come in unbooked, but at this time of year that’s unlikely. It’s not exactly the height of the tourist season in Aylesbury. Charlie – what are you offering?” Charlie took them through the routine – I’d heard it hundreds of times before. What we had fresh, what had to be used that day, what needed to be unfrozen, what would be left tonight needing to be used the next day – would it need to be made into a pie, for example, what fresh vegetables needed to be bought the next morning. “Kevin, make a list and take Ade with you.” I watched Ade’s face – serious, taking it all in, quite unlike the face he’s displayed on Queen Mary. It was a pleasure to see him concentrating on being a grown-up rather than a sexy schoolboy. Mind you, the sexy schoolboy was never far away, at least in my mind that afternoon. When Charlie had done and neither of the boys had any more questions I stretched. It was getting on for 1700. Our first booking was at 1900, and the other 15 minutes later. “When do you want to start, Charlie?” He looked at his watch. “Ten minutes.” “Right you two, up to the bedroom and get Ade settled in,” I said. Ade looked perplexed. “I’ve only got a toothbrush and a few clothes. “I think he wants us to go and choose which side you want to sleep on,” said Kevin, taking Ade’s hand, “come on – we’ve got nine minutes still.” Both of them were flushed when, ten minutes later, they came downstairs to begin the rest of Ade’s life. That night Charlie and I had agreed that the boys would be the ones deciding what happened. After all, as Charlie said, there was always the next night to direct things in other directions if we felt like it. The restaurant was empty by 2200 and by 2215 the kitchen was ready for the next day. Charlie led the two boys into the office where I was finishing the entries. “These two are ready for bed, Patrick. Care to join us?” Ordinarily the three of us would sit in the office with a coffee or a glass of something stronger to discuss that day’s business and to plan the following day, but that night was, after all, special. I put the books away and said that the idea of bed with these two was too good to delay any longer. Kevin took Ade’s hand and practically dragged him up the stairs, whispering fiercely. They disappeared into the bathroom, and shortly after I heard the tap running, and then the flush. So it was to be a night when we would sleep after whatever took place, and not have to get up to piss or anything: I preferred it this way. Charlie and I followed them, and by the time we were back in the bedroom Kevin and Ade were already wrapped in merter escort each other’s arms. Charlie and I got in, the writhing teenagers between us. They broke apart and turned to embrace each of us – Ade in my arms and Kevin in Charlie’s. “This is going to be such fun,” breathed Kevin, “we’ve been looking forward to this all day.” Ade nuzzled into my neck. “I’m so glad Larry let Jack bring me,” he said, “what we did on Queen Mary seems so long ago, and this is … I don’t know … just real somehow.” I thought I understood. “You’ll get used to the change that happens when you come upstairs,” I heard Kevin say, “down there is about hard work and learning, and up here – well, it’s fun.” Ade grinned. “I don’t mind hard work; I know I have a lot to learn, but … ” He dived down the bed and, deciding that taking my cock in his mouth was as good an expression of fun as any, went about making fun for both of us. I stroked his hair as he got his lips and tongue busy on their share of hard work. He moved up the bed long enough to whisper, “I want you to cum in my mouth, Patrick. I need to swallow your spunk now that I almost work here,” and he scooted down again to begin his self-appointed task. As I’ve said before, Kevin was a complete bottom. He’d never shown any interest in fucking either of us (or George, as far as we knew), and had been only too happy for us to fuck him as often as we could. I wondered what would happen between the two boys. So far Ade had been a bottom, but we’d only had a relatively few encounters. Our bed contained a boy of 14 and another of 16: what would the chemistry between them be? They’d both come earlier in the day – that much was clear to see – but how, and where, was (and would remain) a mystery. I doubted whether there had been time for anything more than wanking or sucking, neither of which gave any sign of whether either of them might do a bit of topping if the opportunity presented itself. While all this was going through my mind Ade’s tongue was busy. I lifted my arse a little and he took the hint, his fingers straying towards my arse. “Grab his arse, Ade, he loves it,” came the advice from Kevin. Ade grabbed; I liked. Kevin was applying himself to Charlie’s nipples. Then suddenly Ade got me there. My cock leapt in his mouth and the first Ade-induced spunk of 1968 flew to its destination. Ade made suitably appreciative noises. “My turn now,” murmured Kevin, and he disappeared down to give Charlie’s cock the same treatment. Ten minutes later Charlie and I were lying on our backs with two still hard teenagers between us. Each boy had a hand – not his own – on his cock. It was time to see where the boundaries lay. “In all the time you’ve been with us, Kevin, you’ve never shown any desire to fuck either of us,” I said. “Does that change if you get the chance to fuck a gorgeous 14-year-old?” Kevin smiled happily – he was in my arms then – “no, Charlie. I told you, I love cocks in me – up my arse, in my mouth – but -” (he paused: had they had this conversation, I wondered) “- I’d love it if Ade fucked me.” “Whoopee,” cried Ade, “just what I fancy, Kevin. I haven’t fucked Charlie or Patrick, but your cute little arse is just begging for it, I bet.” I do like enthusiasm in a boy. “Why haven’t you got round to fucking either of us?” asked Charlie. Ade said nothing. “Come on, Ade,” I said, “there’s no secrets up here.” “Well … it seemed the wrong thing to do. I mean, men fuck boys, don’t they. Boys don’t fuck men.” This strange way of looking at the world brought laughter from the other three occupants of the bed, and a big squeeze from Charlie. “Oh, Ade,” he said, stroking the boy’s hair, “you are so sweet and innocent. If you want to fuck Patrick or me all you have to do is say so. And that goes, as you perfectly well know, but let me make it clear again, for any other activity we might want to get up to.” Ade and Kevin had a brief whispering session. I couldn’t hear what Ade said, but Kevin’s reply was in the affirmative. “What was that bahçeşehir escort about?” I said. “He wanted to know whether I’d done pissing stuff with you,” said Kevin, “so I assume that you have with him.” “You are a pair of bright lads,” said Charlie, “and Patrick and I want to reward you.” Ade looked at Kevin. Kevin looked at Ade. Both boys grinned. “How do you want us?” When we’d done what was wanted (on their backs, in case you’re interested) neither boy had come. Our fucks had been the quick fierce kind, unlikely to cause a boy to get anywhere near coming. That night was merely the first, of course. Can I fuck you now, Kevin?” said Ade. “No, Ade, that’s not how it works,” said Kevin, “try again. I’m here to train you, don’t forget.” “I want to fuck you, Kevin.” “That’s better. How do you want me?” Ade had to think. He’d been fucked in plenty of different positions by both of us, and certainly by Larry, and by Tim and Sam, so he knew a good number of them. “I think you should get on all fours and I’ll fuck you from behind. I can reach round and wank you at the same time.” Charlie and I did a quick scissors-paper-stone and I won. I lay on my back. Kevin knelt with his knees either side of my thighs so that his cock and my cock were in close proximity. His legs were apart; his head rested on my chest. I held his head, stroking his hair. Charlie threw off the bedclothes and got the lube for Ade. Ade needed no instruction about getting Kevin’s arse ready – his fingers and tongue had been good pupils while he was on the receiving end of preparatory work from us (and Larry, Tim and Sam). Kevin was moaning nicely, partly because what Ade was doing was moan-worthy and partly to encourage the boy. “Mmm, Ade, That’s good – get it in, I need you to fuck me.” Ade looked to Charlie for guidance, and Charlie nodded. “You’re in charge, Ade,” he murmured. Ade’s cock was ready. 6 inches of proud uncut boyhood, precum glistening. His hairless balls hung close to his body, full of pent-up teenage goodness. A millisecond of regret passed through my mind that what would shortly shoot out of them would be untasted, but the next millisecond was enough to remember that over the coming years there would be countless orgasms and countless opportunities to feel his spunk on my tongue before I had the joy of tasting and swallowing it. Ade touched his cock to Kevin’s waiting arse lips and, as they always did, they opened to draw the boy in. “Fuck,” breathed Ade, “that’s so hot.” “Mmm,” was Kevin’s only reply. Ade slid in, more easily, I think, than he expected. Once he felt him Kevin muttered, “all the way, Ade – I won’t burst.” Ade did as he was told and his belly was up against Kevin’s arse cheeks. “Now go for it,” I whispered. He did, and he lasted all of 20 seconds. Luckily he knew that this first fuck would probably be the shortest of his life, so although he was disappointed it didn’t last longer he wasn’t too bothered. He reached round to do the needful for Kevin, who duly obliged another 20 seconds later by liberally coating my belly – that’s why I was there. “Out you come, Ade,” said Charlie, who took his place and gave Kevin a more memorable fucking, lasting a good 15 minutes. I was still underneath, but no longer cummy – Ade had seen to that very efficiently, and had been generous enough to share quite a lot of what he had harvested from my belly. Naturally while Ade’s lips were busy cleaning me I was doing the same for him. I don’t know if you’ve worked this out yet, but I rather like to have 14-year-olds’ cocks in my mouth. Sleep. The sleep of the just, and the sleep of the just after. Tomorrow would be another busy day. =============================================================================== The fun continues in Chapter 164 as Easter is celebrated. The story is, of course, fiction, but the photographs in Queen Mary 2 are real, as are the details of the final voyage. I first saw the boys while making a transatlantic crossing in 2017, and had the pleasure of seeing them again in April 2019, smiling at the knowledge of all the things that had befallen them since I first saw them, and thought again how cute “I” was. I’m sure he had adventures in real life … Drop me a line at net – that is after you’ve dropped a few quid. =============================================================================

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