Subject: Queen Mary Bell Boys Chapter 58 Queen Mary Bell-boys by badboi666 =============================================================================== If sex with boys isn’t your thing, go away. If, as is much more likely, you’ve come to this site precisely to get your rocks off reading about sex with 14-year-olds then make yourself comfortable – you’re in the right place. Don’t leave, however, without doing this: Donate to Nifty – these buggers may do it for love but they still have to eat. fty/donate.html =============================================================================== Chapter 58 It was around 5 – I’d got out of the way of automatically thinking of it as 1700 – by the time they arrived back at Ashokan. By then Abe was fully aware of what treats awaited him, and not just at Cy’s hands. Phil had made it clear on the way that there was no need to rush things, and that pleasures delayed were all the greater when they were finally attained. I’m not sure that anyone believed him, but at least his words had the effect of making food the first priority. Ryan and Charlie had gone to work, and had a fine feast for our guests. “Tuck in, guys,” said Ryan when the whistle had blown and everyone had assembled – all of five minutes after the bus had arrived. “Come on, Abe,” said Cy, “let’s eat. This lot will tell you what goes on.” Abe, as hungry for food as he was for sex, followed Cy to the food hut. As there were now 13 of us Charlie had pushed more tables together, making a square rather than a long table. That way no-one was out of hearing or sight of anyone else. Three down each of three sides and four on the fourth. Cy and Abe were together between Tim and me – our hut for the night’s fun – while Esau and Jakey had a bell boy on either side of them. The three men were opposite us. Food appeared and everyone helped themselves. For a few minutes there was no conversation; the only sounds were of hungry boys eating voraciously. Then Phil said, “well, boys, what are you planning for our American friends tonight?” This elicited no immediate reply as we were waiting for Cy, or perhaps one of the twins, to suggest something interesting. Tim however, ever keen to offer fresh areas for exploration, let only about ten seconds pass before he jumped in. “Cy and Abe are with Charlie and Patrick tonight, so they’ll all be fucking each other silly. Esau is with Sam and me, so more fucking there, and Jakey will likely be getting fucked by the As. Not just fucking though, there will be sucking too. Happy?” Phil smiled. “Oh, we’re happy all right. If one of our American guests feels like sex with a real man after he’s finished with you boys then he knows where to find us.” Abe’s jaw had dropped lower and lower during Tim’s and Phil’s contributions. “This all sounds so weird,” he said, “and I’ve not met men who talk like you do. I guess you’re the kind my folks warn me about. But it don’t seem so bad, with these other boys and all.” Phil nodded gravely. “Your parents were right, Abe, but there are two kinds of men who fancy sex with boys. Some are brutes, and force themselves on boys; some, like us, like sex with boys who are as keen to have sex with men as we are to do it with them. It’s often hard to meet up, but thanks to Cy and his brothers here we all are. I don’t suppose anyone’s told you the rule – there’s only one – no-one does anything he doesn’t want to. And now we ancients will leave you young things to get on with it.” Ryan stopped him. “No, not till we’re all cleared up in here. Phil, Larry, you go. The rest of you, lend a hand in here.” Ten minutes later the place was ready for breakfast – unless, that is, our evening’s fun were to lead to a desire for more food later on. “Can we get on with it now?” said Cy, “I’ll burst if I don’t get it on soon.” As these sentiments were shared by Charlie and me and, from the look of the bulge in his pants, Abe, we all disappeared into our hut without any further ado. When the door was shut I started to strip, followed immediately by Charlie. “Come on, you two,” I said, “kit off in here.” Cy was keen to let Abe see his newly-mown pubes, so Abe had no choice but to comply. His unwillingness to strip off lasted no ataköy escort more than a few seconds, and for the rest of the weekend he was as happy to be naked as the rest of us. “Fuck, Cy,” said Abe when all four of us were stripped, “your dick looks a lot bigger like that.” Cy grinned. “Larry did it yesterday.” Abe reached out his hand and, for the first time in front of anyone else, held Cy’s now fully hard cock. And Cy, for the first time in front of anyone else, bent towards Abe and gently kissed his lips. At this Abe let go of the hot cock in his hand and returned Cy’s kiss. For the moment the two of them were alone in each other’s company, the rest of us forgotten. “Oh, Cy,” murmured Abe, “this is so good.” Cy unfastened his mouth long enough to remind Abe that they had 48 hours in which to enjoy each other, “and not just each other, ‘cos there’s all these guys too.” It was evident to Charlie and me – we’d been there only a few months earlier – that Abe and Cy had eyes only for each other. The sooner they had their first orgasms, the better. Once the pressure was off the four of us could work out a more leisured way of spending the night. After all, it wasn’t even 7 o’clock yet. I pulled Charlie on top of me on the bed. “We’re going to fuck, why don’t you two do the same?” That should give Abe the green light, I thought. Charlie and I smooched happily, our naked skin electric with desire – desire which we knew would only increase with the time spent in smooching. Cy and Abe had had much less opportunity to learn about each other’s bodies (that might change in the next couple of days, I thought) and coming was uppermost in their minds. As soon as Abe saw us tangled together he murmured to Cy “can we fuck here with them.” “Sure,” said Cy, “that’s how it works here. Nobody’s got any secrets. Anyway those two are in love, so they probably won’t even notice.” “In love?” said Abe, “you mean like boyfriends?” “Oh, it’s a whole lot more serious than boyfriends. No, they really do love each other. So do Patrick’s brother Tim and Sam, and the other two – the As they call them, Alan and Andrew.” “How do they know?” “I dunno, Abe, but you’ve only got to look at them looking at each other. Look now.” Abe looked over and saw Charlie and me stroking each other’s face, gazing into each other’s eyes and murmuring things he couldn’t hear. Whereas he and I did this a lot when we were alone, this particular performance was as much for Abe to witness as for our own enjoyment. Charlie noticed Abe noticing and whispered to me. I smiled, “good,” I whispered, “maybe by the end of Sunday Cy and Abe might feel as we do.” “Stop match-making,” said Charlie. Obediently I stopped thinking about Abe and Cy and spread out on my back, legs apart, arms beckoning him to possess me, to fill me. “Fuck me,” I said quietly, “fuck me deep and gentle.” That’s how Charlie likes it best. He can be fierce when it’s what I need, but the best fucks are the long gentle ones. That’s when he’s fucking me. The other way round it’s different, but right now it was going to be gentle. I lifted my knees and Charlie bent his lips to my arse. I didn’t need to see them to know that Cy and Abe were watching. “It’s OK to watch, guys,” I said, “but do what you want.” Abe said to Cy that he wanted Cy to do that to him. Abe was on his back, and I had the chance to have a squint at what he had to offer. A nice cock, cut of course, about 6 inches or so, some hairs on his balls and a decent patch above his cock. Very cute arse which I planned to get inside before too long. He was mewing softly as Cy’s lips went to work – this was what they loved doing. “Do I stink?” “No, you don’t. Well, a bit, but … no, you don’t stink of poop, but you do have a musky smell, and you know what?” “No?” “I like it. It smells of you, Abe, and that turns me on.” Abe chuckled happily. Charlie whispered to me. I nodded. He put a finger in and when I moaned Cy looked over to see why. Charlie put a second finger in and I moaned a bit – no, a lot – more. Cy was about to do the same but Charlie tossed the grease over. “Use this,” he said, and returned to where he was more sensually employed. When merter escort Cy’s fingers went in Abe sighed. “That’s much better that using Crisco,” he said, “it’s much slipperier.” Cy agreed. “I can get a whole lot further in too.” The evening was going well, and if Cy could get all 9 inches in it looked like being a night to remember for all of us. I thought of Sam and all the other monster cocks which had fucked me since the leaving of Liverpool. I was looking forward to this new one. “Ready?” murmured Charlie. I nodded. “Long slow and gentle.” Charlie nodded. “Yes, master.” He took hold of my thighs and touched his cock – his lovely magic cock, the cock I would treasure for the next 80 and more years – to my aching arsehole. The magic pixie that lives up inside me drew him in, just like it always did, and I surrendered, just like I always did. Oh Charlie, I miss you so much, my love. Charlie’s starting to fuck me was all the encouragement Abe needed. “Come on, Cy, I’m ready. Stick it in. We can make as much noise as we like for once.” Not perhaps the most elegantly-phrased request, but certainly to the point. Cy obliged, all 9 inches disappearing quickly up Abe’s cute arse. Although I could only judge by sound; my eyes were solely for Charlie. I heard Abe’s ‘oh, yes, fuck, that’s good, Cy’. I smiled, and Charlie winked. “I love you,” he mouthed. Cy was quick to come, unsurprisingly. It was only a minute or so after he started that he grunted and cried out. Abe was yelling, free at last to do so, and making the maximum use of that freedom (knowing it to be only temporary). “Yes, yes, yes … aah” as Cy erupted inside him. “Oh fuck, Cy, I can feel your dick jizzing, keep fucking, keep fucking … aaaah!” and this time it was almost a scream as Abe, for the first time in his life, came the joyous unrestrained cum that he would never forget. “Oh, Christ, Cy, oh, oh.” Meanwhile Charlie and I were slowly working towards climax. Each of us grinned at the noise coming from all of three feet away, knowing that nine other people in Ashokan could hear everything. Charlie plunged deeper as Cy came and I squeezed him with my thighs. “I’ll make you yell this time,” he said. I smiled, knowing that he would indeed do just that. A sigh from Abe indicated that Cy’s cock had slipped out. I reached over with my left hand and grabbed Abe’s right, intertwining my fingers with his. “Share this with me, Abe,” I said, “go, Charlie.” Charlie speeded up. I knew he wasn’t far away. I squeezed rhythmically in time with his fucking. He started to moan, “nearly there, Pat …” And he came, gushing his hot spunk, over and over inside me. As usual the feel of his cock swelling as it forced its way even deeper into me was enough to make me come as well. I yelled to the world that I was coming, that it was the best fuck ever, and that I loved Charlie and his cock more than anyone had ever loved anyone before. OK, I put it on a bit, but only the volume at which I made my feelings known. The sentiments were honest. I practically broke Abe’s fingers (he told me later: he hadn’t dared to complain at the time as he’d never seen or heard anyone quite so possessed before). “That was some fuck,” he said as we calmed down, “are you guys always like that?” “Are we?” I asked Charlie. “Oh, you can be pretty frenzied sometimes,” he said, “but only when you’re being fucked by someone special.” Charlie pulled out and lay beside me on his back. All four of were like that, Abe and me on the inside close to each other. I was impressed with the volume of spunk on Abe’s belly – some of it reached beyond his nipples. “We don’t let that go to waste here,” I said, “can I?” Abe was startled. “You want to eat my jizz?” “Yeah, if you don’t mind.” “Me, mind? No. We usually just wipe it up.” “That’s a terrible waste,” said Charlie, “Patrick loves it, but you should see Tim. He wouldn’t have bothered asking, he’d have been lapping way as soon as it landed.” I had already started to lick. Cy was much amused. Although Abe had sucked his cock he’d never been willing to swallow, and this looked like the ideal time to put that right. “Why not try your first taste of goy bahçeşehir escort jizz?” he said, “I’m sure Patrick would let you.” I grinned, as you would expect me to. “Lie in a 69 position,” I said, “that way we can both get what we want.” I’d forgotten that 69ing was not part of Abe’s and Cy’s repertoire, so when he looked unsure I had to explain about turning head to tail – or head to cock. He and Cy had been coming in each other’s mouth for two years, but had never done it this way. “Bugger,” said Abe, “this is much better, Cy.” Cy had to agree. Abe’s cum tasted different – not nasty, just different. Afterwards he said that mine tasted funny. “How would you know, Abe, if you’ve never swallowed mine? said Cy. Abe blushed. “I’m real sorry, Cy,” he said, “I didn’t want to, but now Patrick’s sort of made me, I wish I’d not been such a pussy. I promise I’ll swallow yours next time.” I said that Abe might wish to compare the taste of jizz that had come through a foreskin with jizz that hadn’t. “You mean yours and Cy’s? Maybe I need to examine these foreskins a bit more closely.” Thus it was that two recently-firing cocks were closely (and arousingly) studied. The study involved several of Abe’s senses: sight, touch, smell and taste. The inevitable result was that the cocks needed little persuasion to put their nice new erections to good use. This time I was going to fuck Abe and Charlie was going to fuck Cy. But before then I wanted more recovery time, and I knew that Charlie felt the same. As well as recovery time I wanted to know a great deal more about Abe, and about Abe-and-Cy, who were clearly more than just occasional fuck buddies. “So Abe, tell us about how you and Cy get it on,” I said. Abe told us the same story Cy had told us. He’d fancied Cy from a distance for a long time and finally screwed up his courage to sit next to the older boy in the stand watching a school game. He had been 11 then, and Cy was an awesome 13. We all knew that was a big gap, so could easily understand how long it had taken Abe to make his move. They had agreed that it would be a lot more fun to go to the john (as Abe called the bogs) where mutual admiration took place. And not just admiration. “Fuck!” Abe had said on seeing Cy’s monster (not the 9 inches he had then, but am awe-inspiring 7 or so: far bigger than any other dick Abe had seen), “I want to get to know that thing a lot better. Can you jizz?” On learning that it could, and would be willing to demonstrate its ability to do so, Abe accepted Cy’s invitation to the barn. There, on a date which Abe said he would always remember (‘Labor Day 1934’, he said) he first had Cy’s inches up his receptive arse. That had been over two years ago, he said, and since then neither of them had had any other fuck buddies. Charlie and I shared a meaningful look. The L-word hadn’t been uttered, but it was obvious to both of us that it was out there, hovering unspoken. “And you’ve gone on fucking,” I said. Abe nodded. “But if I find out more from you guys in the next two days it won’t just be fucking,” he said happily. Cy’s broad smile was a joy to see. I wondered how much of what Tim and I and the rest of our band of sinners got up to would be things that the two of them enjoyed. Rimming was something they both did, and swallowing would no doubt be standard, especially in a 69 position. I wondered about some of the more arcane practices: fisting, pissing … But there were two whole days to find out. No rush, Patrick. Besides, there was Abe’s cute arse to explore. If it routinely accommodated 9 inches of Cy I wondered how it might feel with my relatively modest cock up there doing its best. What I lacked in inches, however, I knew I made up for with inventive fingerwork. Abe was in for a treat, I decided. I turned to Charlie. “Time to give Abe the digital thrill I know he’s going to enjoy,” I said. Charlie smiled. “Yeah, you’ll like this, Abe. It drives me wild.” Abe’s eyes lit up. “Goody,” was all that was said. =============================================================================== The fun will continue in Chapter 59 as we get to know Abe even better, and continue to enjoy life at Ashokan. The photographs in Queen Mary 2 are real. I saw them while making a transatlantic crossing a few months ago, and the boy I describe as “me” is really cute. I’m sure he had adventures … Drop me a line at net – that is after you’ve dropped a few quid. ===============================================================================

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