Subject: Queen Mary bell boys Chapter 71 Queen Mary Bell-boys by badboi666 =============================================================================== If sex with boys isn’t your thing, go away. If, as is much more likely, you’ve come to this site precisely to get your rocks off reading about sex with 14-year-olds then make yourself comfortable – you’re in the right place. Don’t leave, however, without doing this: Donate to Nifty – these buggers may do it for love but they still have to eat. fty/donate.html =============================================================================== Chapter 71 After breakfast the next morning when they went to make their beds Tim and I planned the day. We agreed that I would take the first hour while he talked to Paul, Martin and William. Then he’d take the second class while I talked to Colin, Simon and Kevin. Thus by 1100 six of the ones we were going to discard would have been dealt with – we couldn’t let them know, of course, as that would be Sir’s job after we reported to him the following afternoon. When they had a mid-morning break at 1100 Tim and I exchanged notes. “All OK?” I asked. “Yup. I need to see Richard. I’ll do that when we start again at 1115. Let’s work out what to do about the rest after lunch.” I spent a busy hour testing them on the layout of the ship which Tim and I had talked about in the first two sessions. Some of them were a lot quicker than others, but once we got the ones we were going to appoint onto the ship we could put the slower ones right quickly. Some people learn better when they see what’s going on with their own eyes. When lunch was finished I told the seven whom we had spoken to individually to make themselves scarce, and to do what they wanted until 1400. “Be back in here then please.” It was then 1330. I explained the six in front of me that during the morning Tim and I had interviewed each of the others, and that we would be interviewing them this afternoon. “George and Vincent, please meet Tim in your hut at 1430. Graham and Nigel, meet me in our hut at 1515. You four go off now, be back here with the rest at 1400.” When they had gone there just the four of us: Prince, Javid, Tim and me. I started by asking the two of them whether they would be happy to be the only non-white bell boy if only one of them was chosen. Prince said it wouldn’t matter to him. Javid seemed less sure. “Are the other bell boys going to think it strange if we join?” I assured him that they wouldn’t. “There are four others apart from us two, and I’m certain there would be no problem,” I said. “There might be arguments – after all, we’re a bunch of 16- and 17-year-olds living on top of each other – but they won’t have anything to do with the colour of your skin.” Tim agreed. “Right, let’s go for a walk, Prince,” I said, “and Tim can talk to Javid here.” When we were outside I steered Prince to the football field, well away from any of the others. “You seem to be the most sexually adventurous of all the boys here,” I said. “How much of what you’ve talked about is true, and how much is bravado to impress them?” He laughed. “Oh, Patrick, it’s all true. I don’t need bravado.” I asked him how he first encountered the men he said he’d had sex with. He looked sideways at me. “You ask a lot of questions, Patrick. Do you ask each of us the same?” “Of course not, Prince. I ask each of you about things I need to know, and the things I need to know about you aren’t the same as the things I need to know about the others.” That satisfied him. “I love fucking boys, as I told you yesterday. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t want to fuck little boys, but so long as they’re old enough to spunk then I’m interested. One of my friends my age wanted me to fuck his big brother, so I said that was fine so long as his brother wanted it. It turned out that the brother – he was 19 and we were 14 – was a real pansy. It didn’t worry me, and he loved my cock and what it did up his arse. Well, he had lots of pansy friends and after a few weeks I’d fucked several of them. So now you know.” I told him I was glad he’d been open and honest with me. “Has anyone fucked you?” I asked. This was what we would come to call the $64,000 question, but back in 1938 no such expression had been coined. “Yes,” he said simply. I could tell he was reticent but I had to know. “Men or boys, Prince?” It took a while for him to tell me. He had been raped at the age of 12 by a man – a stranger – who had pounced on him in a gents. Prince had gone in for a piss, he assured me, and this man had seen Prince’s cock and put two and two together, thinking that a black boy with a cock that size was in the bog looking for business. Prince had yelled, but the man put his hand over the boy’s mouth. “He fucked me hard and I hated it. Nobody’s fucked me since, and they won’t either.” This was a challenge on the Charlie scale, but I felt I could handle it. The question was whether I would get the chance. If I got him on Queen Mary among like-minded boys it wouldn’t be hard to get one of the men, or even one of us, to seduce him. On the other hand I couldn’t recommend him to Sir if he wasn’t going to be any use as one of Sir’s whores. I tackled him on ‘pansy’. What did he mean. “You’re asking me about being queer, aren’t you. I’m not ashamed of being queer, ataköy escort and nor are you and Tim, obviously. My friend’s brother is very effeminate, and likes prancing around – you know what I mean.” I did, and I agreed with the distinction he was making. “I don’t like men like that,” he went on, “they just call attention to themselves.” There was nothing more to be said. At 1415 they were all back in the meal hut. Tim and Javid had had their talk, about which I would learn in due course, but they were both smiling, so I thought it had gone well. I asked them if there were things about the job that they wanted to ask about, and they plied me with all sorts of things. Tim went off to his session with George and Vincent. At 1500 they came back and he took the second class while I went off with Graham and Nigel. As there was nothing I needed to know the whole conversation was really a fiction, designed so that all the boys felt they were being treated the same. After 20 minutes of talking about their background, and what they hoped to do when they grew up I asked, out of the blue, what they thought about Javid. Knowing that he wanted to have sex with both of them I was interested to see what they felt. Graham grinned. “Do you really want to know?” I assured him that I did. “He very sexy boy, him big cock. Me want to play big cock.” “And is that how you feel, Nigel?” Nigel put his head on one side. “I think so, but I can’t work out exactly whether I want him to fuck me before he’s fucked Graham, or after.” “I will tell you a secret,” I said, “but you are not to let on how you know this. Promise?” They promised solemnly, invoking dreadful ill fortune on the graves of several relatives (some apparently still alive) were their promise to fail to be kept. “Well, he fancies you two as well. I’m sure the three of you can work something out.” Their faces lit up. “Gosh! Thanks, Patrick.” We made them all play football again as an excuse for the last swim. All of us were naked and all of us enjoyed being kids for the few minutes in what was still fucking freezing water. As we dried ourselves Graham suddenly said that I’d promised to get Paul to demonstrate that his cock grew when it was hard. “You asked Paul to show us, and you said he’d do it at cocoa. But we had beer.” He turned to Paul. “Go on, Paul, get it all hard and threatening.” Paul was indignant. “Why me?” “Because you asked about it, silly. Tell you what. I’ll give you a reward if you do.” Paul sought the nature of this reward. “What was it Patrick said – ‘that’s for me to know and you to find out’? You’ll like it though.” A few of them started to form a circle round Paul, whose reluctance was fading at much the same rate as his cock was hardening. “Prince, come and show them the difference,” said Tim. Prince marched into the circle, black, wet, proud, his cock swinging as he did so. “Do I get a reward too?” Graham said that he might consider it. You’re ahead of me of course. On being manually encouraged Paul’s cock went from its post-fucking-freezing-swim 3 inches to a respectable 5 1/2, while Prince’s went from 8 pointing downwards to 8 1/2 pointing upwards. When Prince had said that it got bigger he hadn’t been lying, but while everyone had thought he meant ‘longer’ he had known that it just got a whole lot fatter. Tim and I shared a look. Having that up a randy passenger would generate payments on a very encouraging scale. Assuming my duties as teacher I pointed out the difference. “Notice how each penis is now harder, allowing it to penetrate moist dark places and bring pleasure both to the owner of the moist dark place, and to the boy attached to the penis.” I turned to the twins. “OK, boys, reward time. On your knees.” “How did you know?” asked Paul. “I didn’t, I just guessed that Nigel’s idea of a reward would be the same as mine.” “You mean you suck cocks?” said Javid incredulously. “Yes,” I said, “but not here, and not now.” “When?” he whispered. “Tomorrow.” He grinned. “That will be nice, Patrick.” Today, however, Graham and Nigel were do give Paul and Prince their reward. They did a quick scissors-paper-stone, presumably to see who got to service Prince – undoubtedly the more rewarding cock on offer. Nigel won. The rest of us watched, some used to such activity, some who had never encountered it before, and some – like Tim and me – who were judging how well it was being done. Nigel and Graham had a quick whispered conversation before they knelt, and whatever it was that had been suggested, they both agreed. Paul, who had never had a sexual encounter with another boy, was now to have his first in front of an audience, and it would be an encounter, moreover, rather more exciting than a mere wank from a buddy. It was likely that Paul would not tax Graham for very long. Graham knelt and with both hands gently pulled Paul’s cock into his mouth. “Mmm!” he said, “nice,” and set about licking and swirling his tongue around Paul’s very hard cock. Paul was oohing and muttering, completely incoherently. Graham removed his mouth long enough to use his fingers to peel Paul’s foreskin back, and then replaced his lips round the moist purple head. As I’d suspected Paul’s brain and his balls, unaccustomed to such sensual overload, fired only 20 seconds later. merter escort “Oh, oh, I’m cummmmmming!” This news, swiftly confirmed by Paul’s body twitching uncontrollably, was met with applause from the rest of them. Graham let Paul’s cock slip from his lips, allowing a string of spunk to leak from it down onto the ground. Paul just stood there panting. Martin eventually went to him and put his arms round him. The two of them went to sit on the bench to let Paul recover. Nigel was enjoying himself. He had rolled Prince’s foreskin back, revealing a much pinker cockhead than the almost black shaft. He couldn’t get more than half of Prince’s cock into his mouth, but Prince seemed content with that, and didn’t try to force any more in. There was much noisy slurping – Nigel was clearly good at what he was doing (Graham probably was too, but he hadn’t had enough time to demonstrate his skill) and Prince was moaning happily. “Hey, you’re good at this, boy,” and he cradled Nigel’s head. Nigel reached up and held Prince’s balls in his hand, gently rolling them. This produced a groan from Prince, whose eyes were now closed. He was getting close. Nigel used his tongue to swirl over the whole of Prince’s ultra-sensitive glans. Prince twitched. “Take it, Nigel, take my load,” and he opened his eyes wide as his cock fired bolt after bolt of almost-royal spunk into Nigel’s mouth. Nigel’s delight at this was about to be enhanced as, oblivious to the audience watching every move, he wanked himself to a fast orgasm, coming onto Prince’s feet. The two of them remained where they were, both bodies heaving with the after-effect of two powerful orgasms. After a few moments Nigel leaned back, allowed Prince’s cock to fall from his mouth. I knew that Tim was dying to get involved, but he was on duty, and managed to stay out of it. Prince’s cock was still half hard. “Like what you see, boys?” he said. There were several who said ‘yes’, and two or three who expressed a strong desire to be ‘fucked by that thing’. “Come on, that’s enough entertainment,” I said. “Now at least you all know what showers and growers are. Go and get dressed. You’ve got an hour until food. Tim and I have work to do.” They are went off, some in a group, some on their own. When they’d gone Tim asked what I’d meant about work. “Nothing, I just wanted them to know that we weren’t going to be about for a while. It gives them a chance to get it on with someone if they feel like it.” “What about tonight? It’s the last night so do we encourage them to let their hair down?” I’d been thinking about this all day. I knew that some of them had desires in that direction, and I saw no good reason why those desires shouldn’t be assisted in their fulfilment. Nigel, Graham and Javid, for example. As they were all in my dormitory I could surely be encouraging – that’s assuming they weren’t at it right now. Finally I said, “I think we should just see what happens. Your game with the knife broke the ice, and I think I’ll do that tonight.” They were all pretty chirpy when we ate at 1800. I wondered whether this was because there had been some activity already, or whether plans had been made for activity later on. We would find out at not-cocoa time, although there wasn’t much beer left to get things going. At the end of the meal I told them that we would assemble in our dormitories at 2030. “Does that mean no beer tonight?” said Graham. “No, but there isn’t a lot left,” I said. “We’ll share out what there is. The 2030 meeting is about something else. Now go and blow off some steam. Tomorrow morning you’ll have a written test so you might as well enjoy the last free time you’ll have before then.” This rather sobered them up, and it was a reflective crowd which left the food hut. “What written test?” asked Tim. “I thought it be interesting to get them to write something about the few days here, about what they’d learned, even about the fun they’d had. Most important about what they wanted out of life, especially the Queen Mary bit, assuming they’re selected. I’ll give them an hour, the\n set them free for half an hour while we read them. It may affect who we choose.” Tim said he thought we’d pretty well agreed that. “Yes, but we’ll maybe have to explain our choice to Sir, and the more evidence we can get the better.” “OK, that’s fine. What’s this 2030 stuff about? You must have something up your sleeve.” “You can say what you like to your lot, but I want to make it clear to mine that anything that happens in our hut after we get back from the beer will not affect my decision about who to appoint. Nor will I care what any of them get up to, singly or together. With any luck that will allow the desires they may have to surface, and I’ll get a nice show to watch.” Tim laughed. “To watch, or to join in?” “No idea, it depends on who’s doing what. Remember this though. It looks like we’re rejecting Colin, Kevin and Simon from my lot, and Richard, Paul, William and Martin from yours. We must keep an eye on whether any of them look right, in case some of the ones we prefer don’t make the grade.” “I don’t think it’s likely, judging from last night, but you’re right, I’ll keep my eyes on those four.” ***** At 2030 the six of my boys were sitting on their beds looking somewhat apprehensive. bahçeşehir escort “You look worried,” I said, “there’s no need. Before we meet the other lot in half an hour I wanted to tell you a few things. Tomorrow you’ll have an hour to write about your time here, and your ambitions. I’ll explain properly tomorrow. Before then we all have tonight to get through. My guess is that you’ll get less rest tonight than you got on the first night here.” I was glad to see them relaxing, and some were exhibiting smiles about what might lie ahead. “I don’t care what happens. Nothing will affect the recommendations I make to Mr Corrigan tomorrow. What happens in this hut stays here – there’s no tale-telling.” There was a silence. Nigel started to put his hand up, but remembered in time. “Patrick, does that mean that if two of us want to do naughty things then you won’t mind?” “Oh dear, Nigel. I thought we’d got past that. It isn’t `naughty things’, it’s fucking or sucking or whatever turns you on. Let’s talk about what we mean. Ask me again.” “OK. Patrick, if I want Javid to fuck me is that all right?” This was met with “what about me?” from Graham, with a very broad grin from Javid. “It looks as though Javid is keen to fulfil your desire, Nigel, but Graham is clear that you have to share. Javid, how about you? Are you up for fucking both of these horrible twins?” Javid’s blush was a delight to see. His brown face and neck darkened, but his eyes and mouth belied the message of shame. “Yes,” he said simply, “are you sure it’s all right, Patrick?” I got off my bed and went to stand beside him. Looking straight into his eyes – deep, brown pools which I knew I’d be looking into a great deal over the next few years – I said, “Javid, trust me. Enjoy yourself. There’s nothing wrong in wanting to fuck them if that’s what they want you to do.” Javid looked back at me. “Thank you,” he whispered. I ruffled his hair. Kevin said, “what about the rest of us? Do we have to fuck too?” “Of course not,” I said, “you can do what you like, so long as nobody is forced to do anything he doesn’t want to do. And that includes not doing anything at all if you don’t want to. Tonight isn’t an orgy: it’s a time – maybe the first time in your lives – when wanking, or fucking, or whatever, are openly tolerated, and where there’s a ready supply of other boys your own age. There’s no right and wrong. You should have worked out by now that this is how the bell boys on Queen Mary behave, and if you join us you’ll be able to be as free as you will be tonight. Now, let’s go and get some beer down us.” They scrambled up and got to the hut before I did. I had the key and when I opened the door the beer elves had visited again. There were another two dozen bottles. Sir must have been a mind-reader. The sight of such bounty elicited cries of delight from boys who, three days earlier, had never got their lips round a bottle. Tim’s lot, who came in as the cries erupted, were startled. It didn’t stop them sitting down and each grabbing a bottle. Tim went round with the opener. I assumed that Tim had had a similar conversation with his boys, because there was a distinct air of expectancy round the table. They were enjoying the beer, and what it was doing to their being relaxed, but they were keen to get on with what was going to happen later. Graham and Nigel had made sure that Javid was between them, and it was obvious that Javid’s cock was receiving the attention of two hands which had not made its acquaintance before. I caught Tim’s eye and he jerked his eye towards Prince. He was smiling serenely, nursing his beer as to the manner born. As I’m going to be telling you many tales of the exploits of the new recruits in the coming months I don’t need to go into great detail about what happened that night. Tim told me afterwards that Prince had fucked George and Vincent before we all met for the beer, and that the others had watched in astonishment. Prince had fucked George first, and had managed to fuck Vincent 20 minutes later. I asked whether Prince had come on both occasions. Tim said that he had, and ample evidence to support this was to be seen rolling slowly down the thighs of the two boys. Richard and Paul had found this spectacle disgusting, but William and Martin had taken a diametrically opposite view, and had found the whole performance arousing. So much so that the two of them had spent the night together in William’s bed. “I couldn’t see what they did, but they bounced around a lot.” George and Vincent had slept together as well. Richard and Paul had taken no part in any coupling, but both had had a wank. “And Prince?” I asked. “He passed the oral.” The promised threesome of Javid and the twins took place on two beds pushed together. They remained entwined for the night, and as far as I could tell all three of them did all the things they’d said they wanted. Colin and Simon watched at first, but what they were seeing, and not being involved in, soon palled as each of them tentatively reached for the other’s cock and … well, we’ve all been there. Kevin had a solitary invisible wank under his bedclothes. =============================================================================== The fun will continue in Chapter 72 as the selection process continues. The photographs in Queen Mary 2 are real. I saw them while making a transatlantic crossing a few months ago, and the boy I describe as “me” is really cute. I’m sure he had adventures … Drop me a line at net – that is after you’ve dropped a few quid. ===============================================================================

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