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Questions and answersWe get asked lots of questions so we thought we would answer on here:Favourite sex position:She loves being fucked hard from behind doggystyle and he loves to pin her legs back and fuck her deep.Best sexual experience:2017 – a new client with a sex dungeon got in touch and explained his bondage fantasies. I was excited and wanted to try it! Hubby wasn’t at first but I told him we would try it and see how it was. We nervously went there and he bound me in lots of positions and angles. He started gently and just rubbed my pussy, licked my ass crack (he loved my ass), tickled my feet and put his cock in my mouth. After about 7 months and many sessions, he proposed a session with 4 of his pals – mostly older guys between 50 and 70. He invited my hubby too and they fucked me for about 2 and a half hours. I will never forget this and I have never Amsterdam Escort Shemale orgasmed 7 times before in one session but this time I even squirted for the first time! Worst sexual experience:2016 – we met a gentleman who paid a large sum for me to take his cock up my ass. The trouble was his cock was 9 inches long and thick. He wanted to use no protection too (ok with std test) and cum up my asshole.I was relaxed when I went to meet him and thought my ass would be loose enough. After lots of pussy rubbing, fucking and sucking, I got on all fours and he rimmed me for a bit before standing up and roughly pushing all 9 inches of his cock into my asshole! I screamed in pain but kept it together as he pumped once twice and a third time I could feel him ejaculating into me (my asshole is really tight and men cum within seconds of entering) rotterdam Escort Shemale but my asshole was torn and it was painful but sexy at the same time. I farted out cum for 12 hours as it trickled out of me! I refused to see him after this but he pays for a monthly subscription of my worn panties.Does your husband get jealous seeing you being enjoyed by others?No, it is his favourite fantasy. When did you begin fucking other people?Back in 2012, he told me that his friend was complimentary about my ass and feet and hubby sold him a few photo sets and worn clothing. His friend was hot and I suggested to my hubby that we could ask him to join us in the bedroom. It was weird for him to watch his friend fuck me but he cummed 3 times while watching me getting banged. After a while, I began regularly seeing his friend for fuck sessions and Amsterdam Escort he recommended me to other people. As a nymphomaniac, I need to have sex and orgasm at least 3 times in one day and hubby knows he cant keep up with it!What does your hubby like about seeing you getting fucked by other people?He loves to see me using my body to make as many people happy as possible. Specifically, he likes people smelling my asshole, pussy and feet, creampieing my asshole and my vagina, and sucking my lil toes and soles too! Will you fuck anyone?I will fuck any person over the age of 18! I have had sex with virgins who prematurely ejaculated 4 or 5 times in one session. I had amazibg sex with an old guy and my hubby fucks me regularly too! Will you see me?Right now, we are not seeing any body but we have a long waiting list and many regulars. What do you offer?Custom photos/photosetsWorn items like g strings and socksCustom videosCan i tribute you?Of course! I masturbate while watching videos and pictures of you guys Cumming on me! If you tribute me I will give you exclusive content!I want tributes on this pic!Please submit any more questions!

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