Quick as a flash grannie

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Quick as a flash grannieAs with all my stories these are truthful recollections of things past, except for the ones which are fantasies (lol) – you choose which you think they are! Names are real in the hope that the people involved will read about themselves and get in touch, (except where because of reasons that should be obvious, it could cause the person to be put in an embarrassing situation)If you enjoy them please give them the thumbs up; if you really like them please comment and if you REALLY like them mail me and I’ll tell you more than I can put here! And if you recognise yourself – get in touchYou may remember Dot was the very first grannie that I fucked, and certainly not the last.I visited Dot a few times after that first encounter, but eventually her health began to fade and she ended up in a retirement village. By retirement village I mean senior sex city.Dot told me that she had never had so much sex, not since she was a young teen. Seems the older generation have a lust of life that would shame most of us.This retirement home had it’s own building maintenance team so there was no need for me or Eddie for that matter, but once word got around that Eddie would help service needs that perhaps others wouldn’t then before you know it Eddie and I would end up there after work doing odd’s and sods jobs and the occasional fuck!I was at Dot’s one night, actually doing some work, when her mate called in. Audrey was much older than Dot, or so it seemed. She walked with the aid of a stick. But other than she looked like a lady that used to keep her self in good shape.I was putting up a picture for Dot, stood on the stool step she loaned me, when Dot just comes out with, this is my young lover I was telling you about Audrey. I was so taken back by Dot’s openness that I almost fell off the stool.Dot put out a hand to steady me and as I climbed down she pull my hand into her top.“Dirty bugger he is”, said Dot. But it was her that placed my hand there. ”He’s always trying to cop a feel”By now Dot and I had made a love a few times and I knew she could be a bit of a flirt to say the least, but it had always been between ourselves. I pulled back my hand and collected my tools.As I was washing up I overheard Dot telling Audrey that she ought to ask. Ask what I wondered. I didn’t wonder for long!Coming back into the room Dot said that Audrey wanted me to put up a shelf for her and a few odds and ends. She gave a big comic wink and Audrey looked uncomfortable. I arranged a date with her and left.The following week I turned up at Audrey’s one bed flat. Audrey made her way to the door and called me in. She told me she’d been over doing it lately. “There’s a keep fit club over in the main building’, she told me, “and I’ve been going hard at it. Now I’m all sore”.Audrey was still dressed in a Lyrca legging and sweat top. The leggings did wonders to show the shape of her legs, and the tops hid her firm breasts well. We were canlı bahis in the time of the Green Goddess on the BBC, and Lycra was most definitely in.To be honest I was hoping that something might develop between me and Audrey as even though she was older than Dot she was in much better shape.I commented that she certainly looked like she could give a few young un’s a run for their money and she protested that I was being too nice.I got on with the job and Audrey came out to see how I was getting on.“fine” I told her, “be done soon”. “I’m just going to get changed” she said, and off she went. A while later I heard a crash and a cry. I rushed off to see Audrey on the floor. “cramp”, she proclaimed, “can you help get me up”? Could I. I am ashamed to say that the sight of Audrey, helpless on the floor, her firm but aged body available just made me want to get down there on top of her and fuck her brains out. But I didn’t.I bent over and told her to clasp her hands around my neck and I’d put my hands behind her and lift her up.Doing so our cheeks were touching and I could feel her blushing. Pulling her to me I pushed her tits hard into my chest and I was do tempted to drop my hands to her firm bottom and I didn’t, I held her waist tight as I lifted.“you have no idea what it’s like to become old, especially when you were once so active” Audrey said. “Come on I’ll take you to the lounge” said and with that I shuffled Audrey to the lounge. Now I could have just picked up her stick and she could have made her own way, but without it she had to lean on me and doing so constantly pushed her tits into me.Dropping her onto the couch she let out a yell. “Ooooh, cramp” she said, “please rub my calf”. Well what was I to do.So I raised her leg and rested it on my knee. As I massaged her muscle she went from grimace to delight and back to grimace again. Every time I stopped Audrey begged me to continue. I pushed harder and worked her muscle well. Looking up at her I noticed that she had parted her legs and there was a distinct damp patch where her entrance to her elderly haven would be. Her face now wasn’t so much grimace, more pleasure, so without warning I moved my hand slightly higher and worked towards her upper thigh. Audrey had her eyes firmly shut and I wondered what she was thinking. I could see the light blue Lyrca between her legs gating darker and darker. I was getting more and more turned on, so I just came out with it, “Is that your cum face Audrey”?She was shocked rigid. Her eyes opened wide, she stared at me and she put her hand where mine was.“stop, stop” she commanded. I had blown it. “Audrey, there is nothing to be ashamed of” I pleaded. “No No”, she said, “I am not Dot, I haven’t made love to anyone for years, and I am not going to start with you a young boy”.“But I want to make love to you now Audrey”“no no” she said as she tried to get up, but her cramp came back and she felt backwards in agony.“let me then massage bahis siteleri away your cramp”, and I began once again to work on her calf. Audrey let me as it eased her pain, but I think the pain went away quickly. I worked her calf hardly applying any pressure, most sensual.Audrey had once again closed her eyes and as I watched her, her face seemed to flicker with a smile more than grimace. Not wishing to ruin it again I said nothing, but slowly worked my way up towards her thighs. This time there was no objections and then Audrey said, “do you really want to make love to me”?“Of course I do, my god you are one beautiful woman and I think despite what you say you are enjoying this, and Audrey its not a case of old v’s young it’s what feels good” and as I said this I ran my hands up each thigh until my thumbs rested on her damp spot.Audrey gasped a little and led back. She hadn’t said no, so I continued. I felt out the v of her legs to her body. I could feel the mat of pubic hair under the shiney fabric, I so wanted to se more.Running down a finger, quite hard over her mound I could feel that she was so wet now. So I moved up to the waist band slid in my finger tips and rolled down the waistband. Audrey grabbed at it but I continued slowly to pull down the waistband until it reached the top of her pubic mound. I moved forward to smell her and her womanhood smelled of sex.“Please be gentle with me, please” she said. I promised I would.I continued to roll down her leggings and then her pussy was exposed. Some what surprisingly she had a thick mat of public hair and it extended along her thighs and more sparingly down her inner thighs. “Oh god” said Audrey, “I’ haven’t shaved in years, you must think me so hairy, so dirty” she continued.“No, not at all” I tried to reassure her. In fact there was a certain sexiness to this forest of hair.Not lingering over disrobing her of her leggings I continued until I reached her feet, and discarded them on the floor. Looking at her legs, thighs and pussy with the exception of her pubic hair she certainly didn’t have the look of someone who living in a retirement village.I continued with the massage and Audrey lay back into the couch and allowed me to explore every nock and cranny. I eventually reached her forest. “please be careful” Audrey begged. I wasn’t sure what exactly she meant, I mean she wasn’t going to get pregnant was she. So riding a finger along her lips I parted them easily. Audrey had the wetness of a teenager. Her lips parted so easily. Was this the vagina of someone who hasn’t had sex in years?I moved around so I could over look this sight and presented my back to Audrey.“aren’t you going to get undressed” she asked. So with that I did the 10 second strip and knelt down besides here. “Can I touch it”? she asked, Can she! I wish she would. I was aching for it. I told Audrey she could do anything she wanted. “can I pill your foreskin back’? It turns out that her bahis şirketleri husband was circumcised and she hadn’t seen a foreskin since she was a teenager. The pulling back and running back in of my foreskin fascinated her.As she did this I placed two fingers in her wet pussy and twisted them, opening her entrance. The pinkness blushed between bright red and shocking pink. With my other hand I dipped in a finger and it disappeared into pussy heaven.Audrey was too fascinated with watching my purple helmet play hide and seek. As she did this I noticed that her clit hood was actually located well deep inside her labia. But spreading her labia wide it was out in the open and the hood drew back of it’s own accord. There was a pink dome like clit just sat there, all exposed, begging to be touched. But knowing how sensitive they can be I formed a ball of spittle and dropped it, surrounding it. Now it looked like a Smartie, and as we all know Smarties are for eating so I leant forward and kissed it.Should I have pluged Audrey into the mains she would have not shook more. Audrey had an instant orgasm. She shook herself rigid as a wave of sexual pleasure exploded. I even saw her toes curl.Never before had I ever seen anyone have an instant orgasm. And as quick as it arrived it left. Audrey started to cry and I thought I had hurt her. But this wasn’t the case. When Audrey orgasmed she used to think that she pissed herself. And this time was no different. Audrey felt liquid trickle down towards her bottom and she felt embarrassed thinking that she’d pissed herself.Audrey was not only a woman that came in seconds if you so much as touched her clit, she came in floods also. To this day I have never seen any woman cum, not pee mind you, cum, so much fluid. It was thick, gloopy, clear almost mucus like, and she produced copious amounts. It took months and many other occasions for Audrey to feel happy doing this and finally realising that it made her more of a woman than she could have ever thought possible. For years previous her husband used to tell her that she pissed herself and it gave her such a complex.The sad part about this story is that once Audrey came she spent so much sexual energy in doing so that she couldn’t sum again from quite some time. Audrey couldn’t ever cum again in the same session. She could never be multi orgasmic. She was a once only woman. If you so much tried to touch her after she’d cum she’d convulse. I so wanted to fuck her, but once she’d orgasmed the mere touch was electric shocks to her.Audrey had never sucked off anyone in the past and she wasn’t going to start now either, so I was left there hanging. She was very apologic and upset at having peed herself, or thinking it was pee and knowing that I was left with a raging hard on. So I suggested we cwtch for a while and that I’d come back and next time we’d actually make love.She was so glad to hear me say this she began to cry again. And I was true to my word, for the opportunity to fuck an orgasmic woman who actually cum in buckets wasn’t one to be missed.We made love many times after that first time and eventually coming together was an experience not to be missed.

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