Quick Cummings


I could see the tension in her, feel it building up. It had been days since we’d fucked, and you could see and feel the tension of how much she needed it again, although she fails to notice this.

The reason the fucking had stopped for a few days? She was getting ready for that time of the month, yes bummer right? We’d been fucking regularly over the past few weeks, anything from twice a day to once every two days, but never less than that. Now two days had gone and we had another five to wait, it was agonising.

We’d been lying in a make-shift 69 position for hours, except a bit further down so I had her feet in my face, crotches touching in the centre. I’d been idly rubbing her legs, not noticing the effect it was having on us, however she tried to hide it. She thinks this time of the month means I can’t get her off, I’d later prove that to be wrong. So idly stroking her legs, rubbing her feet and caressing the back of her knee, working higher then lower again, rubbing her thighs and hamstring then back to her knee and foot, and this continual teasing lasted hours. We we’re both in such a high state of relaxation, but could feel the sexual tension building.

She was still not going to admit that though. Why admit it when she can’t get any?

I güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri decided enough was enough, I picked myself up and lay on top of her, her back to my front, and placed my hands under her sex, cupping it through her jeans and pants. I could feel the heat already, the tension that had began to build and was building more with my hands there awaiting a release. She shuffled a bit on them, and then I began to flex them, squeezing lightly, just enough to apply a little pressure to her sex, to her outer lips and her clit. She shuffled a bit more and I did it again. After a few repeats of this she let out a low gasp, the sexual tension building to release already.

I felt my hands going weak, the pressure of both of our bodies against them was heavy and trying to move them still was getting harder. I needed a new position. I quickly rolled us both over, her following with me so she lay a top me, still her back to my front. That gave me better access and I quickly took the opportunity from moving to place my hands one layer down, under her jeans but on top of her pants. They were already showing signs of wetness leaking through, and feeling that only made me want to do this more, to get her off, and just her.

I’m an unselfish lover, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri she always cums first, and multiple times normally, during sex before I finish. The same with play, she can come with me cuming, that’s the way I like it.

With me hands now cupping her sex through only the thin layer of her pants I could feel so much more. I could feel the outline of her small but perfect pussy lips, I could feel a slight hint of her clit, and mostly I could feel the heat and wetness soaking her pants through to my hand. I began my gentle flexing of my hands again, rubbing her clit as I did. She was still a bit wary of this, I was to her pussy and she still didn’t want me there, not at this time of the month.

I continued my play, hearing her gasp and moan occasionally but found that, no matter where I touched, I couldn’t pin point her clit for pleasure. I was pressing into areas I thought it should be, occasionally catching it. This was frustrating. I whispered for her to trust me and proceeded in pulling her panties aside, slipping my fingers between her folds and immediately locating her aching and throbbing clit, slick with her juices.

I zeroed in on it quickly, rubbing around it and feeling her wriggle and gasp a top me. I don’t güvenilir bahis şirketleri know when it happened but at some point my dick wriggled into her bum crack, it was at full length and her wriggles just pleasured me immensely. I was rubbing her clit and she was inadvertently wriggling and dry humping my throbbing length. I never faltered my attack on her clit, only changing my tactics every so often, changing from rubbing around it to rubbing up and down, then side to side, then back again. She was loving it, squirming and writhing on me, grinding against my fingers as she gasped and moaned. I whispered delicately in her ear to come for me, that I loved her, loved watching her cum and wanted her to cum for me.

That did it. She exploded on top of me, her body rode out her orgasm against my fingers as I slowed my rhythm and allowed her to do so. I felt her pussy jerking just a little lower than my fingers as the wetness went crazy, coating my fingers and her pants in a sticky, hot, wet mess. She collapsed a top me, truly satisfied as she rolled her head, looked at me with big “thank you for making me cum” eyes, and quickly showed me she needed that more than either of us knew.

Strangely, I was fully satisfied. I hadn’t cum, hadn’t received anything but her dry humping, yet I was done, I was fine. My dick was already slowly softening. It was a strange but truly satisfying feeling, I had fully satisfied myself by satisfying her.

One thing I hoped for after? She realises that, no matter what time of the month, her clit is never off limits…

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