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Only two days had gone by since we had last seen each other, but it had been more than a week since we had made love to each other. As I glanced up to see Beauty closing the basement entrance door I smiled and hurried to finish up the task of sorting some plastic clothes hangers from a box of jumbled junk. As she came closer and I moved towards the garbage bin I asked her if she wanted the hangers and she made a kind of facial expression as though she were searching for an answer from the thin air while looking at the hangers from at least 20 feet away. My hand holding the hangers was now a foot from the trash bin and finally she pulled her head up and then let it drop down – signifying a yes, but no verbal sound came from her lovely lips, as those soft red slightly lipsticked muscles had not moved.

Now within two feet of each other, I held the hangers out in front of me and we both pressed chests with the hangers in between us, kissing softly. I looked her into the eyes trying to read her expression as it was a Friday evening and we had agreed to spend some out-of-door time. Should we kiss a few minutes and head out? Or should we sit down and chat for a while to discuss the evening plans or make out? Her eyes didn’t tell me anything even through our gentle kissing had already stirred my insides, making my cock acknowledge that maybe there would be some action.

Pulling two chairs that were face to face against each other apart, I lead the way, saying, “Let’s sit down.” I sat down in the one that had arm rests and immediately knew my mistake of choosing this chair as she tried to straddle my legs but couldn’t due to the arm rests. Pulling her up and backward before she could make a second attempt of straddling me I moved to the other chair that had only a backrest and sat down. She smiled and lifted her dress and cradled into me so that only her panties and my pants were keeping us from having intercourse. I am sure she could feel my cock growing harder and harder every second and I could feel her heat more and more as my jeans were pressed upwards as my thickness grew. In this position there wasn’t much we could do other than make small talk and sure enough a few moments of tongue kissing made us too passionate for each other to venture out, and soon we found ourselves in the back çankaya escort workshop.

Feeling the passion of the moment but also knowing that we didn’t have much daylight left of the evening, I asked her bluntly, “Let’s make a choice now – go outside or stay in.”

She replied, “A quickie will be just fine.”

We haven’t ever had a quickie. Our love making sessions for the past seven months had always lasted more than two hours. I thought to myself, “Alright, some passionate hungry kisses, tossing her panties off, then getting out of my pants, leaving my shirt, socks, glasses on and leading her to the sofa and getting down into her in the missionary style and having a quickie would be just great.” As she had told me, it was the feeling of passion, the penetration, the physical touching was what she craved. Not always the climax.

As we hovered over the sofa, she ordered me to take my sandals off my feet and as I sat down on the sofa, I could see she had taken her own shoes off and was already tossing her shirt onto the shelving in front of us. As I stood up after taking my sandals off I saw the beauty of her curves with a charcoal bra and small panties standing before me. Together, our lips as through a magnet was attracting them began French kissing and I could feel her hands reach downward to unbuckle my pants…….

Flash forward…… After minutes of passionate kissing, feeling each other’s bare flesh and teasing each other’s sensitive privates, making her more wet and me more hard, I asked if she could straddle me as I no longer wanted a quickie, I wanted her to ride me… to feel my long thickness inside her. She obliged and reached down to spread her vagina lips and took the top of my cock head and swished it up and down, opening herself wider and wider and then lowered her hips allowing my cock to softly open her wider and plow upwards into her.

I moaned as I felt her tightness and she said, “I have been deprived of sex, I need it badly.”

I replied, “I feel your tightness. Take me; pleasure yourself in any way you want.” She rode me for a long time – in different speeds, different positions, different rhythms, different pressures, and after perhaps 20 minutes of this she was sweating and tiring. I thought to myself, “Tonight’s one of those nights when my cock is long, ankara rus escort really hard and thick and best of all it’s not so so sensitive that I am going to reach climax easily.”

She had stopped while still cradling me, so I began blowing hard breaths of cool air directly at her glistering chest, cooling her off and taking in the pleasure of her facial expression of, “Aaaahhh that feels good.” After a few more breaths and still feeling my cock deep inside her but soaking as through it was a sponge, I thought I’d withdraw and see how much of her natural lubrication was covering my cock after this prolonged period of wonderful intercourse, so I asked her to move upward, and allow my cock to come out.

I watched as my cock came out tremendously long and thick and fairly glistering in her moisture. My cock flopped on my tummy and I reached to run my hand down the shaft, feeling the moisture. Deciding I’d like even more, I quickly moved out from underneath her, went to a drawer and found some store purchased lubrication and brought it over and together we moistened ourselves.

“Now, Babe, take me again.”

With so much lubrication I glided easily inside, and she began playing with me, raising her hips way upward until it was as through the only thing that was inside was a quarter of an inch of the tip of my cock and then she’d move downward and together we could feel a tearing stretch as the length of my cock reached the top of her ovaries and beckoned to go further. Again and again, more teasing followed… Realizing that we could go on and on doing this all evening, I decided it was time to climax myself and perhaps I would be able to break the tradition of her not climaxing due to a difference in her cervix from birth. She was vibrating hot heat from her chest and arms, and her open mouth and eyes lost in the pleasure made me hope this could possibly the time she would climax before me or with me. I reached for her shoulders to use as leverage to bring her down hard, like a hammer, pounding my cock deep inside her, and pulling her shoulders upward soon helped us to get a hard, fast, beast-like rhythm which made me climax, shooting my semen up into her.

After I fully climaxed, I still kept thrusting her, but slowed down and down until I sensed her stop moving along ankara yabancı escort with my shoulder guidance. She sat on me and I whispered a question, “Any chance you climaxed before or with me?”

Her head moved from side to side and she mouthed, “No. But it felt so good.”

We cleaned our juices up using paper towels and lay back down to hug each other, taking in our breathing motions and body heat. I asked her, “Would it be okay if I gave you an oral tongue lashing climax?” She said she’d like that but it was up to me as I’d be eating my own cum. I replied, “I can certainly do that,” and guided her down to the sofa, onto her back. I reached for a floor cushion to put under my knees, and then feeling comfortable I pulled her thighs towards my side of the sofa and then began breathing soft gentle breaths of warmish air onto her vagina lips. Knowing there would probably be lots of semen deep inside her I decided to just tease her clitoris which was about even to the surface of the top of her vagina lips. I put my tongue directly on top of her clit and began licking it very softly, just the tip. I glanced up to see her facial expression react with pleasure as I continued to lick, a few more licks, and then I pressed my tongue downward inside to separate her vagina lips just around her clitoris and began moving my tongue from side to side. Continuing this with occasional more blows of warm air, followed by a few gentle hand taps and soft drumming of my finger drums, followed by new tongue circles of her clitoris, I changed my rhythm to some harder tongue lashes and wider circles and then hard cross patterns. Soon she began squirming, and her stomach began to tighten.

Sensing that I was doing great but also sensing that she needed something more, I began entering my finger inside her, just one finger to the outside just below her clitoris area with a few inward, outward thrusts. Then, wanting her to feel my excitement of sensing her arousal, I reached farther inside and began thrusting circular and forward patterns, over her rumble of pebble-like bumps. Soon I felt her body temperature rise quickly upward while my tongue and finger both did their duty and she moved away, beginning to close her thighs signaling me to move out. Wanting to tease her more, to give her more, I tried to stay inside but she closed her legs on my head, so with a smile, I moved out and looked up towards her face. Her face was buried under a pillow and her melted body lay limp, beautifully limp as her muscles vibrated from the climax.

I looked her over – and wanted her even more.

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