Quickies: The Phone Call


Julia heard the phone ring just as she had finished washing the dishes and was ready to settle in front of the computer screen to surf the Net and go to the chat rooms she liked. A woman in her mid-fifties she was well-rounded and her hair was a vivid white. A single woman she had friends but no one that she would call an intimate friend. Sometimes she would feel very lonely in the evening and she felt her passions and needs deeply.

A little frustrated she lifted the phone to her ear.

“Hello Julia, I see and talk to you every day and I want to tell you how much I want to make love to you.”

“What?” the woman exclaimed as she realised what the voice had said.

It did sound a little familiar but she couldn’t put face to it, the man continued as she found herself shocked and unable to hang up.

“I said I want to make love to you but I know that you would never consider me so I wanted to tell you what we would do. If you want I will stop and never call you again. Do you want me to stop?”

Julia looked at the screen but all it showed was the sign that the caller had a silent number. She found herself shaken but pleased that a man still wanted her. Her a woman well in her middle years and was no longer thought of as desirable. canlı bahis şirketleri She wanted him to continue to have a conversation with a man who wanted her.

“Yes continue tell me what you would do,” Julia found herself saying.

“Good. How I love seeing your womanly form and when you wear your gym gear I wonder what it would be to be to see you naked in the shower. You have such lovely legs and you must work on them I think,” he stopped for a little time and then continued.

“I want my lips to press against yours and then as your lips open I want to slip my tongue into your mouth and for us to French kiss as I run my hands up and down your body over your clothes. I want to see and feel your breath quicken as I knead your breasts through your clothes”

“Are your breasts sensitive? Do you like to have your nipples sucked and pinched?” he said.

Julia’s head reeled as she could imagine his fingers uncovering her breasts and softly rubbing at her nipples feeling them rise as he looked into her eyes. He had to have dark brown, no black eyes and his hair would match his eyes. Her own hands touched her breasts and she felt her nipples rise as she rubbed them through the thin cloth of her blouse. She felt a familiar warmth canlı kaçak iddaa in her groin and she quietly she unzipped her skirt and let it slip to the floor.

“You must like that since you are breathing heavily. Your breasts may be a little soft but they jut out of your body so proudly, I want to feel them with my tongue and my fingers all the time making you naked and exposing your wonderful womanly curves. I would be the explorer to the delights of your body. My cock is hard with the thought of you,” he continued.

“I want to kneel in front of you and open your legs admiring your perfect cunt. Do you shave? I would love it if you do, it would look so clean.”

“No but I trim it closely so I can go to the swimming pool and swim laps,” Julia answered huskily.

“Perhaps you could shave it one day but I want to open your fleshy nether lips and bury my head between your legs and inhale your musk as I lick and suck on them. I will use my tongue to open that curtain of dew covered flesh and lap your juice into my mouth.”

Julia had pulled the cloth of her now wet panties aside and she was stroking along her lips and had slipped a finger between them and was pumping it in and out of her wet cunt.

“You will taste so sweet, I canlı kaçak bahis know you will have sweet cunt juice. I want you so badly, my cock hurts with my need to pump it into your hot cunt,” he breathed into the phone.

Julia grunted as she thrust two fingers into her cunt now and rubbed with the other hand hard at her clit. The pleasure washed through her body and she almost felt his body on hers and she gasped and felt the familiar feeling as she pumped her hand even harder.

“You are so tight about my cock and I can feel your body grind against mine. Ohhhhh Godd I am so close to cuming Julia, so close,” he cried into the phone.

“Fuck me. Fuck me hard. I want you to pump that cock into me. I want to feeel your body on mine. I want to feel you hump that cock into my cunt. I am so wet. Fuck me!!!!!!!!” Julia gasped as she lost control imagining his hard body against her and his cock deep into her cunt.

“Yessssssssss, yesssssssssssss!!!!!!!!” Julia screamed as she felt her orgasm rush through her body.

“Hmmm that must have been good. I came too but not as good as yours,” the man’s voice told her.

“Thankyou Julia that was a dream come true,” he said softly.

“Will you ring me tomorrow?” Julia heard her voice asking it sounded so childish and pleading.

“Of course I will, till this time tomorrow my beautiful Julia,” he said and then there was only the sound of a disconnected line as Julia a smile on her face placed the headset into its cradle.

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