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QuickiesSo, if you’ve read my last story “my first time”. You’ll know this references the first woman i slept with.As things had now started picking up between us, we started seeing each other more and more. Mainly just hanging out, waiting for the opportune moments. Most of the time it would be when her bf would go to the toilet. Not having the best diet, he’d be up on the toilet for about 30+ mins a time, so we started having quickies on their couch whilst he was upstairs. This then became her wearing sexy lingerie whilst i was round which meant there was also easy access 😉 it was simply a case of drop panties & away we went.I’d always try and cum as quick as i possibly could, but it wasn’t always possible lying on my back i found. But when she started pounding my cock from above i found it easier. There were a few times she had to cover my mouth to stop me making noise. That and the time she tried to get off as i was still cumming making avcilar escort me nearly cum all over my jeans. That one woulda been hard to explain.There were the few times though we did manage to get an empty house and make full use of the bed.I’d been working the day shift, and her bf had asked if i wanted to go see a film with him and some of his friends. Having seen it already i said no as i also wanted some free time at home due to having a long shift the following day, not long after she text me saying she had an empty house and wondered if i fancied going round… I of course knew where this was going and obliged.I got to the house and she was there wearing tight jeans and a pajama top. We quickly went upstairs and as i followed i could not stop staring at her ass. She went into the bedroom, and i went to the bathroom just to make a call. I headed into the bedroom, and she was lying there in just her underwear. şirinevler escort My cock grew hard in my pants and i quickly stripped naked. My cock throbbing to the point you could visibly see. I got on the bed and we rolled around kissing and fondling. My cock kept poking & rubbing against her panties, she slid them off and i rubbed my cock against her wet pussy. We continued kissing as i teased her with the tip. Then i told her i wanted to do something, and began kissing down her body. I moved between her legs and slid a finger deep inside her pussy. Then for the first time i tasted her juices, she had a very sweet juicy pussy. I jerked myself as i went from 1 finger to 2 and worked her clit with my tongue. It drove her wild to multiple orgasms. I licked and licked until my tongue hurt, then moved over her and slid my cock inside her. She gasped as she took my length. I moved over her and began thrusting rather taksim escort fast. I should have cum in a minute or less but i managed to prevail. We moved round the bed, from missionary to doggy, to cowgirl to spooning and back to missionary. Back in missionary i managed to feel my cumshot building as i sucked on her incredibly tasty nipples. I’d suck them till they went hard, then let them go soft and suck them again. She wrapped her legs round me and pulled me in, after about or 4 thrusts like that we felt my cock swell and throb as i came inside her tight pussy. She moved her hips slightly which got me in a few extra millimetres or so but it felt incredible.I continued thrusting trying to work my cum deeper inside, I must have left a rather big load inside this time as she had tissue ready for when i pulled out, think it must have leaked onto the sheets… whoops. Oh well, it was her side of the bed lol.We did have a hell of a lot more quickies, but the stories aren’t very interesting. The only ones that are, i will post soon. There’s the pre event quickie, the post event quickie and the also the toilet quickie along with the sunday morning failure. Which will probably all go up next week.Thanks for reading.

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