QUIET! Ch. 03


Note: This story contains references to BDSM, incest, and not-completely-consensual sexual submission. The story also includes several character’s growing interest in lesbian sex. All characters are at least 18 years of age. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.



The water slapping at the beach on Jekyll Island was beginning to grow white tops. While the beach was still blazing in the early afternoon sun, no one had to look to the east to see the storm forming; the smell of ozone had given it away. Close to the no man’s land boundary of sand and scrub trees, the unlikely foursome gathered around their single umbrella.

Shelley continued her soothing strokes, playing with Jess’s hair, while Jada stood back and watched over the camera equipment, glancing between the beach umbrella that was jolting around from the incoming cool breeze and the two women approaching them.

Matthew just slid back onto his towel, giving the appearance of taking a nap.

“Hi, my name is Dr. Moraes.” She had taken the initiative from Katrin and walked purposefully up to the girl who was obviously in charge of their gathering.


“This is my friend Katrin.” Katrin smiled and moved toward Matthew at a nonchalant pace, calmly avoiding the girl near the camera equipment.

“Let’s take a walk while you pack up your equipment.”

“Why would I want to do that?” She gave Katrin a glance and placed her hand on Jess’s belly, massaging it in slow circles.

“Storm is coming in and I thought you’d want to take cover. Your camera equipment looks expensive.”

“Shelley, we should do what she says and…”

“Hush, Jada.”

Katrin had reached Matthew, adjusted her white vinyl thong, and sat down next to him. “Rough night?” Matthew stared through her at the darkening sky.

“I know a restaurant up the beach where we can have a wonderful lunch.”

Shelly didn’t blink. “You mean the burger joint?”

“They serve the most delicious batatas fritas.”

“The what now?” Shelley moved her hand down Jess’s belly so it was just above the deep scoop front of her red bikini bottom. She wasn’t going to give this snooty doctor an inch.

“Matthew, do you mind?” Matthew tried to close his mind off to Katrin’s voice. Close his mind off of everything that had happened. Especially in the last 24 hours.

“Matthew, perhaps a readjustment is all it will take. Although…”

“Excuse me? I’m not sure what you’re asking Katrin…”

Everyone couldn’t help but stare at Matthew, his cockhead visible at the bottom of his long board shorts.

“Da…ahhh…Matthew, I’ll help.” Jess moved to assist her man. While everyone was focused on poor Matthew’s predicament, Katrin gave Juliana a wink.

With the standoff broken, Juliana returned her gaze to Shelley: “It’s this way to the restaurant.”


“How many videos have you shot in the last day?”

Shelley didn’t like where their sporadic conversation was going. But she mostly didn’t like that this bitch doctor was guiding her up the beach. There was an air of arrogance about the doctor. But also something else. For the first time since she had escaped the nightmare of her last relationship, she felt…fear.

“Hours and hours, doctor. Been posting it since last night.”

Juliana was shocked. Not so much at the thought of Jessica being seen on some website, but of Matthew. She had to learn more, but not give away her true motivation.

“That sounds lovely. And profitable.”

“It has been.”

“Are you finding that your audience is most interested in Jessica or Matthew?”

“Oh, no one cares about the man. Even most of our female audience doesn’t care. After our years of experience, we crop as much of the man out of our videos as possible.”

Juliana highly doubted that Shelley had as much experience as she said, but she just let her go on lecturing as they walked up to the burger joint.

“Burger, fries, and a soda for my friend. I’ll have fries and a water.” Juliana ordered for both of them. “Do you think there’s an ongoing market for Jessica?”

“She’s new and has that girl-next-door look. Fresh meat always has a market. Probably a year or two.”

“Then what happens?”

“You don’t think she’s our only talent?” Shelley was getting angry.

“Of course not. I meant, what happens to Jessica?”

“She goes on and lives life. Probably with someone she meets in one of our videos. What do you care?”

“I have a proposition for you.”

Shelley had known since she first saw the doctor and Katrin walk up that this was coming. “We’re not taking on business partners. Jada and I are doing fine by ourselves.”

“But what if I could offer you something better than ‘doing fine’?”

“You’re a doctor, what do you know about the video industry?”

“You mean the porn industry?”

Shelley was just about done with this snob.

“I’ll offer you the job of managing yalova escort Jessica.”

“The doctor is offering me the ‘job’ of managing someone who I already manage? You’re fucking unbelievable!”

There was dead silence in the burger joint. Everyone was trying not to make eye contact with the angry and physically imposing woman as she stood up and towered over Juliana. It was impossible. They all stared at her trim athletic body and gorgeous dark skin all barely covered by her neon green bikini.

Juliana held her finger up to her lips.

“No, I’m not going to hush. Who are you to be telling me what to do!”

“How is Jessica paying you?”

“I get everything I need through the videos.”

“We’re both businesswomen. If you’ll kindly have a seat, I’ll share with you how much I’ll pay you to exclusively manage her and you can keep all of the video revenue.”

Shelley’s thigh muscles quivered for a second. Then she slowly sat down.

“What’s the catch?”

“You shoot no more than three business days per week on a schedule that we agree to for no longer than two years.”

“I knew it, this is…”

“…I’m not done yet. I exclusively supply you with the talent that Jessica works with at no cost to you. You can manage and shoot video with anyone else as long as it doesn’t involve Jessica and it’s outside of our schedule.”

“How much of the revenue do you keep?”

“All video revenue is yours.”

“What’s the catch?”

“Jessica is your number one priority. A hundred thousand a year sound about right?”

Shelley saw through it immediately. “That sounds like a deal worth signing.”

“Good, I’ll have the legal documents drawn up.”

“Ok. Just make sure that your fancy documents include that I can do whatever I want with Matt.”

Juliana slowly stood up. Their audience in the burger joint was loving every second of the standoff. Tall, dark hair, olive skin, wearing a black latex bikini with a zipper in the front and a thong in the back. “Achei que voce fosse inteligente. You should have taken my deal.”

“If you want Matt, you’ll take my deal, Ms. Brazilian doctor. Você estava certo.”

“Which is?”

“Your deal, except I get two-hundred thousand, another hundred thousand for Jada guaranteed for five years. Plus, a house and a car wherever it is that you forgot to mention we’re all moving to.”


“We both know that whoever controls Matt controls Jess, regardless of what Jess would have the world believe.”

Juliana was impressed. This girl who was maybe in her early twenties, maybe, and had seen through the whole setup as well as the power dynamics of Jessica’s and Matthew’s relationship.

What had she done with them last night?

Fortunately, what she was asking for was not much from Juliana’s perspective.

“It’s time to go back.” Juliana faked a scowl and walked out of the burger joint.


“What are you going to do?” Katrin asked.

With the storm less than 30 minutes away from the shore, the air temperature had dropped ten degrees while the humidity was dissipating with every offshore downburst. Juliana and Katrin bid everyone goodbye after agreeing to meet with Shelley the next day for lunch at Zachry’s Riverhouse.

“I’m going to give her everything she wants.”

“Is that wise?”

“If she’s who I believe she is, she could very well become a key part of our company in a few years.”

“And if she’s not?”

“Then I’ll introduce her to the twins.”

“You’re joking?”

Juliana ignored Katrin’s question. “Most importantly, we have Matthew.”

“Do you think he can be The Male?”

“I’ll know after we get everyone back to California.”

Katrin had unzipped Juliana’s bikini and was slowly licking the area above her installed clitoral resonator. As the resonator found Juliana’s natural frequency and began its feedback cycle Katrin withdrew Juliana’s vibrator and began to thrust it in and out of her.


“What did you say? I think you said you want me to thrust faster!”

Katrin was a talker. Most of the time Juliana loved it, but this time she just wanted Katrin’s pussy. Stripping off the white vinyl bottoms, Juliana maneuvered Katrin’s ass over her face and then raised her head off of one of the bed’s ample quantity of pillows. “No more talking.” Juliana clamped her lips onto Katrin’s pussy and ate her out so hard that her first climax took only minutes.


Nondescript. Which was exactly the reason why Shelley had selected the room. It also helped that she worked at the motel and had helpfully charged Matt for the fourteen nights that Jess had originally requested when she and her daddy had first walked up to her at the front desk. But this room, in particular, was so bland that it could be anywhere and Jess could be the girl-next-door from anywhere. Albeit somewhat of a caricature of the girl-next-door with her long brown hair, petite figure, and large breasts. But it was her startling blue eyes that created the caricature. Something didn’t seem right about a dark-haired girl with those eyes.

Shelley shrugged to yalova escort bayan herself. No matter. Almost everything else about Jess and the location was relatable to the audience Shelley was trying to attract.

“Jess, go on inside your motel room and call your friend. Tell her that you’re busy with your daddy and she can’t come by this weekend.”

“But I wanted Chrissy to be part of this…”

“Just do it, Jess.” Shelley didn’t need to discuss anything with Jess. She had a lot of video to shoot in the next 24 hours before her lunch meeting with the doctor.

“Matt. Matt! Help Jada set up the video equipment and lights.” In the downpour, they moved all the equipment into their small motel room in three quick trips.

Jess looked around the room at the cases of equipment that Jada was hastily unpacking. “Shelley, why do we need video equipment in here?”

“Because your friends talk a lot and we didn’t have time to shoot at the beach before the storm. Now we’ll have to shoot all night.”

Even with what happened last night, Jess admired how Shelley took charge. Her daddy continued to respond to Shelley’s instructions and the equipment was set up and ready in less than an hour.

“So, we’re going to use both cameras?” Jada was a little concerned with how to operate everything and get the shots that Shelley wanted. “What about audio?”

“Hang one mic from the ceiling and the other down low on that short stand so they’re both out of frame,” Shelley instructed.

“What am I framing?”

“With my iPhone on a tripod, frame all of Jess and Matt.”

“We’ll never color or grain correct your iPhone to match the Red Rangers.” Jada was getting more concerned.

“It’s just a safety shot, we probably won’t use it. Put Red Ranger one on the other tripod, focus on just Jess, and crop as much of Matt out as you can, except for his cock. And do that thing where the depth-of-field is near its minimum. You operate the Red Ranger two on the Ronin 2 gimbal. We need a lot of shots moving smoothly between reaction shots of Jess’s face and her pussy while she’s riding him.”

“Shelley, that’s a lot for one person. I don’t know if I can do it all.”

“Relax, Jada. We can do as many takes as we need. Then we’ll comp together one great take in edit. Matt, I need you to lay down on the bed now. Jess, Jada, and I will do all the work. Jess, it’s important that we get your daddy climaxing into you at least four times.”

“Four times?! Shelley, it hurt so bad yesterday.”

“Just breathe, Jess. Take slow breaths. There you go. I promised you yesterday that fucking your daddy would feel better each time you did it and it will. This time I’m not going to be physically helping you, but I’ll direct you on how to find your rhythm just like yesterday. You can start slow and then go faster as I direct.”

“But what if it hurts?”

“Then call it out. Say ‘it hurts’ when it does. I want you to be honest just like you were yesterday when you fucked for the first time.”

“Do we really need all this video equipment, Shelley?” Jess was feeling self-conscious. Yesterday, it had been just she and her daddy with Shelley. No other people or equipment.

“We’re making a documentary about your love for your daddy. Just think about how much fun it will be to watch with your daddy in a few years to celebrate you turning twenty-one.”

“Kind of like a memento of me seducing daddy?” Jess’s face lit up with a smile.

“Yes. There you go. Ok, go ahead and take the gaffer tape off of your pussy, Jess.”

“Won’t daddy’s climax from yesterday spill out of me?”

Shelley probed at Jess’s belly. “You’ve absorbed it all by now. Time to fill you up again. Didn’t you love how it felt to be so full?”

Jess smiled. “I did love that part.” She took off her bikini and removed the gaffer tape. Not a drop of climax spilled out. “Shelley, why did you ask me about birth control?”

“When you said you weren’t taking any, it gave me the idea to make a documentary video of you and your daddy until you have your first baby together. Isn’t that beautiful.”

“Oh, that’s so amazing! I want to have so many babies with daddy!”

Matt was both petrified and aroused at what he heard the two young girls talking about. He was going to have babies with his own daughter!

“Just think Jess, if you have your first baby this year, and she’s a girl, then in eighteen years when you’re thirty-six, your daddy can fuck your daughter and your granddaughters will have the same father as you and your daughter. We’ll continue shooting the documentary to cover the generations of your family. And it’s all because of you.”

“That’s so beautiful! I want to start now.”

“That’s it, Jess, I knew you would. Jada start rolling all cameras and audio. Jess, go ahead and mount your father. Regular cowgirl. And remember to verbalize everything you’re thinking.”

“Daddy, I’m going to go slow but I promise I’ll make this good for you.”

“Baby girl, are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes daddy, I want to have your babies.” Jess slowly pushed her daddy’s large cock head into her pussy and escort yalova slid down his shaft. “Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday when I started climaxing you with my hands and giving you head? Then mama saw us and we started our relationship together.”

“Jess, you wanted mama to see us.”

“I know daddy. I wanted her to know that you’re mine. When we start having babies, she’ll be certain.” The darkness that Jess had forgotten about yesterday, started to creep back into herself and she felt good riding her daddy’s cock, even when it hurt her. “Oh god daddy, it hurts!”

“Jess, please stop if you need to.”

Jess smiled, “I know you don’t want me to stop daddy, but I want you to help me.” Jess stopped.

“What do you want me to do baby girl?”

“Put your hands around my waist daddy, and guide my hips like you need to.”

“I, I can’t Jess.”

“Ok, daddy.” Jess started to bounce slowly on her daddy’s cock again and then stopped. “Are you ready to guide my hips daddy?”

Matt was torn. He wanted to climax, but this was his own daughter.

“It’s ok daddy.” Jess began to bounce on his cock again. Then she stopped.


“Yes, Jess?”

“I promise, if you guide my hips with your hands, I won’t stop until you climax in me.” Jess ground down onto her daddy to make her point.

“God baby girl, I really I want to, but I just can’t.”

“It’s ok daddy.” Jess bounced up and down on his cock again. Stopping for a few minutes. Then starting all over again. After half an hour of edging him with her pussy, Jess stopped and asked again for his help.

This time Matt, couldn’t help himself. He slowly reached up to grab her thighs with his hands.

“Higher daddy. Keep going.”

Slowly Matt’s hands cupped Jess’s ass.

“Yes, daddy. You’re almost there.” Jess ground down in appreciation.

“Matt’s hands passed over Jess’s hips and found their place on her waist.”

“That’s it, daddy. I knew you could do it! I need you to help me go faster and find my rhythm.”

Matt pulled Jess’s hips up and she rose up on his cock. Then he slammed her down.

“Ooomppphhh. Yessssss, daddy! Do that again!”

Matt obliged for a while longer and then Jess took over. As she bounced up and down faster, she realized that as she got to a certain speed, her pussy felt better. Much better. “Daddy, I’m not going to stop until you climax into me.” Jess went even faster.

“Baby girl! I’m going to climax.”

“Do it, daddy!


“Yessss daddy, I’m climaxing too! Oh godddddd, it’s so good!”


“Jess? Jess?!”

Jess slowly woke up and raised her head an inch above her daddy’s chest to look at Shelley.

Ok, that last one was really good. I have time to video one more, so let’s make take-five even better than the last time.”

“Ok, Shelley.”

“Daddy, I’m going to fuck you again and I want you to climax into me.”


“Jada, just leave them to sleep.”

“Ok, I’ll take the cameras and the Mini-Mag video storage. Can I leave everything else?”

“Yes. There’s a lot for us to do before I meet that bitch for lunch.”

Brunswick, like any port town with beaches, had its beautiful areas for the wealthy and tourist class. Shelley’s apartment wasn’t in those areas. Driving north past I-95 and the Winn-Dixie was one of the areas where the working people of the town lived. Dilapidated was what was showing in the yellowing headlights of her old Jetta.

“Ok, just put the equipment over there, and let’s get to work.”

Jada carefully placed the camera equipment on the spotless floor. Shelley went to a lot of trouble to keep the inside of her apartment neat and clean. Regardless of what the outside looked like, she refused to let it creep into her sanctuary.

“I wrote these for us after we first met that bitch.”

“Can we please call her something else?” Jada asked.

“Why? It’s an accurate description.”

“Speaking of ‘why’, why are these early admission forms to UCLA here? What happened to our Georgia State applications?”

“We’re better than that. Especially you Jada. I know your dream is to be a movie cinematographer. So, you should go to the best film school program.”

“We can’t afford UCLA! We can’t even afford to get to UCLA!”

Shelly gave Jada her look and Jada took a step backward.

“Leave the money part to me. We both have the grades and I say that we deserve a chance to make it at UCLA.”

“Whose application is this?”


“What are you doing, Shelley?”

“You’ve heard Jess’s dream about going to a major university for biology or psychology?”

“I haven’t heard anything much that Jess has said. I’m just so tired. Why do you even care?”

“Just finish your application, upload it and press send. I’ll do the rest.”


Shelley drove Jada back to the motel and left Jess and Matt in her care after making sure that they had securely gaffer taped Jess’s pussy closed. She was filled with her daddy’s climax and no one wanted any of it to spill out as they left for their day at the beach. Jada was under strict instructions to walk Jess up and down the beach once an hour so she could enjoy the feeling of her belly full of climax and to ensure that her body absorbed all of it so that they could shoot another series of videos in the evening.

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