Quite a Surprise Ch. 02


This is a continuation of “Quite a Surprise,” which was posted a while back on Literotica. It’ll make more sense if you read the previous chapter first. All comments welcome!


Lisa and I lay on the floor next to each other, both exhausted from what we’d just done — we’d known each other for a long while, but this had been our first date and I’d barely gotten inside her door before we’d almost attacked each other, ripping our clothes off, collapsing to the floor, me licking and tasting her until she came against my mouth, then sliding my fingers inside her while she sucked me to an amazing orgasm, leaving us both laying on the floor, happy and worn down, at least momentarily.

“You know,” Lisa said with that same naughty grin I’d grown to like so much over the course of the evening, “we have all night. That was amazing. And I want you to know we can do anything you want, tonight. Anything.”

I smiled at her, too, and held her a bit tighter, her head on my chest as she listened to my heart beat, my breathing slowly becoming less labored. I felt like I needed to work out more often, just to keep up. She lay to my right, and I had my right arm around her shoulders. I ran my fingers slowly through her hair, down around her earlobe, lightly down over her neck to her shoulders, and reached my left arm around and held her hip, pulling her gently next to me. She traced her fingers lightly down my chest, then back up toward my neck, then down again, lightly passing them over my nipples, down over my stomach, down to the tops of my thighs. Her touch was gentle and sweet, and she lightly brushed my cock, softened now. I gasped lightly as she did, and I moved slightly, excited by her, but not yet ready. We were lying naked on the floor of her apartment, but we were on a nice area rug she had, and it was an unseasonably warm spring evening, so it was surprisingly comfortable. And even more surprisingly, I didn’t feel in the least bit self-conscious about lying naked on the floor with a relative stranger, all the lights in the apartment burning.

“So, anything?” I asked, with a bit of a grin. “I feel like a kid in a candy store. But I don’t want to ask for anything that the store doesn’t carry. What do you have in mind.”

She laughed a little at my joke, smiling again and kissing my chest. “Well, I’m not saying I’ve tried everything in the world, but I’m not a kid, either. I’ve had some relationships, had time to experiment. And heck, I read Cosmo, so I know all the positions, and I watch Sex and the City, and, well, I’ve done my fair share of girl talking and the like. Let’s just say that I’ve tried some things, and there’s more I’d like to try. But we can take that how you like, and see what works for us both.”

I ran my hand down over her back slowly, and slowly back up, then down again, stroking the small of her back, then down over her ass, squeezing gently, sliding my fingers slowly down over her ass and to the tops of her thighs, my fingers barely reaching to touch between her legs — just a light touch, stroking her soft skin and the slight hair.

She pressed herself gently against me, her hips pressing against mine as she lay on her side next to me, then pressing back against my fingers as I slid one finger up along her ass, touching it gently over her tight little hole, then slowly up over her ass, over the small of her back. This talk, and the touching, and having her so close, was starting to excite me again, and my cock stirred against my thigh. Her hand traveled down again over my stomach, and she traced one finger up and down along my slowly lengthening dick.

“Mmmmmmm,” she sighed against my chest, as my right hand slid down over the small of her back again, and my left hand slid over the swell of her breast, my fingers sliding around her nipple, not quite touching. She pressed against me again, sliding her right leg over my legs, squeezing me to her, and my hand cupped her breast gently as she tipped her mouth up towards mine, and we kissed again.

She tasted sweet and lovely, a bit of the wine she’d just sipped moments before, a lot of our kisses. I reached up and cupped her face in my left hand as we kissed, and she leaned into me, pulling herself gently up over me slightly. Both hands cupped her face now, and our kiss deepened — our lips brushing, tongues touching, sucking her lower lip in mine. Her hair fell down and brushed against my face, getting caught up in her kiss, and she laughed as I slid my fingers through her hair and pulled it back. Kissing her was kind and sexy, gentle and exciting, all at once.

My hands roamed down her bare back, as she arched it and pressed her breasts against my chest. I could feel her nipples çankaya escort sliding back and forth on my bare skin as my hands reached her ass and traveled down over her thighs. She pushed herself forward, and her breasts slid slowly up my chest and toward my lips. She looked down at me, smiling her naughty smile, and touched her right nipple to my lips. I reached up to cup her breasts but she took my hands in hers and held them above my head, gently but firmly, so that she was in control. Her nipple brushed my lips again and I snaked my tongue out to touch it, flicking up and down against it as it grew harder, then closing my lips gently over her nipple and sucking it into my mouth. She gasped lightly, pressing her breast to my mouth, then pulled back as I sucked a little harder. I bit her nipple very lightly, just touching my teeth to it, and she moaned. She pulled back again and her nipple popped from my lips.

“Oh, Brad,” she said with a smile, “I love feeling you suck on my nipple.” Then she whispered, “I like it when you suck soft on them at first, then harder.” And even more quietly, with a small gasp, she breathed, “I like it when you bite them.”

Hearing her talk drove me crazy, and, though I’m sometimes shy, I felt comfortable talking back to her. In fact, I wanted to.

“I love your nipples in my mouth,” I said, as I brushed my lips over her left nipple and felt it start to grow harder. “I like to kiss them,” as I kissed hers, “I like to suck on them,” and then sucked it into my mouth. She moaned as I sucked on her nipple slowly, then I let my mouth fall away. “I like to tease with my tongue,” I said, and then circled her taut nipple softly with my tongue, then flicked my tongue over her nipple, barely touching it, my tongue snapping up and down quick and light. She gasped, then moaned louder, and I touched my teeth to her hard nipple, biting so lightly, then closing my lips and sucking, tugging on her nipple with my teeth and lips, insistently. “And I love to bite them.”

Her nipple was hard in my mouth, like a pebble, and I stroked it with my wet lips. She moaned and seemed to go weak — her hands stopped holding mine, and her arms buckled a little as she melted towards me. She’d been kneeling over me, but she let her body rest against mine more, and I slid my hands down her bare arms and over her back, pulling her against me, feeling her press against my hardening cock, now laying up along my stomach between us.

Lisa started to slide up and down along me, and I could feel her wetness pressing against me, sliding along the length of me as we lay there. I held her face again and kissed her, and we moaned softly into each other’s mouths. My hands roamed down her body, cupping her ass as she slid along me, then pulling her slowly up higher, first so that her breasts hung over my lips again, allowing me to kiss and suck her hard tight nipples. My hands were on the backs of her thighs now, and I touched a finger to her pussy, sliding along her slick wet lips. Lisa gasped and pressed back against my finger, sighing, “Yes, please…. touch me there.” I slid my finger inside her, feeling how warm and wet she was on my finger, and touched my other wet fingers to her clit.

She worked her way up my body, as I urged her up with my hands, and I kissed down her stomach, then over the tops of her thighs. She reached up above her and held an end table as I touched my lips between her legs, and I glanced up to see her looking down at me, her right hand cupping her breast, squeezing gently and circling her nipple. I held her hips tight and pulled her down to me, thrusting my tongue inside her. She arched her back and gasped, closing her eyes and throwing her head back, pressing herself down on my searching tongue.

“Mmmmmm yes lick me Brad… please… and touch me, touch me everywhere,” she moaned, louder with each word.

I teased her clit with my tongue now, flicking fast and light over her, feeling her hips move against my mouth. She leaned back, her hands on either side of my hips, then reached back to stroke my cock, erect and hot, eager for her fingers. I moaned into her, loving the taste of her and the feel of her touch, and I touched two fingers to her pussy, sliding them in and out as I closed my lips over her clit and sucked gently. With my other hand, I touched my wet little finger gently to her ass, pressing slightly, experimenting to see how she’d react.

“Ohhhhh,” she said, and looked down at me and smiled. “That’s bad, but I like it very very much.”

In answer, I pressed my finger a little more insistently to her, sliding the very tip inside her tight ass. She gasped again and pressed down against me, my finger sliding deeper ankara rus escort into her and my other fingers deeper into her pussy. I teased her clit and sucked again as she shook against me. “Oh, Brad, I’m going to cum already. Please don’t stop,” she cried. Her hand worked faster on my hard cock, gripping tight and stroking up and down, and she pressed down onto me.

Suddenly Lisa cried out again, lurching forward to grab the table with both hands, her hips and thighs shaking as she cried out louder. “Oh God Brad I’m cumming!” And then she moaned louder, crying out loudly, no words now, just sounds. I tasted how wet she was on my lips and felt it on my fingers, feeling her pussy clamp down on me, her legs go tight around my head momentarily, her ass gripping my invading finger. Then she went weak, leaning forward and supporting herself on the table, shaking gently, then rolling off of me to the side.

Lisa turned and smiled her wicked smile at me, gasping for air. I smiled back, and said, “My, you *are* a naughty one, aren’t you?”

“You bring the best out in me, I think.” She leaned in and kissed me, moaning softly, tasting herself on my lips.

We lay there together on the floor again for a few moments, and then she said, “You know, as much as I love this, I do actually own a bed. We could even lay in it.” We both got up, walked naked together to the kitchen to get some glasses of water, and climbed into the big bed, which was definitely better, a queen-sized affair with soft sheets. Under the covers, we kissed again, and she felt me hardening quickly, pressing against her. “I want you inside me,” Lisa said to me, covering my lips with hers, kissing me deeply, her hand sliding down my body to take my hard cock in her hands. “But first, in my mouth.”

She kissed down my chest, and I arched my hips up towards her as her mouth moved lower, feeling her lips brush the head of my hard cock, then her tongue snaking around the tip. I moaned in a mix of frustration and pleasure, then finally sighed deeply as I felt her warm wet mouth close around the head of my hard dick. Her right hand wrapped around me, and stroked me into her mouth as she worked herself further down my shaft. I gasped again, pushing up against her, and she sucked me further into her mouth. My right hand went to her hair, gripping tight, not forcing her, but needing to hold her. She moaned, her mouth around me, and I felt her hips press down against my leg, rubbing herself gently against me as she sucked me with her wet mouth. The feeling was incredible, and I felt her tongue swirl around the head of me and then felt her lips slide further down again. I gasped as she sucked me, and moved my hips more quickly.

“If you keep that up, Lisa, I’m going to cum right in your mouth again,” I said, whispering it, not even able to know any more what I wanted at the moment, just wanting the feelings to continue.

She looked up at me, a smile in her eyes, and pulled her mouth off, saying, “As much as I loved that before, this time I want you in me.” I smiled too, moaning softly, but then froze for a second, realizing that, well, I’d not been prepared for this sort of evening in all kinds of ways.

As if reading my mind, Lisa climbed over me and reached for a drawer on the bedside table. “A girl needs to be prepared,” she said. “Not that these get an awful lot of use, but better safe than sorry, right?”

“Definitely,” I smiled back at her. I wanted to tell her that she didn’t need to reassure me that she wasn’t one who slept around a lot. It wasn’t a concern, but I didn’t know how to say it. I just smiled, pulled her to me, and kissed her again. She held a condom in one hand that she’d fished from the drawer, tearing the wrapper open and reaching for me, unrolling it over the head of my cock, working it down over me. She gripped my latexed dick tightly, stroking it a few times, then said, “I want you in me — and I want you in me now.”

I rolled over with her, and she lay on her back, opening her legs to me. I knelt between them, sliding my hands over her bare thighs, touching my fingers between her legs, feeling her wetness. I rubbed the tip of me along her wet slit, up towards her clit, then down lower, then back up again, sliding my cock over her hard clit, making her gasp and lift her hips toward me. “Oh, Brad, put it in me,” she said softly.

I smiled at her wickedly, saying, “Say please…. tell me what you want.”

She smiled back, liking the little game we were playing. “Please, put it in me. I want to feel you inside me. I want you to fill me. I want you to fuck me, Brad.”

It was my turn to smile now, incredibly turned on by her and her talk, and I ankara yabancı escort pressed myself forward, easing slowly into her. She opened her legs wider, gasping an “Ohhhh” as I slid in so slowly. First just the tip of me, then a little deeper, then just a little deeper. I pulled back a bit, teasing her with shallow quick little strokes, and teasing myself, too. It felt incredible, but I knew I wanted to be deep inside her, and Lisa reached out and grabbed hold of my hips, pulling me towards her, and wrapped her legs around me. I thrust forward and she lifted her hips toward me, crying out as I buried myself inside her. Her ankles locked behind my hips, and she urged me in deeper as I thrust into her, then pulled back until just the very tip of me was inside her, and slid into her again.

I leaned down and kissed her, our tongues sliding into each other’s mouths as I thrust myself into her and she pressed her hips up to meet me. We moaned into each other’s mouths, and I broke the kiss and started kissing down her neck, then back up, my breathing ragged in her ear. Her arms wrapped around me, gripping my back tight, then slid down my arms to hold my hands and pull the up above her head. “Hold my hands,” she gasped, as I kissed down her neck and over the swell of her breasts, taking one of her small, hard nipples in my mouth and sucking gently as I slowly eased in and out of her, back and forth.

“Yes, yes, like that,” Lisa moaned, and I broke off sucking her nipple to moan myself, moving faster inside her, telling her how good she felt, how tight around me. I needed to get some control over myself, so I knelt back and held still for a moment, then took her legs and pressed them back toward her chest, placing her ankles on my shoulders. I took her hand in mine and placed it between her legs, urging her to touch her wet clit as I slid slowly back and forth, easing into her, then back again, forcing myself to slow down.

“Oh god yes,” she cried, arching her back up towards me, thrusting her hips up as I slid into her. Then that smile again, and she said, “But I want to ride you. Let me ride you, Brad.”

I lay back and she climbed over me, holding the headboard above my head and letting me suck on her nipples for a few moments, my hands on her breasts, pressing them together so I could lick both nipples at once, then leaning back and reaching down between us to rub me against her, and then slide me into her. She placed her hands on mine, leaning over and holding me down as she slid down my shaft, burying me inside her. She arched her back and moaned, and I reached up to suck on her nipples again, but she pulled away a bit.

“Now I’m in charge a bit,” she smiled, and started working her hips back and forth on me, keeping me inside her. I thrust my hips up to meet her, and she gasped softly with each thrust, “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh damn Brad, it’s so good to have you inside me.”

I was moaning louder now, getting closer to cumming, struggling to control myself, and I think she sensed it. “I want to cum with you, as you cum inside me. Are you going to make me cum, Brad? Am I going to make you cum?” I gasped a yes, and she took her hands off mine. “Then make me cum, Brad… hold me tight and make me cum.”

I grabbed her just under her ass, holding her tight, and started lifting her up and down on my cock. She took my right hand in hers, and raised it to her mouth, sucking on my finger, getting it wet between her wet lips. I thrust harder towards her, and she took my hand and placed it back on her ass. “Touch my ass with your finger, please?” I rubbed my wet finger against her ass, sliding my other hand around her to touch her clit as she leaned back and rode me harder.

“Yes, Brad, yes. Touch me there, and oh god please, put your finger in my ass.” I pressed against her, gently but firmly, and she pressed herself down against me, taking me deeper in her pussy and taking the very tip of my finger into her ass.

Her movements grew even more intense, and she rode me hard and fast, bucking her hips and crying out louder and louder. She leaned down to kiss me, our tongues dancing together, and then she broke the kiss suddenly and gasped, “Oh I’m gonna cum Brad. I’m gonna cum now,” then cried out long and hard. I felt her tighten around my cock and around my wet finger, and I thrust deeper into her, crying out myself as I exploded so hard within her, my back arched, feeling her thrust down hard onto me, my cock so deep inside her, my finger sliding into her ass. I felt how wet she was on me, and how warm and tight, and I wanted it to last forever.

Lisa collapsed on me, and I wrapped my arms around her and held her tightly for a few moments, feeling her skin against mine, running my hands up and down her bare back. I slowly slid out of her, mindful of the condom, and we lay together there on the bed, not able to even speak, just breathing softly.

To be continued, if people are interested. Write and tell me…

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