Rabbit Hole

CHAPTER EIGHT: � Getting out of Dodge By Quentin Collins ail)

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This story is fictitious and takes place in a fantastic realm where inconvenient physical, biological, medical, legal, and moral strictures don”t exist. It is intended only for the entertainment of those who are legally permitted to access and read it.

This work is my first attempt at storytelling, so please be gentle in your criticism, lest you make me cry.

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Chan and I walked holding each other as we left the funeral luncheon and made our way back to the Schweitzer Funeral Home to retrieve our car. I had thrown my suit jacket over my shoulder, and Chan mirrored me as we took on a comical swagger.

I realized we probably needed to go inside Schweitzer”s to find the keys I left with the attendant. The front door was locked, but the side door under the porte coch�re was open. We walked in and found a young man vacuuming the room where Annie”s memorial service had been held.

He was wearing Bose headphones, black ankle socks, and lime green Brave Person bikini briefs that were a small triangle of green in front and back connected by a quarter inch of white banding hanging low on the hip. The headphones were plugged into a smartphone tucked into the waistband at his left hip, causing it to sag even lower.

Chan and I decided to stop to enjoy the view of the twenty-year-old man dancing about with his vacuum. His skin was so white it was almost translucent as if he hadn”t been in the sun since birth. His skin reflected the lights in the room. I realized he was wearing some kind of oil or lotion all over his body.

The brightness of his dermis contrasted with his jet black hair, which he wore faded to almost nothing on the sides, and long enough on top so he could style it into a tall pompadour. He kind of reminded me of a dark-haired Chris Isaak.

He was lithe and graceful in his movements. He kept his eyes fixed on the carpet as he moved around, his round little ass flexing, only partly covered by the nylon of his underwear.

I caught a glint of something and noticed that he was wearing jewelry through both his nipples. I couldn”t discern the details from our distance of about twenty feet, but there were silver bars with gold round link chains looped from the two ends.

We had no idea what music he was dancing to, but he let go of the vacuum and did several perfectly-executed body rolls with his arms raised in front of him. He had complete control over every muscle. As he was rolling for the fourth time, he turned to face us and froze momentarily, then showed a strained smile as he took off his headphones.

I applauded. “We were enjoying your performance. Please don”t stop.” Chan joined me in applauding as we approached the mostly naked dancer.

“Yeah, those body rolls were awesome,” Chan complimented. “Can you teach me? I love to dance, but I suck.”

To prove his point, Chan tried a couple of body rolls. They weren”t terrible, but nowhere near as graceful as the young man. I noticed Chan”s penis flexing in his pants as he danced. The man noticed too.

“I”m sorry,” I said, “I”m Drew Tarnow, and this is my son, Channing.” I reached out my hand. He leaned forward to shake my hand. I took a closer look at his nipple piercings. There were small dragon heads at either end of each bar. The dragons had rubies for eyes. The gold chain terminated at each of the dragons” noses.

“Yes, I know who you are. I”m Thomas West. My mom is Rachel Schweitzer West. She”s out for the afternoon. I”m sorry if my appearance startled you.”

Chan enthused, “Oh, we weren”t startled. We loved looking at your dancing. If I owned underwear I”d dance around in it too, but I don”t, so I end up dancing nude.”

Thomas”s eyebrows jumped up.

“Yeah, see,” Chan said, as he opened his suit pants and lowered them to midthigh to show Thomas his naked hairless crotch. Chan”s penis extended, showing proof of life.

Thomas was the one who was a bit startled now, but not enough to avert his eyes.

“So, um, do you not own any shirts either?” he asked, regaining his composure.

I laughed. “Well, many of us seem to have lost them on the dance floor over at Mirabella”s. We had an excellent DJ. Chan and I didn”t find our shirts when it was time to leave, so we left without them. You should have come over and joined us. I would have loved to have seen you on the dance floor.”

Chan interrupted, “Are you really a dancer, then? Do you dance professionally? You are terrific. I love looking at you.”

Thomas smiled broadly. “I am a dancer. Well, I”m trying to get a fulltime job with a company. I do modern, jazz, hip-hop, tap, and contemporary. But it”s difficult to make a living doing serious dancing, so I end up earning most of my money dancing for bachelorette parties and at gay clubs in the area.

“I”ve done a few circuit parties too, but by the time I pay for my own travel, there”s not much left of my fee. Still, it”s a way to get to Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, wherever. The thing I don”t like is that there are a lot of drugs at those parties. I try to stay away from that.”

As Thomas talked, Chan took off his hated shoes and socks, and then removed his pants.

“So, you can show me how to do that body roll? Maybe I”m just too short to pull it off. Or maybe I”m too stocky. What do you think?”

Thomas answered, “Are you serious? Are you naked right now asking me to show you how to dance?”

Chan looked at him as if it were a silly question. “Well, yeah. Did I misunderstand something?” Chan stood completely naked and completely at ease waiting for a response from Thomas.

Thomas ogled my son and decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth. The young Mr. West unplugged his headphones so he could play the music out loud on the phone”s crappy speaker, but it was good enough to get the beat. He laid the phone on a nearby table.

Thomas”s eyes scanned the fifteen-year-old once again. “You”re not `too stocky” by a long shot. You are gorgeous. I mean, your muscle mass is gorgeous. But you are right that it”s a bit easier to create a line when you”re a runt like I am.”

Chan closed the distance between himself and Thomas. “You”re hardly a runt, Thomas. I can see those beautiful limber muscles under your skin. Why are you oiled up? Are you going to a professional wrestling match after izmit escort bayan this? Are you going to throw a folding chair at someone?”

Thomas laughed, but he was still a bit unnerved standing next to my naked son as Chan scrutinized Thomas”s body. “Um, no. It”s not oil. And I”m not a wrestler. Well, it is oil, but I”m still not a wrestler. It”s vitamin E oil. I have a bit of a skin condition and use it to keep my skin supple. I use it two or three times per week.”

Chan touched the young man”s arm and then traced his fingers over Thomas”s shoulder and down his chest. “The oil is working. You feel fantastic. Can you teach me to dance now, please?”

Thomas demonstrated the basics a few times with a growing mound in his tiny underwear, and then coached Chan on how to roll from his shoulders on down. Chan was getting pretty good. The two young men danced together. Soon Chan moved behind Thomas and attempted a simultaneous roll with his torso against Thomas”s back. It was clumsy, but they tried it a few more times, and it looked sexy as hell. Chan”s crotch was pressed firmly into the cleft of Thomas”s tight nylon-covered dancer”s butt as they moved in unison.

I felt myself chubbing up too. Chan moved around to dance with Thomas face to face. His erection was just above horizontal. Thomas showed him a few more moves that my son imitated pretty well. The song started to blend into the next one on Thomas”s playlist, and he turned down the volume to praise Chan. I applauded for both of them.

Chan moved in and started tweaking Thomas”s nipple jewelry. It had an immediate effect on the young man”s penis. Chan slid his muscled arms around the lithe dancer and slipped his hands into the back of the scant underwear to lower them, then slid his hands to the front and pulled them down so Thomas could step out of them.

It was beautiful to watch two naked men kissing and dancing with each other. After a few minutes of noticeable back and forth tongue play, Chan started down Thomas”s neck to manipulate his nipple jewelry with his tongue. He wrapped the tip of his tongue in the chain loop and pulled it out and down.

Thomas moaned. His five-and-a-half-inch slim penis pointed due north. Chan moved to the other nipple and repeated the motion even more forcefully, and I watched a steady flow of pre-cum moistening Thomas”s penis and scrotum.

Chan noticed too and dropped to his knees. I thought he was going to attack the penis, but instead, he ran his middle finger all over the glans, coating his finger with Cowper”s fluid. Then he reached around and swiped his slicked finger over the dancer”s anus.

He repeated the process a few more times and then inserted his finger into Thomas”s ass as he took Thomas”s cock into his throat in one motion.

I felt kind of stupid just standing there, so I took off my shoes, socks, and pants too, and moved to Thomas”s back. My penis was almost vertical and lubricating itself.

Thomas had his eyes closed as Chan”s mouth and throat were transporting him to a blissful paradise.

I kissed Thomas”s neck, announcing my proximity. Thomas was momentarily startled, but then showed me the familiar smiling snarl of a man being serviced by the best cocksucker he”d ever encountered.

I kissed Thomas”s neck again, noticing that the vitamin E oil was lubricating my lips. It didn”t have much of a taste. While my mouth was busy on his neck, my hands made their way to the jewelry on both nipples. I repeatedly pulled and twisted them, eliciting a soft yelp from our friend. After a couple of minutes, I asked him, “May I fuck you?”

“I insist,” was his breathless answer.

I pulled my penis down to line it up with his hole which was still penetrated by my son”s finger. I slid my penis along Chan”s finger and pressed into Thomas”s anus. It felt nice to have my son”s finger join with me in pleasuring Thomas. I felt connected to Chan on a spiritual level as we silently agreed on how we were going to give pleasure to our new friend.

The slim dancer betrayed not even a hint of pain or hesitation as I entered him and started a moderate rhythm. Chan twisted his finger around to give Thomas more sensations than either one of us could give by ourselves. His finger also aroused me even more.

I kept playing with both nipple piercings, and Thomas got lost in the sensations. I knew it wouldn”t be long until his orgasm. I was enjoying his ass very much but was not expecting to ejaculate. I just wanted to make him feel good and help him reward my son with a nice load in Chan”s mouth.

Chan removed his finger and left me to fly solo in Thomas”s ass. He was busy massaging the rising testicles of our dancer friend. As I continued to fuck him steadily, he leaned back with more of his weight on me. I was happy to support him and started thrusting into him with more force and a wider variance in angle.

I felt a sense of pride that my penis and my technique could be transmitting so much pleasure to Thomas. I”m not sure why, but I felt I wanted to do my best for this young man and didn”t consider my own pleasure. The thought crossed my mind that perhaps I was using Thomas because I wanted him to have a great orgasm for the benefit of Channing, not for Thomas himself.

Is it possible to selfishly induce a mind-blowing orgasm in a partner? I stopped kissing his neck as I weighed the arguments pro and con. I decreased my figure eight fucking pattern and moved to more rapid stabs at Thomas”s prostate.

It took only milliseconds for me to conclude that the use of my penis in pleasuring Thomas was a good work even though it was initiated as a way to please Chan. Thomas seemed to join my desire to give Chan pleasure, so I was not using him, but rather enabling him to achieve a shared goal.

With almost all vestiges of guilt banished from my consciousness, I set about in earnest to fuck the cum out of Thomas and into Chan”s mouth.

Young Mr. West stopped moaning and started squealing. I knew he was moving into another realm of consciousness, but he sounded comical. I kept doing my part to feed his orgasm. Chan was using all of his oral and digital skills.

Just as I thought the rising pitch of Thomas”s squeals was going to start attracting neighborhood dogs, he went silent. I felt the rippling contractions of his ejaculation surround my penis. It felt lovely, but I wasn”t near having an orgasm. I tried to match my rhythm with his shooting into my son”s mouth with the goal of extending his orgasm as long as possible.

After five ejaculations, Thomas shuddered, then became still and surprisingly heavy. I kept my hard seven inches inside his rectum as he reveled in his pleasure.

Thomas”s head fell back izmit eve gelen escort on my shoulder with his face turned toward mine. I noticed that he was drooling in his delirium. I extended my tongue. Slowly and gently I pushed the drool back to Thomas”s mouth and pushed it between his parted thin lips, snaking my tongue into his mouth.

He panted around my tongue a few times before its presence registered with him. He moaned and participated in our kiss, but allowed me to take the lead.

My face was almost one hundred eighty degrees to his, making our kiss a little awkward. I wanted to continue to transmit affection to him, not to stimulate him. Perhaps I did feel an unnecessary tinge of guilt, so this kiss was exclusively for Thomas”s pleasure without ulterior motives. But, if it was intended to assuage my guilt, was it really for his pleasure? Is there anything that is purely altruistic?

Focus, Drew. Focus!

Thomas”s eyes fluttered open, and he groaned into my mouth as I saw in my periphery that Chan had pulled off his penis, and stood up smiling with his lips closed. I knew he was offering me a present. He is very generous to his father when he has a mouthful of cum.

I broke off the kiss with Thomas to accept Chan”s offering. Chan and I kissed, sharing a pretty hefty load of cum. It was thick and delicious. Chan was delicious. Chan pressed against Thomas”s front while I held him up from the back with my penis in his ass. Chan”s hard erection was pressed against Thomas”s spent phallus.

We continued kissing for a while, and I felt Thomas start to sink down.

I pulled back to withdraw from his ass as he sank to his knees and took Chan and my cocks in his mouth simultaneously. His tongue was moving back and forth between our cocks, cleaning his juices off my cock and stimulating Chan. He was highly skilled.

I returned to kissing Chan and felt the voltage of our connection increase. I was not about to ejaculate, but I could sense my son”s pending orgasm almost as if it were my own. Our tongues tingled as we massaged each other lingually.

My love for Chan swelled my heart. With one hand I stroked Thomas”s head at our crotches. With the other, I pulled Chan”s head even closer to mine. We shared the flavors of Thomas”s cum and saliva as well as each other”s mouths.

Not even a minute later Chan started to shoot in Thomas”s mouth and around my penis while moaning his pleasure into my mouth. Thomas was the consummate professional and managed to keep up as my son fired off seven substantial spurts in his mouth. Thomas cleaned us both, swallowing the remainder of Chan”s load in the process.

He let our penises free and stood up. I was still erect since I hadn”t cum, but that was fine with me. Both Thomas and Chan had little drizzles of afterglow hanging from their piss slits. I bent down and retrieved the precious fluid.

“Thank you, my love. You are very talented,” Chan said to our friend. The two youngsters kissed tenderly but deeply, enjoying shoulder-to-ankle frottage. It seemed that most of Thomas”s vitamin E oil was now on Chan.

As I watched Chan and Thomas enjoy each other”s bodies and mouths, I reflected on how Chan called Thomas “my love” without a hint of artifice or mawkishness. Chan”s love is generous and genuine. I am in awe of him.

The two separated after several minutes of affection. We stood together for a moment, each one resting our head on a shoulder to our right, our hands meandering around the bodies on both sides. None of us was in a hurry to break our physical connection.

I sighed and said to Thomas, “Thank you, my friend. I feel on some level that I used you because I wanted to fuck you so that you would cum for Channing. I didn”t have your pleasure as my primary goal. I”m sorry. You deserved better.”

Thomas chuckled. “I felt I might be using you because Chan”s mouth felt so good on my dick that I wanted his father”s dick inside me too. I didn”t have your pleasure as my primary goal either. I”m sorry. You, too, deserved better.”

Chan kissed us, one after the other. “You are both terrible, dreadful men. Are we unanimous in that regard?”

Thomas and I kissed again as Chan embraced us. When we separated, I asked, “So, did I satisfy your selfish desires?”

“Oh, yes. Very much. And did you effectuate the outcome that you selfishly desired?”

I looked at Channing and noticed a droplet of Thomas”s cum on his cheek. I licked it off. I took both their spent penises in my hands and caressed them.

“Mmm, yes. You were the perfect instrument of my evil plan to feed Chan delicious cum from your lovely penis.”

We finally separated and knew we had to get on with our day.

Thomas remarked that Chan could earn money by dancing at parties and clubs. I told him that he should wait until he was at least old enough to get a learner”s permit. I explained that today was Chan”s fifteenth birthday.

Thomas was incredulous.

I decided not to elaborate on the topic. “So, anyway, we had originally stopped in to find our car keys. Can you help us with that? We seem to have gotten a little distracted.” I indicated the cause of our distraction by caressing an ass with each hand. They were remarkably different in shape and volume, but remarkably similar in the pleasure they brought to me in touching them.

Thomas made a move to get our keys, but I wrapped him in another embrace, letting my hard penis massage itself on his tight abs. I whispered into his ear, “Thank you for allowing me to use you to give my son such a tasty birthday present. We both appreciate your generosity.”

I flicked my tongue into his ear as I massaged his tiny � but incredibly hard � ass. We stood together briefly before I released him to retrieve our car keys.

Five minutes later we were getting into our car. I had on my shoes. The rest of our clothing was in the back seat. Chan had grabbed some luxuriously thick paper towels from the restroom to blot off the smears of Thomas”s vitamin E oil � and any other fluids � we had both gotten on us.

We waved goodbye to the naked Thomas West, with strict instructions to finish his vacuuming and keep up with his dusting. He laughed as we drove off.


When we got back to our house, I parked on the street instead of pulling into the driveway because it was a more level surface to drive the car onto the car carrier we would be hitching to the moving van.

I gave a quick look up and down the road before exiting the car naked. I grabbed our clothes from the back and quickly made my way into the yard behind the front hedges.

We entered the house for the last time, and I gave izmit otele gelen escort my jacket and suit pants to Chan to put in the garment bag with his.

I expected us both to be more emotional about being in the house for last time, but our emotions were pretty well wrung out during the course of Annie”s visitation, memorial service, and celebration lunch. I had more of a sense of relief and determination to get on with the move than to wax nostalgic for this quaint house.

I went to the laundry room to move the bed linens from the washer to the dryer where the cleaning crew will find them when they come to stage the house for selling. I couldn”t help but give the bedsheets a sniff to glean any trace of Dave”s scent. Our Miele washer did too good a job, and I was left yearning for just one more hug, kiss, lick, or sniff of our lover.

Next, I took a quick trip to the bathroom to do my business. I emptied out and enjoyed a prolonged wash and rinse cycle on the Numi. I chuckled as I remembered Dave and Mike being introduced to � as I sometimes call it � the wonder shitter.

After certifying the tidiness of the bathroom, I went to the bedroom and dressed in the rugby shorts, sleeveless t-shirt and canvas loafers I intended to wear for the drive to South Carolina.

I did yet another inspection of the closets and drawers to verify that nothing was being overlooked.

After making a quick tour of the rest of the house, I went to Chan”s room to get the garment bag to put in the back of the van.

Of course, he was still naked with Mr. Bunny tucked under his arm. My sweet baby and his stuffed bunny seemed to be having a quiet exchange of thoughts as they looked out the window.

I stood for a moment drinking in the beauty of my son and convincing myself that I was doing the right thing. Elias told us both that he thought the move would be good for us, but I had lingering doubts. I suppose if I didn”t have doubts it would indicate I was being too cavalier.

There was an irresistible force drawing me to Chan, and I was suddenly wrapping him in my arms. I felt my dick plumping in my rugby shorts as I held and caressed my son. I forced myself to keep moving. First I had to place a dozen or so light kisses on Chan”s cheeks and the nape of his neck. Then I bent down and kissed Mr. Bunny too.

Chan smiled and kissed Mr. Bunny as he turned in my arms. Our lips joined as my hands descended his back and circled his glutes.

I felt a tingling in my fingertips and on my tongue. Chan began flicking the tip of his tongue at mine, causing a new spark with each contact, indicating that he felt it too.

Mr. Bunny”s nylon fur tickled both our chests as he seemed to wiggle between us to find a comfortable spot.

After about three minutes of silent, unhurried passion I broke the kiss and separated from my greatest treasure.

“Come on, Bunny baby. We”ve got to get a move on.”

“I”m ready, dad.”

“Chan, sweet baby, you have to take something along to wear. You don”t have to wear it in the van. But what happens when we have to stop to eat or pee?”

“I guess you”re right,” he answered grudgingly. He opened the front pocket of the garment bag and pulled out the same mesh shorts he had worn to the tailor shop last night and a white sleeveless t-shirt.

“That”s better.”

He handed me the garment bag and put on his flip-flops and followed me to the garage. He didn”t bother putting on anything else.

I opened the garage door, and Chan walked down the drive to toss his clothing and Mr. Bunny into the passenger side while I unlocked the back and hung the garment bag on one of the D rings on the vertical supports of the van. I scanned the furniture wrapped in moving quilts, and the stacks of taped boxes to make sure everything was strapped in or wedged securely. After satisfying myself that there wouldn”t be an avalanche of boxes, I closed the rolling door and replaced the electronic padlock.

We pulled the four-wheel car carrier out of the garage and down the driveway about fifteen feet to the back of the van. I jacked it up until we could slip it over the van”s trailer hitch, fasten the cotter pin and make the electrical connections for the brake lights and turn signals.

I had opted for the full car carrier rather than a dolly because my car is all-wheel drive, and I didn”t want to have to disconnect the driveshaft to tow it behind the van. This way I could drive the car onto the carrier, strap it in place, and then it would be ready to drive as soon as we got to our new house.

New house! I wondered how long it would take until it felt like home. As long as Chan is with me, I am home.

I drove the van down the driveway and turned so I could back it up in front of my car. Chan hit the manual garage door button to close the house and blithely walked down the driveway for the last time, his dick bouncing along to the clip-clop of his flip-flops.

I set the brake on the van and chocked the wheels of the car carrier before pulling down the ramps. I had Chan stand on the passenger side of the van so he could help guide me as I drove the car onto the carrier. He was mostly shielded from public view.

With Chan”s helpful thumb pointing I got the Audi properly aligned and onto the carrier on the first try. We stowed and locked the ramps in place and then strapped all four wheels of the Audi and ratcheted them tightly.

As we were lashing down the last tire on the front driver”s side, a car drove past, slowed down, and the passenger window rolled down. I heard whistling and hooting at my son”s naked form. I looked to see that it was Jaleel and two other track team members.

We all laughed, and Jaleel shouted to Chan that he was crazy. Chan turned to the car to shrug his shoulders while displaying his nakedness to the world. The guys wished us the best of luck and then Chan went over to give Jaleel a quick kiss goodbye. I saw Chan”s hand reach into the car. I assumed he was tweaking Jay”s nipple ring. The other guys made kissy noises. When Chan broke the kiss, he asked if they were jealous.

The rear passenger window rolled down, and another boy asked for one too, laughing in jest. Of course, Chan obliged, holding the boy”s head in place so he couldn”t get away. Now it was the others” turn to laugh.

Chan stood up and thanked the guys for their friendship, and invited them to visit us if ever they could make it to South Carolina. I seconded the invitation. The guys waved and then drove off. I had fastened the safety chains to the front and rear frame of the car, threw the chock blocks in the trunk of the Audi, and we were ready to go.

Chan walked around on the street side of the van to get in. I threw caution to the wind and decided to join him in his nakedness. I made sure to place my shorts so that I could quickly pull them on if the need arose. There was plenty room to maneuver in the spacious cab of the moving van.

South Carolina, here we come.

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