Rachel , Don Ch. 02

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“What did you say?” Don shouted into Rachel’s ear.

“I like this song!” she replied.

The music was very loud at the club where they decided to stop off for a few drinks. They weren’t too keen on the volume, but any excuse to sit close to each other was good enough for them.

Rachel had arrived home to take care of her father after he broke his arm and sprained a wrist. They soon discovered they loved each other in a much different way than a father and daughter should.

Don loved it when Rachel leaned in closer to him when she wanted to say something. Her soft tits pressed into his arm as she shouted into his ear. He could feel her warm breath on his skin, which sent shivers down his back.

Abruptly the mood changed and the soft notes of Unchained Melody filled the air.

“That’s better,” Don remarked, “would you care to dance my dear?”

Rachel wasted no time getting to the dance floor. She loved being held in Don’s arms. She loved how he smelled. As they swayed to the music, Rachel pressed her body close to his. Her tits were pressed tightly against his chest. His thigh was slightly wedged between her legs.

Every chance she got, Rachel rubbed her pussy against him. Her heart was racing, as she felt a rapidly growing lump in Don’s pants.

All too soon the song ended and another rock and roll tune followed. Don guided her back to their table and they sat down. Gratefully sipping their drinks. As they talked, or tried to, Rachel rested her hand on her father’s leg. Her fingers gently massaged his muscular thigh.

Don knew he should stop her, because he could feel his cock pressing tightly against his pants. But, her hand felt so good, and besides Rachel wasn’t that easily put off. So he allowed her to gradually move her hand closer to his throbbing cock.

Rachel smiled broadly when her fingers traced the outline of her father’s swollen member. Mmmmmm she moaned softly although he couldn’t hear her over the loud music. She continued massaging his cock.

Don followed suit and placed his hand on her knee, gently squeezing it between his fingers. Rachel was wearing a silk skirt and blouse to match. The soft material did little to hide her rounded curves. His hand slipped under her skirt and made it’s way up her thigh.

Don loved her smooth skin. As his hand dipped down between her legs, he discovered, much to his amazement, she wasn’t wearing panties!

She spread her legs slightly, giving him a broad smile.

“You wicked woman!” he shouted at her.

Rachel laughed loudly. Then he felt her fingers tugging on his zipper. He sat back, allowing her to continue. When she had it completely down, Rachel slid her hand inside, wrapping her fingers around his cock.

Mmmmmmmm he groaned.

How he loved his dick encased in her hand. She held it firmly and started stroking it up and down. Don gave a furtive glance around, making sure no one was watching them. Although at the moment he wouldn’t have given a flying fig if anyone was!

As Rachel continued her assault on his cock, he slid one finger in between her pussy lips. Even in the dark club, he could see that her nipples were hard and erect, pressing against her bra and the thin material of her blouse. He lowered his head and took a nipple into his mouth, sucking bursa escort it through her clothes. Rachel threw her head back and moaned. Enjoying the pleasure her father was giving her. This caused her to stroke him faster, with the side of her hand hitting against his balls.

He shoved his finger into her cunt as Rachel raised her ass up off the seat slightly, forcing it deeper. Then he slid a second finger in beside the first one. Rachel gasped as her father’s fingers plunged deep inside her!

Don could feel his balls tightening and knew he was soon going to cum. Again he glanced around to see if anyone had noticed them. They were still safe, so he started moving his fingers faster into Rachel’s wet warm cunt. This increased her stroking of his cock as she grabbed it more firmly.

Rachel leaned closer to her father and screamed hoarsely, “Daddy! I’M CUMMMMMMIIIINNGGGG! OHHHHH FUCKKKKK!!

But he already knew. Her cunt was spasming around his fingers, milking them like it would a hard throbbing cock. Don’s hips jerked forward as long ropes of cum shot across the floor under the table. Rachel kept pumping his cock until there was no more. She glanced around, and with no one watching, she leaned down and quickly licked his cock clean, gently put it back into his pants, and zipped him up.

Don woke with a start, sitting straight up in bed! His heart was pounding as he tried to get his bearings.

“Oh shit! It was only a dream!” he said to himself.

“Daddy, are you okay?” came a voice from the darkness.

Don reached out and touched Rachel on her shoulder, “yes baby, I’m fine, just had a dream.”

Rachel sat up in bed and hugged her father, pressing her nakedness against his bare back. They had been sleeping with each other for months now. Rachel had divorced her husband and moved in with her father, her lover.

“What was the dream about?” Rachel asked.

“Oh baby, it was about you and me, we were getting pretty crazy at some dance club,” Don chuckled.

Rachel lay back on the bed, stretching out her senuous body. The blankets pulled away revealing her ample tits and Don lay down beside her. He slid his fingertips up the length of her leg, across her tummy to circle around her already erect nipples.

Rachel moaned softly as her father leaned down to suck a nipple into his mouth. His tongue flicked back and forth as he made a sucking noise. Almost like a baby breastfeeding. Don’s hand moved down to cover Rachel’s smooth cunt. Her legs, almost with no will of their own, spread open wide.

Don plunged his fingers deep inside and was amazed at how wet his daughter already was.

“Oh Daddy, fuck me!” Rachel begged, “fuck me hard!!”

Don moved in between her thighs and wrapped his hand around his raging hardon and teased her clit with the head. Moving it up and down her wet slit.

“NOW DADDY! FUCK ME NOW!” Rachel moaned hoarsely, pulling him closer to her.

Don’s plunged forward and buried his cock to the hilt!


Rachel wrapped her long legs around her father’s waist and bucked up against him. Her wet pussy grabbed and milked his cock as he thrust deep into her.

Sweat glistened on their bodies as father and daughter fucked in unison. Rachel’s tits bounced on her chest bursa escort bayan and her father pounded her cunt! His balls slapped against her tight ass.

“OOOOHH DADDY! I’m cummmmmmiiiiinnnnggg! Dont stop!” Rachel commanded.

Don gave a sudden lurch and exploded into Rachel’s wet hot cunt! Rachel collapsed beneath her father as her body quivered in delight.

Don covered his daughter’s lips with his own. Their tongues slid together in wild abandonment. Laying together with legs intwined, they talked most of the morning.

Later on as Rachel was preparing supper, Don watched his daughter. Rachel had no idea how sexy she really was. Even dressed, Don could imagine her firm breasts pressed against the tank top she was wearing. Her long tanned legs were made to look longer with the short shorts she had on. Her firm ass filling them out just fine.

Don was so proud of her. She had been through a lot with the divorce, and he was glad it was over. He just wished she would talk to him about it. Keeping things bottled up inside wasn’t good for her.

Later that night, Rachel and Don were on the front verandah rocking in the swing. Don gathered his daughter into his arms and Rachel rested her head on his shoulder and enjoyed the sounds of the night.

“Honey, can I ask you a question?” Don said.

“Sure, Dad, what is it?” Rachel asked.

“Are you happy here with me?” Don asked, with his heart pounding, almost afraid of her answer.

“Yes Daddy! Why would you ask that?” Rachel asked incredulously, “I mean you have helped me through so much these last few months.”

Don looked directly into his daughter’s eyes, “Well honey, we aren’t in a regular situation here. You’re my daughter and we really shouldn’t be doing what we have been doing. People will talk. I worry about that causing you grief. I wonder sometimes if I’m keeping you from true happiness with someone your own age, who’s not your dad!”

Rachel sat up and took a deep breath, “Dad, you listen to me! I love you! I love you as my father, and as my lover. I don’t care what others think! If more people found true love as I have, this world would be a better place. You and I have a very special bond and I don’t want to lose that. I want to live happily ever after with you. Maybe that’s fairy tale thinking, but I am very content being here with you. So promise me, no more talk of me finding someone else?”

Sliding his hands into her hair, Don pulled Rachel closer. He covered her lips with his and gently sucked her tongue into his mouth. The deep kiss took her breath away.

When Don finally pulled away, he gazed longinglyat his beautiful daughter, “I love you too sweet baby, with all my heart, and I promise, no more talk of you finding someone else. The topic is closed!”

“Good!” Rachel laughed, holding her father close.

The next morning Rachel stood in the doorway watching her father sleep, sipping from her coffee mug. The sheet, which had covered him, was pulled down low on his hips. He was laying on his side and Rachel could see the curve of his tight ass. He was in great shape for a man his age, and feelings of love for him welled up inside her.

Their talk the night before cleared up a lot of things and Rachel couldn’t be any happier and she knew he was too.

She heard escort bursa him moan softly in his sleep and she hoped he was dreaming of fucking her the night before. Their sex was very satisfying, but Rachel wanted more. She hesitated in waking Don, knowing he was probably very tired. Rachel’s pussy won out and she approached the bed. Kneeling next to Don, she allowed her hand to follow the line of his body, all the way down past his hip. How she loved his smooth skin. Leaning down she made a trail of wet kisses up the length of his body to his shoulder.

Don stirred slightly and rolled onto his back. The sheet pulled away, revealing his semi-hard cock. Rachel’s breath caught in her throat as she looked him over.

God, she thought, I can’t believe it’s me here with my own father. The thought was so taboo but Rachel didn’t care. All she knew was, she wanted him and she wanted him now!

Almost like a child afraid of getting caught with her fingers in the cookie jar, Rachel wrapped her cool fingers around her father’s cock. It was so warm to the touch. She could feel it throbbing slightly. Rachel leaned forward to to take the head into her mouth, her heart racing. Gradually she moved her lips down the shaft, tightening them around the base. Don’s cock grew steadily harder in her mouth. She knew he would wake at any time now.

Rachel slowly moved her mouth up and down the shaft, when suddenly she felt his hadnds in her hair, pulling her down on his cock!

“Ohhhh what a wake up!” Don exclaimed, “suck it baby, suck Daddy’s cock!”

Rachel worked her father’s cock up and down, moving faster on it, bobbing her head. In the dim morning light, Don could see her pussy glistening with wetness.

Fuck, he thought to himself, this woman seems to be wet 24/7!

Don was moving his hips up towards Rachel’s mouth, fucking into her lips. He moved his hand in behind her and ran his fingers up and down her wet slit. He could smell her woman scent as he slid a finger into the hot, wet hole of her pussy. Her body involuntarily moved back on his hand, forcing his finger deeper. Then he added another and started fingerfucking her with great urgency. This caused Rachel to suck harder on his cock. Her mouth pumped up and down on his engorged cock.

Oh damn! he was going to cum again. He didn’t know how she did it, but he loved the fact that she did. As her mouth created a vacuum along the entired length of his cock, Don pumped her cunt harder, ramming his fingers deep!

Rachel was moaning loudly around his throbbing cock, as her tongue flicked the underside of the head.

“SUCK IT BABY! SUCK MY COCK!” Don cried out.

Rachel moved down harder and forced the head into her throat, which contracted around the shaft. Rachel felt his hips jerking straight up as his cum shot down her throat. She pulled back on his cock and his cum squirt on her tongue. She swallowed hard, loving his taste.

Don’s fingers fucked hard into Rachel’s cunt. Then he felt her pussy gush her sweet wetness. Her juices coated his fingers and rans down over her swollen clit. MMMMMMMMM she moaned, her chest heaving.

Rachel stretched out beside her father, his flacid cock still in her hand. She pressed herself close and looked up at him and smiled.

“Good morning Daddy,” she said.

Don pulled her closer still and kissed the top of her head, “good morning, baby,” he answered, “that was quite the wake up!”

“That’s how I want to wake you up every morning,” Rachel laughed.

Don sighed softly, “I can’t argue with that!”

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