Radha Mom’s Family Affairs Pt. 02


Kailas and Rakesh both were quite busy in first half of the week. I also started going out post lunch to meet my friends whom I recently met. We used to hang out till late evening. On Friday few of my friends went home early due to some work. Around 3:30-4 pm we wrapped up for the day and I started walking back home. I was around 100 meters from the house and I saw Kailas knocking main door. I quickly hide behind bushes and started observing him. Radha mom opened the door. He quickly went inside and closed the door. I think Kailas and Rakesh’s exam was over, but where was Rakesh. He was not along with Kailas. Also I knew grandpa must be in temple. I swiftly walked towards house and checked if Rakesh’s bedroom window is open or not. Unfortunately It was closed from inside. But same time I saw my bedroom window was open. As this house was old and situated in a small village there was no concern of safety, windows had no safety bars. I quickly sneaked inside of my bedroom from the window.

I quickly went under the bed and tried to see what was going on in next room through the hole. Unfortunately both were in hall and not in the other room. I was quite sad. But then I went near the door and tried to listen in. First few minutes there was no noise at all. But in next 5 minutes I heard Kailas was mumbling in deep voice,

“Oh!! Yeah! Oh!! Good lord, suck it dear, faster, faster..!!” And he after that he moaned with a big noise and then again there was a silence for two three minutes.

Kailas broke the ice, “Radha aunty, you just suck awesome!!”

Radha mom said, “Oh please Kailas, You better hurry up. Rakesh, Deepak, all are out. They can open the main door anytime. Please wear your pants.” She further said in very requesting voice, “For the God’s sake, please stop this nonsense. You had enough; I gave you what you want for almost a week, every day!! Please stop this now. I beg you.”

Kailas just laughed, “Hmm Let me see. Okay I will not bother you but one last thing you will have to do for me.”

“What is it? Thank god, he finally gave you some wisdom.”

Kailas said, “Tonight I am sleeping here. Tomorrow morning you take a bath and come to our room at 8 o’clock. But do not wear any blouse or anything. Wear only sari.”

Radha mom quickly replied, “Oh god! What the hell are you saying? Everyone will be at home at that time.”

Kailas interrupted her, “Don’t worry, Grandpa will be in his room. Deepak also will be sleeping. And I will make sure Rakesh has gone for jog same time. So don’t worry and just remember the time, 8 am sharp”

I heard thud on the main door, Kailas must have left. There was no further voice. Radha mom too must have gone to her room. That night Kailas again came to our house. Rakesh and Kailas were watching movies all night since their exam was over.

Next day morning I position myself in front of wall hole and started peeping through it. It was around 7:30 am, Rakesh woke up. He generally goes for a jog around 7:45-8 am and used to return in an hour.

I heard Rakesh saying to Radha mom that he is leaving for the jog. Kailas was still sleeping. Around 8:05 am Radha mom walked into the room. I think she just took a bath. She was wearing a bandana to hold her wet hair. She did not have hair dryer in village. Best way to dry your hair to wrap them in dry cotton cloths. She was wearing a white sari with pink border. It was all properly bursa escort draped but then I realized she was not wearing any top. No blouse and not even a bra. But she so perfectly draped her sari so that it was totally covering her chest. Only thing I could see was shape of those two big mounds. Kailas was still sleeping. She sat on the bed facing sleeping Kailas. She was facing her back to me. Now I could see her immaculate bare back. A portion of sari was covering her back but it was waving due to fast moving ceiling fan. She was totally bare from her neck to waist. Her glowing fair spotless back was tempting. First time in my life I was seeing a bare back of a lady. I got totally harden up, desperately wanted to see her from front side. Kailas was not responding her, Radha mom kept her efforts to wake him up. Finally after 15-20 minutes he woke up, but then he ordered for a tea. Quietly Radha mom went out, prepared tea and came back in 15 minutes. She handed him cup of tea. While walking even I could see her bouncing mounds. I realized those are huge hidden under that sari.

It did not take a minute for a Kailas to observe same, he said with smug, “wow, Radha aunty, you were hiding a great treasure from me.”

Radha mom did not utter a word and stood near his bed and asked him, “Hurry up Kailas, Rakesh could be here in any minute.” Suddenly she realized door was open. She quickly moved back and shut the door from inside.

Kailas gestured at her and asked her to seat beside him. Radha mom hesitantly sat close to her. Kailas started drinking tea and his other hand was caressing on Radha mom’s bare shoulder and arm. Radha mom always made sure she was wearing a closed neck blouse with long hands so that her entire shoulder, back and half arm are covered. First time she was not wearing any blouse. Her shoulders were broad and had a long arm, I could see due to maturity it became little fatty. But still they were in good shape. Kailas asked her to raise her hand up. Poor Radha mom had no option but do it so. She raised her right hand straight up. My goodness, She had ample of hair in armpits. They were quite long and thick. Her entire armpit was full of hair. It was really tempting to see a 49 year old lady’s armpit hair. Kailas started sniffing her armpits. I could see a clear embarrassment on Radha mom’s face.

Suddenly door knocked, I checked the time. Gosh it was 9:10 am, Rakesh must be back and he was tapping the door. Radha mom totally freaked out and started running here and there. Kailas asked her to go to bathroom and asked her to start shower. Radha mom ran into the bathroom and closed the door. Kailas slowly opened the door. Rakesh came inside; he was exhausted due to jog. He started going into the bathroom but he heard noise of the shower. He looked surprised and asked Kailas who is inside bathroom. Kailas mentioned that Radha mom taking shower here today as her shower is broken.

After five minutes Radha mom came out from shower. She gave a broad smile to Rakesh and swiftly left the room. Rakesh almost fell down to see Radha mom only in sari without blouse. But he kept quiet and went into the shower.

Next two days Kailas not even came to our house. I think he kept his promise. Radha mom also looked much relieved. It was a very lull weekend. Rakesh was also out most of the day and I spent most of my time with my new village friends. On Sunday night we all had a dinner bursa escort bayan together. Grandpa went to his room after dinner and so each one of us except Radha mom. She was wrapping things up before going for a sleep. It was almost 11 pm; I heard Rakesh was shouting from his room,

“Radha aunty, where is my sleeping short? Did you wash it in the morning?”

Radha mom replied, “Beta (son), I washed it in the morning but I already kept dried short in your cupboard. Please take it from there.”

“Aunty, I tried, but could not find it.”

“Okay, let me come. I kept it in top shelf of cupboard.”

I heard Radha mom walking towards Rakesh’s room and opening a door. Suddenly I heard panicked low pitched voice of Radha mom, “O lord Krishna!!”

Curiosity cat made peep through the hole. What I say was amazing. Radha mom was standing near to door and Rakesh was standing by the cupboard. He was searching inside cupboard was facing his back towards Radha mom. Surprising he was wearing a short T-shirt and only a tight underwear. His half bare buttocks were almost visible. Radha mom was staring at those. Rakesh realized Radha mom was standing behind. He did not bother. Without looking at her he said,

“Sorry aunty for my attire. But right now I have nothing to wear. I already checked top shelf but could not find my short. Let me check bottom one.”

He bent over and continued his searched in bottom shelf. Rakesh had an athletic firm body. His legs were thin but quite masculine with firm buttocks. I could see Radha mom’s face. She was all staring at Rakesh’s legs with jaw dropped face.

She quickly came out of that embarrassing view and said, “Get aside beta (son), and Let me find it for you.”

Rakesh stepped back a little to give Radha mom room. Radha mom now started searching in the cupboard. Rakesh stood just behind her. He suggested Radha mom,

“Aunty, Let me help you. You search in bottom two shelves and let me search again in top.”

Radha mom nodded and she bent down to search bottom two shelves. Rakesh stepped up and press himself against Radha mom’s bending bottom. He pretended as if he was searching here and there in the top shelf. But in reality he was rubbing his cock on Radha mom’s ass.

Radha mom was thoroughly searching down. Without looking back she innocently said, “Rakesh beta (son), Is it your mobile that is mistakenly getting pressed at my back? It’s uncomfortable. Can you please check?”

Without any fear Rakesh exclaimed, “No! It’s my cock aunty!! You should look at it. It’s different from Kailas’ dick or Rana watchman’s dick.”

Radha mom stunned. In a split she stood straight and turned back. She looked into Rakesh’s eyes for a moment and then with embarrassment she covered her face with her hands and started crying,

“Oh lord Krishna, What is happening? My past is just tearing me apart. First Kailas and now you please don’t tell this to your uncle. I would have then no choice but suicide.”

Rakesh tried his best to control sobbing Radha mom. He said, “oh dear aunty, Please calm down. I do not want to do anything that Kailas has done to you. In fact he is also ashamed of himself. There was no intention of ours to hurt you. All we want is a pure love from you.”

Radha mom looked little moved with his words but she refuted, “But Rakesh, after all Kailas took advantage of my position, and now escort bursa you are also doing same. You guys are blackmailing me.”

Rakesh replied in absolute earnest voice, “Oh I am extremely sorry aunty, I give you my word neither Kailas nor me will bother you henceforth. But let me tell you aunty. I am an orphan and do not know mother’s love. I see you as my mother since I was child and also let me tell you without any hesitation after crossing twenty five years of my life now I started liking you. Your humble nature, your smile, your soberness and beautiful face stuns me. I love you aunty.”

Radha mom’s eyes were almost fixed on Rakesh’s innocent face and his appealing words. She kept staring at him without saying any word. Finally after two minutes she broke the silence,

“Rakesh, I understand your view. But you should also consider that I am a married woman. I have a social dignity. My husband is everything for me. And most important is I am almost turning 50 next year. That is double of your age. Have you ever thought about all these factors?”

Rakesh kept staring into her eyes for a minute and said, “Only thing I know is I love you, Age doesn’t matter. And tell is it a crime if I see a girlfriend in my aunt? And I promise you I will never ever reveal my desires for you to anyone, will not even say a single word about you that will hurt your image in society.”

Radha mom did not say a word. She just stood there like a statue. Rakesh also stood as is. Even though Rakesh was a hardcore jogger he was lean. His legs and arms were masculine but his overall body structure was average and thin. Even his height was 5″3′ or so. Rakesh was looking really small in front of 6 feet tall Radha mom.

Radha mom stared at Rakesh for a minute. Finally she moved forward, went up to him and kissed his lips and said,

“Oh! Even I love you too! Suresh’s mom, I promised my mother in law when she was dying to take care of you in case.”

Rakesh looked happy to hear that. He asked Radha mom,

“I really love you aunty!! I am sleeping lonely since my childhood. It’s really boring. Why don’t you sleep in my room from tonight?”

Radha mom smiled and said, “My poor baby!! Let me complete my pending chores and I will come to your room once Deepu and father in law are asleep.” And she left the room.

I just did not leave my peeping position. I saw Rakesh went to bed and was laying there. He switched off main light but kept the dim light on. My visibility reduced because of that but still I could see entire room.

Around 12:30 night Radha mom slowly entered the room. She carefully closed the door from inside without making any noise and slept beside Rakesh on the bed. Both were staring at each other for a long time. Finally Rakesh made a move and he put his hands on Radha mom’s shoulders and climbed on her. Radha mom also locked her hands around Rakesh’s lean waist. Both started kissing passionately. Suddenly Rakesh moved aside and started making noise,

“Oh!! Ohhhh! Aahhhhhh! Holy cow!” He looked totally exhausted. I could see his underwear was all wet. I think he cummed inside.

Radha mom waited till he calmed down. She took the nearby towel and started wiping out sweat from Rakesh’s face. She slowly asked him,

“Beta (son)!! You never had been to any girl before?”

Rakesh replied, “No aunty!! This was my first kiss. I not even touched a girl in my last 25 years of life.”

Radha mom stared at him with compassion and kissed his forehead and said,

“No worries beta (son)! Let’s sleep now. I have to wake up at 5 am”

And she switched off the dim light.

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