Raindrops , Tears: On A Marriage


The street was filled with ankle high water as the rain poured heavily and the drainage system seemed clogged and very slow infront of the heaviness of the rainfall. The road was crowded with vehicles as there was not much space to move around and it all seemed like a mess. People honking at each other and some even cursing out at the weather and traffic. Tajender stood outside the metro station gate looking around at the busy street then took a step forward towards the road.

He stepped on the wet road and slowly crossed to the other side. A few people honked at him for coming in front of them and moving slowly. He was completely drenched walking on the other side of the road now, his black baseball cap was dripping a few drops in front of his eyes as he tilted his head down, his white t-shirt was almost transparent now sticking to his muscular body, his muscles clearly visible, his jeans wet and heavy but still he wasn’t affected by any of it.

He kept walking on the sidewalk infront of the line of many shops as now the street was almost deserted except for a couple of cars and he was the only one getting wet in the rain. He was looking down at the concrete sidewalk as his feet kept bringing him closer to the end of the street. He stopped in front of a chemist’s shop and went inside. He looked around and placed his hands on the counter wetting it. The boy behind the counter looked at him and gestured with his hands for what he wants.

“A pack of condoms,” he said without even looking at the boy.

The boy placed a pack of dotted condoms in front of him on the counter without saying anything. Tajender picked the pack and placed a wet 100 rupee note on the counter, “keep the change.”

Tajender inserted the pack in his pocket and started walking again. His mind was still blurry as he kept remembering her and how much he missed her. It had been almost 6 months now that he had seen her and he missed her presence a lot. These past 6 months had been very painful for him and he didn’t even know how he was still alive after suffering so much hurt and pain of losing her. Today he just had to do something to get her out of his mind as today she was getting married. Today was Bulbul’s marriage.

The thought of her getting married to someone else made his gut weak and he felt like puking it out. He had dreamed of making her his bride someday, how pretty she would look wearing that red marriage dress he had always imagined. He wanted to see her in a red saree on the day they were supposed to be married and today she might still be wearing the same colour saree but for someone else.

He came to a halt in his thoughts and in his walk as he was now standing beside the dark stairway that would take him away from these hurtful memories atleast for sometime. Through these stairs was his getaway, his escape from the painful reality and into the pleasures of fantasy. A mild distraction from that hurt. He placed his right foot on the bottom stair and started climbing the dark concrete stairway.


Bulbul was sitting in front of the mirror, her friends surrounded her with make up kit and 2 of them were doing her hair. She was getting ready for her marriage and looking at her reflection in the mirror. She was wearing a red saree with heavy embroidery on its edges along with lavish jewellery. Her face was covered in make-up and she was looking like an angel.

“You look pretty Bulbul. You’re gonna shine today, trust me!” her friend commented as she applied eye liner on Bulbul.

One of her friend Swati was trying to call her boyfriend but was not getting proper reception to make that call. She kept roaming here and there trying to get a signal and then with a pouty face said, “I’m not getting any signals.” She faked a sob, “damn this rain! Damn this crazy weather!”

Priya looked at Swati and then looked at Bulbul, “you know, its a real shame about this weather on such an important day.”

“The day is not that important. Its just another one,” Bulbul replied looking at her reflection in the big mirror. There was a lot going on in her mind but she wasn’t sharing it with anyone. Like what was she doing getting dressed to marry some guy she didn’t even love?

“He’s a great guy and will keep you happy.” Her mother had said when showing her the picture of him and also told Bulbul that she should forget about Tajender as he won’t make her that happy and will keep on hurting her. Bulbul somehow trusted and loved her mother too much so didn’t wanted to upset her by refusing the proposal of this arranged marriage. This meant a lot to her parents as they believed this marriage is the best thing for Bulbul. The guy is rich, has a good family background and has his own business.

“I think the groom is a very lucky guy,” Swati said and Bulbul looked at her from the mirror and smiled.

“She’s getting shy. Aww!,” Priya said joyfully and added, “I also think that this guy is very lucky to have you as his bride.”

A knock kızılay escort was on the door. Swati went to open the door and found Bulbul’s mom standing outside all dressed up in a green saree. She looked at Swati and smiled, “how much longer will it take? Everything is ready and she is expected to come and sit with Raj on the mandap soon.”

“Don’t worry aunty just give us a couple more minutes and we’ll bring her out. Besides, Raj should get used to waiting for her bride.” Swati said and both the ladies started laughing.

“She looks like an angel. So beautiful!” Bulbul’s mom said, she turned and started walking then just stopped to say, “be quick.” Saying this she went on her way leaving the girls alone.

Swati closed the door and returned to help Priya and 2 more girls in getting Bulbul ready. Bulbul just stared at herself in the mirror and was not able to recognise whom she was looking at.


Tajender entered the door and looked at all the women in the big hall. Some sitting, some walking around, some standing and some talking. All were wearing revealing clothes and showing ample cleavage and the skin of their waist. He walked in and sat on an empty chair and just stared and admired the beauty of all these women. Some other men were also in the room talking, staring and taking some women from the hall into the private rooms.

Annu was standing beside her friend who was talking to a gentleman regarding the price of his stay and how long she will be accompanying him. She was getting bored from her friend’s conversation and looked around the big hall. Her gaze fell on a handsome man sitting on a chair wearing a black cap and wet clothes in the corner surveying the room. She instantly felt something stir inside her. She had never seen such a good looking man enter this brothel. Her pussy started getting moist with just the anticipation of this man’s touch.

She started thinking of why would such a guy be at a place like this where mostly old and filthy people come to quench their hunger for flesh and pussy. But she didn’t gave it much thought and didn’t mind as she wanted to spend some time with this guy who was quietly sitting at the side. She decided to be quick before someone else takes her place and beds this man for the night.

Annu came up to him and looked at his wet face, “you lookin’ for someone or just killin’ time?” her tone was sultry.

He looked up at her, she was pretty and had applied too much make-up on her face, her lips were painted red and she was giving him a sexy smile. She was wearing a green blouse which showed her cleavage and just a black panty showing her legs, she had a voluptous body and smooth thighs.

“What’s your name?” he asked in a deep voice staring at her face.

She got a little closer to him and replied in a sultry voice gazing into his brown eyes, “Annu.”

He kept staring at her face, her brown eyes staring back at him and he was getting lost in that moment. He wanted to be more close with this woman whose name was Annu. He guessed it wasn’t her real name but he didn’t care. He just wanted to get too close with her so that he can forget about Bulbul and her marriage. He wanted to get lost in the sea of lust tonight.

“Wanna share my company dear?” Annu asked him placing a finger on his upper lip and slowly tracing it all over Tajender’s wet lips.

She made a few lazy circles on his lips with her digit and slid her finger into his mouth as he parted his lips. He closed his lips around her finger trapping it in his mouth and started sucking on her soft flesh hungrily.

“Mmmmhh,” he moaned as he closed his eyes due to the lewdness of sucking this woman’s finger whom he didn’t knew in the brothel.

She let him suck her finger for a few seconds then pulled her finger out slowly. He opened his eyes and just stared at her face dreamily. She placed her palm on his wet cheek and softly caressed his skin and rough beard with her thumb.

“How much?” he asked as he licked his lips.

Just hearing those words sent a wave of ecstacy from her pussy to her spine as she knew now she would get to spend some time with this man. Her pussy got even more wet just thinking about this man fucking her tonight.

“For the whole night or just an hour dear?” she asked praying that he stay for the whole night.

“I… wanna… spend the night. Whole night.” he seemed to be contemplating his desire.

She smiled and brought her other hand up to her face and circled her lips with her index finger and then showed him that single finger, “thousand dear.”

He shook his head in a yes and she sat on his wet lap bringing her mouth close to his ears and whispered seductively licking his earlobe, “you’re wet dear. Lets… get you out… of these… clothes… before you catch cold.” she was licking his ear in between her words.

“It doesn’t matter what I catch,” he said angrily.

She got up from his lap and grabbed his hand to pull him up, “come ankara etlik escort on dear, lets go to my room so I can keep you warm.”

He got up and started following her as she led the way from the hall and into a small room which only had a bed, a fan and a small mirror on the wall. She closed the door and locked it from inside as he sat on the bed staring at her as she now came and stood in front of him. She unbuttoned her blouse and slowly removed it from her shoulders letting it fall to the ground.

Her big tits jiggled on getting free and Tajender looked at her dark thick areolas. The dark colour of her areolas was an erotic contrast with the milky white skin colour of her tits.

He raised his hand and cupped her right breast as his other hand went around her waist to pull her closer. She moved closer and he placed his lips on her nipple and kissed noisily. Then he drew his tongue out and circled her nipple as his hand was squeezing her other tit hard.

“Mmmmh!” she moaned and wrapped her arm around his neck as he sucked on her nipple hungrily. She slowly removed his cap and was about to throw it aside but he grabbed her hand and guided it to place the cap back on his head. She placed the cap on his head turning it backwards and moaned as she felt him bite on her nipple. She pushed him on the bed and he fell on his back, lying on the bed and looking at her only in black panty.

“First you gotta pay then we can enjoy dear,” she said playing with the elastic of her panty with her thumbs.

Tajender put his hand inside his pocket and drew out his wallet. He gave her 1000 rupees and placed his hands behind his head lying lazily on the bed. She straightaway took the money and went towards the head of the bed and bent down. She picked up a small box and put the money inside it and again hid the box beneath the bed. She got up and looked at Tajender with fiery lust in her eyes, “lets get you warm now.”


Bulbul walked with her friends through the entrance and everyone’s gaze was fixed on them, mostly on her. She was looking very beautiful all dressed in a red saree with jewellery and make up and walking slowly towards the groom through the standing crowd. She was catching everyone’s attention. The groom sat on the mandap and was staring at this beautiful woman whom he was about to marry. He was dressed in a light grey sherwani with the sehra on his head covering his face.

Bulbul was not looking at the groom instead her eyes were looking down at the path covered with flowers where she was walking. She got close to the mandap and climbed the small staircase slowly. She slowly came around and sat beside Raj staring at the fire burning in the mandap in which the pandit was adding oil. Everyone in the hall was looking at the beautiful couple sitting together. Bulbul’s friends were standing just behind her looking at the ceremony being commenced.

Bulbul’s mom grabbed the hand of her father and gently squeezed it showing the love and happiness she felt at this moment. Her daughter was getting married and soon will leave them. Her eyes got watery and she placed her head on the shoulder of her husband who was also very emotional at that very moment. They both watched as their beautiful daughter was about to become a wife.

Bulbul looked up for a moment and saw all the people surrounding them and looking at her. Her friends, her parents, her relatives and all the people whom she didn’t even know were gathered around her witnessing the most memorable and important day of her life. Everyone was there except one. The only one person who she wanted to be there, be with her right now, whom she dreamt of being with on this day. Her love was not with her and she wanted him to be sitting next to her rather then Raj.

Breathing felt difficult to her, she felt such heaviness inside her chest that she thought her heart would explode. Is she doing the right thing? She kept asking herself again and again. She thought about running but she didn’t have the courage or the strength to make any move. She just sat there like a beautiful statue for everyone to ogle at. She looked at the faces of her parents and they seemed happy, very happy and filled with joy. She closed her eyes and it was all dark for a moment. She wanted to be alone right now and the darkness of her closed eyes felt good.

But soon the darkness was slowly fading as there was light sneeking up. This light was an image that was burned in her memory and she couldn’t get rid of this image. The image of her lover, the image of Tajender. She quickly opened her eyes when she saw that image and was almost frightened. Everytime she closed her eyes she would see Tajender’s face, his body, his presence, his memories and that was enough to make her forget about everything else. But she knew it was too late now.


Tajender’s eyes were closed and his hands were behind his head as he was lying on the bed naked. He felt amazing demetevler escortlar pleasurable sensations as a hot mouth was going up and down on his erect dick. The feel of a spongy tongue washing his mushroom shaped purple dickhead with saliva was giving him immense pleasure. The tongue touched the base of his shaft and slowly moved all the way up till the tip and took the head inside juicy soft lips.

“Mmmph,” he moaned as he felt the tingling sensations all over his body which were generated from the head of his dick.

“You like that dear?”

He opened his eyes at the question and looked down to see Annu’s hand wrapped around his hard shaft and slowly moving up and down. She was pouting her lips looking at his face, then she looked back at his hard dick and opened her mouth and took the head inside. She began bobbing her head up and down as the underside of his dick slid on her tongue. He had forgotten for a moment that he was with a prostitute in this brothel due to the immense pleasure this talented woman was giving him.

She seemed hungry for his hard dick as she was hungrily slurping on his manhood and making lot of noise doing it. He liked how it was feeling and the pleasure he was receiving but still somehow deep down he didn’t want this. He didn’t wanted this woman sucking his cock and making him happy. He wanted his love Bulbul whom he couldn’t have anymore.

He placed his hand on the back of Annu’s head and started guiding her movement. Not that she required any guidance but he just wanted to forget about Bulbul and the beautiful thoughts of her that were creeping up in his mind.

He grabbed a fistful of Annu’s hair and started moving his hips trying to shove as much of his dick in her mouth, down her throat. He started facefucking this beautiful face in front of him thrusting his hips at a quick pace.

His cockhead was hitting the entrance of her throat and even slid past into her throat on a few occasions. Her lips were now all wet and covered in her own saliva and pre-cum which oozed out of his hard cock. Saliva dripped from her lips and onto his balls as he kept on fucking her pretty mouth. She tried to move her head away but his grip was tight. She placed her hands on his thighs and pushed herself up and as she was about to get out of his grip he placed his other hand also on her hair gripping them tightly and started thrusting his hips even more faster.

“Suck it! Suck it you bitch! Eat this dick you nasty little bitch!” he was barking at her with lots of pent up anger and frustration as he kept moving his hips and not letting her go. Anger and frustration which was caused by someone else.

She started gagging a bit as her eyes were also watery now and her spit was dripping out of her mouth like a running tap. He felt his balls churn and his toes tingling and soon those tingling washed his entire body as his cock erupted a thick rope of hot sticky cum and hit the back of Annu’s mouth. He held her steady as he shot another then another and then another thick stream of cum inside her mouth filling her throat and mouth with his thick cum.

She gulped down lots of it but still a little managed to slip out of her mouth through her lips. She kept running her tongue on his cockhead as his dick started becoming soft inside her hot mouth. His hands now started caressing her head and face. His fingers were caressing her cheeks as he looked at her tears filled eyes, her lips and chin covered in spit and cum. She let his now semi erect dick slip from her mouth and wiped her lips with the back of her hand.

“That was wild! You don’t look like such a tiger dear. You almost choked me to death!” she said as she started laughing then added, “but I enjoyed it a lot. Your hard dick felt good inside my mouth.”

She cupped his balls and caressed them lightly, “especially when you were FUCKING my mouth.” she added extra emphasis on the word fucking.

“Let me just clean up my face then we’ll continue. Okay dear?” she asked as she got up and looked at Tajender lying motionless on her bed just looking at her.

“Okay dear?” she asked again this time with a little emphasis in her voice.

“Yeah. Okay,” he said as he placed his hands behind his head and just stared at the ceiling like he was looking at some other world. She looked at him before moving away. His face was rugged and manly, his arms behind her head looked sexy and was turning her on as she looked at his bulging biceps. Her gaze went down to his broad chest then his abs, his now flaccid penis and then at his muscular thighs. He was one of the sexiest man she had ever seen or been with and she had decided that she was gonna enjoy the most of this opportunity. She turned and went into the washroom to clean her messed up face for round two.

Tajender kept staring at the ceiling trying hard not to think about Bulbul especially about her getting married to some rich guy whom she didn’t even knew.

“Life sucks!” he said to himself and closed his eyes.

He still loved her and that’s why he couldn’t get her out of his mind no matter what he did or tried. The reason he was here lying on the bed of a cheap brothel was just to get her mind off of her marriage but it just wasn’t helping him.

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