Rainy Days


The sky rolled in ecstacy as the rain clouds grew nearer. Only an act of God could stop them now, and it seemed that everything was going to be drenched in a matter of minutes. Anne lounged in the backyard, clothes forgotten behind her. The sky blue bikini top held promises of rich bounty for those close enough to reach their hands out, and the shorts she wore hugged her curves possessively. She did not dread the downpour as most of her neighbours did, but rather welcomed the cleansing flood. It drummed lightly at her toes and swept her hair down around her shoulders, and she loved every second of it. Add to that she had told Dom to come over, and this was shaping up to be an excellent evening. He HAD almost gotten her in trouble coming to her job like that today, but she had to admit, it had been fun. Just thinking about him between her legs like that…..she crossed her legs unconsciously. That was when she heard the door open, and he came out behind her with two drinks mixed and a towel over his shoulder.

Dom brought over the drinks and could not help but stare at her as she stood up out of the lounge chair. She always had such a look about her that shut down anything else he was thinking about for a split second. His shirt, once impeccably ironed and seamed, now soaked through with the rain that he had charged through approaching her house. Not that he minded the rain himself, he loved it in fact. Seeing her in it only accentuated his growing lust, but he tried to keep himself under control. He handed her the drink and wordlessly toasted to the sky with her as the downpour increased. She sat next to him on the lounge chair and casually draped a leg over his. Inside his pants, he stiffened, but he was determined not to give in to her teasing so easily. He ran his fingers along her leg, barely moving outside a small circle around her knee, but quickly growing bold and curious, running up to the hem of her shorts. He looked at her with her eyes closed, breathing slightly irregularly çankaya escort and couldnt help himself. He tried sliding a finger underneath the hem, and yelped in surprise and pain as she rolled away, giggling, into the rain. Her grin faltered as she saw him still under the awning clutching his finger in apparent discomfort, and she came back to him, concerned. It seemed fine as she saw him gently lift his hand away, but not entirely.

“Got caught in your pants and got bent,” he murmured, lifting his eyes to see her drawing close to his hand.

She looked up, a guilty look in her eyes twinkling for only a moment, before she bent down and took his finger into her mouth. Pain forgotten, the sensations of feeling her tongue work along even such a small part of him made his dick stand completely up. She noticed immediately and slowly let the finger pop out. Reaching a hand behind her, she whispered “You know, there are much less painful ways to get into my pants, Daddy.”

She knew that name was his weakness, and she would use it now if she had to. Damn it but she wanted him now. She let her top fall as her hand released the untied strings and pushed against him, letting him feel her nipples stiff against him. She took him by the uninjured hand and slowly led him out into the rain, then stopped in the center of the yard and let him finally kiss her, mouths tangled in heated exchanges as his tongue met hers and swam in that space between them for what seemed an eternity. His hands roamed freely over her body, and she reveled in the feeling of his fingers covering her, possessing her. All games forgotten, she grabbed his hand and pulled it downward, ever down, until it hit the edge of her shorts. He pushed in and stopped momentarily in surprise. She wasn’t wearing panties. She smiled at his curious eyes and merely said “I want you, Dom.” He shuddered in delight as he pushed in further and heard her gasp as he touched her clit. God she was wet, and not just with rain ankara rus escort either. He extended two fingers past there and felt her soft pussy lips brushing his fingertips, and then he was in, touching her liquid hot center. She gasped and felt her legs go wobbly, then felt his other hand snake behind her and gently lower her to the grass. His fingers started going in and out, and she could formulate no objections to where they were, the raindrops sprinkling her brow, only the two things going in and out of her in a steady rhythm. He remembered a trick he had read about and bent his fingers slightly upward, searching for….there it was. A slightly rough area inside her pussy that he knew would set off fireworks in her. His thumb crept back up to touch on her slick clit as he started rubbing her spot.

Anne’s thighs flew off the ground and she started screaming. She could not see, only feel the hands of her lover driving her insane. Closer…..closer…..and when the third finger was pushed inside her she couldn’t take it. She spasmed, breath coming in short choking gasps through which “Daddy” could be heard over and over. He sucked on her nipples as she came, prolonging the ecstacy deliberately, and didnt stop moving his hand until she lay still, sucking for air. He could hold back no longer, and hurriedly took his pants off, letting his cock swing to attention. She reached for it, but he gently took her hand away.

“No games now baby. Now I take what I want,” he groaned, already in danger of losing control.

“Wait, daddy, please.”

She got up on shaking knees and leaned down on all fours, proffering her sweet little pussy for him. But when he aimed for it, she looked over her shoulder and shook her head.

“No, Dom. Not there.”

He glanced at her ass, then back to her pleading eyes. His cock throbbed in anticipation. But he did so love making her beg.

“Tell me what you want. Exactly what you want..”

She moaned. Just the ankara yabancı escort sound almost made him cum. But he put the head of his cock at her ass and stared at her.

“Oh my God, fuck my ass. I want it so bad. Please, please daddy. I’ll take as much of it as I can for you and do whatever you want me to. Please…..”

He couldnt help himself. She knew exactly what he liked to hear.

Thank God for the natural lube, he thought as he used the rainwater to run the head of his cock, mixing it with his spit. Then he began. Slowly, he pushed the head of his dick into the tight ring of her ass, hearing her groan with an exquisite mix of pain and pleasure. He stopped with just the head inside, letting her stretch out to accommodate him, then started slowly moving back and forth. While he did it, he spanked her round ass again and again, leaving handprints standing a dull red as he gave her what she had been wishing for for months on end. Damn, but she was tight! He pumped her hard and deep, feeling the rain spatter both of them as she came again and watching her cheeks jiggle as he slammed into her hips from behind, harder and harder. He reached under and felt her pussy sopping wet with her juices and rain and could help himself no longer. He pulled out, feeling his balls contract, and she rolled onto her back as his eyes rolled up into his head and his toes curled.

“Im…coming” he grunted.

She stroked his balls ever so gently. “Come for me, lover.”

He tensed, then shot a load on her wet breasts. As she looked down at the milky semen, another load hit her on the cheek, then a longer spurt took her on the lips. He moaned her name over and over, and with his eyes closed, didnt see her sit up and grab his cock. But he felt it when she started furiously jacking his dick, making his orgasm even harder. Belying the force she was using on him, she whispered into his ear, “I love you, Dom.” Then she licked her lips and went to work making sure no cum was left in his balls. She licked and sucked until he thought he was going crazy, and finally she was done with him.

They locked fingers and lay on their backs, breathing hard. Above them, the sky raged, but down here, all was finally still.

Anne loved the rain.

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