Subject: Raising Boys 67 Thanks for all your responses to this story. Comments, questions or even criticisms are always welcome at hoo A special thanks to the generous readers who have made donations in our name to Nifty. I hope we can all find it in our hearts to do what we can to support the wonderful gift of stories found on this site. Again, fty/donate.html RAISING BOYS 67 Russell, my physical therapist came in with a big beautiful smile lighting up his face and the entire room. He came in for a hut and as we hugged, he gave me a kiss on the cheek. I could tell he was in a great mood. “What’s up with you?” I asked. “You’re always a happy kid but you’ve got an extra spring in that step today.” “Why wouldn’t I, Rob?” he asked. “I’ve got the job I always wanted, I love what I’m doing. I love working with the kids at the high school and Rhett and Mark are the best guys anyone could ask for. I’ve gotten some of my stuff moved out of my old apartment into the house and I’ll finish up tomorrow. Rhett is planning to move in too and Mark will be living there as well. There’s even a bedroom for Mark’s fianc� whenever she’s in town, if she wants to stay.” “Kiddo, I couldn’t be happier for you,” I said. “I understand the decision on whether I get to drive and resume normal activities is in your hands,” I said. “I guess that means I better be good today,” I teased. “You better be good,” he said. “I hear you’re good every day.” “Is someone talking out of school?” I asked. “Not really,” he said. “Rhett’s said only good things about you. He thinks you’re also a very sexy guy in addition to being a good man. I’m inclined to agree.” “Are you agreeing with the `good’ part of the `sexy’ part?” I asked. “Probably both,” he said, “but we can further evaluate after we finish your therapy. Now get up here on this table and sit facing me of you don’t mind.” “Who could possibly mind looking at that lovely face of yours?” I asked. “It’s getting deep in here,” he said. I got on the table and he began flexing my leg at the knee. His hands felt great on my hairy leg. I was enjoying the fresh, clean smell of this boy. He had told me that he had been shaving his body for years for swimming and he had just stopped doing it a few months ago. I was curious as to how his hidden parts would look and feel as his hair started to grow back. He told me he had just missed me this morning at the hospital. I had just left when he went to do his range of motion work with Elliott. “Those frat guys are rooting so hard for him,” Russ said.” “I know, buddy,” I said. “We all are.” “He’s a really handsome man,” Russ said,” “Yes, he is,” I said. “He was a cute boy, but he’s grown into an even more handsome man.” Rhett had told him about how we had all met during the time Rick and I were advisors for our fraternity chapter at Southern. Before I knew it, I was spilling the whole story to him about my relationship with Elliott although I was a young married dad at the time. I told him about how all the guys had been playing around and about Rick’s letting them service him. I told him about the rough patches for Rick and what a different man he was today. By this time he had moved me into a position lying flat on my back as he moved my leg, flexed at the knee, back to my chest. “You’ve got great range,” he said. Your strength is almost back to normal. Are you having any pain?” “Nothing I can’t handle,” I said. “Honestly an occasional twinge. I know my endurance isn’t where it should be but I’m getting there. When my big, bad therapist releases me I plan to get back to regular workouts at the Y.” “Or you could come over and work out at the school,” he said. “I’m starting a workout group after school for the football team and any other students interested in playing team sports. Brett thinks it is a good idea and could even help with recruiting new students for the athletic program who haven’t felt ready to take the plunge. I’ll be leading it three days a week and I’d love to have you join us. Be warned though. It isn’t for pussies.” “Did my favorite Mormon therapist just use a nasty word?” I asked. “Your nasty ex-Mormon therapist just used a nasty word,” he said with a sexy smile. I was lying there with my towel around my waist. His hand was on my furry thigh very close to my groin. I put my hand over his. He slid it up ever so slightly. “Do you know what you’re doing?” I asked. “I’m sure of it,” he said. “As sure as I’ve ever been of anything.” He leaned in and kissed me. Right on the lips. I felt his hand sliding up toward my tumescent cock, very slowly. I knew I wanted this. I knew he did too. “Are we done with therapy?” I asked. “Except for checking you out on the stairs,” he said. “Does that mean we need to go up to the main house and check me on the stairs that lead up to my bedroom?” I asked him. “Exactly what it means, sir,” he said. I held his hand as we walked up the path to the main house. He became all business again as he had me move up and down the stairs several times. I was obviously much improved. On the last trip up he said he felt we were done now. “You may feel like we’re done,” he said. “I feel like I’m just getting started. I opened the doors to my bedroom and he followed me in. I invited him to join me for a shower. He took off his tee shirt and I helped him with it. He was growing hair on his chest. It was past the prickly stage and I could tell it was going to be a very sexy crop on his chest when it finished growing out. He also had a nice little patch on his tummy. I touched him all over his chest and his abdomen and began to lick his neck and nibble his ear lobe. I don’t think there was an inch of him above the waste that my tongue didn’t taste. He had the beginnings of a nice crop of pit hair but it was still early. I licked him there too, making him moan and giggle as he was a shade on the ticklish side. I had him stand there in front of me, both his arms at his side as I just looked at him, taking in his muscular chest and his beautiful tree-trunk thighs. His smile told me he was beginning to enjoy being look at and admired. I told him he was beautiful and he just smiled all the more. I knelt down in front of him and put my thumbs under the waistband of his shorts. I looked up into his eyes. “Are you sure you’re okay with this?” I asked. “Better than okay,” he said. “I want this. I want it now.” I slowly removed his shorts. He was wearing a white jockstrap with the pouch tented. I stroked it, feeling his hardness beneath the mesh. He moaned. I removed his jock strap. As he stepped out of it, I suddenly pushed him facedown on my big bed, right in the center and went for his hole with my tongue. His ass was like a couple of creamy white melons. I parted them with my hands and exposed his virgin pink hole. I dove in and began to lap at it wetly. He had never experienced the joy of having a tongue on his hole and he was moaning. He was rubbing his leaky cock against the bedspread. I spread his legs wider and lapped harder. “You want to fuck something, don’t you, boy?” I asked. “Yes, sir,” he said. “And I want to get fucked too,” he panted. “First things first, boy,” I said. “Flip over and feed me that hard cock.” He flipped over onto his back but before he could get settled I was on my knees spreading his thick legs apart again and going for his hole with my mouth. I now had that beautiful hole totally exposed. There was no more modesty for this boy. I had his hole totally exposed and at the mercy of my tongue. I lapped it and then began to lick his nuts. He really loved that. I lightly teased his beautiful hole with my fingers as I moved up his now soaked perineum and licked his ball sack. Then I went for the prize. I looked into his eyes and I saw his beautiful smile. “I’m about to suck your cock, boy.” He moaned. “Has that cock ever been sucked before?” I asked. “No, sir,” he said. “Do you want that hard cock sucked?” I asked. “Yes, sir,” he said. “Then tell me what you want, son,” I said quietly. “Please suck my cock,” he said hoarsely. That is exactly what I did. I took his thick six and a half inches all the way in my mouth. It was delicious. I knew it was the first time that cock had been tasted and I devoured it. He was gasping as he enjoyed the sensations of a wet mouth on his most sensitive part. He was bucking trying to get his load out of those hot, heavy balls. I tried to slow him down. I came off his cock and spoke softly to escort kocaeli the boy. “Slow down, buddy,” I said. “I’m gonna take that load but you don’t need to rush it. Let me just make you feel good as long as we can make it last.” “It feels so fucking good,” Rob,” he said. “It turns me on hearing my pretty little Mormon boy talk nasty,” I said. He smiled s I took him back into my mouth. He had calmed now and he lay there moaning as I gently sucked on his cock, using my muscles to squeeze his hardon. I had been surprised that the boy was uncut. For some reason I had imagined he would have a cut cock but I loved the way his foreskin moved easily back and forth over his cockhead as I started to moved back and forth. He was cooing s I slowly sucked his cock. We had a gentle rhythm going as I decided to kick things up a notch. I removed his cock from my mouth just long enough to wet my index finger, and then I began to tease his tight little hole. I could tell from his moans he was enjoying the teasing motion of my finger as I circled his sensitive little star. Occasionally I would tease him by putting the very tip of my finger inside him, but then I would quickly pull it back. He gasped each time I did it and I knew the boy had been imagining how it would feel to be penetrated. I began sucking his dick again as I teased his hole. I would tease him, letting him set up a regular rhythm, and then I would pull my mouth off him. He never got soft and he continued to leak pre-cum. “Do you want to cum,” Russell?” I asked. “Please sir, I need to shoot,” he said. “Do you want to fuck me,” Russell,” I asked. “Oh fuck yes sir, please,” he begged. I moved up so that we were facet o face as I kissed him passionately. He returned it. His mouth tasted like spearmint. He was licking my face and my neck. I knew he was hot and ready. I realized he wouldn’t last long once his dick felt a velvety ass surrounding it. I took some of his pre-cum and spread it onto my hole, hoping it would be enough to lubricate me. I then got on my knees over him, facing him and began to lower myself onto his hard cock. He felt it as his hard cock made contact with my spit-slick hole and he gasped at the sensation of heat. I slowly lowered myself until his pubis connected with my ass. There was no space between us now. We were connected. “Oh Rob,” that feels so fucking amazing.” He gasped. “You feel big and thick in me,” I whispered. “You’ve filled me up. Do you want to fuck me? Do you want to breed my hole?” “Oh fuck yes,” he said. He was gently thrusting his cock into me. I could tell he was holding back, afraid he might be hurting me. “Take control, Russ,” I said. “You’re a man now and I need to be fucked. Do whatever you want, boy.” He did exactly that. He pulled his cock out of my hole and put me on my back. Our eyes were locked as he put his hand under my legs and bent my knees back to my chest. He looked at my hole and then spat on it. I found that incredibly sexy. He then lined up his cock with my hole and thrust his cock all the way into me. I was gasping as he grazed my p-gland. I really felt full of dick now as this boy with his massive thighs started to pound his hardon into me. He was fucking like a madman now. I encouraged him. “Fuck me, fuck me hard,” I said. “I’m about to breed your fucking ass,” he said. “I’m gonna fill your ass up.” He continued to batter my hole with that hard cock for several more minutes. I could tell his breathing was getting faster and all the signs were there that he was ready for a hellacious climax. “Fuck me, boy, fuck me harder,” I said. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” the boy yelled as he made one last hard thrust into me and released his load inside another human for the first time in his young life. He lay still for several minutes, neither of us moving. My knee began to ache just a little but I said nothing as I was hoping he would release me to drive. Thankfully it wasn’t long before he gently guided my lets back down on the bed. I had a moment of sadness as he pulled his spent cock out of me and lay flat beside me. “That was phenomenal,” he said as soon as his breathing slowed to near normal. “If I’d known how good it felt to fuck, I’d have burned those magical underpants when I discovered I had a dick.” We laughed together. “Can I touch you a little?” he asked shyly. “You can touch me all you want, Kiddo,” I said. “Feel free to explore He turned on his side, facing me. He leaned in and gave me a kiss. It was nice. I could tell he was a cuddler and I liked that. He started touching my nipples and my dick jumped. We both saw it and we both laughed. “Your nipples are sensitive, aren’t they?” he asked. “You bet,” I said. “Can I lick them?” “Be my guest,” I told him. He began to lick my left nipple and his tongue felt great to my sensitive nip. As he licked, his hand began to explore my belly hair and moved toward my pubes. “You have a wonderful touch,” Russ,” I told him. His fingers were lightly combing my thick ginger pubes. “That feels phenomenal,” I said. “You’re waking the beast.” “I want to wake that beast,” he said. “I meant it when I said I wanted you to fuck me. That is, if you want to,” he said. “Kiddo, I’d be honored to take that cherry,” I said. At that point, his hand was at my hairy hole. I could tell he was wanting to touch. “Don’t be afraid with me,” I told him. “You can do anything you want to do.” His finger was now tracing around my hole. He pried my legs a bit farther apart. I continue to give him full control. “Can I look?” he asked. “Like I told you, buddy, do whatever you feel like doing.” He moved down and lay with his head between my thighs. I spread my legs as wide as they would spread. I realized I had never had anyone look at me like this after fucking me. It felt nasty, yet very exciting. I felt his finger enter me just a b1t. I knew I still had his cum inside me, so his finger went in easily. I felt as his finger grazed my fucknut. I gasped at the wonderful sensation. “I just touched your prostate gland, didn’t I?” he asked. “Yes, and it felt wonderful, kid.” I said. “Does this feel good?” he asked as he began to massage my spot. “No, son, “I said. “Good doesn’t begin to describe it. “The feeling is wonderful, especially when it’s one of the most handsome boys on the planet with his finger inside me. You can’t imagine how good you’re making me feel.” “Will you touch me like that?” he asked. “It would be an absolute pleasure I said. “If you don’t stop that pretty soon, you’ll have me shooting then I’ll be worthless to you for a while.” “We can’t have that,” he said. “How about we get you up and back down to the guest house so I can give you a little heat and massage.” “I’m ready to feel those beautiful hands on my body,” I said. “I promise you’ll never have to ask twice.” He pulled me up, then suddenly pulled me up against him. We were face to face as he kissed me deeply. He took my face in his hands and said, “Rob, I’ll never forget this day. Thank you for being my first.” We walked back to the guest house with my hand in his. I made him walk in front of me part of the way so I could just enjoy looking at that beautiful ass of his move. It was clear he was becoming more comfortable by the minute with his own body and being naked in front of others. When we got into the guest house, I invited him to join me for a quick shower. He was readily agreeable. I demonstrated the shower attachment. I knew I was clean so I inserted water and then expelled it there in the shower. He giggled as he saw the clean water mixed with some of his own semen shoot out of my hole. I asked him if he would like to use the shower buddy. He blushed as he admitted he had used the syringe this morning, hoping I would be fucking him. That really made me feel really special somehow, knowing this beautiful, muscular boy wanted to give me a special present like that. I found I was really enjoying his company as well as appreciating his physical beauty. He seemed somewhat obsessed with my hole as he wanted to soap it and rinse it for me as we showered. I was glad to, especially when he stuck a thick, soapy thumb into it, stimulating the hell out of my spot. As we rinsed, he went to his knees and started sucking my tumescent cock. I had to calm him down, warning him that if he kept it up, I wouldn’t be able to take his cherry for a while. I could tell he was enjoying having my dick in his mouth but he really was wanting to get rid kocaeli anal yapan escort of that cherry so we grabbed towels and he had me get onto the massage table face down. “What if we just don’t bother with towels?” he said. “What a nasty Mormon boy you are,” I laughed as he grabbed me for another round of kissing. Eventually I ended up on the table naked and facedown. He really had talented hands as he massaged my legs, using the warm oils he had prepared. He kneaded the skin on my ankles and then my thighs masterfully. He then worked on the muscles in my upper back, neck and arms before asking me to flip over. I was fully erect as I turned on my back on the table. He put some additional oil on his hands and smiled at me as he began to massage my thighs. With each stroke he got closer to my hard cock which was now dripping with pre-cum. “You want a taste of that, kiddo?” I asked. It wasn’t necessary to ask twice as he was on my cock immediately, licking the sticky nectar off the tip and using his tongue on my peephole to try to coax more out of me. This kid was hot as a firecracker. I knew if he worked on my cock with that mouth much longer, I wouldn’t be fucking him. I calmed him down and told him to lie on the table on his back. He did so and he almost fully erect again as I put oil on my hands and began to massage his chest. I started licking his nipples and he really liked that. I remembered these were new sensations and I thought it would be fun to spend a whole day exploring his body. I knew we didn’t have all day as he had to be back at the school within the hour so I sped things up just a big. I began to massage his thighs, carefully avoiding his hardening cock. I loved that it was almost fully erect now, standing away from his body but with the foreskin still covering the cockhead. I noticed he had a beautiful little lip on the underside of his foreskin and thought how tasty it looked. He caught my eye and smiled as if realizing I was admiring his beautiful dick. I massaged each of his legs and then flexed his legs at the knee. I slid his body down to the foot of the table so that his butt was hanging off the end as I put one of his legs on each of my shoulders. I bent his legs back and again went for his hole with my tongue. Lapping at his delicious boyhole which I knew was still virgin. He had one of his feet on each of my shoulders as I ate his hole. He was moaning now. I pulled him back up on the table, spreading his legs as I moved his knees against his chest. I applied oil to my hands and rubbed it into his thighs as I went for his hole. I had my fingers thoroughly slick now with the spearmint oil and I gave him my entire index finger. He gasped as he felt it invade his hole. “Are you okay, son?” I asked. “Fuck yes,” he whispered. “Please don’t stop. Rob, don’t stop please.” I pulled out and quickly reinserted two fingers. He moaned as I began to knead his spot. “Fuck, I can’t believe how good that feels, don’t stop. Fuck me,” he begged. I continued to knead his fucknut. His dick was dripping with juice. I continued my attack on his p-spot as I sucked his wet dick into my mouth. He was begging now. I gave him a third finger in his hole and he was still begging. “Please fuck me,” he begged. “Pleeeeeease,” the boy begged. Are you sure you want this dick, boy?” I asked, as I slid my fingers out of him. “I’m sure, sir,” he said. “Do you want to taste this dick first, boy, before I fuck you with it?” I asked him. “Yes, sir,” he said. “I’d like that. “Then jump down off that table and get over here.” I said. I stood at the end of the massage table, barely leaning back on it as he hit his knees on the floor in front of me. I was standing there, my dick fully erect, the foreskin half-retracted, and half covering my cockhead. He had his lips just a couple of inches from my dick. But the polite boy locked eyes with me and waited. “You want permission to suck that dick, boy?” I asked. “Yes, sir,” he said. “Lick the head,” I said. “Keep your hands at your sides and don’t be touching that pretty dick of yours.” He immediately went all the way down on my cock and it was too much. He started gagging bur refused to pull his mouth off me. I took his face in both my hands, pulling his mouth off my cock. “Be patient, you beautiful boy,” I said, kissing him. “Why don’t we save that for another time? Would you rather be fucked?” I asked him. “Yes, sir, that’s what I want,” he said. “Then get back on that table on your back and spread those legs,” I whispered. “I want to see my beautiful boy be a nasty boy.” He jumped up on the table on his back and immediately bent his legs at the knee and spread them, exposing his beautiful pink hole. Our eyes were locked as he put two of his own fingers into his mouth and started to touch his hole. He smiled seductively as he inserted his index finger and started to fingerfuck himself. Then he pulled the finger out and inserted it along with his long finger. His eyes were closed now and he was sharing something totally intimate with me. I loved him for doing it and I kissed him and told him so. “Now I’m going to fuck you, son if you’re still ready,” I said. “Yes, sir,” he said. “I’m more than ready.” I put a generous amount of lube on my hand and began to rub it into my swollen cock as he watched me. He was still fingering his hole when I asked him to stop and raise his arms. I got behind him and supported his legs with my arms. He moaned as he felt the very tip of my hardness against his sensitive virgin hole. He was breathing faster than usual, both excited and terrified. He didn’t know what to expect as I entered him. He had a momentary look of panic as he felt my hard thickness splitting him and invading him for the first time. I knew that feeling and I continued to firmly slide my hardness into his soft, velvety hole. He inhaled deeply as my cock started to enter him and he didn’t exhale until the full length of my cock was inside him. I now had my thick pubes against his smooth ass. He felt full of dick and I knew he still felt a little afraid. I leaned down and licked his neck. “It’s all right, buddy,” I whispered. “I’m inside you now. I won’t start moving till I know you want me too.” “Wait just a second, please,” he asked. “I feel so full. It doesn’t really hurt but I just feel so full.” “Son, if you want me to take it out, I’ll do it,” I whispered. I was praying he wouldn’t want me to take my cock out of him. His soft hotness was amazing. It was thrilling to know He had saved this for so long and he wanted me to be the first man to fuck him. I knew this was a very special gift, one of the most special gifts a boy has to give another boy or a man. He began to wiggle his butt a little now. I looked at his face. He was smiling now. “You ready to be fucked now, boy?” I asked. “Yes, sir,” he responded. I started long stroking him with my hard cock and he started moaning. Within just a couple of minute, there was no trace of the frightened boy who was afraid of some pain. He was transformed into a boy enjoying a hard cock in his boyhole, grazing his most sensitive spot. He started getting verbal, encouraging me to fuck him harder. “Do it, Rob,” he moaned. “This feels so fucking good. Let me have it. This feels amazing. Ride my ass, daddy!” Those words got me even hotter so I started pounding his hole, withdrawing my cock on every stroke until I was almost out of him, then thrusting it back into him with all the thrust I had in my pelvis. Once, I misjudged my stroke and my cock came out of his hole. He gasped but before he could protest, I thrust my dick back into his gaping hole. He gasped loudly when I thrust back into him. I wanted this boy’s first fuck to be a good one so I pulled my dick out of him and flipped him onto his tummy. I pulled him onto his knees. He was easily guided as I got behind him on my knees and lined my cock up with his slick hole. I didn’t go easy as I just thrust all the way back into him. He was gasping for breath as I continue to pound him. I continued doing the boy in doggy for about five minutes. Then I told him we were going to change one more time before I bred him. I pulled my cock out of the boy and turned him onto his left side. I got behind him and lifted his right leg. I saw his previously pink hole was now looking red and angry and gaping slightly as I lifted his leg. I scooted close behind him. He was now holding izmit yabancı escort his leg up as I entered him. It was beautiful seeing my hard, click, wet cock slide into his hole, with only a smattering of hairs around it. He was holding his leg up now, so I put my arms around his chest, licking and kissing his neck. “Rob,” I think I’m about to shoot,” he moaned. “Me too, buddy,” I said. I started rabbitfucking strokes, fucking the boy as hard and as fast as I could. Aaaaaaaaah,” he said as I continued to pound. I put a hand on his dick and felt his wetness, as he shot a load onto his tummy. He continued to shoot his milky cream onto his flat muscled hardness on which his hair was just beginning to come in. “I’m with you, kid,” I said. The twitching of the muscles inside his ass as he climaxed, made me start. It was one of those climaxed you feel starting down low in your balls and, as it moves up, it gets stronger. I could fill my semen start to fill the boy and I kept pumping. I wanted to cum but I didn’t want this feeling of fucking this beautiful innocent boy to end. I shot every drop of cum I had into this boy. He released his leg which had been the air and I moved a little closer, as close as I could get to his smooth, warm body. I kept my arm around his midsection and listened to our breathing as it slowly returned to normal. I think we both dozed lightly for a couple of minutes. My spent cock was still inside his hotness. He had been silent for several minutes. I hoped he wasn’t feeling guilty, as some boys do after having sex for the first time. “Are you okay, buddy?” I asked. “Better than okay, Rob,” he said Reluctantly I slid my soft cock out of him. He gasped quietly as I left him and I turned him on his side to face me. “Are you sure you’re okay?” I asked. “I’m absolutely sure,” he said. “That was incredible. If I have any regrets right now it’s only for denying myself the pleasure for so long. But I’m glad I did. I don’t think there was anyone else I would have trusted to do this.” “That certainly makes me feel great � that you trusted me,” I said. “We have a tight little circle. Any of us with sexual experience have been tested so we know we’re safe for each other.” “Rhett told me about that,” he said. “We slept together last night. We didn’t do anything except a little kissing though. I had told him I was hoping this would happen and he encouraged me to do it.” “He’s a wonderful guy,” I said. “And he’s a phenomenal lover,” I said. “He can teach you some wonderful things.” “Do you think the three of us might do it sometime?” “Ah, my little Mormon virgin is now wanting at threesome � within minutes of getting his cherry busted.” I goosed his tummy and told him it was about time for him to head back and work with Amari. I asked him how it was going. “Amari is a remarkable athlete and a very fast learner. He had classes this morning and Brett and Coach Ennis have made it clear no missed classes for sports. That’s a hard and fast rule. Amari has a couple of study periods later so he’ll be free to train.” “Then you better get with it,” I said. I swatted his ass as we headed to the shower. I kissed him while we shampooed and showered. I could have looked at him all day but he had to head for the practice field. We both dressed in casual shirts and athletic shorts. “So what’s your verdict on my driving and resuming normal activities?” I asked. “I know Rhett has left that decision to you. He led me over to the massage table and had me sit. “Rob, you mean a whole lot to a whole lot of people. I also know that you take your responsibilities very seriously. Since you haven’t had any episodes of dizziness, I think you’re okay to start driving again. Just promise you won’t overdo. Same with stairs. I think you can take stairs if you’ll just take it slowly and carefully. Will you make me that promise?” he asked. I kissed him. “I’ll promise you anything,” I said. “Absolutely anything.” “Then promise you’ll fuck me again,” he chuckled. I made that promise without hesitation. Then I asked if he might give me a ride to the Boyd Farm Machinery Dealership. Boots had called earlier to tell me that Donald’s care had been brought there after all the repairs were finished. Hiss asshole brother-in-law had trashed the two seater BMW the boy’s dad had customized for him in his school colors. Donald had thought the car totaled, but we had it repaired as a surprise for him. Russell said he’d be glad to drop me off. As we drove there, I let the former Mormon boy in on what went on in the showers at the dealership. The owner had originally built a large shower room for employees who were out demonstrating machinery so they could clean up when they returned. Over the years, it had become a place where men got together to shower and have a little extracurricular fun. Most of the men who visited were married and upstanding citizens of the community. It was one of the city’s best-kept secrets and you could find professional men as well as members of the law enforcement, legal, and sports community getting clean and dirty at any time of the day. There were unspoken rules, such as no boys allowed without pubes, unless they were accompanied by an approving parent. There was a general rule that no anal activities would occur without condoms although that one got broken occasionally. It was a very casual atmosphere and no one touched another person without getting approval. That approval was often silent, accomplished with a smile and a nod. I had only participated in the shower activities once and that was with Shaggy as my partner. He was a very sexy guy, who was currently hosting my friend Derrick and his son at his home. I explained about the activities to Russell as we drove there. His eyes were wide as saucers. He had led a very sheltered life as a Mormon boy and he was not originally from this area. Most of the boys his age who lived here were familiar with the shower room, although not all of them participated. I had been told a significant number of dads brought their sons here to let them have some fun and hopefully to get their rocks off without knocking up their young girlfriends. I wasn’t sure he believed me as I told him as this kind of situation was pretty much beyond his imagination. We went in the front doors and were greeted warmly. As Donald’s executor, I was pretty much in control of the dealership, although I had given day-to-day decision making to the long-time managers, Boots and Shaggy. I asked the receptionist if either of the men was in and I was told Shaggy was in the back. The young man took us back to the office, just off the shower room. From the desk, the person sitting there could keep an eye on activities in the showers. Russell was beginning to believe the whole story might be true as I introduced him to Shaggy. Shaggy greeted him warmly and asked if we were here to play. He was disappointed when I told him Russell had to get to the school and I was only there to pick up Donald’s car. He said they had done a great job on the car and it looked as good as the day it did when Donald’s late father presented his son with the gift. Russell had wandered over to the large opening where the showers were. Shaggy and I eased over beside him. He was watching as two really handsome boys and one older, fit guy who might have been one of the boy’s dads were having a three way jerk-off session. “Don’t you want to join them?” Shaggy asked the boy. “I’d love to, but I have to get to work,” he said. “Could I maybe come back some time and just watch?’ “Of course you can, kiddo,” Shaggy said. “We have benches over there where you can just sit and watch and beat your meat if you want to or you can join the fun if you choose to. There’s never any pressure on anyone around here.” “Rob, do you think we might…?” he began. “You let me know when you’re free, kiddo,” I said. “I’d love to bring you over here and show you off.” The boy beamed. I thanked Shaggy and we left the dealership � Russ to go to the school and work with his kicker and myself to head to the nearest Buttfuck’s for a cup of coffee. I put the top down on the two-seater Z-4 and took off. It was a good feeling to be behind the wheel again. I felt very sated after my encounter with Russell and it felt good to know the old judge, his son and his wife were locked up. It would be great to see Donald, who would be driving in from Auburn in a few hours and Stewart would be flying in from Denver in the morning. I called Michael to see when might be the best time to drop by and talk to him. He said there would had been developments and said Clifford planned to pick Cliff up from school a little early and bring him by. He asked if I could be there around two and I said I would be there.

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