Rashidha Chap.13: The fantasy


Rashidha Chap.13: The fantasySo, Ever had a fantasy? A sexual one? Ever wanted to have sex in a different way? A different place? Well, I had one. It was 3 years ago. It was during the holidays of uni. I was at home, still being a slut. One Saturday while being fucked by my dad, I asked him if we could do my fantasy. I was in a doggy style position and his dick was in my ass. That was the thing for my family. Sex became a basic thing for us. We could have sex whenever we wanted. And we could be doing anything meanwhile. Like watching tv, talking about daily stuff, revising and so on. That day my mom was also being a slut- she didn`t wear any clothes and was walking around naked. After having sex and drinking my cum, I stood up and asked my dad again about my fantasy. He thought about it and agreed.But he had a condition. Of course he had one. He wouldn`t a chance of teasing me pass by. He wanted to know how bad I wanted it to happen. It was pretty bad. he asked me to beg for it. The whole day.Yup the whole day. I was to beg for it the day. But not the normal way. I am a slut. I was to beg with my body. I agreed as well. It was like fifty shades, but harsher. It was still in the moring when he asked me that. He called my mom and said:”Pitin pou donne fesse zordi. Si li donner bien lerla nou pou fer so fantasy sinon pa pou fer[The slut will beg with her ass today. If she begs well, then we`ll do her fantasy, else nothing]”. And so it began.I was to stay in the living room, just in front of the tv. Thats it. The position though was to be humiliating. I love being humiliated(some of you may know through our chats) and my dad abused that. I was in an ass up and face down postion on the coffee table. Yup. Coffee table. So my maltepe escort pussy and asshole were exposed and reaedy to be used. but they weren`t to be used until they decided and wanted. So, throughout the day, I was getting smacks on my ass, fingers and smacks again. I ate like a bitch for lunch. I had my bread in my hands, but I was kneeling on the floor, near my dad`s crotch. Yup. Near his crotch. Being a slut, that what I do. After lunch, I got back into my position and they started watching tv. It was an excuse though. They just wanted to play with me and abuse my body. I think abuse is a string word and is basically used for bad things. But abuse is a normal word for me to use.My mom took me by my head and drove towards her. She made me stand up and get down to the couch she was sitting. She put my head between her legs. And as she was naked as well, there was nothing between my mouth and her amazing pussy. I started digging and ate her pussy till she came. Through the process, I grabbed her boobs and played with her nipples to make her cum faster. My dad wasn`t as soft like that. He knows me as a slut. He agreed to me being a slut. He always want me to push myself, as a slutty daughter. So, my mom guided my head to my dad`s like saying “I`m done with her for now, you can use her”. My dad took my head and put his thumbs in my mouth. Both of them. He was being rough and I love that. He got up, dropped down his pants and came back to my head. His dick was out and hard. Seeing me slutty and submissive, he used me to the maximum. He made me deepthroat him at one go and left my head there.”Pa bouger [Don`t move]”His dick was in my throat and he didn`t want me to move. I was suffocating as I was breathing through escort maltepe my nose. But being horny, I needed more air. The scene was so rough; He was casually watching tv and his daughter was kneeling in front of and kept his dick in her throat. Having deepthroated him for more than 3 years, I had techniques but still it was kinda difficult. he would slap my face, telling me to relax my throat.After a good 5 mins, he took my head and pushed it out. There was so much saliva coming out and on his dick. He didn`t come. Yet. he told me to get in my position again but this time by him. So, my ass was by his hand, ready to be played with. Throughout the following hours, I got slapped and fingered but he didn`t allow me to cum. At one point my mom came in front of me, on all fours, and told me to lick her ass. I couldn`t refuse. I love her so much. Everything about her. Her amazing pussy, her delicious ass, her perfect boobs, everything. I was trembling from being so horny and not cumming. At the end of the day, my dad was satisfied with me and decided to give it a go for my fantasy. So what was the fantasy? It was to have sex in a public place and to have the freedom of walking around naked. So, at around midnight, we went out. To be sure that, I was to follow the rules, I went out naked. Yup. I got into the car naked. I was committed. We drove to the seaside. It was dark. My dad knew an isolated place for us to be and have sex. On arriving, I got out completely naked. It was exciting as anyone could see me. We could get caught as well. I started running, butt naked along the shore. My mom prepared some place for us to lay down. They sat down and waited for me. My fantasy was becoming a reality. As soon as I came maltepe escort bayan in front of them, I jumped on my dad`s lap and kissed him. Thanking him for doing this.He reacted as well, as his hand was already on my ass, smacking it. I started kissing my mom as well while my dad removed his clothes. My mom was wearing a naked dress. It a normal dress, but she isn`t wearing anything inside. She took it off, and there we were, a guy with his wife and daughter naked, ready to have sex. My dad started fucking my mom`s sweet ass, while I was licking her pussy.He didn`t want to cum yet. I was to get rewarded after everything I went through. I laid on my back, opened my legs wide, like a good slut. And he fucked my pussy. My mom sat on my face and I was licking the wetness out of her pussy. She was moving her hips as well. My dad didn`t take long to cum. He took his dick out and reached for our faces. My mom and I knelt in front of him ready for our reward. We both grasped our cum. Though it was my day to drink cum, I didn`t complain. My mom and i had a wet kiss after. Then we laid back and contemplated the stars. We were just taking a pause before fucking again. Then we got home. It wasn`t the only day that my dad humiliated me roughly. It happened several times after. And I still love it when he`s rough with me. He even came in my food one time. I was eating some biscuits and after suckig his dick he came on one of them. I ate it after. I won`t let cum go to waste. Nope. Never. I love cum too much. The stickyness, the hotness, and the taste as well. I got wet just by writing that. I want to apologise to you, as I didn`t upload a story in a while. To be precise, it was because of 2 reasons: one being that there is less and less people reading my stories. So, I make an apeal to you, share the stories. Talk about it with your friends. YOu can chat with me as well. I can say, I`m a slut when chatting as well.I think I`ll narrate the second reason in another story.

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