Re-Sparking Our Sex Life


Time with Jeff

I look at the clock. My husband won’t be home for a couple of hours, that’s plenty of time to have some fun with Jeff.

I have only known Jeff for a month, but I have already had better sex with him than I ever had with my husband.

I sneak nervously up the stairs and climb on the bed. Oh, how deceitful it feels to pull down my trousers and knickers and throw them on the floor. But where is Jeff? I lean over and search the bedside drawer. Here is my plastic lover, hiding amongst my clean underwear, naughty boy.

Jeff likes to take me from behind, so I turn on my side and raise a knee. In the mirror I see him pushing his way between my thighs. The touch of his hardness on my soft skin sends a shiver through my whole body.

Slowly, gently he probes forward. I can see the rounded tip creeping towards my pleasure grove, a pink ravine between two ridges thatched with dark curly hair. Down the ravine flows a shiny stream of my love juices.

I gasp as he reaches the sensitive place. I am wet and open for him.

I want him to pause to extend the magic of this first contact. I would like to savour the feeling of him testing the resistance of the muscles that guard my secret cave. But my body puts up little resistance.

He thrusts fast and deep into me. He has the strength of the young man I recall from my adolescent fantasies. He is the black skinned man from my swimming club, the muscular man I lusted after. It was he that gave me my first naughty dreams. It was he who was the subject of so many erotic fantasies.

And now, I feel and watch his thick black cock, pumping all the way in and out, over and over again. Oh, my goodness, this is amazing, but too fast.

We have plenty of time. I pull Jeff out for a moment. It makes a most delightful squelch as he emerges all wet and sticky. I have an urge to use my tongue, to discover the divine taste of my own juices. It’s salty and sweet, like honey.

I apply my hands to explore my body. I find many places that want to join in the love game. My lips, my nipples, my clit, all long to be touched, squeezed and rubbed until fully and magnificently aroused.

When I return Jeff to my vagina I find my mind and body are totally in control of the psychotic drugs that sex generates. Adrenalin and endorphins create the images in my mind, direct my hands and take away all caution and anxiety. Whatever the science is, for many exciting minutes I enjoy as much sexual pleasure as my body can take.

Finally overcome by all-consuming euphoria, I am left content and relaxed. My eyes are closed, and I hear myself sighing and muttering, “Thank you Jeff. You were great!”

Then I open my eyes. It takes me some time to make sense of what I see in the mirror. My husband is standing behind me with an amazed look on his face. How long had he been there?

He speaks first.

“I came home early to help you get ready for the concert. Then …”

“Get the fuck out of here, Alan!” I shout. “Bad timing, Alan! Get the fuck out!”

He looks shocked by the ferocity of my outburst. He hurriedly leaves and I hear him go into the bathroom.

I take some time to collect my thoughts. I decide a strong but honest approach to Alan will work best. I pick up the dripping dildo and take it into the bathroom to clean it.

Alan is sat on the edge of the bath looking very nonplussed.

“Yes. I have a big black dildo.” I say to him. “I bought it after I found dozens of spunk stained tissues lost between the cushions in the lounge. No doubt you dropped them there when you were wanking on match nights.”

“Probably” He mutters, trying to evade an admittance of guilt.

“Well, what I suggest you do, is go down stairs and put on a pot of tea. And when I am dressed, I will come downstairs and we will discuss what has been going on with our pathetic sex lives.”

Meekly he does what I suggest. And, while I am cleaning and dressing myself, I hatch a plan to force home my small advantage.

Our conversation

When I go downstairs. He is sat at the coffee table, with fresh tea and biscuits.

“You look nice.” He says in a re-conciliatory tone.

I have put on a dark jacket and skirt suit, that I hope made me look sexy but in control.

“Thank you, I do my best. But, I think we need to talk about masturbation.” I say picking up my cup of tea.

“I’m so sorry I have been wanking so much, but…”

I cut him short.

“Perhaps it would help if I start by telling you about the research I have been doing, about why people masturbate in marriage.”

He looked interested, so I go on.

“And you will be pleased to know I found most married men masturbate at least once a month. And so, I guess you are quite normal.”

“Goodness! Am I?”

“But you are not completely off the hook yet, because they recommend people who masturbate should discuss it occasionally with their partners and get some sort of understanding. You didn’t do that, did you?”

“No! Sorry!” He says a little shamefaced.

“But escort ankara that is not what interests me now.” I say. “I also found out there is almost as many married women as men who admit they masturbate.”

“That left me wondering why I was missing out?” Can you guess what are the main reasons women gave for masturbating?”

“Urm… Their husbands are no good in bed?”

That was the third reason. And the second reason, was that women just feel good about themselves and enjoy safe and accessible sex. But the single most important reason is, can you guess?”

“No! I have no idea.”

“Well, most women, and men too, masturbate to explore strange and shameful fantasies they feel they cannot explore with their partners.”

“Oh!” was all Alan could say, as he is clearly working out what that means about him.

“OK, well, let me tell you about my strange fantasy I felt I couldn’t explore with you, if you want to hear it?”

“Oh, yes, please. What is it?”

“Well, you remember I used to belong to a swimming club in my teens?”

He nods.

“Well, there was a strong well-built black boy I really fancied. I more than fancied him, I often imagined what it would be like to be fucked by him. I would lie in bed and imagine him coming into my changing cubicle, and slowly sticking his black dick in me from behind, then leaving without saying a word.”

“Did he ever do that!”

“No! This was only a fantasy, but my favourite fantasy. I didn’t even know or speak to him. I only knew his name was Jeff, because I heard other boys call him that.”

“Do you still think of him?”

“No. Well, not until I tried to remember what fantasies I used in my teens to masturbate. I remembered kneeling up on my bed and pushing a finger in myself from behind. And imagining it was Jeff’s dick. I wasn’t much good at it, but as an adolescent girl it was enough to get me off.

“So when I decided I needed to explore my secret desires, I went on line and bought an eight inch black silicon dildo, so I could make it more real.”

“And do you like using it?” He asks.

“It’s amazing. It’s a bit too big, but it gives me the best orgasms I have had for months.”

I didn’t tell him they were the best orgasms ever. I need to protect his fragile ego. I decide to change the subject, and ask.

“So what I need to know is what are your sexual fantasies. The ones that turn you on the quickest.”

“Urm! I don’t think I can answer that easily. I haven’t really thought about it.”


“Well for year’s I have been disappointed you always wait for me to start sex. You never take the initiative.”

“I do often.” I protest.

“Well if you do, you do it in that good wife way, of making it look like it was all my idea.”

“I suppose it may look like that at times.”

Maybe he has a point. Maybe our lack lustre sex life is partly my fault.

“Well OK, I promise I will take the initiative more often.”

“Really? Thank you. That would be great.”

“So, is your fantasy, for me to meet you in sexy clothes at the door, and make you bonk me in different rooms every night?”

“Ha! That might be fun sometime. But, if I am honest my fantasy is a bit kinkier than that.”

“So, go on what is it?”

“You won’t believe it.”

“Come on Alan! We need to be leaving soon. Tell me your fantasy?”

“Well, I like to imagine going upstairs and catching you playing with yourself. But in my fantasy, you let me watch and sometimes let me join in. In fact the porn I watch, is of mature women diddling themselves.”

“Oh, my dear!” I said realising I had spoiled his fantasy. “Well next time I diddle myself, I promise you can watch, if you catch me at it.”

With that promise, his ego was in a state where he could get in the car and drive.

As we are travelling, Alan is still trying to work out the implications of our talk. After a few miles he thinks of something more he needed to say.

“It wasn’t just you told me to fuck off when I found you upstairs just now, but it was that big black thing sticking out of your cunt! That really did shock me.”

“Oh, dear Darling! I did get it wrong for you didn’t I. I promise I will get rid of that big black thing and replace it with a smaller pink thing.”

“Well now I know why you chose something big and black, It is not such a big issue for me. But maybe if you add a variety of sex toys, that might amuse us both.”

“Thanks darling. I promise I will do that. I will look for something on the internet for us.”

Alan smiles at this further small concession and I wonder if I dare to ask him for another thing for me.

“And perhaps Darling, you might try to surprise me, sometimes? Come up behind me without saying a word and touching me up, you know. And, if I don’t push you away, I might let you have a quickie. I would like being reminded of my fantasy with Jeff.”

“That sounds fun.” Says Alan. “But are you sure?”

“I don’t know. Unless we try it, we will never find out.”

Alan escort etlik starts humming a few bars of Mahler. Then I know he is content again.

The concert

The first half of the concert is fine. I like it a lot, but Alan feels it does not match the performance of the recording he has in his collection.

The interval is time to launch the next part of my plan.

“Get me a G and T at the bar and I will join you after I have been to the ladies.” I instruct him.

The bar is busy, but he has found a seat for two in the corner.

After a sip or two of my drink I pretended to sneeze. I look in my handbag for something to wipe my nose and pull out something black and lacy. I chuckle and show him my knickers in my hand.

“Oh dear” I whisper. “I must have forgotten to put them back on again.”

“Yes! Right!” He says with a cheeky grin.

Alan has often asked me to go without my briefs, as a turn on for him. But I always say, it is unhygienic.

Going knicker-less for him tonight, is my signal to him that I am prepared to change.

Alan keeps giving me the cheeky grin for the rest of the evening, even during the performance.

The Lookout

“Let’s go straight home!” He says once we get in the car.

“Yes, but let’s stop at the lookout on the way back. There should be a beautiful sunset.”

He looks quizzically at me but continues driving.

But the sky clouds over as we drive up the hill.

“Sorry, no sunset tonight. Shall we go straight home?”

“But I need a pee!” I insist.

“But where?”

“Behind the trees, of course.”

Normally I never liked peeing out of doors. It was unladylike, I would say. This is another signal to him that I am trying to change.

He grins again. “OK!”

He opens the door for me at the lookout and stands waiting for me to go on my own.

“You must come with me and keep an eye out. You know I don’t like doing it out of doors.” I whisper.

He happily follows me a small distance to a secluded place behind a wind bent hedge.

I find a low branch to hold onto when I squat.

“No need to take my knickers off!” I joke, as I hand him my handbag.

I look at Alan, but he was deliberately looking the other way.

“Come on Alan! You can watch me pee. I thought we were trying not to be prudish anymore!”

Alan watches keenly as I produced a loud spray of pee that disappears into the long grass.

“I never thought I would see you doing that!” Says Alan, still smiling at me. “You really are trying to be less prudish. I think I will enjoy this!”

“Oh Bugger! I have nothing to dry myself with. Darling please pass me my knickers. I will have to use them.”

As I squat down again to dry myself, Alan questions the need for women to wipe.

“It is odd how a man can take a piss and not need to dry his cock. But you women have to dry yourselves every time.”

It’s not odd at all. If women didn’t have all these folds of labia around their pee holes, they wouldn’t need to dry themselves.”

“Do you realise this new openness means we can talk about pee holes and labia.” Muses Alan. “I don’t even know where a woman’s pee hole is?”

“Why not come here, and I will show you. Well, I will let you feel. It is too dark to see.”

“Now, now, Love. Just what have you in mind? And anyway, I am not sure I could get it up out here in the cold air.”

“Come here. Put it in my mouth and I will soon get you warm and hard.”

“Are you sure you want to do it out here, anyone might see!”

I realise it is Alan who is really the least adventurous of us. I need to take control to get what I want.

“No-one can see. It’s dark, and we have this hedge. Just come here and we will see if I can get you hard in my mouth.”

He meekly does as I tell him, unzipping his flies and popping his semi-erect member in my mouth.”

I have read how to do this on a sexual health page just a day before. I warm his balls in my hands while I furiously rub the base of his glans with my tongue. To my delight it has a speedy reaction. It has grown more than two inches already.

“Oh my! That feels good!” He says.

I return to my task, but now, concentrating on moving my mouth and a hand up and down his shaft so it felt like his penis is moving inside a woman. This works well, and he starts grunting with each downward thrust of my mouth.

“Yes.” He gasps. “That is amazing! Keep going!”

“No, I want your big cock in me, right now! Get it in me before I get cold!”

I turned around and flipped up the back of my skirt.

His response is quick. I feel his hands on my hips and the penetration of his cock, almost instantaneously. Thanks to the liberal saliva I have applied, it easily slips in.

His vigorous deep thrusts are just what I dream of. But I don’t think he will last long at this pace; I want to come with him. With my fingers I rub around my clit.

It works. I quickly enter that state I call ‘I am in heaven and I don’t give a fuck escort demetevler about anyone else.’ I hear myself calling. “Harder! Harder!” And, I hear Alan grunting.

The intensity of the orgasm comes with powerful contractions, that trigger his ejaculation.

We hang together cuddling for what feels like several minutes but is probably only a few seconds. Then the cold of the hilltop breeze on the semen running down my legs, brings me sharply back to reality.

We hurry back to the car, hoping no-one has noticed us. But a couple of the cars flash their lights and give us the thumbs up. One rolls down his window and shouts.

“Fucking gorgeous, lady. If he can’t get it up again, you can use my big one!”

We drive away as quickly as we can. A mile down the road we both start laughing.

“I didn’t know that the Lookout was a dogging site. Did you?” I ask.

“A man at the Crown said it was, but no one else knew about it. So, I thought he might be trying to start a rumour, to get people to go there to see.”

“Well if that is the case, it worked.”

When we get home, we go to bed with a cup of tea.

Alan is still excited. He hints we might have sex again.

“No way!” I say. “I have already had two great orgasms and given my first blow job. Also, I have been caught by doggers. That’s enough sex for me this weekend!”

Alan Chuckles, “Me too. I have caught my wife wanking. I’ve agreed to be more sexually adventurous. My wife went commando for me at a concert. I’ve had oral sex behind a hedge; I’ve banged my beautiful wife on a windy hill. That should be enough until at least Sunday.


We barely touch each other all weekend. But we smile lovingly at each other, but neither of us want to start something we haven’t the energy to finish.

Sunday is another quiet day, and I decide to go to bed early. Alan says he had something to see on tele, so I leave him to get on with it.

I wonder if this is the time to let him catch me amusing myself. As I undress for bed, I glance at the mirror and look for that woman who my husband married. I realise I don’t look too bad for my age.

I search under the bed for the express delivery parcel that came this morning. Should I check they have sent the right thing?

I unwrap the pink vibrator and discover it is the rechargeable kind, but is it already charged. I press the power button and it starts to buzz quietly, but is it powerful enough for me? I press the power button again and the buzz gets quite loud, and I can feel a nice tingling in my hand.

I hitch up my nightie and touch my clit with the pink toy. Wow, that feels nice and it is quickly getting nicer.

I look at the mirror again, but this time I see the sexy lady the dogger wanted to bang. My face is flushed. I have hard nipples, beautiful soft round breasts, and wide hips to accommodate a strong man. Most seductive of all, my face has a coy smile that could get any man she wanted.

I hear the TV turn off, then, almost imperceptibly steps coming up the stairs. I remember my promise. I check the door is ajar and give him time to get a good view.

As I hear the door creaking, I thrust the shaft deep into my love hole and leave it gently buzzing while I use my hands to play with my breasts. I cup and jiggle them, while I squeeze and twist my nipples between my fingers. I do not need to feign my pleasure; I am really enjoying the growing excitement. In the mirror I see my face go a deeper shade of pink. My breasts rise and fall with my heavy breathing.

In the corner of the mirror, I am aware of a man’s face staring intensely, but I do not look directly at him.

I open my legs wider, so we can both see the shaft of the vibrator protruding from me. Moving it up to my clit, causes me to moan. Then I thrust it deep in me again for more lubrication.

I could get myself off easily using just the vibrator, but I have another finale in mind. I put down the wet throbbing vibrator, and open the bedside drawer beside me

I hear a loud gasp behind me, as I get out my hairbrush and lick its ribbed handle. The sight of a hairbrush protruding from my vagina was a big turn-on for Alan, but for me it was the handle ribs rubbing passed my g-spot that gave the exceptional thrill. With my other hand I apply the vibrator to my clit.

The vaginal and clitoral stimulation together feel like fireworks going off inside me. Bangers, Catherine wheels and rockets give an endless cycle of delights and surprises.

I had wanted to share my orgasm with Alan. I thought I could pull out the hairbrush when I was fully aroused and let Alan take its place. But it is too late. Almost every muscle in my body is starting to contract. My back arches back causing me to pull the toy in deeply. Then my internal muscles contract as if they want to suck my lover’s seed into my womb. I felt my body twitching and saw flashing lights at the back of my eyes.

I don’t know how long I have been lying here, but I faintly remember Alan rushing in to kiss and hug me. What a lovely man he is. His tears mingle with mine and I think he was upset, but I grow conscious of what he is saying.

“That was amazing, amazing. Oh, thank you, thank you, for letting me watch.”

When we calm down, he says.

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