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Mich_Mosh has writer’s block and when she has a bizarre trick-or- treater visits her door, her stories come to life for her readers. Taboo, romance and control, “Read My Story” weaves the lives of three couples in this fun story by Talyis Bagley.

************************ ************************


The cursor blinked repeatedly.

Peggy sat at her computer, while the TV drama droned in the background. Her mind was blank; she couldn’t find the words to even stimulate a good story. She started with a single word: Ghosts.

She had promised herself that she would write a good ghost story. It was a genre she enjoyed reading but had never had the guts to write. She had high standards for ghost stories and she felt it wasn’t worth writing if it wasn’t up to par with the many stories she had enjoyed reading.

Still, nothing popped into her mind — no characters, no plot line, no conflict. Nothing.

She tapped on her mouse lightly, humming to herself, “Ghosts, ghosts, ghosts.”


“Argh!” she growled, throwing her head back in frustration.

The doorbell rang and she quickly jumped to her feet to answer the door. She grabbed the bowl of candies she had already prepared for the early evening.

“Trick or treat!” a princess and a pirate screamed at the top of their lungs.

Her small Michigan neighborhood organized trick-or-treating for the children the Sunday before Halloween weekend because in previous years the local teenagers had caused so much trouble on Halloween night that it rivaled Detroit’s Devil’s Night.

“Hi, Peg.” Ray grinned, standing behind his kids. They each had a pillowcase and were eager to fill them up.

“Hi, you’re my first customers.” Peggy smiled brightly, trying to not seem too eager to please Ray’s children.

Peggy and Ray had gone to high school together and had been good friends. She had always hidden her deeper affections for him. She even hid it when she attended his wedding to his college sweetheart. The only place she expressed her angst was in her stories on Literotica. The rogue men she described were always based on Ray.

“Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!” The little pirate sang hopping up and down. His pillowcase billowed in tempo.

“Adam,” Ray scolded. “Be nice. Sorry, Peg.”

“It’s no problem. Here you go, kids.” Peggy put two pieces of candy into the kids makeshift goodie bags and smiled at Ray. “Here’s one for you too.”

“Aww, thanks, Peg, but I’ve had enough sweets for a lifetime,” he declined, patting his barely-there pudge. And they say Hagen Daas is for women,” he joked. His laugh always made her want to melt.

“It’s still hard?” Peggy asked sympathetically.

“Yeah, at times.” Ray said.”You’re lucky you’ve never married.”

“Hmm.” Peggy arched her eyebrows but said nothing. “Hey, did you read any of my stories yet?” she asked, eager to change the subject.

“No, sorry, haven’t had the time.” It was always the same answer, Peggy noted with frustration. “Hey, we should have dinner sometime.”

“Yeah, that would be nice,” she said. She always said that but they never would actually make arrangements to have dinner. It was a friendly ritual. “Well good luck trick-or-treating, kids.” She patted the little heads and smiled again at Ray.

“Say ‘thank you, Ms Randolf’,” Ray instructed his kids.

“Thanks,” the kids echoed.

“Bye, Peg. I’ll try to read your stories tonight,” Ray said, and guided his kids down her doorstep to the driveway.

Peggy closed the door and sighed, leaning back against her door. Since the day that she had learned about Ray’s divorce she had felt incredibly awkward. Her small flirtations seemed to fall embarrassingly flat. She didn’t know why she had even told Ray that she wrote erotica, or why she was so insistent that he read her stories.

Ray’s wife had had an affair, and she knew that the possibility of having a romantic chance was near impossible as he had taken the infidelity hard.

She pushed away from the door and returned to her computer.


The word stared at her defiantly, declaring that she was not going to get anywhere with this story with the first word of the first sentence. The doorbell rang again. She quickly erased “ghost” and ran to the door to treat more neighborhood kids.

Eventually the sun set and the kids on the street had returned to their homes. Peggy tried to think of ideas for her story hoping to get some inspiration from the dozens of interesting costumes that roamed on the street. Sighing, she closed her door and unwrapped the only piece of candy she allowed herself that night. Dieting was never easy but she was very proud of her will power that night. The doorbell rang again.

Peggy eyebrows creased over her eyes. “You’re a little too old for trick-or-treating.”

She had opened her door to a tall, skinny body encased in a skin tight black suit and gloves. He or she wore was a bright yellow and green round mask, the kind you see in Japanese animation films that look innocent but are very eerie and creepy with their round face, vacant bursa escort black eyes and empty expression.

The person said nothing, did not even hold a bag, or move. He only stood.

“Um.” Peggy shrugged her shoulders and bit the inside of her mouth,.”I’m sorry, I just ate the last piece of candy.”

The strange person said nothing, only turned his head slightly to the right.

“Maybe next year…?” She stepped back but the person didn’t move from her doorstep. She was getting more and more anxious. The bizarre person’s blank face was really scaring her.

She screamed and jumped back as he contorted his body. He bent towards her, the black abyssal eyes in the masked face staring into her soul. His arm snapped up above his body in an impossibly straight line as if he dislocated his shoulder. Long black fingers touched her forehead and the world went black.


Jason had one hand on his cock and the other on the cursor button, scrolling down the screen. His roommate was playing a gig with his band and he had the room to himself.

Jason was embarrassed to admit that he read erotica; in his opinion it was really for women, but he loved to read incest/taboo stories on Literotica. He clicked on a title he had read often. He scrolled quickly past the writer, Mich_Mosh’s thanking of her editor and other inspirations to start reading the story he so identified with.

His parents had divorced and then his mother remarried during his senior year of high school. His mom met a guy on the internet soon after her divorce. Things had progressed rapidly and she eventually relocated them to his town and married him.

Mitch — Jason couldn’t bring himself to call the new guy “Dad” — his age. He had fallen in love at first sight with Kelis, but it was impossible to be with her since she was his step-sister. Jason and Kelis shared many of their high school classes together and had graduated sitting next to each other. His mother had insisted he take Mitch’s last name. Then they went their separate ways. Kelis got into an Ivy League school on the East Coast while Jason was stuck at the state school.

Jason couldn’t find too many stories that had unrelated siblings and the idea of mother/son and sister/brother was too taboo for him. Mich_Mosh had the perfect story for him: the girl was in-love with her step-brother, but he was away at war. Jason had just reached the moment when the step-sister welcomed her step-brother back in his bedroom at the end of his homecoming party. She had padded into the room, her perky young breasts had strained against her bra, highlighting her aroused nipples. The step-brother was sitting at the edge of his bed. his penis stirring as his step-sister began to pull her tight t-shirt revealing her navel, the bottom of her…

“Jason?” a voice called from outside his door. He looked down at his penis — red and standing at attention as he had been stroking it. Precum leaked.

“Who is it?” he called, grabbing a t-shirt from his bed next to the desk and covering his pulsating cock.

“It’s me. Kelis.”

Was this real? Was Kelis really outside his door? Jason got up, pulled his sweats on, whipped deodorant under his arms and used the hand sanitizer he got from the school in their anti-swine-flu welcome-back kit.

“Kelis? What are you doing here?” he said as he opened the door.

Kelis was indeed standing in his doorway, her blond hair pulled back in a ponytail as usual. She wore the same outfit he had pictured on the step-sister in the story. A tight t-shirt with pink writing across her breasts. He had to blink his eyes in to convince himself it was real. His sister’s nipples were indeed small, straining pebbles under her top.

“Sorry to come unannounced but I missed you so much, Jason,” Kelis explained, pushing her way into his dorm room and closing the door behind her.

Jason walked backwards. He couldn’t believe what his sister was doing. He had suppressed his lust for her for so long, and now she was in his room, pulling her shirt over her head! Her white-lace-clad breasts were pert and jiggled as she wiggled out of her jeans. Her slender hips swayed seductively.

“I know we’re siblings, but we aren’t related,” she said in a husky voice. “I was at school and I couldn’t bear being away from you.”

“Kelis, we cant do this,” Jason choked as she crawled onto his bed. She looked delectable in her white lacy panties and bra.

“Come on, Jason, welcome me home. I want to be with you,” she teased.

Jason gulped as his cock stirred in his sweats. Kelis swung her legs back and forth. He could catch a hint of her womanly mound.

“Please, Jason.” She hitched her hips forward and slipped her hand between her legs, under her panties. Jason’s cock twitched as he watched her masturbate herself. “I am so hot for you. I am so wet. See?” She slid her panties aside to reveal her glistening sex to him.

Jason caught his breath in his throat painfully. He had only ever hoped to get a glance at his step-sister’s body and now she was displaying her swollen folds to him.

“Kelis, I am your brother,” he said but his body was moving bursa escort bayan up his bed between her legs. He could smell her sex dripping for him. “I shouldn’t touch you,” he said in a husky voice as he pushed his finger into her sex. She was wet and her hips jumped. “I shouldn’t know how to make you hot.” He licked her red pebbled clit, enjoying her hiss of excitement. He crawled up her body and bit her nipple through her skimpy bra. “I shouldn’t suck your nipple.”

“Jason, fuck me. Pretend I’m not your sister.”

“Step-sister,” he corrected and pressed his finger, drenched with her juices, to her mouth.

Kelis pushed him off of her. “That’s right! I am your step-sister.” She pushed him hard so that he lay on his bed, then straddled him. “You pervert, you’re hard for your sister,” she cooed. Her hands massaged his chest and pulled his sweats clear off, revealing his cock which stood up, rock hard.

His cock swelled even more and twitched as she lightly glided her fingernails down the length of his shaft. The veins in his cock pulsed. “You shouldn’t show your sister her hard cock.” She wrapped her mouth tightly over the head of his cock and began to bob her head up and down. Jason felt like he was wrapped in hot silk.

Jason’s body began to tense and his moans became hoarse. Kelis pulled herself from him, pulled his desk chair to the bed and sat. She drapped her long creamy legs over one arm rest to expose her panty-cladded pussy. Her legs swayed as she gave him tiny glances of what was underneath the lacey underwear.

“You shouldn’t let your sister push her panties aside and lower herself unto your stiff thick cock,” she teased and then returned to him. She indeed pushed her wet panties aside and slid her slick pussy onto his cock. Jason thought he would come the first time she ground herself onto him. Her soft walls enveloped him with wet heat. He couldn’t contain himself any longer. He pushed her off of him so that she was on her back, and aligned his cock to her pussy and grunted as he drove himself in.

“You shouldn’t let you brother fuck you silly,” he laughed as he pulled himself out, feeling the cool air tease his cock before he dived back into her wet warmth. He pumped into her and felt his muscles strain as his balls were ready to explode. “You shouldn’t let your brother’s seed coat your pussy. You shouldn’t let him cum inside you.”

“Oh, Jason, cum inside me,” Kelis moaned and he exploded. His cock…


Macon slapped her laptop closed. Her boyfriend was annoying her more by the second. Winslow was too nice. He always asked numerous times during sex if she was enjoying herself, then afterward she felt as if she needed to hold up a card with a “ten” on it, like some sort of Olympic sex judge.

The problem was, neither of them enjoyed it. She hated all the questions, and obviously Winslow was concerned about pleasing both her and himself. All Macon wanted was for him to take her, own her, own his own passion. If he only could be like the men she read about on her stories site. She grumbled to herself realizing Winslow would never take his own, like the hero in Mich_Mosh’s passionate BDSM stories.

Her ears felt dirty so shetook a cotton swab to clean her ears out. She rolled her eyes at warnings from her doctor — and her mom — not to stick the swab into her ear. Defiantly, she held the little stick and did just that. She sighed loudly and with delight as the cotton swab hit the itch inside her ear.

Winslow came into the house and heard “Ahhhhhhhhh!” coming from the bedroom. He became upset immediately and rushed to the bedroom, banging the door open. Macon was sitting on the bed, she had a smile on her face and her eyes were closed as she cleaned her ears out with a Q-tip. They had joked about it being an “ear orgasm” when you clean your ears and hit the best area clearing it of wax.

“Macon, what are you doing? How dare you just masturbate in my home!” Winslow scolded and Macon abruptly stopped and turned to him with a stern look.

“Your home?” she spat.

“Don’t use that tone with me,” he said, trying to keep himself from laughing. “I caught you masturbating and having an orgasm on my bed. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

“Winslow!” she snapped and flopped back on the bed with a frustrated sigh..

“That’s enough of that attitude,” Winslow said, and Macon narrowed her eyes at him. This wasn’t like Winslow at all. “You are aching for a punishment; first you masturbate and now you act like a little brat.” Winslow pulled Macon’s body to him easily and laid her over his knee. “And little brats need spankings to remind them how to behave.”

Macon went wide-eyed and then grinned wickedly as his hand delivered little pats to her bottom. She had just read a story that made her so wet. No doubt if he explored under her skirt he would find a tell-tell sign that she was indeed hot.

“I wasn’t masturbating, I was cleaning my ear,” she protested, playing along.

“Having an ear orgasm no doubt,” he scolded. He grabbed her panties and roughly slid them down her legs. His fingers went right to her sex. “You are wet as a hydrant. escort bursa Don’t lie to me.” He delivered more smacks to her bottom and she responded with little yelps. Satisfied with her rosy bottom, Winslow set her on her feet. Macon looked down, twisting herself to see her new coloring and felt like she wanted to pounce on him at that moment.

“Get ready,” Winslow told her. “I am taking you out to dinner. And if you are a good girl, you can have dessert.”

Macon quickly dressed for their night out. She liked the idea of playing a little sub with Winlsow and searched for a skimpier-than-usual outfit. She ran down the stairs in a short little black dress with patterned nylons that showed off her long shapely legs.

Winslow had already dressed while she showered. He looked divine in a dark suit sitting waiting for her as he clasped his silver watch on.

“What are you wearing?” he roared. “You aren’t going out dressed like a tart! Go change.”

Macon’s eyes widened in shock. Winslow never said things like that; he always told her she looked beautiful no matter what atrocity of past era fashions she wore. She had thought she was playing along, but obviously she’d done something to anger him.

“Go change!! You’re making us late!” he yelled and she turned to run up the stairs. “Wait. Come here.” She stopped and walked over to him, unsure.

“Grab your ankles and stay still.” She hesitated at first but did as she was told. She heard him tsk-tsk behind her. “Not a suitable dress at all. A lady’s underwear shouldn’t show when she bends over.”

He ripped her nylons, exposing the little thong she had decided to wear. She hissed angrily as her favorite nylons were ruined. He pulled her thong down letting it sit on her thighs. He spread her cheeks apart exposing her to him. She squirmed, a bit embarrassed to be handled so flippantly, but she loved it too. “Naughty girl,” he whispered and she felt something press against her sex until it popped inside of her.

“Go and walk up those stairs wearing you naughty girl panties on your thighs. Why don’t you put on that red dress I like. The one you wore to my brother’s wedding. Oh, and no underwear,” he instructed.

Her forehead creased. She hated that red bridesmaid’s dress. It made her look frumpy, she didn’t like the cut at all, and the skirt was too long. Nothing was appealing on the dress other than the sleeves, which showed off her arms. She climbed up the stairs, embarrassed as she waddled with her underwear around her legs.

At dinner, it was as if nothing had changed — the same boring old conversation, same boring old food choices. It was as if all that had happened back at the house was a dream.

Winslow waved to the waitress as Macon finished the last bites of her meal. “I’d like to order dessert,” Winslow said. He looked at Macon and nodded. Macon looked at the dessert menu eagerly. She had heard this place had wonderful desserts. “I’ll have the chocolate lava cake.”

“And for you?” the waitress turned to Macon.

“She’s not having dessert.” Winslow spoke for her and Macon’s mouth dropped. The waitress looked at Macon and then again at Winslow, not sure who to believe. “Thank you, ma’am,” Winslow said, dismissing the waitress. Macon shot him a angry look. “Close your mouth, dear,” he said calmly.

Macon crossed her arms and leaned back. The dessert came with two spoons and she leaned forward to take a bite. Winslow pulled the plate closer to him. “You already have dessert.”

“What?! I didn’t get to order, you bas-” Before she could finish her rant, the ball that he had placed inside of her came to life vibrating deep within her walls.

“Hold your voice down, dear,” Winslow smirked and continued to eat his dessert. He watched Macon writhe in her seat enjoying her own dessert. His fingers turned the dial in his pocket up and down, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm as they sat in the fancy restaurant. Her hips jumped off the seat and hitched up, bumping the table. The water in the glasses sloshed.

“Oh, poor thing. Come here. I see you want to share dessert,” Winslow teased in a sing-song voice. He pated the seat beside him. Macon slid over. “You know, dear, they say that chocolate is an aphrodisiac.” His hand pushed the taffeta against her sex, using the dress to stimulate her. “Would you like a bite?”

Macon’s eyes rolled back into her head as his minstrels were doing the trick..Macon closed her eyes; all she could think about was her sex and the fact that she wasn’t having it. She shook her head.

“Oh, and the fight you put up because I wouldn’t let you order.” Winslow tsked. He turned the device in his pocket to the highest strength and Macon roared as quietly as she could while her hips undulated violently. “Ahhh. She is having dessert,” Winslow whispered seductively into her ear. His hands pushed the ugly dress into her sex and she leaned into him, trying to stifle her orgasm. She could feel his fingers continue to wiggle, dragging her to another. He removed his hand and finished his dessert while she laid her head against his shoulder. The waitress returned with the bill and again inspected Macon. “She really enjoys lava cake,” Winslow explained while placing cash into the black book. “Come on, dear, time to go.” Winslow gave a sly smile. “Did I tell you how lovely you looked tonight? I love you, you know.”

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