Subject: Ready to cum I do not know the sexual preference of any of these characters. The names used here are Trademarked by World Wrestling Federation. Shawn michaels had just got back into the WWF. As he made his way to the ring, he heard noises come from one of the dressing rooms. All he could here was “Yes, Yes, harder!!”. Shawn looked on the door and it said “Hardys’ Room”. So shawn took a peek into the room, and saw jeff hardy getting his ass pounded by Test. Test was holding jeff up and fucking him against the wall. Hardy was holding on tight and moaning into Test’s ear, which only motivated him to fuck jeff harder. Shawn decided to have some fun, so he locked all the exit doors to the stadium, and found the intercom system. “I know you two boys are here in the locker room. bursa escort So get dressed and come to the ring.” said Shawn. Jeff and Test were surprised as they thought they were the only ones left in the building. They ran to the exit doors, but they were all locked. So they decided to go to the ring. As they approached the ring, they looked around. “ok, now strip down to your G-strings” said a voice. Jeff looked around and said “I’m not playing any fucking games, so whoever this is get your ass here now.” “oh, big tough guy, who was getting fucked and moaning like a bitch 5 min. ago” said the voice. Just then, the lights went out, and when they came back on, shawn was in the middle of the ring. “i’m getting used to this special effects shit” he said as he looked at both escort bayan guys. Surprised, Jeff said, “O.K. shawn, can we leave now?” Shawn replied, “how about we finish what you two started”, as he reached over and pulled jeff’s pants down and preceded to suck jeff off. This turned Test on, so he went behind shawn and pulled his pants off, exposing his nicely tanned ass. “damn, shawn, you have a nice ass”. “thanks, shawn said, that’s what HHH said too.” As shawn was getting rimmed, he kept sucking Jeff’s cock. “I want to get fucked”, said jeff. so Test stood up and said “both of you get down”. so they both got down, with their asses in the air, and test rammed his cock into shawn’s ass. Test had to be at least 12″ and he had a wide cock. “Shiiiitttt” yelled shawn. He’d bursa escort been fucked before, but not by a guy that big. Jeff kissed shawn to muffle his moaning. Just then Test pulled out of Shawn, and rammed his dick into Jeff’s ass. Jeff was partially loose, since he’d been fucked a little while ago. Shawn, with his ass still in the air, kissed jeff, who was getting fucked hard by test. Test then pulled out of jeff and back into Shawn. Shawn was loving it, and jeff could tell. Jeff then laid in front of shawn with his legs in the air, so that shawn could eat his hole. Just then test yelled, “Fuck, i’m gonna cum”. Just then he filled Shawn’s ass with what felt like gallons of cum. As Test pulled out, he could see some of his cum oozing out of Shawn’s ass. Jeff was stroking while he was getting rimmed. And he shot all over his chest. Just then, they heard clapping. Standing at the entrance were Billy and Chuck, and The Rock. Humm…Rock said, “You candy asses are ready for more?” Test replied ” LET’S GET READY TO CUMMMMMMM!!!!!!”

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